Call of Cthulhu Walkthrough

11. Chapter 9 - Riverside Institute

Chapter 9 - Riverside Institute

Firstly, upgrade your investigation skill to the maximum.

Open the right desk drawer with an investigation check and pick up a diary entry. Go to the filing cabinet and open the drawer. Pick up the small blue bottle. You should unlock:

The most trivial object

Discover all the small blue bottles

The most trivial object
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On the table on the other side of the room is a book. Read it. You should unlock:

Complete revelation

Read all the books of unholy knowledge

Complete revelation
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Exit the room and back down the hallway to the metal gate. This next bit might be confusing so bare with me. Also, when using the lantern that can see the light trail, always run.

Follow the light trail through the portal. Pick up the lantern and you should be able to open that door now. Go back and switch lanterns. Now follow the light trail and hold cn_RT, to increase the light, when you reach the symbol.

Follow the trail and remove the barrier, proceed through another portal. Make your way back to the start and switch lanterns. Go right and open the door, then switch lanterns again. Go through the door you just opened and right into another room. Head through the portal to another room. Head to the back of the room and use increased light on the symbol.

Go left and remove the barrier with your lantern. Enter the room on the left and remove that barrier as well. Go back and switch lanterns, then switch back so you have full fuel. Now return to the room you removed the second barrier from and enter the next room. Crouch and hug the right wall until you reach the symbol. Then use increased light on it.

Head down the hallway and remove the barrier. Head back and switch lanterns. Head all the way around the hospital and open the door to Fuller's Office. Return and switch lanterns. Take the same path back to the office. Go inside and use increased light on the symbol. Now remove the final barrier.

Follow the same path as Colden until you reach the endless hallway. Head left until you mention it being endless, then start looking on the right for a cell you can interact with. Do that and spin in a circle until you can proceed forward. Keep going until you find Sarah. When you do you should unlock:

The curse of Sarah

Find Sarah Hawkins

The curse of Sarah

When talking to Sarah you should have a response that is all symbols. This is R'lyehian and you want to answer with this option whenever possible. Now just follow Sarah for awhile. After the chase scene, try to turn the valve. Back next to the stairs, there is a fire poker sticking out from barrel. Grab it and use it to turn the valve. After a cutscene you will have a conversation where the answers don't matter and end up back at the mansion.

Hawkins Mansion

Make sure to NOT have a drink while in the mansion. Before you go downstairs, go and chat with Bradley who is sitting at the table near the stairs. Tell him the truth and make sure to answer in R'lyehian. Now go downstairs and talk to Sarah. The second conversation option will have a R'lyehian option so choose it. Head to the study and chat to Drake. He will have a R'lyehian option so choose it. Next head upstairs to Sarah's office and interact with the statue to get the next clue. Interact with the ritual circle and you will begin an investigation. Interact with:

  • A candle
  • A easel
  • The painting
  • The Necronomicon
  • Marks on the floor
  • Sarah
  • Lock on floor near door

Head back to where you just woke up and interact with the chest to receive the amulet. You should unlock:

The amulet of the Ancients

Lay your hands on Algernon Drake's treasure

The amulet of the Ancients

Now return to Drake in the study and give him the amulet. Head to the front door and chat with Sarah. You should unlock:

More sober than Zadok Allen

Never drink

More sober than Zadok Allen
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The chapter will now end.

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