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    Sometimes it is the simplest concepts which make for the most enjoyable games - especially on mobile device platforms like the newly-Mangofied Windows Phone 7.

    In the past month (as of September 2011) we've seen a great port of Gravity Guy arrive on the WP7 - with that game simply involving players tapping the screen to switch gravity and allow Gravity Guy to race from left to right.

    Now we have another super simple but hugely addictive game - Burn the Rope.

    Burn the Rope is a high quality port from other platforms (iOS, Android, etc) which made its debut on WP7 in late September.

    Its premise is simple. A series of challenges feature ropes arranged in different designs and styles.

    You simply touch the screen to start a fire and twist, turn and manouvere the phone around to direct the flame where you want it to go in an attempt to burn as much rope as possible. Flames only burn upwards - they will be extinguished if they start trying to burn down.

    Sounds simple doesn't it. To start with, it is. Early challenges are easily whipped through and gold medals gained.

    But then things get tough. Various bugs appear on the rope - ants change the colour of the flame - a must when you need to burn a piece of rope of a certain colour.

    For example: Blue flames burn blue rope (as well as normal rope) for example, but won't burn red rope - you'll need to burn a red ant to change the flame's colour again.

    Burning other bugs does other things - burning one electric bug transports the flame to the other bug at a remote part of the "rope map".

    Burning a spider sees it build a web to allow the flame to travel to an inaccessible piece of rope. Burning other bugs creates explosions which disintegrate all nearby rope.

    And of course, because flames only burn upwards, tactics and strategy become vital - bugs must be burnt in a certain order to allow the flame to spread across all pieces of rope and burn all the different coloured sections.

    Burn the Rope is hugely addictive, with its massive dose of: "I was so close to that gold medal - just one more go .... " meaning you will find yourself contemplating various rope burning challenges and tactics over and over again.

    And because the challenges are many, varied and increasing in complexity, the game does not get boring.

    The central focus of the gameplay - the physics of the burning rope - I've found to be be impressive and, most importantly, accurate and consistent.

    If you do the same thing on a rope challenge you will, for the most part, get the same result (without any changes/variables caused by burning bugs of course).

    However a slight change - a small tilt of the phone - can bring about big differences in results.

    As for achievements - a really good mix.

    There are challenging achievements for reaching gold level in each set of challenges - something which becomes increasingly difficult the further into the game you go.

    Achievements are also awarded for burning a certain number of each type of bug - something that you'll do as a matter of course throughout the game.

    Burn the Rope isn't a "Collapse-esque" 15 minute 200 GS game, that's for sure.

    The only danger you may have playing this game, apart from being unable to actually stop, is elbowing nearby people as you frantically turn your phone.

    Be careful on public transport - though if you do elbow someone it might be a great chance to show off your newly-Mangofied WP7 in all its glory!!

    All in all, another impressive addition to the growing number of top notch Xbox Live enabled WP7 games. No hesitation giving this one five stars and recommending it to everyone.
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    WorhammerGreat review, thumbs up.

    Perhaps a few less taps to the enter key next time, though. ;)
    Posted by Worhammer on 26 Oct 11 at 20:48
    eHeadachesgood review, tempted me into buying it and its fantastic, possibly best game ive played on the windows phone yet. love the music as well! B b b burn the rope! +1
    Posted by eHeadaches on 24 Jun 12 at 00:36
    M1 462Any suggestions for levels 101 and 105? Last two I need to finish the game... dance
    Posted by M1 462 on 13 Jul 13 at 20:43
    Crimson DrifterTo... many... levels.... lol
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 10 Sep 13 at 01:25