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silver DewSky
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silver DewSky
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Posted on 06 March 11 at 17:46
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Skill(Shots) for Kills Agen..er Space Pirates!

Bulletstorm is all about killing people in crazy ways to rack up a nice score no matter what mode you're playing through. Thanks to the strength of Grayson Hunt, you can kick and slide into foes launching them into the air, where you can string together some nice combinations that will further your kill count and score. You'll hear lots of bad language here, and blood & gore aplenty, but it's all done in good health here and great way to to just let go of the realism games are trying to achieve and just have some plain ol' fun!

In Bulletstorm's Campaign, you play as Space Pirate Grayson Hunt, a former of Dead Echo where under the command of General Sorano, was tasked with doing some dirty work. When Grayson finds out the truth, he seeks out to confront the General. One thing leads to another, and you find yourself on an planet with very hostile locales.

These poor guys never stood a chance.

Hunt must boot kick and skillshot his way through everyone if he wishes to escape, and in the 5-7 hour campaign, all the elements that have brought him to the planet reveal themselves over time. It's a great ride and seems to be one that will have to continue down the line.

You could probably make it through a nice chunk of Bulletstom without even performing the ridiculous kills, but that's not too fun. For campaign, echoes, and Anarchy mode, scores = currency, so you'll want to pull off crazy kills to gain money to buy more weapons or just to simply upgrade your current ones. The leash you gain can also be upgrade too, and is essential to bring poor victims into your range while scanning the environment for ways to dispose of them.

Of all the ways to kill, I really liked performing the Voodoo doll skillshot. It's essential impaling enemies into objects, but you could pull it off in various ways. The chances you get to "blow out a man's asshole", occur only a few times, but are pretty hilarious and not to mention rack up a nice score to provide more points for upgrading.

Besides Campaign, you can enjoy Echoes mode which is a solo affair, but offers you a chance to compete with friends via the leaderboards. You are ranked per each level which takes your score and earns you a star rating.

The Multiplayer mode featuring four players is Anarchy mode. In this mode, you take on waves of enemies while racking up points and performing co-op skillshots. What sets this apart from the now common survival mode is that a certain score must be met to advance to the next round. You could breeze past the first few, but soon you will find yourself scrambling with friends to meet the required score for a round.

Overall multiplayer is a great addition and lots of fun with friends.

Bulletstorm is really fun and has a great campaign, but at least for me, the fun ran out after trying all the modes a few times and completing the campaign. I'm not sure about it's longevity, especially after the Gears of War 3 Beta included with the Epic edition will begin.

If you can find it for a decent price and have friends that want to play with you online, I'd say do that, but a rental will also give you a nice chance to check out the great gameplay. This is a project ten dollar game as well, so just know that if you want to buy used or borrow it from a friend.

compute http://thebuttonpresser.blogspot.com/
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Posted on 09 March 11 at 00:24
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Is variety the spice of death? Or, like the enemy I just kicked, does Bulletstorm land on it's face? Read on.

At first glance, this seems like easy PASS material. A gruff space marine must fight his way off of a planet, navigating narrational twists and turns along the way. The thing is, though, Grayson Hunt is no ordinary space marine; and this is no ordinary planet. A paradise for adults, it was planned to be the ultimate tourist destination. Enter you. As Grayson, you kill people for a living, under a man named General Serrano. (Who's kind of a dick, to be honest) Anyways, this sets in motion a series of events that place the planet, and therefore YOU, in danger.

Okay, so that's the story. Now for the meat: Gameplay. You see, Bulletstorm is kind of like magic. (Bare with me on this.) If you enter into it as a skeptic, seeing it as just leashing and then kicking Generic Bad Guy No. 3 for 8 hours, you won't find this experience very fun. With that said, however, if you play it with an open mind, and just experience the skillshot system and atmosphere for what it is as you go along, you will most likely very much enjoy Bulletstorm for what it is: A cuss -word filled, shooting extravaganza that looks as good as it plays.

Now, just like most first person shooters, Bulletstorm isn't without multiplayer. This is more of a Horde flavour than Deathmatch, though; pitting you and up to 3 other players against a 20 wave onslaught of enemies, earning more points with the more creative kill methods. (Lone wolves need not apply!)

So, what does this mean for you, the player?

+ Great gameplay
+ Environments pop with colour
+Great take on often overdone Horde mode

-Campaign is a bit short
-Some players will find gameplay boring
-Arbitrary collectable achievements

I give Bulletstorm 5 Dicktits out of 5.
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B1ue Rising
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B1ue Rising
Posted on 28 February 11 at 16:03
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Bulletstorm tells the story of Grayson Hunt a former confederate operative now turned outlaw Space Pirate. Since turning his back on the confederation Hunt has spent his time chasing down his old commander alongside his team known as “Dead Echo”. When a random twist of fate puts Grayson’s ship within touching distance of the confederations prized warship with the commander on board, he sets off on a suicide run straight through the ship bringing both crashing down to the planet below known as Stygia. Sadly however the suicide mission was supposed to be just that and now Grayson is stranded on the planet’s surface and must find a way to escape and at the same time have his revenge.

About 10 minutes into the game you will acquire your main gadget and one that will serve you for the rest of the game known as the “Leash” this allows you to grab enemies and pull them towards you slowing down the action so you can deliver either a kick or fill them full of bullet holes. It may be just a simple grappling hook but it is implemented incredibly well and any loose object or enemy can be snagged by it which leads to a lot of chaos when used in combinations.

Bulletstorm works on a points based system rewarding you for kills and the way in which you kill, the more extravagant or inventive it is the more points you get, these points can then be used at supply pods to upgrade your weapons or leash. For instance just killing someone by gunning them down wont reward a lot of points but kick a hot dog cart at them blow it up then while they are in the air leash them towards you and then boot them into nearby cactus and you will see how experimentation is rewarded. These are known as Skillshots and there are around 10 for each weapon in the game as well as a handful of environmental kills.

The environments in Bulletstorm are simply beautiful and you can tell that the Unreal Engine has really been pushed that extra notch for this game, the amount of colour and brightness used really shows off what the engine can do. The planet of Stygia was once a thriving urban tourist attraction but is now home to many different kinds of dangerous wildlife and many mutated tribes folk. The character models are the typical unreal engine variety and those who enjoy Gears will not feel too far away from home while playing Bulletstorm however the lack of a cover system is an odd choice but one you can look past with more than enough objects to stand behind and a much faster pacing.

The story in Bulletstorm is incredibly well fleshed out with characters feeling real and believable as you follow their desperate struggle for revenge and survival against the odds, the story is fast and furious from the get go but sadly starts to wind down towards the end of the game just as you would expect it to start ramping up to a climax. This is mainly due to an obvious sequel set up which seriously leaves you wanting more of a real ending and leaves a lot of things open, however up to around ¾’s of the way through the story will really drag you in and wrap you up as you start wanting to know more and more, it’s just a shame that towards the end it kicks you out of bed without even so much as a thankyou.

There is one other offline mode in the game apart from the campaign known as Echo mode, this is basically a time attack score based mode which see’s you replaying parts of the campaign to compete in an online leaderboard. I think this game really missed a trick without any sort of online co-op as it would have been a perfect addition and lead to a lot or crazy ways to kill people fun. There is only one pure online mode available which is Anarchy mode, which basically boils down to Horde with skillshots, nothing to write home about but a good bit of fun to be had with friends when you are tired of the single player.

In conclusion Bulletstorm is another of those games that with a bit more time and effort could have been something amazing the single player is one of the best fps campaigns I’ve played in a long time but the ending is a little bit of a let-down and with no real multiplayer offerings this isn’t going to be a game you will be playing for months to come. However on a positive note it is worth picking up and running through just to experience those first ¾’s of the campaign to really see what the unreal engine can really do.
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Izzy of Albion
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Izzy of Albion
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Posted on 12 June 11 at 20:58, Edited on 07 April 13 at 02:36
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In such a crowded genre, People Can Fly and Epic Games provide a welcome twist on the first person shooter. The gritty environments, muted palette and protracted, solemn narrative of Gears of War have been traded for a tropical, neon-spangled, near future world, and a story line that, although far from inane, contains a myriad of colourful characters, and even more colourful language.

The gameplay is as varied and as fun as your imagination will allow; the mundane job of killing made more satisfying by performing the many, often humorously named "skillshots", rather than simply filling your enemies with lead. Accomplished by combinations of kicking, sliding, leashing, thumping, and shooting your targets, often with the use of handily placed environmental hazards, it is this concept that provides the bulk of the appeal.

The story, structured in Acts and Chapters, is punctuated by several boss fights, and takes place in a wide variety of locations including breathtaking outdoor environments, collapsing buildings, vast caverns and on board moving vehicles. The weaponry, which is slowly earned as you progress though the game, is varied and appealing. From the conventional and familiar assault rifle and shotgun to those that fire explosive flails, or drills that can skewer multiple enemies in one shot, there is something to suit any style of play and any situation.

As well as the single-player-only story mode, which is engaging if rather short, there are two other modes available: Echoes and Anarchy. Echoes is a single player score-attack mode which uses, for the most part, a set of short sections lifted from the story. Lasting just a few minutes each on average, the objective is to gain as high a score as possible by way of skillshot variety and completion speed. Anarchy is the game's only multiplayer component, and is essentially a "Horde" mode, with 20 waves of increasingly tough and numerous enemies to despatch on purpose-made maps. DLC is available for both these modes, adding new maps and consequently, skillshots. These new maps are fun and beautifully designed, if somewhat overpriced for the amount of content provided.

This is a realistic 1000G for achievement hunters with most achievements earned in the campaign; some for simple progression, some for completion, some for fulfilling certain requirements in specific parts of the story, and some for "collectibles". Echoes mode has a number of achievements too, as does Anarchy, a couple of which will require cooperation from a friend or two.

With the structure of a Gears of War game, enemies straight out of Borderlands, the irreverent humour of Duke Nukem and a colour palette that Sega would be proud of, this is a beautiful game, and a blast to play, if only as a welcome distraction between the deeper gameplay and longer campaigns of more serious shooters. Replay value will depend very much on whether your friends enjoy it as much as you do, but in short, this game is a colourful, fun, and humorous romp.


• Imaginitive gameplay
• Beautiful vivid environments
• Good difficulty curve
• Great sense of humour
• Relatively easy achievements
• DLC available


• No co-op or offline multiplayer
• DLC is overpriced
• Only one multiplayer mode
• Limited long-term appeal

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Posted on 19 October 11 at 02:44
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This review was originally posted on my website, http://gamingirl.com

External image

With Bulletstorm you will experience marvelous scenery, beautiful graphics and a really nice refreshment of the first person shooter genre.

Once again Epic Games manages to make another epic experience by renewing the First Person Shooter experience by expanding the players moves and encourage them to use them by rewarding the player with points, that the player needs to get upgrades for weapons and moves. Shoot, kick and swear your way through the story. For me, it was a great experience and I despise shooter games, but that’s because of the regular boring shooter, that most of the time is political and based on real life war zones, which Epic Games even made fun of as part of their promotion – they also bullied the Halo games (check the video at the bottom). Bulletstorm is different, and I was drooling all over the game when I first heard about the it, and I was not disappointed, they delivered what they promoted.

External image

You get to be a badass who kick seriously ass on the planet Stygia sometime in the distant future. Your character Grayson Hunt is a soldier and as you play the game, you get the feeling that you are a part of a losing team. As the leader of team Dead Echo and captain of the Battleliner Galleon Spectre you slowly discover through the first few chapters, that your general is actually the universe’ biggest asshole of all time, letting Grayson and his team kill innocent people all while they were under the impression of the fact that they killed dangerous people and they protected the world – the only person they protect in doing this, was General Sarrano . And you also discover that Gray wants revenge, and only one thing can remedy what General Sarrano did – and that’s to kill Sarrano, which is your main objective.

While running I felt heavy and clumsy, but that actually suits the characters – it’s one of the Unreal engines peculiar trademarks, as well as the big and bulky skeletons that distinguish the characters. While making the different skillshots and go for them is very fun, some people might feel that the game has a little tendency of being a bit repetitive, but actually I couldn’t disagree more. A generic shooter is repetitive, this game is not – there’s way too many different ways of killing the enemies – from feeding a carnivorous plant by kicking the enemy into it, steer your sniper bullet into your enemy or using your electric whip and make the charging horde of enemies fly up in the air into the spikes above, making you kill them all at once, multiplying your score. I experienced a few bugs – you can’t jump in the game, so if you just happen to end up on something you don’t belong on, you can’t get down from this – yeah, I really love these invisible walls/sarcasm – and I had to load from last checkpoint a couple times. The other bug I just happen to stumble upon was the AI – friend or foe – could jump out of the reachable area, die or be elsewhere than expected, preventing me from unlocking the next part of the path in the game.

External image

The scenery is unique and well made, the art style is fantastic, and it suits really well into what the story is all about. You get a feeling of what the planet used to be, and all that is now pulverized into decayed buildings that are about to turn into gravel, making it life threatening just to navigate around in the cities of the game. I like the over the top humor with the swearing and bad-ass futuristic mercenaries that keep failing, but yet you still survive. Though, I did cringe a few times over the swearing because at times it was bit excessive.

It was a great experience to get through the story in this game, I highly recommend everyone with a slight interest in shooting and beating in games to pick this game up and try it. Yes, you are following a narrow path in the story, you can’t get lost, and it’s unlikely you’ll miss anything if you’ll take just a little time to look around in the different rooms and openings you’ll meet throughout the game. There’s more than one woah-moment, which for me, is essential when it comes to great gaming experiences. This game gets top score for experience, the graphics and a great storyline and a new input in gameplay – but it loses half a heart because it’s not a flawless experience as a few glitches occured and it could have been more varying, but it’s still a real memorable experience, that you won’t forget soon.

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Posted on 28 May 11 at 11:28
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Where to start???

The idea of this game had me so excited before its release and I intended to pick up on release but alas, due to mixed reviews from friends and online this did not happen. I recently ended up renting it from Blockbuster to finally put my mind at ease as to whether I was going to love it or hate it...

Bulletstorm is one of the most easily playable and "fun" games I have played to date. There isn't a complicated storyline to get your head around, no cover system to master and no massive arsenal of weaponary to choose between... just pure arcade fps entertainment!

The skillshot system is brilliant, there are a massive variety of different skillshots available to earn yourself xp and most are unlocked in a fashion that allows you to experience them naturally throughout your first playthrough so there is not a lot of frustration to be found when trying to unlock certain elements which i found a massive relief as i thought initially how on earth am i going to get all of these.

The story itself for the campaign is simple, and the characters are stereotypical but this is all intentional, this is a popcorn game and yes its rude but so what?? I loved it and it made me laugh out loud on numerous occassions... possibly not one for the kids though laugh.

The game also looks pretty fantastic visually, everyone is raving about Crysis but I say this is just as shiny in places if with a little more artistic style to it rather than realistic. The set pieces throughout are pretty epic looking and i was suitably impressed, the game length i found comfortable, I wouldn't have wanted the game to be any longer for whats involved so happy with that.

My only real issue with the game is that with the skillshots, sometimes it was just a little too easy to do the same basic moves over and over so i guess thats a little repetitive, but then again thats more likely down to my play style rather than a fault of the game itelf.

All in all i am glad i picked it up, its returned now but when it drops in price i will be picking it up again to milk the rest of the achievements. If in doubt rent it like i did, as long as your after some mindless action oriented fun then you won't regret it.
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Posted on 24 February 11 at 01:11
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Helllllooo ladies and Gentlemen. Today I'm writing a review for Bulletstorm....obviously. This game is for anyone who ever played a Gears of War game and even had the slightest bit of enjoyment.

The game plays basically the same way minus the cover system. The graphics are top notch, right up there with the previous GoW titles and exactly what you would expect from Epic. The only flaw i can really point out with this is the lack of cover system. At times it would be a very nice thing to have, but I can understand why it's not there. This game is very fast paced, and that specific cover system might be a slight problem in some aspects. Moving on...

Bulletstorm is pretttty long, not gonna lie. There are 7 "acts" each composed of 3 "Chapters" sound familiar Gear fans? Well I've been playing for maybe...8 or so hours on NORMAL and I'm only at the end of act 6. So this game is long, Keep in mind I'm also taking some time and looking around so this isn't a speed run by any means. But considering there are 5 levels of difficulty (Very easy, easy, normal, hard and very hard) I'm guessing very hard would be the equivalent of Left 4 Dead expert mode plus Insane mode in Gears. I'll have to test this theory later...

As previously stated the graphics are right on track and what you would expect for this game. The facial animations and voice matching could be slightly better...But again, just minor details in my opinion. The actual scenery however is nothing short of breath taking. At certain points I actually stopped playing just to look around at everything. Very impressive.

Dialogue and...Language:
Have you ever heard of profanity? No? Well...avert your virgin ears because this game is obviously not for you. The dialogue between the all the characters in this game is hilarious. Even if this game was just staring at a box for 9 hours straight and listening to everyone insult each other it would still be worth it. Multiple times the dialogue between everyone made me laugh out loud very hard, and very loud.

Level Design/Art:
The designing and artistic styling almost reminds me of Bioshock. Just for the sheer beauty of them. It's like Marcus Fenix running through Rapture making whitty and smart-assed remarks to anything with a pulse. The enemy designs also remind me of the Splicers found in Bioshock, and the "Mini Bosses" in Bulletstorm vaguely remind me of a Big Daddy, minus the drill and anger issues. It's still very cool though.

Echo Mode:
Horde mode anyone? Horde mode plus creativity. Is what this is, but slightly more fun if nothing else because of the Leech. This nifty little tool allows you to grab and swing and throw and everything else imaginable to an enemy. But if you didn't know that already and you're interested in this game...Just get out. Anyways, Echo mode not only rewards you for killing enemies but killing them...WITH STYLE. So the person who can pop headshots left and right might not get as many points as the guy who suicide runs it killing everything in front of him using as many different combinations and moves and guns as possible. Thats what makes this game fun...The creativity.

Sorry to say....but it's not that great :( This is honestly the only low point I've discovered in this game. Multiplayer is dull and repetitive. Imagine a tiny arena, filled with traps and such. Now...you and your teammates have to work together to get the most points possible. 20 rounds of this i do believe. This can get old very very quickly. It is however okay for the first few matches and maybe I'm just crazy. But to me it just wasn't anything special.

Final Verdict!!
This game is an absolute buy, despite the lacking multiplayer i would still give this game an easy 9/10. The story is fantastic and memorable, the characters are unique and the level design is beautiful. Plus, if nothing else there's still that Gears 3 beta kids ;) Happy playing!
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Posted on 08 March 11 at 00:31, Edited on 29 October 11 at 19:23
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The Campaign

-The campaign is basically set structured levels which you head straight through blasting everyone in site or throwing them around with the leash which puts them into slow motion. The leash you obtain is an artificial intelligence and basically helps you with hud, grades your kills and allows you to upgrade what your packing. Now the games levels look really nice and are well designed, packed along with tons of varying in looks, enemies. From time to time there are bosses varying in scale which help mix it up. The story of the game is that you play an “assassin”, turned outlaw from the beginning. Awhile after your leaving of duty you are bountied until you happen upon the ship of your old commander. Which you do a suicide run at and basically destroy your ship and crashland on a bizarre planet. The characters stories are well developed throughout and everyone pitches in with some unique humor.


-The game is completely around the “Kill for Skill” motto. Throughout whatever game mode you are playing the structure is relatively the same. The game feels good when are moving, but I found I got stuck on some of the environment or people at times. The major thing I noticed about Bulletstorm was that it had a feel of Unreal Tournament and Gears of War which was nice. There is a nice selection of weapons and the game has a varying field of ways in which to kill all your enemies.

The Multiplayer (Anarchy Mode)

-The games multiplayer mode or Anarchy mode is basically a game where four players are placed into a small arena and there are set waves of enemies and players must collectively gather info points to complete the objective goal. Some waves are harder then others and will require everyone to work together to get a special bonus kill when it appears.


-This game mode is a timed point scoring game in which you are competing on a leaderboard for a star score, time score and points score. There are a few echoes available in the list and a fairly varying environments for you to wreck havoc in.
The Conclusion

-Bulletstorm has a unique way on how it takes its game play. If you love to destroy lots of things in different ways, this is for you. I found the game despite having additional modes, to have a short lasting appeal, as the formula quickly becomes repetitive. I expected the multiplayer may grasp my interest more, but found it to be a game of everyone leashing onto everything and kicking them around in the air. Echoes though interesting, will capture you entertainment for probably one or two tries unless you are hardcore for the best score. Now Bulletstorm is not for everyone, but if you love the style of an Unreal Tournament/Gears of War gameplay in which throw guys into mid air and put them in slow-mo to kill them with style you will love it. Remember bonus points for drinking the boozes!

Written by me on Gamerheadquarters.com
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Right Bulletstorm, a famous qoute from Cliffy B "In most first person shooters when you see an enemy you run, bcause your scared that the enemy can kill you....This is not that game". And damn right that statement is true!

Right long story short your a badass motherfuker who got all fuked over by your ex-boss so you went rogue to avenge that motherfucker! :D story rating 9/10

Right gameplay, This game is a first person shooter as advertise however instead of your traditional running and shooters such as Halo and Call of Duty, this game focuses on the player being able to think outside the BOX...Literally! If you want to be a "noob" like the Call of Duty players and aim for the "headshot" you would get rewarded....25PTs however if you play smart and actually think such as leashing your enemy towards you and kicking them into a fucking CACTUS! you will get like....175Pts..And these points are importantant since it unlocks you ammo....upgrades more kick ass weapons and shiit like that...the neccessarities in a kick ass motherfucking game! Well erm i would rate this..10/10 just on basis this is unique and is such an amazing way of playing.

Right...Graphic wise...the enviroment is quite good using the Unreal Engine 3 (3.5) making colours vibrant and almost giving the visuals a bit more realiistic view than the Borderlands style graphics. The detail put onto weapons such as when activating there special abitlity is quite good to look due to the animation and look of the weapons change due to the "overheat" kind of style to the weapons. also to this the cutscenes are quite good again however if anyone has played this the cutscene on Act 7 Chapter 1 with (spolier alert!) with trishka pointing the gun at soranno, if you look at trishka it is like her skin and facial features arnt there like they havnt been full rendered however this just a little flaw. Rating 7/10 there can be improvements.

Now to the best bit...MY actual view on the game (that above is just a guide for people to look at and get an idea this now is what may draw you in). Well this game is just amazing, the language used in the dialog between characters is simply so fucked it makes you just look at the screen in a The Fuck he just say?? kind of state such things as > "Well, Lift up yo skirt...AND STRAP THAT DILDOO ON!!" and "i kill your dick!" just makes you laugh at the game. The core gameplay in my opinion is just amazing since like said in the gameplay section it allows players to think and preform better skillshots for points, my personal favourate is...Mercy, This is for shooting an enemy in the balls letting him go on his knees and then kick his head off :D just for the pure torment lol. Well your character you play as is a badass muthafuka! Trishka who you meet is a more FUKIN HARDCORE MUTHAFUKA! and Ishi? well hes just erm.. Ishi :D i would recommend this game to people because it is such great fun and its not like typical shooters. With the Skillshot system in place this game is unique and there is nothing like this cureently on the market. smilesmile
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Sonic Sleuth
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Sonic Sleuth
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Posted on 18 April 11 at 05:07
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Is it the 90s again? If there's any game that might make you reflect back on the "bigger, badder, faster" mantras of the 1990s, it's Epic Games' Bulletstorm. While blasting baddies in this mile-a-minute shooter, gamers may find themselves craving the caffeine-sugary high of Mountain Dew and shouting "Extreme!" If you're at home with feeling like a couch-based adrenaline junkie, Bulletstorm may be the game for you.

Xbox 360 users have enjoyed the steroid-infused antics of Epic's antiheroes through the excellent Gears of War series, games that essentially defined the third-person cover-based shooter genre. This time, Ps3 gamers can jump into the mix, but folks… this isn't Gears of War. Sure, it's loud, profane, and bloody, with overmuscled quasi-good guys blasting through thousands of aliens and mutants on their way off a doomed planet. But this time, it's first-person! Alright, that's an oversimplification… but the first-person perspective leads into the signature Bulletstorm game element - skill kills.

If you've seen the many "Kill with Skill" videos Epic released on YouTube in the past months, you'll know what to expect from Bulletstorm's action. Equipped with a powerful energy leash, gamers are challenged to kick, throw, and maim bad guys onto spikes, exhaust fans, and explosives, all the while perforating them with bullets, chain-grenades, and oversized drill bits. If it sounds fun, that's because it is… make no bones about it, killing with skill is non-stop action that you can mold to your personal gaming style. You like kicking bad guys off the cliffside, sliding into them from 20 feet away, shooting them in their face… butt… or crotch? You will be rewarded for doing it, but try to mix it up to maximize your points.

Bulletstorm's reward system is based on diversifying your kills and exchanging the resulting points for weapons, upgrades, and ammunition. Play on the hardest mode, you'll be counting bullets and living for the headshot. Play on the easier modes, you'll be wasting entire clips on grunts. The challenge is what you make of it, and if this kind of uber-violence sounds like your bag, you will not be disappointed. Sure, the story is a thin-as-paper revenge story with a plot twist you may see coming from miles away, but Epic makes up for it with depth of action and variance in the game's single-player campaign.

Unfortunately, multiplayer gamers may be left wondering what happened to the game's depth when they jump into the online mode. Want to play the rumored co-op mode? Nope! Epic scrapped it, for reasons that are unclear to this writer. Want to play deathwatch or other team-based player vs. player modes? Keep dreaming. Bulletstorm features a robust siege mode… and that's it. If your idea of fun is fighting the same waves of bad guys over and over again, you'll be in heaven. The rest of us will be scratching our heads about the lack of multiplayer action in what is otherwise a fantastic game. Sigh.

From an outside perspective, one has to wonder how much developer People Can Fly was influenced by Epic's previous IPs in designing Bulletstorm. From the steroid-friendly heroes and rampant mature language to the gorgeous painted backgrounds, this game is exactly what you'd expect of a new Epic shooter. In some levels, it's literally *exactly* what you would expect from the former Epic property Duke Nukem Forever, with antihero Grayson Hunt cracking wise while blasting huge aliens in a dance club and a Godzilla-themed amusement park. These levels shine, and the varied action throughout brings new challenges and fresh elements before eventually devolving into a "shoot all the bad guys" for the last couple chapters.

Bulletstorm looks and sounds fantastic. It might well be the best-looking sci-fi first person shooter ever… and at the very least, it compares favorably to everything south of Gears of War 2 and Killzone 3. Unfortunately, the goofy mature-themed action may turn off more serious players, and the lack of a significant multiplayer mode will definitely hurt Bulletstorm's sales. What's more, the incredible stupidity of releasing Bulletstorm and Killzone 3 contemporaneously will seriously limit this game's popularity on the Playstation 3. Bad show, Sony and Epic!

Be forewarned that there are a few killer bugs that may ruin your experience from time to time… your fellow heroes follow scripted events, and if they disappear from sight, you may end up unable to progress. So, keep your eye on your buddies, and if they disappear altogether, restart from the last checkpoint before you progress too far… learn from my mistakes. Nonetheless, this is probably the world's most perfect rental game. It looks great, controls terrific, and the gameplay is incredibly fun. The single-player campaign is longer than Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and Homefront, and it never bogs down. It's not a $60 purchase, but for a few days, you'll love getting "Extreme" with Grayson Hunt and Epic Games' Bulletstorm.

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97,268 (69,375)
TA Score for this game: 484
Posted on 20 July 11 at 07:20, Edited on 25 July 11 at 18:38
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Overview: Shoot shit and have fun, but do it with style! It's a no brainer that shooters are getting a bit old. Sure heavywieghts like Battlefiled 3 and the newest Modern Warfare game are coming out, but after a few more years what else with there be to do? Well my money is on games like Bulletstorm that allow you to kill things with guns, just in different way and with a little more creativity.

Gameplay: Creative. Different. Two words which are rarely used to describe shooters. However the game does have some very ordinary guns. While the majority of the fun is the Skillshot idea. Who would have guessed that finally we have a kill called mercy, in the player shoots the enemy in the crotchal region and finishes said enemy with a headshot. How original! We can finally shoot an enemy in the nuts and laugh about. How rare. A true gem we got here. A shooter that doesn't take itslef to seriously. That's good and hard to find these days.

Campaign: the campaign is very much like any typical shooter except all the drama that comes with an every day shooter like Halo or Call of Duty. The voice acting is minimal and should stay that way. But what little the characters do say is funny and it doesn't care about you or your lust for killing shit that is a different minority. At least we get to kill these non-whites with leashes and giant monsters that only last one level. How, dare I say, thought provoking and full of charisma and charm. Yeah right, just point me to the nearest light machine gun and explosives and you got your self a good time.

Multiplayer & Echo mode: Just more ways to busy your fetish of feet and leashes!

Final Word: Different, and not to shabby! However the game does give in to repitition. And thats never a good thing in video games.
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Posted on 25 February 11 at 22:49, Edited on 27 February 11 at 09:32
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Let me tell you this first, I though this game was going to be crap! I'm not going to lie, this game looked too baby-ish for my liking, the cover did anyway. I asked 4-5 people on their verdict of this game, some from True Achievements and others from X360A. So I thought I've got nothing to lose, I went online found another game who wanted to boost and he told me a game mode called Anarchy is like Horde, I was thinking yeah right(!). I played it and to my avail I wash astonished.

OK, let's start with this, the online pass isn't actually an online pass you only get a few maps. Anyways, the "horde" is similar to Gears of War 2 for instance; revive an ally, a small map, enemies respawning ect. But in some ways it's better than Gears of War 2- You can use all the environment around you, instead of everyman for himself you actually play as a team which I quite like. And for the people who enter a game and do nothing thinking their going to level up, sorry to disappoint you but you level up based upon your contribution.

The graphics on this game are immense, I'd rate them on a scale 10/10 (no exaggeration). This game, in my perspective, is a mixture of the follwing; Gears of War, Borderlands. This game is quite addictive, fun and original, which is very rare to see in the gaming markets. I have been told if you have done the achievement 'Monument to your sins' in Halo: Reach then completing Bulletstorm on Very hard is 1000 times easier.

I haven't played Story Mode as of yet but from what I've read it's very long but their is Co-Op. Leveling up in this game is easy but sometimes frustrating, after you hit rank 29+ This is where it gets really, really annoying. But like they say 'no pain no gain'.

This is an "Epic" game. I would recommend to all. Keep updating, once I've completed Story mode I will give more detailed feedback and see what else I like and dis-like (if there is anything).

Thanks everyone for the comments, I've updated the reveiw.

Update: If you have played and completed the bulletstorm demo, you should be able to change the colour of your leash to a greeny-emerald colour.
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telsta duo
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telsta duo
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Posted on 03 March 11 at 23:39, Edited on 04 March 11 at 21:34
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hi everyone!

first of all let me say i'am a gamer for long (o.k. my gamertag is new), so i can deal with trash talk, violence, splatter effects and enjoy killing on or offline as much as most of you do!

to review bulletstorm was no easy made decision for me because i'm sure to get some thumbs down for my rather critical opinion about bulletstorm.

STORY/PLOT (2 out of 5)
you're a former elite soldier spec ops assassin who've killed in duty for the military administration lead by the sociopathic general sarrano. as soon as the game starts you and your team regocnize during a assassination mission that you've killed innocent critics of the military regime although you've been told by sarrano to kill murders and criminals. by confronting general serrano with that issue he puts a bounty on your and your teams head, as from now you have to live the life of a space outlaw being followed by bounty hunters. after a short sequence you are involved in a space battle with sarranos mother ship and both of you crash on the planet of stygia. stygia for what ever reason is populated with mutants, cannibals, man eating plants and gangs whose only reason of living is killing each other and certainly you, too.
ok i could have told you i'ts because during a workers revolt gamma storm radiation filters where shut down and everything began to mutate, but to be honest as soon as i stranded on this planet the fighting and killing began and it doesn't really stop until the credits run down. and the story ...aargh forget about the story..... 2 out of 5 for the story because the first ten minutes you feel like ok they've implemented a story.

GRAPHICS/SOUND (4 out of 5)
beautiful, colorful and state of the art top notch.
many aspects of the game and the gameplay reminds me of the gears of war franchise. the character modeling of grayson hunt who is a mixture of marcus fenix and dom santiago at this point make no exclusion.
sound effects and soundtrack are not especially good or bad and rather a interruption for graysons trash talk ("hey bigtits!!")
....just 4 out of 5 for the graphics because from time to time some glitches appeared f.e. characters floating in the air.

GAMEPLAY (4 out of 5)
bulletstorm is all about running and gunning.
aim and shoot works well, aiming is supported by a little auto aim.
while double pressing the a button you perform a nice slide move.
the whip (called energy leash) is a useful and easy to handle addition to the gameplay, while using it, you switch into bullet time, so you're able to perform skill kills in combination with the energy leash.
even though sprinting around by pressing the a button is gears of war style, the lack of a gears like cover system is to be mentioned.
by killing enemys you're gaining skill points for unique kills using the enviroment, weapon abilities and teammates. for most of the kills skillpoints and killnames appear on your screen like "gang bang", "topless", "fire in the hole" f. e. by shooting somebody's ass off.
....4 out of 5 for the gameplay: solid, nice whip and slide move addition, no cover system which is not even necessary, but all over all nothing really innovative.

MULTIPLAYER MP (3 out of 5)
multiplayer is a variety of coop modes.
the cooperative MP fits well for bulltestorm even though you'll replay the single player levels over and over again. the absence of versus multiplayer on the other hand makes sense for me ... 3 out of 5 because i think even if it makes sense for me, some of you will miss versus mp modes.

SUMMARY (3 out of 5)
in the beginning playing bulletstorm for me was funny and to collect every possible kill variation can be very addicting, but on the other hand i was deadening very soon and for some reason i started thinking like "man why always killing in every fkn game" - don't think about that and you definitely will have a good time with bulletstorm
for me the killing on stygia makes absolutely no sense, killing and killing over and over again even with diversity of skill styles and a comic like setting in a stunning looking ambiance in combination with flat, adolescent humor does not fit for me, as it's been said for me may not be the same with you.

so guys have a good time, see you on the virtual battlefields and game on!
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