CSI: Deadly Intent Reviews

  • RitzOmegaRitzOmega833,307
    07 Jan 2010
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    CSI: Deadly Intent is a game based on the widely popular television show, that deals with solving various criminal cases that occur within Sin City itself. There are five cases in the game, and each of them are complex, and require the player to do a lot of critical thinking to successfully solve each.

    The game opens up with the player, a nameless new guy with an apparently outstanding case record, with a fresh case just in time to be solved. The objective is to find out who had slain the victim, and then of course going about securing the evidence that singles out that particular person as the killer. Most of the time, your objective will be securing evidence, finding out where that evidence fits in the case, and interrogating witnesses/potential suspects. At your hands, will be an entire laboratory of tools, analytical devices, a chief medical examiner, and your partner, whom changes with each case, though each one is one of the many stars from the show. Each case provides several suspects, an array of clues, and a great deal of items to process. However, even after you’ve done everything that can be done, at times you’ll feel stuck, seemingly coming to a halt because of one thing not done or asked during the interrogation sequences. A few times, the initial evidence that is recovered is nowhere near enough for you to start properly investigating, and other cast members will supply you with additional people or locations to scour and question. While this gives a sense of little control, it does instill the aspect that you are not the only CSI team member actually working on the case, which works.

    The music is generic, and does nothing for keeping the player engrossed in the actual game. Yet, the voice acting by the actual cast of CSI does wonders for giving the script an actual feel for the game. Laurence Fishburne makes the pixilated version of Dr. Raymond Langston much more believable, and the same is for the rest of the entire CSI cast, with the exceptions of Captain Brass and CSI Willows. The stand-ins do a decent job, but the difference between all of the actual CSI cast and those only doing voice-overs are noticeable.

    Graphics are pretty basic, and while this is normally a complaint, in a way this works as a benefit. Specific pieces of evidence are easily spotted and retrieved, save for the pieces that are completely obscured in darkness, something that seems to occur way too much, considering the technology that the game is based in. Whatever happened to using flashlights? Or even turning on the light switch?

    Plot is a key part of any television show, so plot is the big point of CSI: Deadly Intent. Each of the game’s five stories are well written, complex, and extremely detailed. The player will be guessing who the perpetrator is up until the very end, and as each nuance is revealed, the mind will attempt to put everything in place. Deadly Intent does a great job of getting the player to think critically, apply logic and reasoning into investigations, as simply trying to progress without it is impossible.

    Overall, CSI: Deadly Intent is designed for true fans of the show. Though, unfamiliarity with the show or the characters will not leave the player in the lurch on this game, as the focus is more on the story, not the individual characters. The game is worth a rental, and a weekend of play, but beyond that, there is hardly any replay value enough to warrant a purchase.
  • PiMDxPiMDx59,898
    29 Oct 2009
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    I personally love this game. I enjoyed the last one too, hard evidence and have to say this one was better written and more fun to play.

    Achievements come very easily in this game but you can miss some if you rush through it. Each case gives you an opportunity to get one of the 9 skill, cunning, or thoroughness achievements. If done right you can get all 9 in any of the 5 cases. Also each case give you an opportunity to get a "fun" achievement by doing something specific with each case and also a bonus achievement by helping out a fellow CSI with their investigation. You also get one for completing each case. There are some random ones too, like viewing a video in the case file or looking at the options menu.

    All in all, the game seems to use the same engine as the last one but a little better polished. You no longer have to go though the tediousness of using the tweezers or gloves to collect things, but its now automatic once you find evidence. Also you don't have to click on the camera to use it, but it is automated as well. They have streamlined a lot of the collection process which is very awesome how they did it. They actually split the lab into two parts now and made it a lot more fun.

    It is nice to see cast back for this game, except for Rilley which I could do without anyway. I didn't like her in the show and am glad she is gone but wish they hadn't put her in the game, instead they should have put Sara in it since she is back on the show.

    So if you are a CSI fan and love the show this game is for you. If you need help with any of the achievements check out the solutions I have left you for most or all of them.

  • XantiriadXantiriad187,102
    31 Jan 2011
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    Deadly Intent is the second game in Telltale's TV series tie-in on the consoles and once again features five episodes of puzzling, murder solving, and hidden object searching.

    Although similar in design to CSI Hard Evidence, a number of welcome user interface improvements have been made that help the game zip along. Whilst never matching the heights of Hard Evidence's episodes, the five murder investigation here offer enough twists and turns for the arm chair sleuth.

    The CSI games are never going to win any prizes but they offer something different and do get those little grey cells working.