2. Bulletstorm General hints and tipsUpdate notes

1) Get to know the levels. This makes it easier to decide on which weapon to upgrade and whether or not to buy ammunition or charges. The game awards your quick reflexes in observing critical events. Be ready for those. 500 skillpoints is a nice reward just for holding LT. Collectibles yield credits. Kill them if you see a Newsbot or an Electroflies swarm. Drink or shoot the bottles of Nom.

2) Go for the skillshots. New skillshots give you five times more credits.

Some skillshots are stackable. Some examples: Killing enemies which are on fire adds afterburner points. Killing enemies affected by puffball gas adds antidote points. Killing enemies after drinking nom juice adds intoxicated points. Killing enemies while affected by puffball gas yourself adds toxic love points.

Some skillshots have a multiplier equal to the number of enemies affected. The charged shots of Peacemaker Carbine, Boneduster, Penetrator and Flail Gun can decimate long lines of enemies.

3) Your credits are limited. Do not try to buy and upgrade every weapon in the game. You don't get enough credits to do this. This also means you have to think about how much you want to upgrade your weapon. If you only ever use two charges then you don't want to upgrade your charge magazine fully. If you rarely use the primary fire then you shouldn't upgrade the magazine capacity.

To help in upgrade decisions I have included my choices below.

Weapon hints and tips.

1. Upgrade your Peacemaker Carbine (PMC). Try to get 2 or 3 charges before you meet the first miniboss at the train-entrance in Act 1 - Chapter 2.

2. Upgrade your Leash. Using your leash does not cost ammo. Use the charged leash for crowds of enemies or to stun bosses.

3. Do not upgrade the Screamer. I never buy ammo for this weapon and certainly no upgrades during the campaign. This weapon can be very convenient during echoes, however. This weapon sets enemies on fire and killing them will give you more skillshot-points.

4. Only upgrade the Flail Gun magazine. I find this weapon very useful, but I found little use for the charged shots during the campaign.

5. Only upgrade the Boneduster charges. Basically I only used this weapon in Act 6 - Chapter 2 to protect the elevator from the critters. Sometimes I use the charged shot to take out an Electroflies swarm. You only have to hit one fly to exterminate the entire swarm.

6. Fully upgrade the Headhunter. This was my favorite weapon. You can never have enough ammo and charges for this gun!

7. Do not upgrade the Bouncer. This is my least favorite weapon and almost never use it.

8. Only upgrade the Penetrator magazine. I found little use for the secondary fire. Upgrading costs more then the possible skillshot rewards because you get this weapon rather late in the game.

The above text is my personal preference. There are other schools of thought you might want to consider. Below are the tips of my co-editor Zombie Deej.

~ Arguably the cheapest weapon to maintain
~ Primary fire boasts incredible stopping power - Aim for the face.
~ Charged shots can ignite/destroy groups of enemies in any formation.
~ This weapon is your savings account! While using it, you gather PMC ammunition and proper use* makes every bullet a profit.
~ Love the Penetrator? Charged Screamer shots are just as (maybe more) effective!
~ Great against Minibosses - possibly the cheapest method of disposing of them.
~ From Act 5 onwards, stop buying/using primary ammunition, carry it charged as a sidearm rocket launcher.

~Ignite groups with Charged shots, finish with Primary Screamer/PMC rounds.

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