4. Call of Duty 3 Misc AchievementsUpdate notes

All of the miscellaneous achievements are fairly straight-forward and can be pretty enjoyable, assuming you like the slight challenge of restricting what equipment you can use in a mission. Some of these can be paired up in one go.

The game doesn’t save the highest difficulty that you finished a mission on. It instead keeps track of your most recent completion of that mission. As such, it's highly suggested that you disregard all miscellaneous achievements until you completely finish the campaign front-to-back on Veteran. That will eliminate any chance of the game not giving you the achievement

If you do happen to finish a mission on a lower difficulty on accident, you're going to have to replay that mission on Veteran, then replay the last mission on Veteran once more.

Playstyle Achievements

Note: Most of these achievements say that melee attacks don't count. By this, they mean that they don't count against you. Use melee attacks as much as you wish, but remember to at least use the type of gun you're trying to use when going for the first three achievements.

Rifleman: Only use bolt action rifles and melee attacks. In Night Drop, pick up the first enemy's weapon and use it for the rest of the mission. Many other enemies will be holding the same rifle, making ammo conservation a non-issue.

  • Rifleman

    Awarded for proficient use of bolt action rifles during a mission.


Battlefield Scavenger: Also done on Night Drop. Only use German weapons and melee attacks. If you're not an expert in knowing which guns have been made by Germany, the same tactic for Rifleman should work here. You should be able to earn both this and Rifleman in the same go.

Assault Trooper: Only use assault rifles and melee attacks. There are only three assault rifles in the game: the BAR, the Bren, and the MP4. People often play The Island for this since you start out with a BAR, but that's also the only assault rifle in that level. Make sure you conserve ammo and use melee attacks to save your bullets.

Close Quarter Combat: Finish a mission without firing a single shot, which means you're only able to rely on grenades and melee attacks. Do this on The Island, since the tutorial's shooting voids doing this on Saint-Lô. The BAR you start out with has a slow melee attack time, so consider picking up a different weapon so you can use that instead. There have been many reports that smoke grenades count against you, so to be safe, don’t use any.

Other Achievements

Still Ticking: Complete a level without dying. Just be wary of grenades and other threats. Just about any level works for this on Recruit.

Hot Potato: Throw five enemy grenades back, all in one level. It doesn't actually matter if they're an enemy's grenades or your own, as long as you throw a grenade that's already been thrown. If you don't already have this, just start up Saint-Lô and, when at the grenade tutorial, throw a grenade at your feet before picking it up and chucking it into the field. You can also just do this during any other mission if you think you have the grenades to spare.

Conservationist: Finish a level using less than 300 rounds of ammunition. Make your allies shoot for you and use rifles to kill enemies instead of weapons with larger capacities.

Allergic to Bullets: Don’t get hit more than 30 times in a mission. If you're using tactics similar to earning Conservationist, this should also be rather easy to complete.

Purple Heart: Die 20+ times in a mission and finish it. This is probably something you'll earn when playing on Veteran, but in the odd chance you don’t, just toss your own grenades at your feet in a level while playing on Recruit.

Big Air: Pretty hard to miss, but there's a chance you don't have it. In Night Drop, when driving on some train tracks near the end of the level, use a wooden ramp to shoot your jeep into the air.

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