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    25 Nov 2008
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    I am a big Burnout Series Fan, so my review might be a little bit biased. While I am a racing fan of simulation games like Forza Motorsport and MotoGP 07, I do enjoy a few arcade racing games.

    Well detailed game. You can read (albeit dangerous) the license plates on other cars. The lighting from the sun shines off high gloss paint jobs like in real life. The small detail damages are realistic; if you broke a headlamp it stays broken and doesn’t light up. The back ground is realistic enough to tell distance. I’ve played this at both regular television and hi definition 1080p while it is still good at the lowest setting I highly recommend the playing at the highest possible detail.

    Sound and Music.
    You can tell from just driving around what types of cars are around you with even having to look at that area. The screeching of the tires to the roar of an engine is clear with any vehicle you use. Now the music, quantity or quality wise you will not be disappointed. There are a lot of songs that play while driving around so chances are if you play for an hour or two, you will not hear the same song twice. And you don’t like a particular song you can always take if off the play list. One should note that a good portion of songs are the same songs from older Burnout Games.

    Game play.
    As you win events you upgrade your license. The higher the license, the larger amount of vehicles you will be able to use. These events are littered all thought Paradise City. To start the event simple pull up to a light to start it.

    Here is the events.

    Races: Standard Race. From one to seven other opponents you drive to a specific end point.
    Road Rage: Timed Event. You use your vehicle as a battering ram to smash other vehicles into traffic, walls or other hard objects. Target amount is usually displayed. Event ends when either you take to much damage or time ends.

    Marked Man: Almost like a race. You goal is to reach one destination while four other computer cars try to inflict enough damage to keep you from reaching your destination.

    Stunts: Use your vehicle like a little acrobat, jumping off ramps, crashing bill boards and doing spins. The more you do in a sequence the more points you get. There is a target score to get per event.

    Burning Route: One route per vehicle. It’s a timed race where you just have to get to the finish line by a certain time using a certain vehicle. Every route you finish unlocks a upgraded version of the vehicle used.
    All these events get a bit more difficult as the game wears on but not that much more. I would say once you get used to the way the game plays you find that most of these events range from easy (one or two attempts) to medium (fifteen minutes maximum).

    Now there are a few side events or tasks that are fun to do. Running certain billboards, barriers, and super jumps. They are littered everywhere, cant be avoided just driving around. There are few hidden but find to fun all of them and as a reward for finding all it unlocks more vehicles. There are also two events per street, one is time trails and the other is showtime. Showtime is just you bouncing around hitting vehicles for points.

    Online play is quite fun with tasks and races, connections are usually stable. One thing I like is with Xbox Live Vision take a photo of you when you get taken out by another drive and sent to the aggressor. The online experience is a whole new game in itself and worth playing.

    Although it’s a very good game here is a few of the things I didn’t like. Showtime is very repetitive in the sense you have to do it to all 64 streets of Paradise City. Also Showtime replaced Crash from previous games. The on line challenges are very repetitive where if 2 players you have to do it for 7 players. And some of them are very very basic like driving in oncoming traffic. Also while doing online challenges if one person get disconnected, the challenges are cancelled. The difficulty level is somewhat misleading as the more cars you unlock the easier the game is when trying to do the events.
    One last thing that kind of surprised me is the amount of advertising in the game, from billboards to vans there is way too much advertising in this game. To show how much advertising there are four unlockable cars, all of them are plastered with the names.
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    WookieKiller247It doesn't "cheat", it gets harder. IMO you'll be cheating yourself if you DONT pick this game up, especially now that its really cheap.
    Posted by WookieKiller247 on 16 Dec 09 at 03:10
    System of a DomI freakin love this game. Just thought i'd say :)
    Posted by System of a Dom on 21 Apr 10 at 20:24
    Evenger Ostro"Showtime is very repetitive" - just use whatever the city offers to you and do not go for showtime only for a long period (or any other thing like looking for collectibles, doing only races, etc.). You could point out each of the "modes" as negative if you don't like it but it shouldn't be too repitive because you actually benefit from the amount of modes and their size.
    Posted by Evenger Ostro on 15 Nov 12 at 15:22
  • CHRI5T0PH5RCHRI5T0PH5R202,434
    19 Apr 2009
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    The game is a good game with great detail and much to do.
    Burnout Paradise offers a new concept to Burnout games never seen before in the franchaise. The new ability to freely roam around the city of... Paradise City allows many jumps,billboards and private property gates to be discovered which all contribute towards unlocking some pretty swift vehicles in carbon paint. The game begins with a slow but easy to control car and eventually work your way towards faster vehicles, which blunder wrecklessly throughtout the street beating road rule times and causing crashes in a new way, which is more realistic and more entertaining.
    The previous games to the series had a different racing approach with a designated route to follow to reach the finish, but here you have the opportunity to freely reach the finish by whatever means necessary and any route allows shortcuts and better experiences each time.
    Other than the previous Burnout games, there are a few new features included in this game. Firstly, a new challenge to the game is Stunt Run, which involves carring out outrageous barrel rolls, jumps spins,twists and turns, drifting,and avoiding traffic to score points and make big combos to reach big points to pass the target amount. This mode is a very interesting one and with no competition it involves only your own skill and experience as a driver to succeed.
    Marked Man is slightly similiar to an old mode in the first Burnout game and Burnout 2. Drive from start to finish however you want, while without been wrecked by pursuing black cars who will do whatever they can to stop you. (I refer to the police and crooks type of mode in the first Burnout games when you must wreck the crooks before they reach where they are going).
    The game has a wide selection of vehicles, ranging from city cruisers, to large SUV's and bikes. The game passes a day to night cycle regularly depending on the settings set by the player. There are licenses to achieve depending on the amount of events won, and vehicles to wreck around town to own them as your own. With many shortcuts and hidden routes to go,plus downloadable content, there is definitely much to do just for single playe r alone, but now for mulliplayer.
    The game has challeges set for online players, which the host of a game of up to eight players choses at any time during a free roam from a selection of 500 and growing, which range from simply meeting up at a particular location to all jumping over each other and wrecking each other. There is many challenges for different numbers of players and with the opportunity to set up private games with friends, this game allows anyone to play and chat with anyone at any time at any place with any vehicle unlocked from the main game. The challenges are afun way to cooperate together and make friends and discover places not visited often if at all in single player gameplay.toast
  • Harrison101Harrison101155,145
    03 Dec 2009
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    Harrison shall take a nostalgic (sort of) look back at latest prodigal sons of the generally awesome Criterion Games, Burnout Paradise. So how will the sequel to Revenge stack up...The answer...Very well.

    Right from the get go, this game visually is fantastic. For an area as big as Paradise City, the different environments you end up in are great. From the cliff-tops in White Mountain, to the packed and busy Downtown area, to the Cowboy ranches and Villages, and the construction areas and the highways. You can tell a lot of time and effort was put into how the game looked, and Criterion have done a fantastic job. Haven't put a foot wrong. And some of the Billboards are really funny...Crashbreaker Laxatives anyone?

    Criterion have 2 things here...They've made it brilliant, but at the same time has shot itself in the foot. Some of the songs in the game are fantastic. I mean, the opening tune is Paradise City by Guns And Roses, which is freaking awesome. Other Rocky stuff features which is cool, but why did Criterion think it would be a good idea to stick half the playlist full of classical music? Really doesn't suit the game at all, and really hurts it, because all the sound effects and slow motion are great. *sighs* - So nearly there...WHY?

    And DJ Atomika is fairly lame and obnoxious as a voice-over.

    Criterion have slowly been developing their Burnout games, but this has taken a steeper difficulty curve than a Ridge Racer game. Now Cars are split into 3 Boost Categories, Speed (The Usual Really), Aggression (You can guess), and Stunt (Gained for stuff like Spinning, Rolls, Airtime and other tricky activities). Paradise City itself is huge. Easily take you 15 Minutes to drive from one end of it to the other if you don't boost. Overall the place is well over 500 Miles worth of roads. The racing itself if just as fast as previous Burnout Incarnations, which is good. But finally added is that Free-Roam ability that this game needed. Badly. Basically, you roll up to any traffic light, spin your wheels and you're ready to race. Few new modes as well, such as Marked Man (Survival as you race while other heavier cars try and stop you), and Stunt Run (You trying to do dangerous things to gain points, such as Boosting, Jumping, Handbrake Turns, Barrel Rolls, Spins, etc.) While the usual Racing, Road Rage and Time Trials are all back from previous games.

    However, gone is Crash Mode, which has now been replaced by Showtime, which you can enter at any time, but tapping the bumpers. You then use boost to hit as many cars as possible, to keep chaining boost for as long as possible, racking up multipliers and earning as much points as possible. I like, but I think with the environment that the game is in (loads of jumps, gaps, and places to catch air), Crash Mode would have suited it better.

    Overall, this game is massive, and is very nice to play, but it does have a few flaws, which I'll get too now...

    To progress in the game, you need to win a set number of events, upgrading your License. There are 120 different events, but they all reset when you get a new one, which makes it, sort of pointless having so many up there to begin with, unless you want to go for the Ultimate Elite License, in which you HAVE to play through all 120 Events. It's fun, but it does get repetitive when you there's a chance you'll do the same events 5 or 6 times.

    Otherwise, this game is HUGE. You'll spend around 50 Hours beating all 120 Events, beating every Road Rule (64), as well as finding all the Billboards (120), Smashes (500) and Super Jumps (50).

    And there's also 500 Online Challenges, which can be done with up to 7 other people. Multiplayer online overall is excellent. With a ton of potential things to do, there's easily another 100+ Hours of gameplay possible to do all 500 Challenges. Obviously this can have it's problems, such as disloyal players, but that shouldn't be taken away from the game.

    The Downloadable Content, The Party Pack, Cops and Robbers and Big Surf Island are also excellent additions, really adding to the Playability of this game. It's one of the most complete experiences online out there today still...And this game is 18 Months Old.

    Most of the achievements are well valued, and reward you nicely for moving up in licenses. Also, there's a good mix of difficulty, collectibles, fun, and multiplayer achievements. You'll need to be racking up around 50 Hours to get the full 1,000, so it's certainly achieveable, with some elbow grease. However, you need a Live Vision Camera in order to get every achievement. Which isn't so great.

    This until very recently was the most complete racing game out there (Good old Forza 3 now). Burnout Paradise is an incredibly fun pick up and play racing game, that if you put the hours in, you shall reap the very nice rewards. Just get rid of the fricking Bach and Mozart Criterion, Kay? ;)

    Presentation: 9.5/10 - Incredible

    Generally speaking, the physics of the cars and the look of the place is amazing, the menus are simple, and easy to navigate as well.

    Graphics: 9/10 - Outstanding

    Surprised most of the effects don't lose their edge at 200 MPH...And the on-board look is amazing edgy. Just the actual traffic cars stop it from a higher rating.

    Sound: 7.5/10 - Impressive

    Half the playlist is brilliant, the other, makes no sense. Shame really. And DJ Atomika doesn't help, he gets irritating fast.

    Gameplay: 9.5/10 - Incredible

    It plays brilliantly well, the new modes are awesome. Online play is very smooth and there is no lag whatsoever. Very impressive on the whole.

    Lasting Appeal: 10/10 - Masterful

    You'll be playing this game. A lot. This is my most played 360 Game, I've played it for nearly 300 Hours. The Multiplayer Challenges and the generous achievements are a massive incentive to keep playing. Trust me.

    Overall: 9.1/10 - Outstanding
  • StarSnapshotStarSnapshot166,593
    28 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011
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    *Second Review*

    Hi guys! Thought i'd model my second attempt around a light-hearted, fun game.

    The Burnout series is famous too all corners of the Gamer-dom for it's ridiculously high speeds and intense crashes. Wether it's plowing into the front/back of a bus, being taken down by a rival or just landing a jump wrong, every crash is guarenteed to be OTT.

    The driving itself has a learning curve; It'll take time to master the drift speeds for each car, and learn how each boost system operates too success. However, in the wide open roads of Paradise city, this isn't too much of an issue.

    Boosting is a major point of Burnout. If you spend more time without boost than with it, then your probably doing something wrong, or not having enough fun. It ensures you win most races, and just adds more insanity to steering through that oncoming traffic.

    Once you've got the drifting and boosting down, you can focus on the actual races. There isn't a MASSIVE variety here, but it remains true to the Burnout roots. Race, Road Rage, Marked Man, Burning Routes and Stunt runs are the different types of 'events' for Game progression. Other's include Showtime and Road rule, however they do NOT give you a license upgrade.

    Race is your average run of the mill set-up. - With one exception. You have to pick and choose your own way through the city. While crossing city borders, these choices can be lethal. However, the game does mildly attempt too guide you along the optimal route. It's just easier to plan before hand, or just know where your going.

    Road rage. Take 'em down hard and fast. Your given a timer and a target, Meet that target, and exceed it, or just meet it and wreck yourself till the event ends. Either way, you won. Simple really, as long as you don't wreck very often.

    Marked Man - These events can get tough, as it's pretty much Road rage, except this time, they're focused on YOU. and you have a destination too reach without getting wrecked to much. Plan your routes around the repair stations and take 'em out before they take you down, and it should be Ok.

    Stunt Run - Chain as many Stunt points in as short a time as possible. Your given a timer (that can go past 0 if your in a combo) and a target set of points. Reach those points by way of the multipliers shown at the start of the event each time to win. Simple, right? Not always. This race is one you completely need too know your way around for.

    Burning routes - Simple point A to B race. Do it in the given time, and adjust according to each vehicle. Each vehicle has it's own burning route.

    Collectibles include Billboards, Super Jumps and Smashes.

    Billboards are massive red signs floating around paradise city in some way or other. Obvious, easy and attainable if you focus.

    Super jumps are marked out by a line of bright blue buoys Some are tricky too find, but most can be gotten accidentally in events, are found due to online challenges. (More later)

    Smashes - 400 yellow fences. At first it may seem alot, but you'll have 300 in no time, using these helpful shortcuts. Go down everywhere that isn't officially a road, and by the end of the game you should have nearly all of them. Not overly difficult, but the hardest of all the collectibles.

    Multiplayer. The online races aren't generally used, in my experience. Freeburning online is where the fun's at. Take down your friends in a huge 4x4, or zoom around completing some of those 500 challenges. A good experience, if not very long.

    The challenges are generally pretty easy, but communication can break down pretty quickly when you get up too 8 people. Get them done, they're designed to take place in very humorus areas of the map. (Barrel-rolling past each other, anyone?)

    Try to not play this game too much while your tired or frustrated though, as the crash detector can get a little uppity sometimes. Clipping a tiny little car can send you into the craziest of crashes, so be ready and focused.

    Overall - Wether it's stunts with barrel rolls, flatspins or just plain air, or set challenges too complete with friends all the way down to just racing around, Burnout Paradise delivers on all fronts. Except maybe the playlist, but that's just my taste. 5 star game, Criterion has excelled themselves here.
  • BenJamesMoodyBenJamesMoody372,349
    24 Feb 2013
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    First Review.. Be nice ;)

    It took me just under 2 years to get all achievements on Burnout Paradise. Roughly 110 hours of gameplay went into getting the 1250g necessary to get the 100% and I enjoyed every minute!

    Burnout Paradise is one of those games that keeps you coming back. It is a completionists dream. There is so much to do, so much to see and even now, 5 years later, has a brilliant online mode.

    My initial thoughts on this game were mixed, I disliked the fact that Crash Mode (so popular in previous installments) had been omitted. It's replacement? A strange car rolling, traffic smashing, street crawling mode called Showtime. Buses multiply your score, vans get you more points than cars, and each road has a highscore to beat. Take your game online and your highscores for this and more, get merged with your friends to create even more of a challenge. It's a worthy replacement, and quite good fun!
    Each road has a fastest time to beat, a showtime score to beat and hidden around the Burnout 'world' are billboards and gates to smash. If you like to work for your achievements than this game will certainly give you work. Without a guide to follow, finding the smashes will certainly test you, especially when you're down to one or two left.

    What is most impressive about this game, is the fact that all of this can be done while freeroaming. A lot can be done while racing too. You smash a billboard while racing, it is one less billboard to find. The game is so fluid and thought out, its unlike any other driving game.

    This game can be picked up for around £10/$20 and is worth the every penny. DLC will cost roughly the same for all packs needed for achievements but, if your not in it for those, I'd recommend just the Island DLC.
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    13 Jan 2009
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    A good racing game, certainly the best burnout, single-player is Fun and online is even better, you can go round crashing into people or you can go co-op to finish tasks.
    The Plain fact that EA constantly update the game with new vehicles and features keeps this game alive with me and also adding bikes keeps the game exciting and fresh.
    The only thing i don't like is the lack of professionlism in some not all, online players, for example when you want to play a nice fair race without mindless crashing you allways end up with idiots who try to take you down anyway.