Call of Cthulhu Walkthrough

6. Chapter 4 - Tunnels under the Hawkins Mansion

Chapter 4 - Tunnels under the Hawkins Mansion

Walk downstairs and left to the table and begin the investigation. Interact with:

  • The table
  • The mask
  • The chest behind you
  • A piece of cloth on a wooden support towards where you entered

Put your skills into investigation and try to open the chest. It doesn't matter too much if you are successful or not. Progress downstairs until you reach a gate. After the conversation, head down to the water and through a crack in the wall on the left. Keep moving and pick up the diary near the skeleton. Next interact with the mural, there are three more after this one along the wall. Interact with all of them. At the end, jump down and proceed to the other side of the room. Open the door and continue until you see the painting from earlier. DO NOT interact with it until you pick up the horn on the right altar. Afterwards interact with the painting. You should unlock:

The pit of horror

Fall into the sacrificial pit

The pit of horror
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You will now be in a familiar area. Progress forward and through a small path on the right near the gate. Once you're on the other side, head to where the cultists were and pick up the dagger. Pick up a book on the other bench behind you. Keep going through the hole and straight to the door this time. Keep to the left until you reach some cultists lying down. Behind them is another mural, interact with it. Move up and hide behind the rocks, as the cultist walks by. Now head to the door where he came from. You should unlock:

The Temple

Take part in the ritual in the caves

The Temple
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After the cutscene, you need to just run. Now make your way through the cave some more until you reach the end. This will end the chapter.

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