CSI: Deadly Intent

CSI: Deadly Intent

Xbox 360

CSI: Deadly Intent Achievements

Most Earned

We Love CSI Fans!
We Love CSI Fans!5 (5)Viewed the opening to CSI: Deadly Intent.
Gearhead5 (5)Viewed the Options screen.
Strong Reader
Strong Reader5 (5)Visited a case file.
Fingerprint Master
Fingerprint Master21 (20)Identified the fingerprint for Dr. Langston in Case 1.

Least Earned

Master Technician
Master Technician54 (40)Earned a 100% skill score in one case.
Just for Good Measure
Just for Good Measure43 (35)Identified both items incriminating Steve Tampson before his final interrogation began.
Keeping up with the Hodges
Keeping up with the Hodges30 (25)Earned at least an 80% skill score in one case.
Master Inquisitor
Master Inquisitor47 (40)Obtained a 100% cunning score in one case.
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