3. Call of Duty 3 Veteran CampaignUpdate notes

Below is a playlist to a set of videos you can use to help you get through any chapter of the game.

Call of Duty 3 | Veteran Campaign

The game doesn’t save the highest difficulty that you finished a mission on. It instead keeps track of your most recent completion of that mission. As such, it's highly suggested that you disregard all miscellaneous achievements until you completely finish the campaign front-to-back on Veteran. That will eliminate any chance of the game not giving you the achievement.

If you do happen to finish a mission on a lower difficulty on accident, you're going to have to replay that mission on Veteran, then replay the last mission on Veteran once more.

Chapter 1: Saint-Lô

The first mission in the campaign serves as the tutorial and is fairly short and easy compared to other levels. The soldier you play as for the Americans is Pvt. Nichols. Walk on over to Pvt. Huxley and use your rifle to shoot some helmets on poles, then impress him with your grenade-throwing skills as you throw them into the wooden shack across the field. Cpl. Dixon will order you to grab a gun in a wooden crate, which happens to be beyond some barbwire. cn_B Crouch under the wire and cn_RS use your gun to bash the crate open so you can grab the Thompson inside, then head to the truck so your squad can move out to the combat zone.

Once you stop, your allies will talk for a bit before pushing you up over a wall. This is where the real fighting starts. Run over to the left towards a tomb with the east wall broken out of it and fire at the Germans from here until you think it's safe to move up closer to the next tomb, which will have the west wall broken out of it (making it easy to run into it). From this tomb, focus on the enemies outside of the church until you think you can get to the entrance safely. Don’t rush in, as there will be soldiers hiding behind the walls of the archway down the hall. Hide behind cover and clear out the archway, then look to the right past some benches to check if there are any enemy soldiers in another room of the church without having to get close to them.

Note: If an enemy throws a grenade and it lands near you, you'll have the chance to cn_X pick it up and cn_RB throw it back at the enemy. You'll have to be quick about it before it explodes in your hands.

Crouch underneath some wooden planks as allied tanks pass across the road. After doing so, wait for one of these tanks to destroy a German tank on your left. Progress through more waste until an enemy directly attacks you, starting a quicktime event. This should be pretty easy to finish. After catching up with the rest of your squad, hop onto an allied tank and cn_LSc use your binoculars to cn_X mark targets that the tank should be firing at. Look for particularly high amounts of gunfire coming from windows and high places, using the compass if you would like more direction.

After getting off the tank, your squad will regroup in a destroyed building and will head underground into a cellar before the building collapses. There shouldn’t be many enemies in the cellar and in the building it leads to, so it shouldn’t take long until you reach the street once again. Approach the brick wall near the street and try to aim through the holes in it towards the Germans across the street so you can overtake their building. Cleaning it out and rendezvousing with your squad on the second floor will trigger the final chunk of the level. Axis forces will flood the street in front of the house with soldiers, and all you're told is that you ought to hold them off until reinforcements arrive. Do so, but prioritize staying alive instead of killing enemies. The mission will end after a couple of minutes.

Now that the tutorial-like mission is complete, it's time to go over the four tactics that will help you get through this campaign.

1. Let your teammates do some work. Your allies in this game aren't just fluff; they can do quite the number to the enemy and aren't to be taken for granted. If you and your group are going to a new destination, sit back for a second and let them get ahead of you so you're not the first one in a fight.

2. The Almost-Cleared-Out Rule. Enemies are often infinitely spawning, and often only temporarily. Most of the time, soldiers will only stop spawning once you enter their sector of space; if enemies are occasionally popping out of a house every once in a while, they should stop once you enter the house and clear it out. As such, it's important to move up and advance when a territory or open space is almost cleared out, hence the name of this rule. It's also wise to clear out buildings that you don't technically have to clear out, just so the enemies stop coming out of there/attacking you from there. Constantly keep an eye out for where you have to go next and move up to slow down spawning.

3. Slow and steady. This isn't Doom or Wolfenstein. You're a frail soldier in a world full of other frail soldiers, so take things slow and stick to cover often. "Sniping" the enemy from far distances works wonders in large areas, even if you're not using any sort of rifle to do so.

4. Smoke grenades are weak. There's a small chance that smoke grenades will actually stop the enemy from shooting you, but the scenarios where they're useful are going to be noted. Smoke grenades wouldn't be super useful until Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, where they tend to make enemies stop shooting altogether.

Keeping these concepts in mind when playing should help with progressing through the game. It's also important to know these rules so you know that, when in doubt, you should probably try to advance forward in some way.

Chapter 2: The Island

Nichols' squad will be sent to St. Germain to provide support for a tank unit. When you start the mission, hide behind a tank and keep moving with it to the north until you reach two buildings that need to be cleared out. Hide behind some hay bales southeast of where the tank gets destroyed and use them as cover until it's safe enough to approach the first house. Wait for your allies to approach it and do a fair amount of the work before you start to check it out for yourself, then do the same for the second house. Past the house is a fairly lengthy path dotted with enemies in which you must take out the German soldiers firing at you as you approach their anti-tank gun. Just take things slow and rely on your allies' actions to determine whether it's safe to move up or not.

Note: Taking on the anti-tank gun is actually entirely optional, along with the house full of Nazis past it. Just follow the objective marker out of there if you feel like it.

You'll soon get to a large field, prompting a fuel truck to explode near your position. Return northeast down the path just a smidge and look for an opening in the bushes that allows you to look out towards the enemies in the field. It shouldn't be too hard to find. This position is practically the best one you could be in while your squad assaults the enemies, as standard soldiers cannot hurt you from here while you can hurt them. The only thing that can damage you from that position are the soldiers on mounted guns, but they'll be so far away that you can easily back down to recover for a bit while their attention is drawn elsewhere. Advance further up the right side of the field when most or all of the standard soldiers have been defeated (the guys on the mounted guns cannot be killed until you get close), then work your way through the upper defenses.

After this, you'll be placed in front of a house. You're going to have to clear out this entire building yourself, even though you've just nearly died of some sort of explosion. When you get to the stairs, toss a grenade up over the railing in the hopes you take out both soldiers watching over it, then head upstairs and take out the last guy up there. There's a more damaged-looking wooden room that overlooks another field in front of a few houses; you'll know it's the right field when your most current allied tank explodes. Use a cn_RS melee attack to bash open some of the wooden planks making up one of the walls in the room you're in, but don't fall down to the ground. Opening the wall will prompt your allies to advance onto this field, so use your position in the house to act as a sniper of sorts until the field has been totally cleared. At the end of the field is a house that you must enter; nobody is in it, so go ahead and move through to the end. The other side of this house is the last checkpoint of the mission, unfortunately.

The last assault your men must make is on a bunker in possession of an anti-tank gun. A scripted tank shot will stun you, pushing you to the ground. After this happens, immediately run closer to the bunker and past a broken wall. Past this is a fork in the path; take the left path and clear out the three soldiers on guns here. Replace one of your weapons with an FG42 for its higher amount of ammo, then take the right path. Be wary of two enemy soldiers on mounted guns right above the trenches leading to the bunker; they can be hard to see, but you should be able to hear them trying to fire at you from above. These two guys will respawn infinitely with another pair taking their place every ten seconds or so, so don't dwell on them for too long. Focus on getting inside the bunker. The enemy tank here will be a non-issue as soon as you get inside.

Clear out this bunker and take a few steps up the stairs, then back away. Scripted grenades will blow out a piece of the wall inside this room (which won't affect anything), but it's important to get away from the grenades. The last attack is just up these stairs and is an uphill battle. Focus on killing all enemies up the slope as you can to ensure your safety when on the flat area at the bottom of the slope. If you try to go up the slope to kill the last few enemies, a pair will fire at you from the enemy tank's direction. Assuming it's safe to turn your back on the slope, turn around and locate the two soldiers, then kill them. They can be hard to see since they're pretty far away.

With those two soldiers dead, one more may peck at you with inconsequential bullets. Ignore him (kill him if you can actually see him) and carefully head up the slope to kill the remaining enemy/enemies up by the anti-tank gun. Clearing them out will secure the gun, allowing the Americans to advance and finishing the mission.

Chapter 3: Night Drop

In this mission, you'll be controlling the British sergeant James Doyle as British and French forces unite to work together. The squad's landing will not go over very well; their two jeeps and the team as a whole will get lost upon crashing down. You'll find the French squad at the start of the mission and will mostly be working with Pierre LaRoche and Cpl. Keith until you reach a certain point. The first enemy you come across will be peeing away from the area the Germans have taken over. Quietly bash him with your gun and pick his up for later use (since you only have one now), then move left past a stationary truck and either start firing at the enemy or go in for an attack. When you can, approach the building the Germans are hiding in and clear it out so you can advance on the next one.

There's a fairly sized field between this first house and the one you need to take over, and there should also be a soldier firing from the top window. You'll want to first take cover behind a few wooden crates to the right, then work your way towards the truck in front of the house once the amount of enemies has died down. Approaching the house should be a priority from there to prevent more enemies from coming outside. Your allies will probably focus their attention to the right towards a well, leaving you alone to infiltrate the house. Carefully walk up the stairs on your left after entering the house and clearing the ground floor, then work your way through the top until everyone has been taken care of. Walk out one of the windows on the top floor onto a roof that will collapse when you stand on it; get ready to fight as soon as you walk out (or try to avoid falling in and peek inside the hole to take care of the enemy from there.

Cpl. Keith will ask you to drive one of the missing jeeps towards the Maquis base. Driving is pretty standard, with cn_RT to accelerate and cn_B (and odd choice) to go in reverse. It's highly recommended that you push in on cn_RSc so you can see the jeep from a third person view. When driving to the base, stop for nothing and try to determine where to go when the path splits by seeing what's ahead of you, as only one of the paths will work anyway. A French woman named Isabelle and some of her soldiers will join you to both save a Frenchman and a Brit, then take out the three German flak cannons (or vice versa). You'll get to decide which to do first after the conversation between her and Keith ends.

Keith, Isabelle, and other important allies cannot be killed. French Pvt.s can be killed by the enemy, but a backup ally will run in after this happens.

It's highly suggested that you save the two soldiers first. The flak cannon bit isn't made easier by doing so, but saving them is easier and gives you a sense of accomplishment faster than destroying the cannons does since it takes longer. It also gives you a checkpoint after finishing it, making retrying to attack the cannons a bit nicer. Take the path to the right and work through a single house all by yourself (meaning you should be overly cautious), then assault a courtyard with your new allies to take out the rest of the Germans. There may be some infinite spawning at play (up to five or so) in this courtyard until you advance, so when you can, enter the stable to the west and clear the rest of the enemies out. This should put you in front of two trench paths, both of which lead to the flak cannons and each other.

Take the path on the left, as getting to the "first" and middle cannons is much easier from this direction. As with any situation, prioritize being careful and slow over going in guns blazing. Allowing your allies to go ahead of you to do a fair amount of the work is crucial here; they can do quite a lot in these trenches. Enemies do not infinitely spawn unless you're at a cannon; in these cases, the men around the cannon do not spawn in, but rather soldiers from further down the path will come in one or two at a time. Your first priority is killing everyone at a cannon, then placing a bomb on it when your allies cover the path and the infinitely spawning soldiers. The spawning stops when the bomb has blown up. If your allies are attacking the cannon crew, cover the path and shoot at the spawning soldiers until you can take out the rest of the cannon soldiers yourself.

Note: After the first cannon on the left path, there's a fork in the trenches with one path leading towards some outhouses. Avoid them at all costs and crawl along the ground towards the next cannon to prevent setting the soldiers up there off. They tend to shoot through objects to kill you, which is the last thing you want to deal with.

Note: There's a chance an "out-of-bounds" soldier will be firing at you near the middle cannon. He can be killed, he's just not in the trenches, so he's not truly out of bounds. Blow up the middle cannon, then peek over the trench walls to the northeast and use the game's auto-aiming to target the soldier. Kill him when it's safe to do so. This guy can shoot at you if you're between the middle and last cannon on the left path, so killing him here (if he's here) is paramount.

Once you destroy all three cannons, rendezvous with everyone in front of the manor and drive your jeep once more across some train tracks and a weak wooden bridge to finish the mission. There's a wooden ramp on the right side of the tracks that can give your jeep some big air for a miscellaneous achievement if you happen to go for it; if you miss the opportunity, you can simply do this after finishing your Veteran playthrough.

Chapter 4: Mayenne Bridge

The opening cutscene for this mission wraps up the British adventure, then introduces the next move for the Americans. Nichols's squad will be responsible for disarming the bombs on a bridge while their tank units act as a distraction.

The fighting will start almost immediately. As soon as you head right once the mission starts, you'll find yourself facing two buildings full of soldiers. You can use the house on your side of the battlefield to shoot at people in the larger building to the east, but you should sweep out the house to the south first. If you can, replace your Thompson (it sucks) with an MP40 or the like, as long as it has a decent magazine capacity. Practically anything else is better than the Thompson. Most of the soldiers in the house will be carrying Kar98k's, though, so you might have to deal with the Thompson for a while. After wiping out the house, advance from it north towards the other occupied building and work on clearing the ground floor entirely before moving upstairs. With all of the fighting gone, you should get a checkpoint when you approach the stone bridge next to the south house.

The bridge leads to a castle that has to be cleared out. Once the foyer has been secured, go up the stairs as the rest of your squad remains downstairs. They'll attack the enemy on the ground while you wipe out the Germans on the second floor, securing a good sniping position for yourself. As with most areas, this yard will not be completely clean of enemies until you drop to the ground and get closer to the other side. You should get another checkpoint near a dried-up water fountain in a courtyard on the other side of the castle. Advancing through this yard without killing as many enemies as possible can be difficult, so you should try to kill as many as you can until it seems like their numbers have waned a significant amount. Push through the right side of the fountain and clean up the yard, then move further to a checkpoint being held by just a few more soldiers.

Past this is a small area with a boathouse. Carefully shoot out everyone on the ground and in the house from a good point of cover. The enemies here don't seem to spawn forever, fortunately, but there are a lot of them on the lower level of the boathouse. Instead of facing them head-on, enter the boathouse on the south side and crouch down until you can see the enemies on the lower level. You should be able to shoot all of the Germans down there without being in any significant danger, but there's still a chance that they might shoot you. Once the docks are secure, meet up with your squad and help them paddle across the river. You should get a checkpoint if you can safely make it to the other side.

Sgt. McCullin will start to break down from here on out, but he'll still be a useful ally in battle. When some of your men toss smoke grenades at a house, advance towards it with them and stay on one side of the doorway so you can safely clear out the ground floor. Then go upstairs and take out the first mounted gunner and do the same for the other after returning to the ground floor. After that, you'll have to clear out some more buildings (this time with more allies) until you get to a street on which a mounted gunner is looking over the entire area. McCullin will not be able to give any real ideas on what to do. You have the option of going through the café or the butcher shop; the butcher shop works well enough.

Once you get to the mounter gunner, you should spot a squad of German soldiers using a Nebelwerfer (a big mortar thing). Kill them, then provide Huxley with cover fire as he places a bomb on a tank. It's recommended that you move with or ahead of him to an extent so the enemies eventually stop coming out at him from one side. Hug the north side of the road to prevent most soldiers from spawning from that direction, then focus your attention at the soldiers in the south. Take a right at the tank once it explodes to get to the next house to breach. You can shoot at some soldiers from outside a window before the rest of your squad breaks down the door.

After wiping this place out, Huxley's leg will become injured, preventing him from disarming the bombs on the bridge. Sgt. McCullin will volunteer to do the job, and your squad will be responsible for providing cover and moving further up the bridge when he does. Doing this enough times will allow McCullin to defuse all of the bombs, ending the mission.

Chapter 5: Falaise Road

After seeing the end of the American assault on Mayenne Bridge, you'll be put in the shoes of the Canadian soldier Pvt. Joe Cole as they attempt to push the Germans even farther back from their current position. You'll start the mission off by manning a turret atop a vehicle. The enemy soldiers running towards the road are completely inconsequential, so instead focus your attention on the left side of the road for a lone soldier coming out of the burning buildings on that side. When he's been killed, look right and take out the soldier with a Panzerschreck on your right side, then continue to fire at the others on the right until you pass them. Past this are two soldiers hiding behind cover and a powerful gun pointed directly towards you. Take out the crew manning the gun before moving to the two guys behind cover. After this point, allied soldiers will be running near the road; make sure you don't shoot at them, or you'll be sent back to the previous checkpoint (the start of the mission in this case). The squad will move away from their rides once they reach a vineyard.

Stay on the right side (south) until you can get close enough to stay both behind cover and force your allies to push forward. Once the house at the vineyard has been cleared, one of your fellow men will blow up some debris blocking the way. You'll then have two paths forward, being lower and upper. Take the upper path since the lower soldiers can't shoot you from up there. The paths converge towards three of the Germans' 88mm guns. Each crew for each gun is fully expendable without infinite respawns except perhaps the one closest to you - the northeast 88mm. You'll want to get behind some cover closer to the gun and work from there to kill everyone near it before moving up to the south gun, and then the final gun after that.

After hearing some news about the Germans being holed up in an industrial compound, your lieutenant will order your squad to take it over. You're going to spend most of your time with this mission at this compound. When approaching it, you'll be tasked with taking out the soldiers at all four corners of the area. At this time, there are no infinitely spawning enemies, allowing you to shoot from a distance (though it'd be faster to get closer sometimes). The eastern corners each contain a man on a mounted gun, and they're usually a serious problem; shoot them from their western corner counterpart so you can get closer to their position. After clearing out the four corners, your squad will approach the factory in the middle of the area in order to wipe it clean as well. Instead of aiming from the door your allies open, look a bit east of the door for a hole in the wall. Firing from there is a much safer option. Enemies won't respawn in here either, so it'll only be a matter of time before you take over the area. This is the first checkpoint since the start of this paragraph, so you're going to be in for a real test of patience with just getting to this point.

After securing the position, the next step to preventing the Germans from taking it back is to cut off the paths that their tanks might take to get back in here. Immediately sprint towards the southeast corner and plant the charge on the wall as soon as you can. You're invulnerable to attack during these kinds of actions, so just set the bomb and immediately run back into the factory. From there, head upstairs and towards the southwest corner to find a staircase leading down towards the second blockade point. You're going to have to move from cover to cover until you reach the crane, which you'll then use to block off the path. This should also clear out most enemies in this corner; be wary of any survivors as you move towards the last location. As with the previous situation, you're going to want to duck behind cover when necessary and rush to the glowing valve so you can spin it off, causing it to burst and shutting out its respective path. Defend the northeast corner for a while or just try to get back inside the factory, since that's where you're going anyway. The game won't tell you, but you're given a checkpoint after spending some time defending this corner. This is the last checkpoint of the mission.

Run into the factory and head to the second floor's northeast corner. Just crouch and sit there until a Panzer knocks the lid off of a wooden Panzerschreck case right in front of you, then fire two rockets at it to destroy it. Immediately head to the staircase in the southwest corner once again and provide cover fire for Callard as he places a bomb on the second tank in the northeast corner. For this, just stay on the west side of the burning remains of the tank you shot, but make sure that you're looking west for any soldiers that might be in the northwest building. Callard should be able to plant the charges just fine on his own. The bomb will explode, then the tank will roll past you (assuming you're still beside the first destroyed tank) before it explodes as well. From here, there's only one more tank to destroy, which you'll have to do yourself. Be extra cautious as you move behind cover in the northeast corner, killing everyone posing a threat to you. Some soldiers in the western building might be able to shoot you from a long ways away and they're hard to see, but they shouldn't respawn; make sure you take them out as well before making a serious approach towards the tank. Planting the bomb should end the mission when the clock runs down to zero, but for the sake of keeping your progress, move away from it and get behind cover until the mission ends just in case.

Congratulations, you've just finished the first third of the campaign and now need to keep track of three different sets of characters from their own factions.

Chapter 6: Fuel Plant

You're back with the Brits, who are aiming to take out as much stuff at a German fuel plant as they can. This mission is what most people consider to be extremely difficult, so make sure you keep in mind the four tactics mentioned above in that blue box.

Your first battle will be along some train tracks. The key to winning here is moving up, which you'll have to do throughout the entire mission if you want to finish it. That being said, only move up when it's safe to do so. Your starting weapon won't last very long in terms of ammo, so pick up an MP40 to use for the rest of the mission. There isn't much need for your Lee Enfield. There are two Germans in towers with mounted guns that, unfortunately, cannot be killed from too far a distance; try again every time you get closer to one so you can make your life a bit easier. You'll have to move from one train platform to another in order to reach the end of the area. You'll finally get your first checkpoint when you start to enter a building at the end of the tracks.

Inside this first building are a lot of enemies, with potentially ten more in the upper control room when you get to it. As with the platforms, try to move forward when you can so enemies have a smaller chance to spawn and so your allies move forward. Keep doing this until you get to the control room, where you should take extreme caution not to get blasted by the many soldiers hiding out in there. Chuck some grenades inside a window or the doorway in the hopes of shooting some of them down and try to get close enough so your allies get near the doorway too. You'll want to eventually peek your head up to the window so you can take a few shots at the enemy before crouching back down again. After clearing them out, you need to open the gate leading outside. The area with the gate switch also has soldiers in it, so don't let them catch you off-guard, or it's back to the start of the room for you. You'll hitch a ride in the trusty British jeeps towards the fuel plant after passing through the gate you opened. Just fire constantly and you should make it just fine.

There are two more big pushes in the level, the first one being to the upper catwalks in the distance. There should be a tank directly in front of your crew after leaving the jeep. This tank will actually stop firing after the Germans throw smoke grenades on their half of the plant, so don't worry yourself about it too much. It's very unclear as to where you should be moving first, which is part of the reason why people hate this level. First, you'll want to move northwest. Some Germans will likely be in that direction, so make sure you take out at least a few before approaching it. Throwing a smoke grenade in that general direction should actually help somewhat. Once you reach some cover over there, secure the area as best you can, then head inside the train car behind the enemy tank. Your allies should move up at this point; join them when it's safe by moving behind a German truck to the northeast. Only advance to the catwalks' stairs after most of the enemies have stopped spawning, as per usual, and plant a charge on the fuel tower. It won't blow up after you place it, it'll blow up as you leave. No need to back away from it.

You now have three ways to move toward the next tower. One of these is through some office buildings, and since buildings are generally very easy to move through compared to the open spaces of catwalks and other outside places, go through the offices. That doesn't mean moving through the offices is going to be entirely easy, however; there are many small rooms with a fair amount of enemies in there. Leaving the office and planting a charge on the second tower will start another quicktime event with fighting a soldier, which should be straight-forward. You'll get your last checkpoint after defeating him before entering the furnace area.

Securing the furnace building is going to be very tedious. Only one of your allies is coming with you and there are two large furnaces surrounded by catwalks. It's not going to be easy, but try to secure the first furnace by moving around its northeast and southeast corners until enemies stop spawning so close to it. Then advance to the second furnace's southeast corner and secure that corner of the whole building (since the stairs to the catwalks are there). Start heading up the catwalks when it's safe to do so; Keith probably won't follow you upstairs, but he might still be useful on the ground. Once you make it outside, you're basically almost done. There might be a soldier near where you placed the second bomb firing at you from a distance. He can technically be a threat to you, so if you want to kill him, do so very cautiously. Otherwise, it's a short walk to the jeeps. Drive one of them out of the fuel plant's explosions to finish the level. It seems the Major may be in a bit of trouble, but you've just finished Fuel Plant. You really need to give yourself a pat on the back for this one.

Chapter 7: The Black Baron

Now that the Germans have lost a fuel plant, a Polish tank squad can move in to drive the Germans out even further. There are two parts to this extremely short mission: There's the field and there's the town. Fighting enemy tanks in the field is easy, as they tend not to fire at you whatsoever. Just give them two blasts with your cn_RT cannon and they should go down.

The only trouble you should have with this mission is in the town, since manoeuvring your tank (remember to use cn_LT to change the alignment back to being forward) in a small area against several enemy tanks can be quite difficult. Like always, use some sort of cover and fire a shot at an enemy tank before moving back behind something. If you get shot, wait in cover for about ten seconds to heal back up, just to be safe. There are almost ten tanks in the town that you have to take down yourself, which seems like a lot, but it should actually be quite easy if you remember to stick to cover. The final tank, the one the Polish are really after, will be blasted by aeroplanes; constantly barrage it with your own shots until it's destroyed, ending the mission.

Chapter 8: The Forest

Dixon has been promoted to sergeant after the mission at Mayenne Bridge. The first mission with him as sergeant will be in a forest that the French were supposed to take care of (but didn't). You'll start out with an M1 Garand and a Springfield; keep them both for now and use the Garand to kill enemies. The first chunk of the mission is a firefight between the Americans on one side and Germans on the other, and winning requires the usual tactics. One issue that comes up here and is repeated throughout the mission is that trees aren't usually great for providing cover. Another problem is that the enemy AI can see and shoot through bushes, whereas the human eye (you) cannot. Stay away from most bushes unless you know for certain that it's safe. With this first stretch, use your Springfield's scope to accurately kill the soldier on the mounted gun in the bunker in front of you, then approach it and kill the rest of the enemies inside to trigger the next phase of the right. Hug the right side's scarce cover as your allies move up to help finish things off. You'll find an injured soldier at the other end, who will tell you that Germans have holed up with some supplies in a storage depot.

Approaching the depot can be a hassle. Shoot at the soldiers directly within sight behind a fallen log and other trees until they seem like they're no longer spawning in, then swing left and use your Springfield to zoom in on any soldiers in the west corner of this area. You'll want to kill whoever you can see at that end so you can use the truck in front of you as cover, but you shouldn't move slow when approaching it since soldiers from everywhere else have a chance to be aiming at you. Secure the general vicinity and crawl into the west corner when the coast is clear, then continue to crawl all throughout the trenches after your allies pass you. They'll be able to sweep up most of the remaining soldiers as you approach the first set of supplies to detonate. The second set of supplies is closer to enemy lines, but it too shouldn't be hard to get to.

You'll enter a bunker after blowing up both sets of supplies. Make it a goal to replace your Springfield with an MP40 here. After clearing out the first two or so rooms, you'll find that there are two different directions that you can go in. It doesn't matter which one you go through since they both join together again anyway. You'll have to get through the entire bunker and defeat the soldiers on the other side until you pass through a shoddy log cabin before you can get another checkpoint. This chunk of the mission is mostly trial and error.

The last piece of the mission (this one) can be very frustrating if you don't have the patience for it. When your allies throw smoke grenades for cover, run to a busted tank on your right and fire at the soldiers in the trench to the northeast until your allies move up into it. Join them and lay flat on the ground; your allies will be able to kill nearly everyone here, so staying put for a few minutes will allow them to do all the dirty work for you. This last bit of the level is very deadly, so take advantage of this by using this method. Go to the bathroom, get some food, etc. until most of the firing has stopped. If you find that there are some enemies firing from the direction you came from that are holding some allies back, try to locate them through holes in the cabin and on the sides of it until they fall. That'll push their attention forward again.

At the end of this very large field is a bunker that you'll have to clear out, and past it is a small trench with a last round of enemies and a mortar. Use the mortar to fire shots at the two vehicles in the road, then the log in the middle that's left behind from their blasts. Your allies will be able to prevent you from dying while you do this, and as such, all enemy soldiers aren't an issue here. As soon as you take down the last barricade, just crouch down and wait for the mission to end. Don't fire any shots at soldiers still out on the field; they might be your own, and the game will punish you by sending you back to the start of the previous paragraph. I speak from experience here.

Chapter 9: Laison River

The Canadians are here to take control of a river the French were supposed to take care of by now. You'll start by crossing the dried-up river with a Sten and a Lee Enfield Scoped, which is just a Lee Enfield with a scope on it. Because this is a Call of Duty game, the L.E. Scoped cannot take the ammo of a normal Enfield, so it'll outlive its usefulness soon enough. Use it here when crossing the river to hit enemies in the distance and replace your Sten with an MP40 when convenient. It can be difficult for some to get through this starting area and reach the first building/checkpoint; make sure you let your allies work with you instead of behind you (if possible in the current situation) and you should be good to go. Replace your Enfield Scoped with a normal Enfield when you get the chance. Enemies will stop spawning from within the first building once you can see it from a fair distance.

The house in the distance is the next target. You have the option of flanking it or being on the team to face it head-on. Obviously, flanking sounds like the better option here, since the Germans would be least prepared for you there. This is still super tricky nonetheless because, for some reason, the two mounted guns have a strange property to them that allows them to hit you from absurd and impossible angles at times. If necessary, wait for all of your allies to gather around the house (meaning the coast is clear aside from the mounted guns), then either join them from the "flank path" or return to the front of the house. The front should be the safer of the two options, as the mounted gunners there should be dead since your allies managed to get to the back door. To defeat the gunners and progress, you'll want to throw a grenade through either their window or a window of the same room. You can't head upstairs to kill them and they're still pretty dangerous if you try to shoot them out normally.

Up next is an assault on three 88mm flak cannons, which is going to be a huge pain. Taking out the first crew is easy, as there are only three soldiers near it, but advancing to the next one is the problem. You might even be killed when you're placing the bomb on this first cannon. When trying to move to the second gun, you should first use your Enfield to shoot out a German using the mounted gun pointed in your direction; there's no way you can expect to get uphill with that thing aimed at you. Next, secure at least the first set of crates you can use for cover and then toss a smoke grenade a ways up the hill. Use the smoke to get the drop on the rest of the Germans until you can hide behind something else for cover. After that, advancing to the second gun and blowing up the third should be pretty straight-forward and shouldn't require the use of any more smoke grenades. It'll still be a very tedious portion of the level, though.

Past the last flak cannon is an upward climb into a bunker at the top of the nearby hill. There aren't a lot of good ways to tackle this, but start by using the tree directly past the now-open gate for cover, then use your Enfield to shoot out as many of the mounted guns in the trench as you can. Toss a smoke grenade uphill when you think you've done enough, then climb further. Be aware of a soldier that might be behind a tree on your left as you move up. Let your allies take the bunker's final enemies before peeking over to shoot at the mortar crew in the back. Take the mortar and use it to destroy three marked vehicles, then fight through the truck graveyard. Consider using a smoke grenade here as well. You'll get the last checkpoint in front of a wooden gate that has to be opened up by your team.

There's just one more house to take over, but this thing is chock-full of Germans. It's kind of hard to imagine how many were realistically crammed into that space (if they were all there at the same time) once you manage to comprehend how many soldiers are actually coming out of it. First, take cover behind a short wall on the west side of the entrance to the house and use this small space to shoot out the mounted gunner in the upper window. Then focus on taking out all of the guys on the west side of the front yard until their spawning slows down tremendously. This might take a little while, but it's well worth it. After their numbers dwindle, focus on the east side of the yard and advance closer towards the house entrance when there are only one or two soldiers left that you can manage as you move.

You'll have to use the front door to attack the living room, which can be scary because the stairs are directly lined up with the front door. Peek slowly around the corner to get rid of all of the soldiers inside, as your respawning expendable allies won't be able to make a dent in them. Once the living room has been cleared out, crouch by the white couch with a floral pattern to cause the next few enemies to appear, then go back to the front wall of the house. Here, you'll want to look on the west side for a window which may or may not have wooden shutters on it (it depends on your aiming from earlier). If the shutters are there, bash them off or shoot them so you can look inside, but be careful about it. You'll want to kill the one or two soldiers in this room using this window. If you managed to kill everyone on the first floor, your objectives should update.

That isn't the last guy in the house, though. Be extremely careful when moving past the stairs to the second floor, as a soldier has a barricade of furniture he can use for cover at the top. Pop out and shoot him, then quickly get back behind cover - do this until he joins his comrades in death, then wait outside for friendly tanks to make their attacks. Their work is followed by the tanks' explosions, which is a sign for you that you should clear up the rest of the enemy soldiers. Be extremely cautious about moving from the house to behind a tree, then closer to the cannon, as dying here will send you back to the last checkpoint. Having that happen to you will be unbearably frustrating. Nonetheless, when you do manage to secure the cannon, regroup with your squad to end the mission.

Chapter 10: The Crossroads

This mission tends to not be nearly as hard for people as some of the more recent ones, so this might be a good pace breaker. The Americans will find themselves in a ruinous French village when they come across a swarm of Germans all over a set of buildings. Take them out from behind cover and make your way around until they've all been defeated, then replace your Thompson with an MP40. Keep your M1 Garand throughout the mission. After fighting through some slight crowds, you'll get to the front of another house (or the blown-out back) with your squad. Try to immediately hide behind either the flipped-over brown couch on your right or the busted wall between you and the house; if you use the couch, move to the wall next. From there, when the coast is clear, press against the house and let your teammates do most of the work in clearing it out. There will be some more Germans outside on a higher ledge that you need to take care of before continuing to a street.

Another quick time fight will occur down the street. After entering an infested house and taking over the first floor, you'll have to shoot out the grenadiers chucking explosives at you from above. This can be pretty scary, especially factoring in that there are two holes and you've got to manoeuvre around furniture while keeping an eye out for grenadiers. You can always try just hiding out until the rest of your squad takes care of them. Once you clear the place, one of your expendable Pvt. allies will be shot in the head, which will ricochet into Sgt. Dixon's arm. Hold off the German attack as a medic treats him, but don't use the mounted guns; those things will expose you to every German on the street. Use your Garand to kill soldiers by peeking over the short wall until Dixon's been treated, then follow him to an underground passageway leading to yet another house. Clearing out this house is very easy, as there are barely any enemies in it.

Dixon will give you your call on which direction to take out of three that the Americans will attack with. The third option (the far right one) seems pretty good, go with whichever one you want with; they all attack the same street, just in different areas. You'll be tasked with clearing out the rest of the enemies once you hit the end of the street anyways. Your allies will work wonders when trying to get to the end of the street, but they might lose their usefulness when it comes time to clean the street out. The enemies do respawn for a while, but it'll end eventually. Regroup with Dixon and the others to move into another house.

Clear out the entire house, which is something you should easily be capable of by this point into the game, and then direct your fire towards the balconies on the house across the street. After taking out enough of them, you'll get your last checkpoint. The Germans will really not want to let up here. Your objective is to wipe out the intersection of German forces, but you really just have to kill a certain amount of enemies until they retreat. Do this more safely by never leaving the house after some of your allies start to head outside. Being out there is far more dangerous than staying at the house. The Germans will retreat after a second American tank pulls in, ending the mission.

Chapter 11: Hostage

It's time to rescue Maj. Ingram. This mission is far more generous with checkpoints than most of what you've dealt with thus far. Use your jeep's gun to mow down the German soldiers when the car stops until you take the wheel. This mission consists of a fair amount of driving, but all of it is very safe. Your first stop is at the house the French believe Ingram is being held in. When approaching the house, remember to replace your trench gun with an MP40. Force your way through the front yard and clear all of the outside enemies, then bash open the shutters on all the windows (one window at a time) so you can peek through to kill soldiers before entering the house. Doing this throughout the entirety of the mission will help you tremendously. Carefully clear out the house to learn that Ingram isn't even there; he must be in the cellar outside.

Soldiers will burst into the ground floor of the house when you go downstairs, so be careful and take them out. To make your allies go outside, just crouch by the wooden wagon just outside the door. Then use your Enfield to shoot out enemies from a distance. Fighting through the cellar can be comparable to a house due to all of the cover provided by the barrels; take it slow and be cautious, as per usual, and you'll eventually get to the room Ingram is being held in. Bash it open and help him get back on his feet. He'll tell you that three Maquis have been taken prisoner as well, so you'll be tasked with saving them too.

Note: Saving the Maquis requires clearing out buildings. Objectives will update when a building is deemed to be cleared, but that doesn't necessarily mean that all of the enemies have been defeated for whatever reason. Be aware of this and make sure a building is clear with your own eyes before you start running through it carefree.

The first two Maquis rescues are pretty similar since they're both house rescues. There are a few differences, however; for the first Maquis, you may want to advance towards the house's back door when you can, then completely wipe out all outside soldiers. Only after that should you bash open the shutters and move into the house. For the second Maquis, let your allies clear out the garage while you sweep the house (they won't help with the house anyway, so this will save some time). The third Maquis is pretty troublesome, as the house he's kept in is behind a large field and an open street. Try to advance down the street when the shooting has died down from that direction so you can get behind a rusted car, which you should then use for cover until you can get behind the house. After reaching it, secure the backyard and shoot through the windows like before, then clear out the front yard. There's a solid chance that enemies may still be out there, and you'd hate to die after saving the third Maquis just to have to approach the house all over again. Only after securing everything should you enter the house and save the last French fighter.

The last stop is a drive back to Isabelle and Ingram, who are pinned down by German forces. To save time, look northeast for a brown-ish truck. Past it is a short wall that will cover you if you're crouching. Shimmy along this wall until you hit the street, then look west to kill any soldiers that might sneak up on you. Don't cross the street, as an enemy tank will roll down in just a bit. Your crosshairs might register it as a friendly, but it's actually not happy to see you. You should get a checkpoint before it rolls up. Make sure you stay by the wall so you can look north to the upper left window of the house in front of you; a soldier will pop open the window to shoot at you from there shortly after the tank stops, so take some precautionary action and aim at it so you can kill him instantly after the window opens.

Isabelle will be responsible for setting a bomb on the tank. In order to get her out to it, pop out past the wall and left to the backside of another truck. Just stay there until Isabelle moves forward, then return back to the rest of your squad. Either help your allies weed out the remaining Germans or stay behind cover like a coward until the mission ends.

Chapter 12: The Corridor of Death

Unlike with most other missions, there's no need to replace either of your weapons with an MP40, or in this case, an MP44. Both starting weapons are fine for this relatively short mission. The Canadian squad will be sent into a town to rescue a missing tank crew.

As soon as you can control yourself, crouch in your vehicle and face south. Your actions in the vehicle don't impact your getting out of it, so just stay safe and book it to the south as soon as you can. From there, fight your way downwards to the other side of the set of backyards. It may take a while, but there are plenty of checkpoints to keep you going throughout. Enter the hole in the house at the end of the trenches and fight off another quick time soldier so you can proceed to the upper levels of the house. As soon as you can look inside, aim your gun towards the door immediately in front of you and wait for a pair of Germans to open it up. Kill them before joining your allies in taking out the ground floor.

Leaving the house puts you in front of an extremely crowded street with three mounted gunners plaguing your advance. Shoot the first gunner from this position and slip through the wall to the right so you can approach the house he was in. Clear out the ground floor before moving up to kill the second gunner. The third cannot be reached from here, so you'll have to wash out a few more houses down the line before you can get to him. Join your squad in the tavern at the end of the street once the coast is clear by crouch-walking along the short walls to avoid being shot at.

Mortar fire will blast the tavern from the north. Go upstairs and use a new hole in the wall to locate and kill at least one member of the three pairs of soldiers operating the three mortars, then defend the house until the Germans start using smoke grenades. When this happens, go downstairs and into the western room. Defend this room from any soldiers flopping over the wall to get inside, but also try to kill others coming from the back door and the eastern room to speed things up. After that, fire at the soldiers directly outside the front on the street, but only the ones who are headed in or pointing in your direction; the others are set pieces. Keep an eye on your compass, however, because you'll want to immediately turn around to secure your room once the objective marker moves. Germans will bust through the door here and their entrance may cause you to return to the smoke grenade portion of the tavern defense. When you do stop these soldiers, escape tank fire by moving through several houses, then drop down a hole and clear out the basement. The barrels in the basement are actually full of explosive material, with the tank being right on top of it. Set a charge on one and get back to a safer space to end the mission.

Chapter 13: The Mace

The Polish are going to have to hold The Mace until the Canadians catch up to provide support against the German troops. This starts out with you having to get inside the nearby tank to destroy as many German tanks as possible until you've been launched out of yours. After that occurs, fight across a road by taking cover behind small white rocks; there might be something shooting you from behind here, but its damage output, whatever it is, is completely harmless. Replace your Bren with an MP40 sometime during or after this fight. Once you pass through them, run northwest into the trenches and wait for your allies to regroup further up the hill. You're given the option of either pushing through the trenches or providing sniper fire.

Going through the trenches is tough work, and you don't want to do that much work. Head up the right path and grab both an FG42 Scoped and its additional ammo provided by the second of its kind right next to it. Just fire at Germans in the trenches until your comrade tells you to move further, then into the trench. Force your way through these trenches so your squad can reach a bunker at the top of a cliff.

Baron, the radio operator from the Canadian missions, will appear here. He'll help you send artillery fire down on enemy tanks, as long as you cn_LSc spot them and cn_RT set the flares. Doing this enough times will prompt another retreat up the hill. When you reach this spot, try to hide behind the first wooden crates you see at the top (they'll have a lamp on them). Use your FG42 Scoped to shoot out as many Germans as you can until you're told to retreat to the "second position", which is just further south. When you hit this spot, locate the wooden fence to the southeast and lay flat on the ground behind some crates for a while. After either letting your allies kill enough Germans or helping them out for a bit, the Pole that went for help will open the gate. Run in and defend your allies against the Germans coming in from the way you came from. You'll have to make another retreat into a house towards the last set of bunkers in the mission.

The end of the mission can be tricky, but there are some tricks to help make it easier. First, send more artillery shots towards German tanks until the radio gets busted. There's some wooden debris in the trenches that'll eventually be blown out by a tank. When it is, run south towards the Panzerschrecks across the way, then secure the area with your MP40 so you can safely replace your FG42 Scoped with the Panzerschreck. Make sure you have at least two rockets with you, then re-check this bunker for more Germans before heading back to where you started. Fire your two rockets at the tank and just wait the rest of the mission out behind cover until the Canadians arrive.

Chapter 14: Chambois

Time to hold Chambois. All of the work done by the previous teams and what the Americans have done are leading up to this defense. How does this start off, you ask? With hiding in the corner until the hard part goes away.

Note: With these games, there's always a place you have to go after you're done doing what you're currently doing. Since this is the last level, it'd be smart to look for where you probably have to go next so you can get close to it sooner rather than later.

As soon as the mission starts, immediately look right and grab a BAR and additional ammo for it, then go up the short staircase behind the BARs and lay prone on the ground in the corner. Grenades will fall in the pit in this room and no soldier can hit you here. After enough time has passed, you'll get a checkpoint when Huxley is ordered to find a bazooka to take out the tank in front of the squad. When this happens, retreat to the doorway of the room on the left side (north) and wait there until the barricades to the west explode. Throw a smoke grenade in the middle of the area so you can cover your escape. On the other side, meet up with your squad and hide behind the sandbags in front of the door; the door will open soon and you'll want to be close to it when it does. There's no need to shoot when near these sandbags.

After a failure of an airstrike, you'll find yourself in a wide open area. Immediately run west through a crack in the wall and camp out there until it's safer to move up. You need to secure this whole plaza, and fortunately, your allies will be able to do most of the work. The pace will slow a bit until you reach an open field with German chaos brewing in the distance. Guzzo will take a flare to signal an airstrike, but will only throw it when it's safe for him to do so. The problem with this is the mounted gunner in the building to the south/southeast since there can be about five different soldiers who take control of it after each other. Killing the last one should give him the window to throw it.

Guzzo will be injured during his throw and Dixon will tell you to run down there with him. Cover him until he grabs Guzzo, then run up the hill by yourself (after all, you're the one who's truly expendable here). Prone to being shot, Dixon will require medical attention once more. Will he get it? Play up to this part to find out. After leaving this area, keep traversing through the town and wait for one of your allies to shoot out a German tank with a rocket launcher, then proceed upstairs to move onward.

You'll next have to cover some Americans being hammered down by German soldiers. Take care of the ones that spawn behind the barbed wire on your end, then jump into a building and out the door (when it opens). This is the same courtyard as before, or it is in terms of the layout at the very least. Use the rusted car directly west of the doorway for cover and stay put until most of your allies move north to engage the enemy. When they do this, shimmy out directly north of the car until you reach a crater left by an explosion. Northeast of that one is another crater. Fire at the enemy from either within the crater or behind the church wall until you can move ahead.

Note: Save yourself some trouble and replace your BAR with an MP40 in this plaza. There should be lots of ammo available for it here as well.

The last checkpoint occurs in front of a blown-out corner of a house. You'll probably have to play through this last bit a lot until you get it right; it personally took me fifty minutes. Go inside and secure the building as you've done many times before, then replace your M1 Garand with a Springfield on the second floor and look for three pairs of two. These pairs are working mortars, so their shots should be easy to find. The Germans will occasionally use smoke grenades to cover themselves, forcing you to wait it out. Once the mortar teams have been stopped, the floor will collapse, putting you in the same area as the rest of your team. Immediately run over across the field to the large gun, a Pak 43, and manoeuvre its shoddy stick-rotating controls to fire on two German armored cars coming up the path. It takes one accurate shot with this thing to hit them, and the same goes for the two Tiger tanks that follow suit. The problem with firing at these four vehicles is not only the controls but the fact that you can easily just die when using the gun. It's up to the game's discretion for the most part, but try using a smoke grenade far enough away from the Pak 43 so you can still see the incoming vehicles.

There's one final issue you have to deal with after defeating the tanks: staying alive. You can roll the dice with going prone on the ground directly behind the gun (which will likely explode, leaving you near death already) or you can try to throw a smoke grenade in the middle of the area so you can try to pass to the building you came from. Either of these two strategies are very risky. If you do end up having to retry this over and over, you should at least be more efficient in the parts leading up to destroying the vehicles, making this go faster. When you do inevitably survive until the Germans have been defeated, you'll finally have beaten the game on Veteran difficulty. The last cutscene of the game follows shortly after.

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