2. CAN ANDROIDS PRAY: BLUE General hints and tips

The game is essentially a 3D visual novel comprising some back story, mingled with Biblical passages (AKJV am I right?). Part 1 of the WT is literally a nice cn_A mashing session so get that thumb or first finger ready! In order to achieve a 100% completion, it is necessary to choose certain dialogues in the second playthrough in order to get certain actions to play out from the characters.

  • Ummmm.... that's about it really.
  • Really?
  • Yeah... kinda...
  • Do I need to...
  • No.
  • Or...
  • No.
  • Oh. Ok. Thanks; I guess... (whats with this guy?)

The controls for the main game are as follows:

cn_LSc to move left/right/upwards/downwards for the dialogue options.

cn_dpad to move left/right/upwards/downwards for the dialogue options.

cn_A to choose your dialogue option.

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