Butterfly (WP)

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Butterfly (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Chrysalis5 (5)Tutorial stage cleared.
Miss Daisy
Miss Daisy5 (5)More than 200 daisies bloomed.
Basket Full Of Poppies
Basket Full Of Poppies5 (5)More than 200 poppies bloomed.
Frog Kiss
Frog Kiss10 (10)More than 100 frogs dodged.

Least Earned

Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly67 (60)All stages cleared with all three medals.
The Life Aquatic
The Life Aquatic22 (20)More than 20 Koi carps dodged without getting hit.
Green Thumb
Green Thumb22 (20)More than 20 carnivorous plants dodged without getting hit.
Don't Lick The Frogs!
Don't Lick The Frogs!21 (20)More than 20 frogs dodged without getting hit.
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