3. Bulletstorm ControlsUpdate notes

Crouching. Pressing down on the cn_LS will activate crouching. Default setting for "crouch on toggle" is OFF. Change that to ON. Otherwise you have to hold the crouch button, aim the gun and press the fire button simultaneously. While this is not impossible it does add some difficulty. To access the controls press start during gameplay and go to the controls menu item.

Running. Hold down cn_A to run.

Sliding. Double-tap cn_A for sliding. Sliding is often the quickest. You can slide horizontally, downwards and upwards. On some ramps it is not possible to slide. If you slide into kickable objects or enemies then they will be kicked.

Action. For pressing buttons and such. Simply press cn_X.

Aiming. By holding cn_LT you can aim your gun.

Shooting. Like in many other games this is done by pressing cn_RT

Charging. Your weapon that is. Pressing cn_RB will charge your weapon.

Pause. Press cn_start to pause the game.

Leash. Press cn_LB to use the leash.

Kicking. Pressing cn_B will make your character kick. As mentioned before also double tapping cn_A will do a kick action.

Skillshot Database. Database is accessed by pressing the cn_back button.

Skipping. Cutscenes can be skipped sometimes by pressing the cn_back button.

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