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Posted on 18 July 10 at 22:56, Edited on 17 January 13 at 02:52
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Where can I start with Burnout Revenge.. Well it is probably the best Burnout game I've played to date, the graphics arn't tip top but for the time (2005) it was a very good step up for racing games, I think it's the most fun and enjoyable Burnout game on the 360 and I think it always will be. I've rated this game 4 stars out of 5 because of how much I enjoyed it and I hope other people get the same vibes as I did playing this game.

Important Edit: As xOIceCreamManOx mentioned in the comments the online server for this game has now been shut down permanently so this review is subject to change for the online sections, achievement completionists and gamers alike take note that it is impossible to complete this game for 1000G now.

World Tour Rating 4/5

The World Tour campaign, I thought was an alright campaign for a driving game, it had so many various types of events that you could play, the only thing it lacked was story but thats not what Burnout is about, these are the types of events you can do in World Tour:

Races - Race around a track for a certain amount of laps and try to get the best position possible (1st) preferably.

Crash Events - Crashing your own car into a major route of traffic to try get the biggest amount of damage caused and it then converts into the amount of money for the damage you caused based on the types of car/van/truck you crash and if you blow up certain vehicles.

Eliminator - Racing for first place is the aim here and the person who is in last place is eliminated from the race after the timer has run out the person in last place blows up and they cannot race anymore until it is down to the last 2 and whoever is ahead after that timer wins.

Road Rage - Basically takedown as many people as possible before the timer runs out and try to take down a certain number to get gold medals.

Traffic Attacks - Hit as much traffic on your side of the road as you can and try use them to hit traffic on the other side of the road for a higher score and more cash ($), reach a certain amount in the traffic attacks to get gold medals.

Burning Laps - A timed lap of a map/route to be completed within a certain time limit to get the best time possible to get a gold medal.

Preview Events - Same as burning laps except with a special type of car.

All these different events make it very fun and a different style to other racing games on the market such as destroying vehicles to get further in the game as well as just racing normally and it works perfectly.

Multiplayer Rating 5/5

The multiplayer is very good to play, there is hardly any bugs and the community playing the online multiplayer are nice players who don't mind losing (unlike most other racing games with sore losers), there are 3 playlists for the multiplayer and they are: Ranked (searching for random people to compete for rank), Player (basically the social version of ranked, which is just to play for fun) and lastly Private (which is just for the friends you invite).

Soundtrack Rating 4/5

The soundtrack for Burnout Revenge is a decent soundtrack for a racing game, a few of the songs are really good and motivating to listen to while playing the game or even just to listen to scrolling through the menus but it depends on your style of music and only about 5 or so of the songs are the ones I had switched on, the rest I turned off.

Splitscreen Rating 3/5

The 2 player splitscreen versus is quite fun for a while but not as fun as playing the World Tour or Multiplayer, but good for a competetive race with your friend.

Video Clips Rating 3/5

There is also a feature for taking clips from videos in your previous events and showing something you have done which can be shared with your friends and if you are lucky you can get your video clip into the top 20 downloads! (Or just cheat ;)!)

Achievements Rating 4/5

If you commit and Perfect everything you'll get quite a lot of the gamerscore out of the game, for offline players beware of the online achievements if you're aiming to complete it for 1000G, some of the achievements are time consuming but very enjoyable to do with your friends on xbox live.

Replayability Rating 3/5 for Online, but if you don't like the Online then it should be 1/5.

Once you've got all Perfects in the campaign it has no replayability whatsoever but the mutliplayer is fun I think, the community is what makes it great and if you get the Burnout Revenge car for completing the game it becomes the best car to play with online and even private events with your mates is fun for a bit of competition, otherwise if you don't like the online then the replayability is very low.

Overall Rating 4/5

Overall I think this game is one of the most unmissable purchases out in the shops, very fun to play and very enjoyable, Its just not very fun if you enjoy games with a compelling campaign because this doesn't really have one, I hope you think its atleast not bad though.

Edit: If you are negative voting atleast give an explaination because I can't see where its wrong.

Edit2: Sorry for my poor grammar if its bad in places, I keep editting it though so it looks better, please leave a comment if it looks bad
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DJ KroniikZ
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DJ KroniikZ
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Posted on 06 January 12 at 00:04
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Now like me, I'm sure everyone has had those days where they just want to sit on a couch and smash everything they see into little pieces that are sent flying everywhere. Well lucky for all of us who are full of rage, Burnout Revenge is the game you are looking for!

Burnout Revenge is an arcade-y racing game in where the player must compete in 10 different levels of competitions varying from burning routes, eliminators, traffic attacks, preview events, races and road rages. As you progress in your career and earn more stars, you unlock harder events and also faster cars which everyone loves!

My personal favorite part of this game has to be the crash junctions though, where you start a crash and watch satisfyingly as the carnage piles itself up. As you earn stars and compete in these events, you will also earn special cars that can be used only in these events and can cause massive explosions for the ultimate satisfaction.

The soundtrack in this game is amazing and very appropriate to the gameplay. All the songs are very upbeat and have a fast tempo, which matches perfectly with the speed of the game because if you don't travel at high speeds, your just a sitting wreck, literally.

Multiplayer has to be my favorite part of the game though. Making revenge rivals online is great so you can see who you have to take down so you can get your payback. But there's no better feeling than that smug feeling after you took someone out and they have to wreck you to get you back. This is definitely a great way to take out your frustration.

Unfortunately if you get all the stars offline and you have no access to online, that's pretty much all you can get out of this game. Burnout and Criterion really show their colours through their online play, which is why their later installments like Burnout Paradise and the Ea/Criterion Need for Speed Hot Pursuit make a name for themselves with their integrated online play.

Overall i would give this game a 4/5. The game is great for getting rid of that urge to destroy something beyond belief without getting in trouble for it, but if you don't have online access, this game might just send you barreling into a dead end.
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Ah, Burnout Revenge, I have so many fond memories of this game back in the day on the PS2, it's probably one of my favourite Burnouts, I know this may not be the most popular game out there today, but in 2006, it was the racing game to play.

World Tour- The World Tour consists of various events to build up your Revenge rank from Harmless to Elite, to get to Elite you first must unlock stars... Stars help you progress through the game to unlock more difficult events and faster, stronger cars. Most of the events are pretty straight forward and I will go into a little more depth shortly, but I will list a few... Race, Traffic Attack, Burning Lap, Road Rage, Eliminator, Preview, Crash Events and the Grand Prix Race.

Personally I quite enjoyed the World Tour, but some people new to the series may find it a bit tedious after a while.

Rating: 4/5

These are the events I talked about earlier.

Race- Just classic straight forward race where you fight for positions to 1st place.

Traffic Attack- This is where you smash through traffic to work up to a particular sum of money and gain time as you do it.

Burning Lap- Basically a time trial, the quicker your time is, the better the medal you will receive and you also get to use better car then you do usually.

Road Rage- Road Rage is where you have to takedown as many people as possible in a time limit, I think you increase your time after 3 takedowns.

Eliminator- This is where you always have to be in front of the person who is about to be eliminated, either that or you'll lose the race.

Preview- Preview is basically like Burning Lap.

Crash Events- One of my favourite events in the World Tour, it's where you grab a car and simply throw it into traffic and try and reach the required amount of money, but you get to use a thing call a 'Crashbreaker', the more you tap B the stronger the explosion will be, that also depends on your vehicle choice too.

Grand Prix Race- And finally Grand Prix Race, A series which determines if you pass to the next rank or not.

Multiplayer- This is the best part of the game by far, having fun with your mates, and you can actually get quite competitive when playing, you can play Road Rage, Race and Crash
Events, you can also select the event duration too, for example, you can make it 3 events long to 5 events and so on.

Rating- 5/5

Split-Screen- Where you choose events from the World Tour and play them with a friend.

Rating 3.5/5

Graphics- The graphics really quite surprized me when I started playing, they're very smooth for a 2006 game, the cars look nice and well rendered, may have a few frame rate drops there and then, but they aren't common at all.

Rating- 4/5

Video Clips- There is a feature where you can upload clips from your gameplay, you can also get a 65G achievement if you get it into the 'Top 20 Clips'

Rating- 4/5

Soundtrack- The soundtrack wasn't too bad, it's really down to personal preference, you can select the songs you prefer and put them in a sort of custom playlist so that they play in game and on menu.

Rating 4/5

Achievements- The achievements are also pretty straight forward, perfect the ranks all the way to Dominator, and few multiplayer achievements, but besides from that there a few miscellaneous ones too, for example where you have to crush two cars with a vertical takedown.

Rating 4/5

Overall- Sometimes it's good to come back to classics like this, besides from the lack of replayabillity if you've perfected everything... It's still a great game and definitely worth playing and dedicating some time into the achievements.

Hope this review wasn't too long. smile
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Posted on 07 August 17 at 13:18, Edited on 18 October 17 at 15:22
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Burnout Revenge is a pretty well-established game that makes good use of the benefits from its predecessor Burnout 3. It also succeeds in getting its own personality thanks to some interesting additions.

The new feature which is highlighted to the point of being used as the subtitle of this game is the Revenge concept. Indeed, an opponent performing a Takedown on your car becomes what is now called a Revenge Rival and can be easily located thanks to a red arrow. You are then very welcome and encouraged to wash away this insult by striking him back, performing this way a Revenge Takedown. Nevertheless, this system brings nothing in terms of gameplay or ingame bonus and is to me a simple gadget that is mostly enjoyable in online multiplayer mode as the game keeps track of the number of times you have been crashed into or have crashed into any given player.

As I have just broached the multiplayer facet of this game, I will just keep on here. Burnout Revenge offers various local and online multiplayer modes, including several types of races and crash zones. Overall, it is a pretty solid multiplayer experience. However, please note that the online features will be taken down on October 24th, 2017 according to an announcement from game editor EA.

Apart from what was already in Burnout 3 (Race, Eliminator, Road Rage, Crash and Burning Lap), this brand new game of the series brings you Traffic Attack which consists in smashing as much traffic as possible to reach target score before given time elapses. This mode is clearly the most brutish and less subtle one of the game and underlines perfectly the main new gameplay feature added: your vehicle can now ram any same-way car, except buses and trucks that are too heavy and immediately stop you. Also, hitting whatever traffic coming from the opposite way or from a perpendicular street is still a byword for crashing. Thus, in order to perform a Takedown on your opponents during a race, besides pushing them into a wall or traffic, you can now also smash a traffic car into them.

Moreover, most of the second half of the career is raced with Crashbreaker turned on, which means that you can have your wreck blow up so that you carry off some opponents if they come too close to you. If you also add Vertical Takedowns i.e. landing on an opponent after a jump, you do understand why this game is the most brutish of the series and why every race ends in a mashed metal symphony due to your aggressive driving and your almost indestructible mount. Finally, a minor readjustment in Crash mode has been done since there are no more items to get as in Burnout 3 but instead a target car which gives a massive score boost when you manage to involve it in the pile-up you have created.

Burnout Revenge solo mode relies on a series of 169 various races taking place on tracks from 8 different locations. In order to finish this Career, you have to get gold medal in all races which are divided into 9 categories based on difficulty. However, on top of getting gold, another new feature is that you also need to max out an aggressiveness ranking by being a road hog: performing big jumps, pushing or brushing against traffic, driving in the wrong way, and so on. The game can be sometimes a bit hard as you can win a race without getting a 5-star performance due to a bad ranking, and vice versa.

Still dealing with solo content, Signature Takedowns coming from Burnout 3 are back and they are 24 this time (3 per location). There are also 80 challenges to complete (10 per location), like for example winning a race without crashing your car, performing a certain amount of one specific Takedown, and so on. Please note that Signature Takedowns are easier to get for mere mortals because they all refer to defined locations where to crash an oppponent and, fortunately, no more to those specific traffic vehicles that were a pain in the ass to find and ram in Burnout 3. As for challenge sheets, completing them unlocks the fastest cars of the game.

Even if less memorable on the whole, the soundtrack follows its predecessor’s atmosphere and is made of rock, pop-rock and punk-rock music. On the other hand, the engine sounds seem to be very generic ones and to come from a lawnmower when you reach max speed, which is happening very often. Nevertheless, in terms of graphics and visibility, progress is stunning since Burnout 3 and its indecent half-screen blur effect. Speed sensations are also excellent.

For all of these reasons, Burnout Revenge has a lifespan of around 25 hours to get each Career gold medal, each Signature Takedown and to complete each challenge, which includes the unlocking of all solo achievements and all cars. The other achievements can be unlocked through Xbox Live multiplayer modes in about 10 extra hours.

As a conclusion, the Burnout series keeps intensifying the brutality of its gameplay through this opus and delivers here a very efficient and fun episode, whose visuals are also a step higher than those of Burnout 3.
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