Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011

Xbox 360

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Achievements

Most Earned

Bonus Lover
Bonus Lover62 (50)Obtained and used every Power-Up type in any Shooting Gallery level.
Steady Hand, Great Scope
Steady Hand, Great Scope64 (50)Hunted an animal with the Rifle that is at least 50 meters away while using the Scope (Story Mode).
Grizzly Defeat
Grizzly Defeat65 (50)Killed the Grizzly Bear boss without dying during the fight (in Story Mode).
I Like Spicy Wings
I Like Spicy Wings71 (50)Hunted 50 birds in Story Mode.

Least Earned

Pathfinder328 (50)Successfully play through all possible path combinations in both Trek Shooting Galleries.
I Will Survive
I Will Survive309 (50)Survive Survival Shooting Gallery 1 (Night Fangs) for more than 7 minutes.
Gallery Lover
Gallery Lover298 (50)Obtain a Bronze or better on all of the Shooting Gallery Classic levels.
Collector's Edition
Collector's Edition230 (50)Collect all Experience Items and shoot down all Marksman Targets (in Story Mode).
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