Call of Cthulhu Walkthrough

5. Chapter 3 - Garden of the Hawkins Mansion

Chapter 3 - Garden of the Hawkins Mansion

Accept Bradley's offer and proceed forward, then right. Progress down the stairs and interact with the whale near the table. Return to the path and go left this time. Interact with the statue's plaque. Walk left past the statue and interact with the three graves repeatedly until nothing new happens. Head back to the statue and up to the mansion. Keep walking and you should trigger a conversation. Mention you are here because of Sarah's father, then mention Sarah Hawkins. Afterwards you should unlock:

The Terrible Old Man

Convince the caretaker to help you

The Terrible Old Man
2 guides

Return to the door with the lamp and enter. This ends the first part of the chapter.

Hawkins Mansion

Now take the time to put all your points into the spot hidden skill.

Move into the dining room and start the investigation. Interact with:

  • The meat in the middle of the table
  • The plate near the fireplace
  • A smashed plate at the other end of the table
  • The plate on the table

Progress into the next room and start another investigation. Interact with:

  • The ash imprint
  • The clock
  • The shoe under the table
  • The broken lamp
  • The bottle of alcohol under another table
  • The painting outline
  • The hand print by the door you entered

Upgrade your spot hidden skill again.

Progress through the hallway and a book should be on a chair to your left. Grab it. When you enter the lobby, interact with the bandages on the right. Next to the front door on the left are two tables. Between them is a crowbar. Grab it. Continue through the mansion, interacting with items along the way, until you reach a corridor with some doors. Enter the right door and begin the investigation. Interact with:

  • The home made fort
  • The book on the bed
  • The small blue bottle on the nightstand
  • The drawings on the walls

You should unlock:


Explore the memories of the Hawkins family

1 guide

Leave the investigation and grab the book hidden under the left side of the bed. Return to the corridor and walk past the first door, picking up the key hidden on the bookcase. Enter the door nearby and pick up the book between the cabinet and couch, and a piece of paper behind the room divider. Also, find the pills in the draw. Return to the door you went past and open it with the key you found earlier.

Interact with the middle of the ritual circle. Now grab the letter on the table, the ledger in the desk drawer and another letter in the filing cabinet. Leave the room and go up the stairs. After the cutscene, chase the thief until you reach the door that was previously closed. In the room, pick up the runes on the left and below the table should be a hidden letter to pick up. Read the map on the desk and pick up the picture on the table. Read the book on the couch and interact with the globe. Put in the co-ordinates 33N, 53W. You should then unlock:

A brilliant mind

Use the globe to open the secret passage

A brilliant mind
3 guides

Open the bookcase and you will also unlock:

The Secret Cave

Discover the mansion’s secret passage

The Secret Cave
1 guide

The chapter should now end.

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