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    *******Bully: Scholarship Edition Video Game Review*******
    Bully was originally released on the PS2. It is an openworld sandbox style game with action and brawler elements, along the same line as Rockstars other fine series Grand Theft Auto. The scholarship Edition is a port of that game onto from PS2 to Xbox 360, with added achievements, a few new classes and a handful of extra missions. The graphics have not been completely overhauled to bring them inline with this generations current of level of visual epicness, that being said however, They haven't aged too badly but it will be a shock starting up the game.
    GAMEPLAY 9/10
    The gameplay in Bully is great fun, it is a lot like a GTA game, in that you can just highjack kids and adults bikes whenever you want and you can maim whoever you want. It also follows GTA's formula of slowly unlocking the city as you progress through the story. Being an open world game you can really do what you want when you want. You wanna throw down some marbles at an exit, pull the fire alarm and watch the madness, go right on ahead. Missions also follow the standard GTA formula of you tackling them at your leisure.
    As far as fighting goes, it's very easy, but still fun. You can learn new moves to better your fighting prowess through Gym class and by talking to a particualr hobo. And as the game progresses and you find yourself fighting a dozen tough Jocks at once the roundhouse kick is oh so very, very handy.
    The classes that you 'have' to go to throughout the game are also rewarding, if you choose to go to class then you gain easier access to weapons in Chemistry, can learn new fighting moves in Gym, and earn a silly hat in Music, one of the new classes added in the Scholarship Edition.
    The game does lose a point here because there are a few minor bugs, whilst they aren't game breaking in any way at all or even overly detrimental to the gameplay you'll still notice them and they can annoy.
    STORY 10/10
    I LOVED The story to Bully. It is a little cliched in parts but all of the characters are endearing. Petey's incredible desire to just hang out with Jimmy coupled with his horrible social ineptness is hilarious, and the main character Jimmy whilst no where near as good or complex as some of Rockstars latest protagonists (Read: Niko, John Marston) he is still an enjoyable character to play.
    I would have loved to see an explanation though as to why Gary is so messed up or see some sort of development in Jimmy's and Petey's friendship however. There was definitly a lot of room left in Bully for character development, I will say that.
    VISUALS 7/10
    Now this a tricky area to rate, because with the port to 360, the only visual improvements that have been made is a resolution boost and now it fits in widescreen. It still looks like a PS2 game. That being said it was a very good looking PS2 game in it's day. And once you get used to them the graphics no longer jarr.
    OVERALL 9/10
    This is an amazing game, it is a classic, or will be in a decade or so, and no open world sandbox gamer should deprive themselves of a chance to play this. You will love every minute of this game. I guarantee it.
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    System of a DomThumbs up.

    A good review to a good game. But I must agree with Steve Redman and say about your spacing between paragraphs. Just a line between would make it easier to read and be kinder on the eyes.
    Posted by System of a Dom on 23 Oct 10 at 17:12
    Thanks, next review I write I'll definitly space it better.
    Posted on 23 Oct 10 at 20:51
    Skanker irlPicked this up for $3.74...loving it! Great review. Can't get enough of this game, very creative.
    Posted by Skanker irl on 01 Sep 13 at 01:49
  • NitoriismNitoriism141,653
    09 Oct 2010 09 Oct 2010
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    Bully: Scholarship Edition

    Remember high school? Remember the cliques, being the target of the cool kids’ wrath? Remember the wedgies given from the jocks, the small science talk of the nerds, the car chat amongst the greasers, and the “Oh Em Gee did you see who Millie’s dating” banter of the preps? Remember how awful that cafeteria food was? Or how you cut class to see the girl you dated? Remembering these is only the beginning of the limitless fun that’s in this game. Bully let’s you re-live that as Jimmy Hopkins, a new kid to Bullworth academy. It’s dangerously close to the real thing, of course now there’s no worry of being beaten by anyone! But, how does it play?



    Feels exactly right, if you’ve played a Grand Theft Auto game, you’ll feel that the controls are perfect. Which isn’t a bad thing, change can be good in moderation. In Bully’s case, it’s full of change. You’ll no longer have an endless array with guns, you’re not that kind of bully, and you’ll get some weapons. But let’s leave that for you to find. wink



    They don’t scream “THIS GAME BEATS ANYTHING!” but they’re good. It’s not the best in the world, nor the worst. It has a “Rockstar” whisper to it, which is always a good thing.


    N/A for scoring.

    The achievements aren’t hard, they’re time-consuming and all-together fun! You’ll have a fun time playing

    Bully: Scholarship EditionGREEN THUMBS UPThe GREEN THUMBS UP achievement in Bully: Scholarship Edition worth 34 pointsPick 50 flowers

    Will keep you giving gifts, where as some achievements make you do some stuff you might never do, for example.

    Bully: Scholarship EditionOVER THE RAINBOWThe OVER THE RAINBOW achievement in Bully: Scholarship Edition worth 34 pointsReceive 20 kisses from the gents.

    I do have to add, sometimes achievements can glitch. Be warned, this hasn’t happened to me, but I’ve heard that the distance achievements can mess up, making you start a new game.

    Fun Factor


    You will get addicted to this game; I’ve logged over 20 hours without realizing it, and am still in love with this game. You’ll probably fall in love with it, too. It’s too addicting.



    This lacks, there is music, but there’s very little excitement in it. I’d suggest starting your iPod, the music gets tacky… Fast.

    Final Verdict

    5 + 4 + 5 + 3 = 17

    17/4 = 4.25

    Rounded = 4/5
  • robbietk94robbietk9447,073
    21 Apr 2012
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    *May contain Spoilers*
    It's fair to say Rockstar's most popular game is Grand Theft Auto, but of course eventually, going round a town shooting randoms, stealing cars and having a lot of sex gets a tad boring. So, how about we take elements of a GTA game, tone them down to the lifestyle of a 15 year old boy and set it in an American boarding school?

    As sarcastic as the previous comment sounds, it's actually quite genuine. Bully is one of those games that like most good sandbox games you will continue to play.

    Basically, your mother is someone who likes divorce hearings, after she is hitched for the umpteenth time, in fact about as many times as you have been excluded, you get transferred to Bullworth Academy, the toughest school around it seems, where kids are free to kick seven shades of turd out of anyone they please and the Prefects don't mind getting in on the act either. You 'befriend' some asshole named Gary who is basically the epitome of the kid who bullies the nerds and unpopular kids but will be bullied by anyone above him in the social ladder, he's actually a pitiful character. You also befriend Gary's 'friend' Pete, who's a typically quiet, insecure, unpopular yet nice guy who would typically bullied by a character like Gary. Basically, the game is about you trying to take over the school, at first Gary suggests it, when he back stabs you, you go it alone, trying to gain respect of the cliques around school by beating the piss out of them. Eventually Gary plots against you turning everyone on you, leaving it to you, Russell (the school bully who doesn't hate you when you beat him up) and Pete to gain their trust and prove Gary is a maniac.

    Bully works as any sandbox game does, it's an open world which you slowly unlock as you progress. At first you're locked in the school forced to chose between irritating lessons the Prefects will force you to attend or missions. By Chapter Two the whole town opens up allowing you to go wherever you please in Bullworth.
    The lessons referred to, though irritating can be rewarding, finish each of their five lessons quickly and you can afford to miss them giving you further time to complete missions and complete the game quickly. They also unlock new things, such as weapons (fire crackers, stink bombs etc.) or the ability to talk to girls.
    Missions are a bit hit and miss, they do tend to get a bit irritating, I found the one against Ernest when he used some potato gun especially annoying. It actually brought me to the point where I didn't want his help, I wanted him dead.
    What is annoying, is the fact you will gain respect from everyone and in the last chapter inexplicably lose all their respect because Gary and a new gang you befriend the 'Townies' destroy the school and make everyone hate you. Meaning you have to gain that respect back again.

    Achievements are fairly straight-forward, you get them for completing chapters, finishing classed, running errands etc.

    There is the annoying problem that because this is not really a 360 game but more a port from the Ps2 with some add-ons, there's a lot of repetition. It's basically Marmite, if you love the same tune, turn your volume up, if not plug your own music in.

    Controls are fairly simple to grasp hold of, similar controls to most other Rockstar sandbox games.

    Not the greatest graphics in the world, but it doesn't spoil it as a game. Your eyes won't bleed looking at it.
  • SpellersSpellers49,726
    30 May 2012
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    Arriving as a strange in a new town you are a man who has something to prove, unfortunately not everyone one is eager to help and your rise to power soon becomes entangled in a plot for revenge....

    Wait no that's GTA4.. and today we are not the now infamous Nico Belic, This is Jimmy Hopkins story...

    So to start again, you are a Kid dropped into a new boarding school/town with next to nothing.. Soon enough you find yourself being used by a 'friend' and set out on a rise to power which becomes entangled in a plot for revenge.....

    Hmm the two sound very similar.. And that's not where the similarities end..
    Immediately, before you even start playing the game itself those of you that have played GTA3 onwards will feel very much at home in their surrounds the artwork is in the same style and moving into the gameplay you'll find this is also build on the same formula that has worked so well for Rockstar.

    It is worth noting that this is a game originally released for the PS2 and more due to it's title that it's content caused quite a lot of controversy at the time. This version is a reimagining of the original bringing a new game engine along with a few tweaks and added extras.
    Very much like the HD remakes that are become popular by the day it seems the game looks and feels good. Graphically it is hardly breathtaking but at the same time it doesn't feel out of place on the console however a few graphics glitches here and there are a minor detractor but not bad enough to make the quality seem poor.

    Dropped into Bullworth Acadamy, a boarding school of the Highest (read lowest) standard. You will make your way around attending classes which consist of a series of QTE minigames. Despite not being a fan of QTE they are used here in a way that is not unexpected or needlessly and work as well on the whole.
    In your spare time you'll make you make your way around the school and later the town completing missions for people which will range from escorting nerds to fighting the local bullies to gain their respect. The story is well built with a linear plot peppered with side missions and collectables to keep you busy for hours.

    The gameplay mechanics are so similar to the previous GTA games they barely mention talking about, needless to say they are both solid and intuitive. The main thing to note here is you are a child and as such some things are slightly different. Prefects and the police are adults and as such you can't really fight them. If you get into trouble your best option is to run, and if caught a quick button mashing QTE will see you break free and be able to resume your getaway.
    Your modes of transport are also changed somewhat, your mostly going to end up getting around by foot, skateboard or bike although the town of Bullworth is small enough for this not to be a significant issue.

    As with the GTA series you start in a fairly confined area and as the story progresses more of the game world will be opened up to you offering you more variety and new experiences at a consistent pace ensuring you never feel like your not making progress.

    All in all this feels like a project taken up by rockstar to fill the gaps between the releases of GTA and it has been delivered with the same humour and quality that any fan of that series will be accustomed to whilst still retaining some of the crazier side of games that was a little lacking in GTA4.
    Despite its age the game is good fun throughout and well worth a play.
  • AttitudeParkAttitudePark301,096
    04 Mar 2017 04 Mar 2017
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    This game... this... game... oh boy

    Okay, original PS2 version was brilliant. I can't remember having issues with it

    Then I got a copy for my Xbox 360... I gave up during chapter 4 due to crashes.

    Now here I am again, using the backwards compatibility to get 100%.. and I did it, finally!

    Okay so, review time.

    Jimmy Hopkins is sent to "the toughest school" in the Country, full of cliques that are at constant war with each other.
    You have the Nerds, who are weaklings but armed to the teeth with badass weapons,
    The Preps, rich kids with amazing boxing skills
    The Greasers, leather-wearing bikers who love to cause havoc
    The Jocks, the kings of the school with wrestling and football experience mixed into their fighting traits.
    And finally, the Bullies... just standard thugs, to be honest.
    He is determined to find a way to stop the bullying and unite all the gangs under his rule... That's about it.

    Fairly simple story, but great characters! Most of them I spot and I remember their names with no problems, each of them with their own voice actors, personality.. Kinda reminds me of classic Fallout in the sense that these are all people with backstories, not just random NPCs.

    The gameplay has no issues at all.. or that would have been the case but for some reason certain commands do not respond. The two most notorious being Music Class and the mission where you break Johnny out of the Asylum.

    Solution for Music... I can only say "save and reload" until you win.. that's it.

    As for opening that door with mashing Y during the Johnny breakout... just lay your controller flat and roll something like a battery over the button, the game thinks you are smashing the button hard.

    Level Design
    Levels are, for the most part, simple. Short but satisfying.
    Mostly combat, with a bit of stealth thrown in here and there.. a few races, vandalism, dates... Standard teenage stuff, I suppose.

    Boss fights are actually well done in this game, each of them memorable. Although saying that, it can get a bit ridiculous at times where you will be asking things like "How are these kids not in prison? Or dead?" or "How the f**k do these 15 year olds have control of these buildings?!"

    But hey, what's a bit of silliness in a video game, huh?

    Now Achievements
    These are simple achievements, the only issue is sometimes they don't pop. The only solution I have found is saving, going to dashboard then reloading and they pop straight away.
    I say simple.. but you have to grind a bit. Speaking of which...

    The Grinding
    Holy sh*t... 100KM on foot, 100KM on bike and 50KM on a skateboard doesn't sound like much but it really is in this game. Took me two in-game days non stop just to do 20KM on a bike.
    And for the 100% some stuff can be really petty.. like buying all the Carnival rewards with tickets.. tickets you have to play minigames for over and over again. It used to be you could just spam the Mallet minigame but since button mashing is broken in this version of the game you'll have to stick to playing other ones, I recommend the throwing the ball to dunk the guy minigame.
    Also... buy 500 sodas... really? I thought this was a joke but this was actually the 0.02% I needed to get 100% so.. yeah. Buy these out of supermarkets to spam faster, eventually they become free so that's good. You can buy 100 at a time so buy 100, leave shop then reenter until 500 achieved.

    At least doing 40 errands is more fun... although...

    Want that 100%? You need to do 40 errands out of 50. Problem is THEY SOMETIMES WILL NOT APPEAR! Due to whatever glitch, they sometimes just flat out stop spawning into the game.

    Best solution I have found is to save your game near where an errand spawns, reload then HOPEFULLY it will appear. Takes a few tries but they will appear eventually.

    Look, this game is great. And I would say perfect.. if we got the original PS2 version, but no, we got a pretty bad port with extra content that does not work properly.
    If you aren't going for 100% then you will love this game, but for us who want to complete it... it's a bit of a chore after a while.