Call of Cthulhu Walkthrough

13. Chapter 11 - Darkwater Police Station

Chapter 11 - Darkwater Police Station

When you can move, interact with the bench. When you can speak it doesn't matter what you choose as its all R'lyehian. Progress forward, interacting with the cells as you go.

After you go through the door, you will now play as Cat.

Darkwater Port

When you get the conversation option, choose to punch one of the fishermen. You should unlock:

The Rats in the Walls

Make the suspects talk by using a heavy hand

The Rats in the Walls
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Enter the warehouse, go up the stairs, left and into a room. Approach the corpse and you will begin an investigation. Interact with:

  • The corpse
  • Blood on ground outside of room
  • Blood top of staircase
  • Blood near the entrance of the warehouse
  • Amulet nearby the previous blood
  • Shadowed figure
  • Cigarettes on bench
  • Another shadowed figure

After the investigation, exit the room and quickly shoot the two enemies on your left. Exit the warehouse and this section will end. You should unlock:

Attack the docks

Escape your fallen territory

Attack the docks

The chapter will then end.

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