CSI: Hard Evidence Reviews

  • knight0fkh0nshuknight0fkh0nshu622,217
    06 Apr 2009
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    C.S.I. Hard Evidence is a video game based off the hit t.v. series C.S.I. This game supports the entire main cast and is one of the few “detective” like games that we have on the X-box 360. It is developed by Telltale Games and published by Ubisoft.


    The gameplay is basic and straight to the point. You go to a scene, you find clues and you use the proper tools to collect each item. The tools range from spray that helps you to identify blood, tweezers and gloves which you pick up items with. Main problem with this is that there’s not a big variety and if feels like the same thing over and over during each case. A little more variety would’ve been nice. Another complaint is the movement around the crime scene. It can be a hassle and a times a sheer pain in the next to try to get to a certain spot. Maybe they could’ve made a “ghost Cam” –like movement to let you freely move about the crime scene. It would’ve made it much easier to find the stuff you need to find instead of fixed locations.
    RATING: 4/10


    The cast are well represented in their graphical form. Yes, it could’ve been a bit better, but they look fairly decent, especially considering this was an early release for the x-box 360. The environments are nicely detailed, but at times it’s difficult to locate certain pieces of evidence because of glitches or it’s just to plain dark to see. Last, they could’ve done a lot more with the facial expressions and lip syncing.
    RATING: 5/10


    It’s nice to see that the cast members were good enough to lend their voices to this game, it makes it seem more lifelike and a great addition to make you feel like you’re in the show instead of playing a game. The main problem is the voice syncing with the characters words. It felt like they were off sync all the time and the words never matched their lip movement.
    RATING: 4/10

    Achievement Difficulty

    Achievement difficulty or lack thereof…pretty much simple. This game is completely easy and it should require no skills at all to get these achievements. All 5 are story-based and you earn them by completing each of the 5 crimes.
    RATING: 2/10

    Final Thoughts

    Even though the game supports most of the main characters from the tv show, I still do not recommend you to buy this game. Unless you find it a bargain price of $5 or more. Even true die-hard fans…I’m not sure if you would find this game to your liking. Especially considering the lack of variety in locations, the poor lip syncing, and the horrible character movement around the crime scene. Most people play this game for the easy achievements, as did I. This may be a decent rent if you want to get a few quick gamer points, but it’s nothing I’d be proud of to have in my gaming collection.

    FINAL RATING: 3.75/10
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    KZOIDBERG89ok when you rate a game do so on a scare from one to ten, the reader can easily gauge a games value not on a scale from 1 to 40 please and thank you
    Posted by KZOIDBERG89 on 13 Apr 09 at 12:44
    knight0fkh0nshuIt is on a scale of 1 - 10. I don't do it on a score of 1 - 40. The scores are added up and then divided by the total amount of categories (which in this case is 4). So it adds up to 15 divided by 4...which is 3.75. Hope this helps explain how I rate it. The end result as you can see above is "Final Rating: 3.75/10". Thanks for your comment, sorry if I've confused you.
    Posted by knight0fkh0nshu on 14 Apr 09 at 01:30
  • porschephiliacporschephiliac314,500
    01 Jan 2009
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    CSI: Hard Evidence

    The game, based exactly on the hit TV show, provides an interactive forensic adventure for folks that are interested in the field. With detailed crimes scenes, and forensic equipment, combined with an easy interface, I found myself feeling like I participated in an episode. The character models and voices are almost exact, with the real cast of the show involved. You start off as a seemingly rookie investigator, and head right into your first of 5 crime scenes, complete with evidence so minute and and suspects that you interrogate.

    Graphically, the characters and crime scenes are very well detailed. Often during select cutscenes, your get the sense that you are watching an episode of the show, instead of playing a game. If greater care was taken in the construct of this title, I am sure that the scenes and situations could have been slightly more realistic.

    The controls are quite easy to get comfortable with, as you end up using a pointer to select and focus on what you want to investigate. The menus and forensic tools are also easy to interact with, and quite entertaining to use. It allows for an education aspect of crime scene investigation and forensic science, regardless if you're interested or not. By the time you reach the end of the game, you will be well-versed on the equipment used.

    The game consists of 5 different cases that you unlock only after finishing the previous case. It feels quite like watching 5 different episodes of the show. As far as replay value is concerned, the achievements actual hinder it. You are awarded an achievement for every case finish, regardless of how well you did. There are only 5 achievements. Once the 1000 gamerscore is earned, it's hard to put in the game again to improve your investigative rank on these cases. There's no bragging rights involved anywhere.

    There are several FAQs and guides available to speed the process of playing this game to a healthy 3-4 hours of play time, mind you, skipping cutscenes. If one was so inclined to actually play and interact with the game without using guides, expect a cool 10 hours to master it's achievements.

    Unless you're an overzealous fan of the show, rent this game. Play it for the considerably easy gamerscore to boost your total. I cannot recommend a purchase because the game is so short and unsatisfying. Just rent it and enjoy it over a few nights.
  • kingrich06kingrich061,677,130
    17 Feb 2009 17 Feb 2009
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    Its not surprising that games are released based on popular television shows. CSI: Hard Evidence is not the first game based on the series but the first one on the Xbox 360 platform. The entire cast of the Las Vegas Crime Unit is present and very much involved in this adventure game.

    Game play: 7/10

    You start off as being the new person on the team. The game is broken into five separate murders (missions) for you to solve. As the player you accompany one or more or more of the team members are you examine crime scenes, evidence and interview suspects and witnesses. You job is to find enough evidence to bring in suspects for questioning. You are given a chance to use all the tools that the show uses. From examining DNA to collecting gunpowder residue, you detective skills are tested. As you progress you will need enough evidence to justify arrest warrants and catch the criminals. Along the way you have some side quests to make your boss happy.

    Graphics: 6/10

    The graphics of the cast members are clear and resemble their lifelike counterparts. While there are plenty of locations you encounter in Las Vegas, they are bland and the options to view crime scenes areas are very limited. The details could have used a little better modeling and great detail.

    Sound and Music: 6/10

    While the voice acting recreates an episode. The conversations seem a little boring and not very exciting. While the music is basic and non intrusive, the music score is passable.

    Difficulty: 2/10 (Degree of skill to enjoy the game)

    This is not a hard game at all. The storyline prevents you from moving forward until you find the clues to move to the next scene.

    Final Thoughts:

    Without going into much details of each crime, I can assure you as a fan, the game remains true to the show. The problem I have with the game is the effort on the resulting game. There was plenty of potential with the CSI franchise but the developers seemed to have just released a passable product not a great one.
  • AnimalNikki89AnimalNikki8936,881
    27 Aug 2009
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    CSI: Hard Evidence is the only CSI game out on the XBOX. There are 1000Gs up for grabs, and 5 achievements to do so in, making it 200Gs per achievement.

    Game play: 6/10
    You are the newest recruit on the team. You instantly get stuck into your first crime scene. There are only 5 Crime Scenes to work your way through. Each crime scene you get paired up with one of the night shift CSI's. This partner can usually give you hints if you are stuck about what to do next, where to go, how to get a warrant or what evidence can be collected. In each crime you have to uncover evidence, interview suspects and witnesses.

    Graphics: 7/10
    The other CSI's look like their TV characters, but sometimes they can go a bit cross-eyed. There are several locations in Vegas, but there is not much going on apart from the things that are relevant to solving the case or getting thoroughness points.

    Sound/Music: 5/10
    The actors from the TV series provide the voices for the characters. The music is the same as in the TV series, making you feel more like you are part of the CSI team.

    Difficulty: Very easy
    CSI: Hard Evidence is a very easy game. There are options which allow you to select how easy it is for you to select the correct equipment from the case which all CSI's carry around. No matter how many hints you ask for, thoroughness points you get (or don't get) or bugs that you collect (or don't collect) you can still get the achievement. You have to find all the clues and/or ask all the questions before moving on to the next scene/location/warrant.

    Other information
    The game can take a while to load the different locations. Also the buttons that move where you look and your pointer are a bit random.
    The easiness to get the achievements begs for improvement as you can get any rank in each of the crimes and still get 200Gs for working out the culprit.

    This game gets 2 stars for shortness and easiness, but 4 because it is short and easy. Although when it is done it is finished, so I would recommend renting it rather than buying it.
  • VursusVursus259,777
    16 Oct 2010
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    Release Date: September 26th 2007(NA) October 5th 2007 (EU) October 11th 2007(JP)
    Platforms: Windows // Xbox 360 // Wii // Mac OS X
    Developers: Telltale Games
    Genre: Adventure // Puzzle
    Publishers: Ubisoft
    Don't get me wrong, I love the series of CSI, all of them, but this game is not a good reflection of them. It falls flat in showing the various forensic skills that form the enticement for the series and I felt that this was the games most fatal error. That said, it's a pretty easy 1000G for anyone who wants some gamerscore.

    Storyline: 2/10
    The cases in this game do actually seem to have a significant amount of depth to them, however, it's very poorly portrayed, varying from some burns victim to an electrocuted band. Non of the cases allure you into thinking ''wow I feel like I've just solved a murder'', they just leave you with a sense of disappointment.

    Length and replay value: 2/10
    Even with this game being only around 5 or so hours (it's quite annoying without a walkthrough), this amount of time seems too long. This is definately a case where it being shorter would be an absolute dream because it just drags out. As for replay value, you really would have to have serious issues if you could find a reason to want to play through this awful game more than once.

    Gameplay: 1/10
    The gameplay tries to incorporate some very interesting science and technology into solving crimes but it really doesn't do this well. After the tutorial the fun of doing so fades and the tediousness of doing one thing, heading to the lab, talking to some guy, heading to the lab, doing an interview... (you get the picture) just begins to grind somewhat. They definately could have improved on this front.

    Graphics and Audio: 2/10
    The graphics in this game are an eyesore at best which at the time of its release is to be expected in some ways. They just seem chunky and unpolished, they might as well have used square people. As for the audio, it falls into the same category, the music is just annoying and the voices aren't particularly great.

    Achievements: 2/10
    Well, it is an extremely easy 1000G which can be accelerated if you use a walkthrough to get through the levels with a bit more haste. However, much like Avatar it isn't really a reward, (in this case it feels slightly rewarding when you throw the disc in the bin afterwards though to finally know it's done).

    Overall Score: 9/50
  • JoeCool7835JoeCool7835343,489
    07 Feb 2012
    4 2 3
    I am not a GamerPoint whore.

    I want to make that abundantly clear. Achievements are great, but they are never the one reason to play a game. That said, CSI: Hard Evidence is one of the easiest 1000 point games available. While that's nice in and of itself, I got some enjoyment out of the game itself despite a ton of flaws.

    CSI: Hard Evidence is a point-and-click adventure that sees you joining the crew from the TV show (the William Petersen-led crew) in solving five cases. Like the show, you will be finding clues at the crime scene, reassembling evidence at the lab, and interrogating witnesses. Each case will probably run about two hours for beginners to the genre. Each case is unique, and there are plenty of hints and assists for those who get stuck. It is definitely one of the most beginner-friendly point-and-click games ever. Taking those hints only affect your rating at the end of the case.

    Unfortunately, there is a lot wrong with CSI: Hard Evidence. Despite the game graphics looking like the Wii version, you still need to play on a Hi-Def screen to spot some of the small pieces of evidence; looking for nearly a dozen small bullet holes was irritating as hell. The voice-overs were okay, but it sounded like the cast were just reading the script for the paycheck, The interrogations are a joke; there is no way to fail them. After the branching dialog trees of Mass Effect and the brilliant interrogations of L.A. Noire, this doesn't cut it. Finally, there is no motivation to get high rankings on the cases since nothing unlocks with the higher rankings, and the five Achievements this game offers only require completing the cases. You could use every hint on every case, royally botch the investigation, and STILL get the 1000 GamerPoints.

    CSI: Hard Evidence is a game that many people would play for the easy 100%. I thought it was an okay game that was a decent rental for the novice point-and-click gamer but without the longevity or replay value for a purchase. That said, I liked it enough to want to try the other CSI games. Hopefully, they'll be more substantial.