2. Bully: Scholarship Edition (JP) General hints and tips

  • Keep track of your progress! You need to do almost every activity at least once to unlock the Perfectionist Achievement. You can access your progress in the Stats section from the pause menu.
  • Attend class! Classes give you bonuses, and once a class is complete at level 5, you are no longer truant when the class comes up again.
  • Do errands! A blue X on your mini map indicates an errand. Do all of these when you see them because they can glitch and won't appear without rebooting the game.
  • Follow the red star on your mini-map! They are missions that unlock new places to sleep and save.
  • Save before a class or mission if you are having trouble completing it.
  • Completing all classes prior to doing all the miscellaneous task requirements to unlock the Perfectionist Achievement will save you more time in the long run and will make tasks easier (2x carnival tickets, faster bicycle, better weapons, etc.)
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