1. Bulletstorm Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Start the game by pressing start. Read and accept the Privacy Policy which will activate your online pass. A few button clicks later you'll be at the main menu. Bulletstorm has three game modes: Campaign, Echoes and Multiplayer (Anarchy).

Campaign comes with 5 difficulty levels: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard. To complete the campaign you have to navigate the Prologue and Acts 1-7. The campaign comes with 35 achievements and 600 Gamerscore. Most achievements are story-related and can not be missed. The difficulty achievements are stackable. You can finish the campaign in one playthrough, and then revisit some levels to mop up some of the missed achievements.

Echoes Mode requires you to play through several levels within a certain time limit while meeting a quota of skill points. Choosing the right weapons and making those skillshots is key for this. Echoes Mode comes with 10 achievements for 170 Gamerscore.

Anarchy Mode is similar to Horde in Gears of War. You have to beat up to 20 waves of enemies. Killing will gain you skill points. Your final goal will be to achieve level 30. Anarchy Mode comes with 11 achievements for 230 Gamerscore.

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