1. Bully: Scholarship Edition Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Today, let's talk about Bully: Scholarship Edition. Bully has you playing as James "Jimmy" Hopkins, a 15 year old student that attends Bullworth Academy. As the game progresses, you will unlock parts of the town that expands the gameplay. As far as Rockstar games go, it is a fairly simple completion that will take you about 23 hours.

Though the game has no missable achievements, you may be required to exit out onto the dashboard and reload the game due to glitches that may delay an achievement from unlocking, or certain tasks required of you to obtain 100% completion. You can generally tell when you've been affected by the glitch when any of the following happens:

  1. You complete a goal that should unlock an achievement, but that does not happen.
  2. You are traveling by any means other than by foot (skateboard, bicycle, scooter), an errand symbol shows on your mini map, but it disappears once you start to walk.
  3. You have not had an errand show on your mini map for an extended period of time (keep in mind more errands appear the more you progress in the story line).

Your main focus should be completing the story line, with 2 exceptions:

  1. Don't skip classes. You need to have all classes completed at Level 5 as a requirement to unlock the Perfectionist achievement, and they do appear even once you finish them, so you may be required to wait longer than you need to in order to complete the game if you skip class. Additionally, the more classes you complete, the more abilities Jimmy will obtain. Also, once a class is completed at Level 5, you are no longer truant the next time that class appears, allowing you to roam freely without authority figures trying to bust you.
  2. Don't skip Errands. They appear as a blue X on the mini-map. There are only 50 in the game, and you need to do at least 40 of them as a requirement to unlock the Perfectionist achievement. Additionally, there is a known glitch that they stop appearing after you beat them game.

That is all there is to the game. It is an enjoyable game with some good cutscenes and a decent storyline. The game isn't very difficult and can be completed within a few days.

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