Bully: Scholarship Edition (JP) Reviews

  • Pigimiss PrimePigimiss Prime721,338
    04 Oct 2010
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    This is a Japanese version of the Rockstar game. I loved this game the first time round, and this was one of the reasons that tempted me to buy a Jap Xbox.

    Prior to buying this game, I was a bit apprehensive how easy it would be to follow in Japanese, so if you are thinking of getting this I just wanted to give you a heads up of the game.

    The game is exactly the same as the English version, the speaking is in English with Jap subtitles. All instructions are in Japanese but it indicates which button to press. The lessons are the same as the English version, and the ones I have completed before are simple to understand if you have completed the English version.

    I'm not sure how easy this would be to complete if you have never played the English version, but if you have 1000 on the original, you will have no problems with this one.

    Good Luck