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    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first person shooter based in a war of our modern times (bet you didn't see that one coming, eh?). Thats right, that means modern weapons, modern tactics, and modern problems.

    Now, as this game has an outstanding plot and storyline, things may seem somewhat vague here since I'm not gonna give anything away.
    I will say that the plot gives you enough to keep you on the edge of your seat questioning why something happened or why something might happen. The plot gives you enough information to enjoy the game at an easy pace while not being lost in any twists or turns.
    The game comes equipped with a wide cast of characters. Each has been fleshed out to show their personalities. Thats where I feel the story truly shines. Each of the characters puts their unique personalities on display for you to see. These are the type of video game characters that pull you into the game and make you feel like you relate to them.

    Now, if you've played any Call of Duty before, the controls have stayed right on track with the others. If you haven't played any CoD games before this, don't worry, it is simple enough to get used to things.
    During the story mode, the gameplay can seem as if almost nothing is going on...until you turn one corner and you're thrown back into some fray. Almost everything is as if its at a faster pace. You're always looking for cover, you're always watching for that little 'GRENADE DANGER' indicator, and you're always watching for that one enemy who decided to wait for YOU to pop out instead of the other way around. You're constantly running to catch up to someone or running to get some cover from enemy fire. Call of Duty 4 brings an intensity with it that you can't really get away from.

    Now, its been said by many that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is 'one of the most photorealistic games on the market'. And you know, its probably still true, even after its been a while from release. But lets get past the bad first. I've seen clipping issues with the game, such as guns or legs poking through a solid wall, grenades sometimes glitching to somewhere you didn't throw them, and the all too good, "What the hell, I was behind cover, but I wasn't behind cover all of a sudden so I died!".
    While I sympathize with you, these things happen in games. Its unescapable.
    Other than that, you'd be hard pressed to find something that is actually 'wrong' with the graphics. Your environments (buildings, trees, the ground and the sky) are all extremely well done. Infinity Ward brought a new level of graphics to the table with Modern Warfare. Something beyond graphics created by the Unreal Engine's graphics for Gears of War, something beyond Halo 3's graphics. (I love both of those games, please don't kill me. I had to use some kind of example. Both those games have OUTSTANDING graphics, they're just a different kind of graphics.)
    Infinity Ward brought an amazing standard of photorealism to games. Its just another factor that sucks you into the game.

    Character voice acting, vehicles, yells of pain, and the ability to differentiate what guns are being shot and from which direction mashes into a big ball of amazing. Lets get started on voice acting: as mentioned earlier, each character has their own brand of unique-ness to them. With that comes voice acting to match. The character voices are really the nail on the head for them. They could have the most interesting personalities ever, but without some good voice acting, they'd fall apart.
    Now, what I really want to focus on is the ability to learn what certain guns sound like in this game. While this doesn't cover all the aspects of the sound in this game, I think it shows how far they went with creating the game's sounds.
    You see, in real life, different guns make different sounds, and I have seen far too many games that don't show this. You hear a gun in the distance, "Well I don't know what gun that is. I don't know if I should take him from medium or short range..."
    Not in this game. You hear someone shoot, you recognize if they're using an MP5, an M4, an AK, etc., what have you. Even if those guns are equipped with silencers, there are different sounds for each gun's shot.
    Like I said, this does not cover all the aspects of a game's sound, it shows a level of detail and how articulate Infinity Ward was.

    Well, I truly hope that this has helped anyone who has read it. And I know my review is late in the game, but I wanted to make sure a review that Call of Duty 4 deserved was up. I tried to leave out any spoilers for anyone who hasn't played.
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    GGstuffnice review, halo 3 had awful graphics though lol. looked like an orig. xbox game
    Posted by GGstuff on 27 Jun 11 at 11:48
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    Single player/Story - A truly immense and engrossing experience from start to finish, if a little short.
    The mission variety is superb and the characters are much more than just believable.
    This game possesses one of the few campaigns that has me coming back for more purely for the entertainment. There are certain weapons and attachments in the Single Player that will not be found in the multiplayer and are very fun to use. Not only would you be foolish to miss out on Call of Duty 4s story line, but you would be handing this game a severe injustice were you to skip the single player altogether.
    Once the campaign is completed, you unlock "Arcade Mode". This mode allows you to either play through a specific level, or the entire game, and earn points which accumulate to give you a score. Multipliers are also awarded when you achieve "x" amount of kills in "x" amount of time to enhance your score. These scores can be compared with your friends on the Leader boards.
    Whether it's gunning from an AC-130, manoeuvring around the wastes of Pripyat with the silenced M21 or rescuing hostages in the Mile High Club, there are plenty of memorable experiences to be had in Call of Duty 4. 95/100

    Graphics/Sound - Very good for the most part. The character models are extremely detailed and the level design is terrific.
    Plenty of variation. Perhaps the weakest point in Call of Duty 4 though is the sounds and textures.
    Sometimes the weapons just don't sound quite as authentic as you might expect, although this is a minor gripe. There is also some of the textures, which, when viewed up close do seem rather bland. Despite that, these Graphics do more than hold their own against some of the releases we are seeing almost 2 years on.
    You then have the voice acting which is performed extremely well, only enhancing what already is a thrilling experience. I will also add that using a stereo headset does enhance the sound effects tenfold. 90/100

    Gameplay - Absolute perfection. Everything is just seemless and I really cannot think of a single way it could be improved. Fantastic for all levels of experience, allowing you to pick up and play the game whilst being able to enjoy it to it's fullest once you get the hang of the basic controls. Fast-paced FPS action at it's finest. 100/100

    Multiplayer - Sensational, Arguably (and in my eyes) the best on xbox live. Plenty of thought and effort has been put into the multiplayer side of CoD 4 to ensure a balanced experience for all.
    With a superb arsenal of weaponry being available from the get go. Rest assured, newcomers will be able to compete with the rest of the field (as far as equipment goes) as soon as they start.
    55 ranks, with the option to work through 10 prestige badges, allows for many weeks, if not months of entertainment.
    The level design for the most part is excellent with a lot of the maps being developed based upon certain single player story levels. There is always a map to suit your play style as well as a class, which leads me on to the next part of the multiplayer.
    Classes. Create your own class (consisting of a primary weapon, a side arm, a frag grenade, a special grenade as well as up to 3 different perks). Perks grant you certain abilities that can change the tide of a battle, each suiting different play styles and game modes. Examples range from extra ammunition, extra health and deeper bullet penetration. There are also kill streak rewards. Which are rewarded to those that are doing particularly well. A UAV is awarded at a 3 kill streak, an Air strike at 5 and finally an Attack helicopter at 7.
    With over 40 unique unlocks, dozens of different challenges including special weapon camouflage unlocks, there is more than enough here to keep you coming back to Call of Duty 4s multiplayer for a very long time. 100/100

    Replayability - Almost infinite. The campaign is superb and is certainly worth more than one play through. Seeing as the campaign can be completed in one afternoon on the lower difficulties, i would suggest it being played on Hardened or even the Veteran difficulty for those who seek a true challenge.
    With the multiplayer being one of, if not, THE best experience on xbox live you could easily be coming back and clocking a play time anywhere in between 10-1000 hours, it's that good. 100/100

    Overall: 97/100 - Sensational.

    I will just add that this is my first review, if I feel that the feedback is good enough I do plan on writing more, for sure. Go easy on me :)
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    22 Jun 2009
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    Buy it for the single player,stay for the multiplayer:


    i slam into cover and pop out to put a few bullets into the head of a sniper thats playing havok with my allies as bullets hit the wall beside me and the terrifying grenade indicator flashes up,i run like hell,spin round a corner and come face to face with a group of enemies that have out flanked me and i panic hitting the trigger as fast as i can,some how i survive and stagger back into the street as rpg's,bullets and grenades hit the walls and street around me and i watch my allies push forward into the hailstorm of bullets and see our tank hammer a shell into a building containing several snipers.....
    And now im sneaking through enemy patrols with a sniper rifle clutched to my chest,hoping that they dont look down and see my prone body hiding in the grass...
    Now im carefull lining up a sniper shot,watching the way the wind is blowing and judging distances to get that perfect headshot....
    Welcome to Call of Duty,a game that provides so much intense fun that you may just have a heart attack....
    They fantastic thing about single player is how you are one minute playing a character in the SAS forces,sneaking and using silenced weapons and the next your a Marine in a full on firefight.
    It provides a fantastic mix of gameplay,and yet each is still as fun as the other,though you will end up with a preference.
    The game is incredibly immersive in it's storyline,simpe enough so you dont lose track of the plot but still keeps you hooked all the way to the end.
    This game is built around stunning set pieces,whether your defending a broken down tank or sitting a mile away from a target with a sniper rifle lining up that perfect shot this game will take your breath away with stunning graphics,immersive characters and storyline and fantastic set pieces.
    The major flaw that i could find was the single player was far too short,i completed it in just over 7 hours,but if they had made it any longer i dont think they could of kept up the fantastic pace.

    The multiplayer is by far a stunning experiance and very well balanced.
    The ranking system has 55 levels,and while you level up you unlock more weapons to choose from,attachments for those weapons and Perks,which give your character extra skills like shooting through walls,laying claymores,carrying extra weapons and hiding from enemy radar.
    But once you max out your level you face a tough choice...Prestige mode:
    there are 10 levels of prestige,and each time you choose to prestige you get put back to rank 1 and lose all of your hard earned weapons and perks,and all you get is a shiny new badge next to your rank....
    So people wont prestige,but for those who do it keeps you coming back,and forces you to become a better player as you go back to basic weapons and iron sights and very little perks.
    If you get a 3 kill streak you get a UAV which shows the location of enemies for 30 seconds (unless there using the UAV jammer perk which allows them to remain invisible) and if you get a 5 kill streak you get to call in an airstrike,and if you make it to 7 kill streak you get a helicopter which hangs around the battlefield for a while blowing the hell out of all your enemies.
    And yet it doesnt feel unbalanced as getting a 7 kill streak requires a good amount of effort and it's nice to feel rewarded for your skill.
    Maps are well designed and layed out,though there are a few you may not like.
    The variety of game modes is great ranging from basic deathmatches to the Hardcore modes,which takes away your radar and drops your health so you can only take a bullet or 2.
    The best part though? is how all play styles are catered for and fit in,from run n gun to snipers,to stealth and support and more,you quickly find a gun you love and perk setup which suits your style perfectly.
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    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a spectacular game. You play as "Soap" Mactavish, a S.A.S operative and Sgt. Paul Jackson of the U.S.M.C. As Paul, you will be searching for AL-Asad. I will not say why, as I don't want to spoil any plot. The U.S.M.C. missions are HUGE firefights with very modern weapons. Many so modern and advanced you wouldn't believe. The S.A.S however, are small tactical team men that are usually sneaky (until One Shot One Kill). As Soap, you will be hunting down a russian man by the name of Zakeheave. If you like big gun battles with huge weapons and like shooting pesky terrorists then you will love the U.S.M.C. But if you enjoy sneaking around and being silent, the S.A.S missions will be your favorite.
    The multiplayer is the biggest part of this game. A few years old and is still high up there on the most played game on Xbox Live (and don't forget the PC and Ps3!). It has been given tons of medals and awards for what Infinity Ward had done. You basically start at level 1 with some default classes. Once you reach level 4 by getting xp for killing opponents, planting bombs, capturing flags etc., you get to unlock 5 custom classes that you create. You get 3 perks, a primary weapon,side arm, and a special grenade. You have Assault Rifles,Sub Machine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles. You can also unlock attachments for getting certain amount of kills with that weapon. A Red dot sight, A silencer, A grip, an ACOG scope, and a grenade launcher. The game is very balanced and you'll have a blast playing. Once you reach level 55, you can prestige, losing all guns and starting at level 1. AGAIN! you can do this 10 times and you get a new icon every time you do it. Most choose to because it adds replayability to the game, and many choose to keep their guns and stay at no prestige.
    Well this is the end of my review. Even though Modern Warfare 2 is due November 11th, you should still pick up this beauty of a FPS, you will LOVE it!
    12 Jun 2010 12 Jun 2010
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    Review according to purchase from Blockbuster:

    Call of Duty 4... What can I say?... A game that defined a genre within a genre... Modern first-person shooters...

    Call of Duty 4 game out two months after Halo 3. Many thought this was a bad idea. Infinity Ward rightfully disagreed! It was an epic revitalization of the Call of Duty series.

    So, let's start off with the campaign. Call of Duty 4 actually has a very immersing and believable storyline. It focuses on the somewhat undercover covert ops done by the Brits in Russia. While staying true to COD storytelling by having two characters being played at once during the campaign, the other character being played as is an American Sergeant fighting with fellow Americans in the Middle East in an urban warfare-style setting.

    The campaign is very exciting and believable. I feel like I really got to know the characters; I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign. Infinity Ward did a very good job with making the characters feel real and easy to connect with. The voice actors also did an amazing job at giving each of the characters their unique flairs.

    It never ceases to amaze me how developers can come up with so many different gun sounds, considering the fact that in real life the actual sound is hard to distinguish; it all just sounds like ratta-tat-tat.

    The music suits the game very well. It has somewhat of a sad, exciting feel to it. The music isn't overused, though; it's used at important times in the campaign and near the end of each match in the multiplayer.

    The multiplayer is probably what most people would say is the thing that defined this game:

    An extremely unique thing about COD4 is that once you reach the highest level (55), you can do something called "Prestige." Prestiging is when you get to the highest rank, and then you start all over again, but this time, you get a new emblem. You can do this a total of 10 times. Infinity Ward introduced customizable classes to the COD series with COD4. There is a vast amount of weapons, with customizable attachments and camos. They also introduced perks. Perks are certain "upgrades" that give you certain abilities, i.e. Stopping Power makes your bullets do more damage, Juggernaut gives you more health, Steady Aim makes your aim from the hip more accurate, etc. There's also various challenges that you can complete in order to gain more experience.

    COD4 is one of those games that you have to play in order to call yourself a gamer. It was very successful and stole quite a bit of Halo 3's thunder. I still play it even with the release of games COD:WAW, MW2, Gears of War 2, Battlefield Bad Company 1 & 2, and many others. COD4 was such an excellent game... It's still worth going back to!

    Don't rent it, BUY IT NOW!
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    17 Dec 2011
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    Note: I understand there are 9 other reviews for this game. I've decided to do this one because this game is one of my favorite games on the 360!

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare really changed how FPS are viewed for many gamers around the world. With a compelling campaign, challenging difficulties, and swift thinking of multi-player it really makes Cod4 one of the best shooters of All-Time.

    The campaign offers a developing story-line from the perspective of "Soap" Mactavish, an S.A.S operative and Sgt. Paul Jackson of the USMC in their mission to apprehend a reckless terrorist. Throughout the campaign gamers are placed with the duty of a soldier and bear witness to courage, honor, and sacrifice. With the climactic visuals to the unfolding of an operation on a global scale, the campaign just leaves so much to be desired for fans of the single player eXperience.

    With millions of gamers coming to Call of Duty 4 for the campaign, we all know they tend to stick around for multi-player! The multi-player eXperience of Call of Duty 4 took the breath away from alot of gamers for many reasons. Heart racing choices, flanking and ambushes, running and gunning; all of these qualities of gameplay is what makes Call of Duty so addicting. The customization process also leaves millions of choices for players to make to tip the scale of battle. Tons of guns, attachment, and explosives; skillful perks that give the edge in any form of combat; and killstreaks that reward players and teammates for efficient warfare!

    As far as achievements are concerned the 1000G is completely earned in the campaign mode. The completion is relatively fair, the only complication would be completing the game of Veteran difficulty and be prepared for MILE HIGH CLUB!angry

    Overall, whether you're looking for a solid campaign, in-depth multi-player, or some eXtra gamerscore, Call of Duty 4 is a MUST for anyone who is a fan of a great game!
  • Willie FuegoWillie Fuego475,999
    28 Sep 2010
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    This game is simply a masterpiece, demonstrating excellence in both the single and multiplayer facets of the game.

    The single player campaign is deeply engaging and invests the player in the exploits of its multi-national protagonists. The player will have the opportunity to engage in various tactical scenarios such as hostage rescue, bomb disposal, urban assualt, assassination and evade and escape. The story is enthralling, and on the Veteran difficulty levels can be extremely challenging. Interestingly enough, all the game's achievements are in the single player mode, thus even players without XBOX Live can score 1000/1000 points.

    The multiplayer campaign, despite it's lack of achievement points, has it's own reward system that will keep you coming back for hours on end. Just about everything you do contributes to your prestige score, which unlocks new weapons and abilities. By the time you climb to the rank of Commander, you will have a diverse arsenal at your disposal, complete with RPGs, C4, Claymores, Assault Rifles, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, Frag Grenades, Flashbangs, Stun Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Pistols, and more. As you use each weapon, you will unlock scopes, silencers, camoflages and other goodies for them which reward your prowess on a per-weapon basis and encourage players to vary their play style.

    There are several multiplayer modes available, from the frenetic "Headquarters" (where opposing teams battle to capture, hold or destroy a designated area of the map), to the ubiquitous Team Deathmatch, to Sabotage (bomb planting/defusing), to Domination (holding down key map areas), and more. The multiplayer level designs are derived right from the single player campaign, and are excellently balanced.

    Finally, a novel aspect of the multiplayer rewards you for killing multiple baddies in a row by letting you call down support such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for surveillance, Air Strikes to carpet bomb an area, and Close Air Support from your neighborhood attack helicopter.

    This game was by far the best value purchase I'd ever made at the time it was released. You will enjoy the deep story of the single player and you will spend tons of hours on Live as you level up your multiplayer persona, unlocking new weapons, abilities, and attachments in the process.

    This game set a completely new standard for first person shooters and will keep you happily occupied for obscene amounts of time.
  • Wull ScottWull Scott474,510
    20 Jun 2011
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    How on Earth does Call of Duty 4 manage to remain completely disappointment free?

    The previous games were all rooted in reality; this one is completely made up.

    The previous games had clear moral imperative, this one has you shoot men in their sleep.

    The previous games had dialogue fitting to the setting; this one has an opening mission which is filled with lines clumsily and obtrusively referencing Aliens.

    The previous games took me around 12 hours each to polish off; this one was done in two sittings totalling 5 hours.

    The previous games had no misplaced rap songs in the end credits, this one did, somewhat ruining the poignancy of the last scenes of the game – imagine The Littlest Hobo ending with "Yakety Sax" from Benny Hill… Horrifying.

    OK. That's that out of the way. Let's address the issues.

    The story manages to completely out-Clancy Tom Clancy. It has an amazing punchiness, too – a "Zing!", if you will… It feels completely like an action-thriller blockbuster in which you play a raw recruit craving acceptance from Captain Price, your new CO. But then, maybe that was just me - the playable characters have enough leeway to them that they could be pretty much whatever you imagine. Either way, when it comes to the denouement and you have to step up to the plate with the big baddie there is palpable tension. Truly stunning.

    Second issue. As fun and guilt-free as killing Nazis is, I sort of like the idea of a little bit of guilt. The enemies in this are slightly lazily portrayed as either wild-eyed fanatical Arabs or generic Russian baddies. I would have liked to have seen a little bit more of the real dangers of war, like civilians getting in the way or some sort of morality recognition (or punishment) for how you dealt with unaware enemies over and above the simple "alarm gets raised" or not. I don't really know what I'm suggesting, to be fair - just something more than shooting at targets, maybe a morale system for the enemies? I don't know...

    Number three. You know what, I love the film Aliens. If one more game lifts dialogue from it in some misguided attempt at being cool, or whatever they think it is… So help me… I don't know. Maybe some tragic, pathetic losers get some form of kick out of spotting this type of lazy, contrived soul sucking garbage references. I don't know. Good luck to you if you do. Despite my rage at this type of thing, my only other minor issue with the game's dialogue was the Scottish Captain MacMillan. Here's a handy hint for game developers - there are REAL Scottish people! Some of us can even read out lines convincingly! The guy wasn't THAT bad, though, to be fair and I'm sure that Americans wouldn't be able to tell the difference. After the stumble of the (otherwise superb) first mission's dialogue, it sort of settles down there a plenty of other little nods, but none that grate as much as the Aliens ones. They've just been done to death is all.

    Sticking with sound for the moment, the sound effects for the guns are just flat out excellent. As well as the percussive "Bang", the painful "Crack" has been captured perfectly giving the weapons a very authentic feel. I even found myself keeping a pistol as my back-up weapon and switching to it instead of reloading in tight spots because I like the sound they make. Oh, and I love the combat reloads - you don't have to cock the weapon if there's still a round in the chamber, so a few desperately needed milliseconds saved there.

    Point four. I played on regular for exactly 5 hours and 8 minutes, and the game was beat. I think this is a good thing. The story was told and there was my favourite "boss fight" ever. Me, a pistol, and a big melon head. Very satisfying indeed. Along the way the action pretty much goes like a bullet, with the phenomenal exception of my new favourite experience in gaming – the Chernobyl sniper/stealth mission. Superbly paced, wonderfully tense and subtler nods (to STALKER) than earlier. Watching the wild dogs tear into the enemy infantry near the end of the mission was absolutely priceless. My point is – the game does exactly what it sets out to do and has the good grace to stop when it's done.

    So then, that's the sequel section out of the way – how does the game perform on its own merits. Well, graphically, it is so good that it is pretty unbelievable. For me the bit that really impressed was simply when Captain Price (making another Sam Beckett style leap into Call of Duty 4) is puffing away on a cigar just before the first mission, then pulls his gas mask down. The lighting, the rain slicked rope, his facial hair and the sheer attention to detail is beyond impressive.

    Control is tight when out in the open or in light cover, but I did find myself slowed in doorways, and in some cases blocked from getting into cover by teammates . On at least two occasions I was actively pushed out of cover by them. Not enough to get overly concerned about, but at the time it is very frustrating.

    Unlike previous games where you feel like a cog in a big machine, here you feel like you are truly making a difference directly. At times it truly feels quite scary and hiding behind cover and letting Gaz deal with all the hassle is an enticing prospect.

    Multiplayer simply is some of the finest I've ever played, even with Modern Warfare 3 on the horizon, it still stands as one of the best examples of simply "Doing it right". Admittedly, I find Modern Warfare 2 more engaging due to the challenges and unlockable weapons, but Call of Duty 4 still stands up today. Also the fact that the multiplayer is so robust that they didn't even feel the need to force people to play it by crowbarring in tedious online achievements.

    On the whole, Call of Duty 4 is a fantastic game filled with stand out moments with a script that shouldn't really shock or surprise, but actually does. The main problem comes when you realise that it was £40 - £50 (at that time, it was very nearly $80 - $100 to our colonial friends) at release, and for over year in most places. Bear in mind that I'm only referring to single player here – if you rent it, you'll be done before you have to return it, so definite value for money. Buying it full price, however… I honestly don't know. I don't know when I'll want to play through it again, but you do have the added "arcade mode" to keep you busy…

    Oh, and the rap at the end? Very Gears of War. Inexcusable
  • oneluckybulletoneluckybullet321,094
    20 Jun 2011
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    "So long world war two"

    Call of duty four has arrived, was it worth the wait and hype? Yes, yes, and yes. This game shatters what first person shooters are usually taken as . . . mindless fun. Call of Duty has reinvented itself as well as helping move the first person's genre along to new heights.

    Story: 10/10

    From the moment you first pop this game in you will be in for one wild roller coaster ride. You start off as private soap, a SAS soldier. At the start you are given a mock up of the cargo ship you will be infiltrating to recover a stolen nuclear warhead. Next thing you know you are dropped onto the ship and are given orders to deal with any hostels you may come across. This game does not let up. In no way have you played a game a game with this much action in it. The story is possibly one of the best this year, second only to bio shock. From switching to Sgt. Jackson to witnessing the execution of the president from his eyes, this game does not have a dull moment. And don't get me started on the dog attack.

    Graphics: 10/10

    For those who thought gears of war had the best, allow me to introduce the new king of pixels. Everything and I mean everything is beautiful. The explosions and lighting have never looked to so good on a console until now. From silently stalking through the bog level to a high stake shootout in a tv broadcast building, this game will make you stop and admire what infinity ward has done for you. Wait until you play war pigs, that level looks like it was pulled from CNN or Fox news. Bullets leave their mark and can now pass through walls and other obstacles. Rockets now leave realistic smoke trails and the sight of a helicopter spinning out of control is breath taking.

    Controls 10/10

    The layout for the controls is very easy to use and even customizable. The Right trigger is fire, the Left trigger is your sight, the y button switches weapons, while the right button throws grenades. Your gear is managed using the d pad, with up being used for night vision, down for c4, right for claymores, and the left for your weapon attachments. Think halo controls with a few extras.

    Sound 10/10

    The most realistic bullets and explosions you will find next to being in a war yourself. From the sound of the recoil as you empty out your AK-47 to the sound of bullets hitting your cover and zigging by your face, this game is a master of the audio. Please do your self right and invest in a surround sound so that you can experience what I am saying.

    Multi player 10/10

    Think halo did multi player right? Your right, but that does not mean call of duty did it wrong. In some areas it surpasses halo as the new benchmark for online fragging, while in another area it gets left behind. This game rewards players for winning or losing with exp. That in turn unlocks rank, weapons, camo, challenges, and a ton of other stuff. Even after you max out at level 55 there are still more things to come. A lot of people are upset that there is no co-op. It doesn't bother me as call of duty has always been about the single players' story. The added clan support and party system ala halo is very nice and easy to use. You will be playing this game for along time to come. I can promise that.

    Fun 10/10

    Never have I had this much fun with a game. Trust me I love halo three, but this is my new game to play for along time. Even after you beat the game ( which takes around eight to ten hours) there is a great deal left to do. Arcade mode opens up after you beat it and that adds a score multiplier to the normal game to all the leader board junkies will have a reason to keep playing. Along with the bonus level, four difficulties and cheats that you earn, this game is a definite keeper and will go down in history. Say hello to game of the year contender and prepare to be sucked into the new era of war. So long world war two and hello modern warfare.
  • KARMAgoesHARDKARMAgoesHARD971,078
    11 Jul 2009
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    "Call of Duty 4- Great fun for awhile"

    Call of Duty 4 Review for Xbox 360

    Call of Duty 4 brings you out of those old and boring World War 2 shooters. Who needs more of those? We have enough right? So Activision brought us into a environment where bullets wiz through walls, break boxes, all while you are trying to find cover! That's modern warfare for ya! But it doesn't lose that Call of Duty feel that we all learned to love.

    Call of Duty's graphics are amazing. The best I have ever seen on a video game. It makes GOW and Halo look like your playing a N64. These graphics almost look like pictures! Crawl around on the grass, disguising yourself. Shoot out of turrets. Watch bullets wizzing by virtually everything in your search for the enemy, or cover! Your allies and enemies almost seem like real people!

    The sound on this game is nowhere as good as its graphics. Its too loud to hear any other noise when in a big gunfight, and the music gives me headaches. But then again, with no volume its much more difficult to play! With it on you can listen to footsteps of enemies coming in, or allies coming in for support.

    The single player campaign isn't too long if you play on anything under veteran. Once you start playing on veteran the game starts to get tough. Use your AI! The AI on this game can be extremely useful. Only annoying part is when the enemy AI randomly runs around walking into gun fire or charging you. No fun in that! If you put that aside single player can be real fun if the AI cooperate!

    The multiplayer on this game is the bomb. Pure awesomeness. This rivals Halos. Name it, its just as good if not better. Pick from about five starting weapons and unlock about twenty more! Using a unique leveling system, you gain 10 XP for each kill and 2 XP for each assists. The higher the level you get, the more weapons and challenges you unlock! Challenges are separate “side missions” that you try to achieve in multiplayer. This gives you extra experience points. COD4 multiplayer offers something to recreational and professional gamers!

    The achievements on this game are so-so. All are multiplayer and all are achievable. They need more creativity though! Halve the points are from completing everything on veteran. They have this every year!

    Overall thoughts/ Comments


    +Awesome graphics
    +Sweet multiplayer!
    + Decent single player
    = Okay Achievements
    = So So sound


    Wow not one negative! Pretty good. This game is probably one of the best on the 360 and is a must buy! I definitely suggest this!


    After playing this game for longer, sadly I have to admit it does get repetitive. After a few months of playing I rarely play anymore, and if I do it's to play with friends. For the price you can pick it up for now, though, it will be a good deal. $40 or so bucks for a few months of awesomeness? I'll take it.

    This was originally posted by me at .
  • aliginda4aliginda4This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    11 Jul 2009
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    [king]Call of Duty 4 embraces Modern Warfare with a passion that suggests this new love affair will burn for a long time yet. We'd be very surprised if Call of Duty 5 gets back into bed with the faithful old Second World War. It has moved on, tapped a rich new vein (for Call of Duty at least) and in doing so it has breathed fresh life into the contemporary shooter as a genre.

    In every way this is the definitive 'real world' FPS, incorporating the best aspects of Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and Battlefield, but bringing those experiences to a far wider range of gamers, many of whom would be turned off by those more hardcore titles. It even crescendos to a great and dark but conclusive ending. At Modern Warfare's core is very modern entertainment, but the downside to this dense and gripping delivery is that it's over far too quickly, five to six hours on normal difficulty. You do have a short bonus solo mission after the credits, the solo Arcade mode to beat your friends' scores at, and of course the enormously comprehensive multiplayer options, although many will be disappointed that there are no controllable vehicles over Xbox Live this time. Call Of Duty 4 is short but immensely satisfying.

    Slick split story is gripping
    Tremendous battle scale
    Brilliantly judged pace changes
    Helicopter bonanza!

    Dense but very short

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    So I know this is a very, VERY later review, but I'm adding a twist; I'm comparing it to Modern Warfare 2!

    People can't compare the stories since MW2 starts form where COD4 left off, but both are equally amazing. COD4's campaign was groundbreaking and just overall amazing. It was a great break from what was expected from a FPS and raised the bar for future games.

    you can read all the other specs that were up for review, what I'm really here to do is review the multiplayer after this game being out for some time.

    COD4's multiplayer is still probably one of the best there is. MW2 has gotten pretty bad lately with hackers, modders, and people who just don't want to play the game for what it was made for. I recently went back to playing COD4 and the multiplayer is so much better. Players are better, no hacked lobbies, and it still is very fun. The maps are amazing. In my opinion, they're better than most MW2 maps. The only things I have a problem with are that Infinity Ward should have came up with the host switch earlier or made an update for COD4 for when the host leaves. It's probably the wost feeling when I'm 14-0 and the host has to leave. The other thing is that the sound could be as good as WaW's sound.

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    Well were do we start.Call Of Duty 4:Modern Warfare has to be 1 of the best games on the Xbox 360 or PS3 smile.It will have you playing online all day and make you want to find out more of what happens in the story at the same time.Not many games can deliver a Gripping story line and addictive online play at the same time but Call Of Duty 4 dose.Infinity Ward have twisted the year/years of which the story takes place.If you've played Call of Duty 1,2 or 3,you'll know it's always M1 rifles and MP40's.This is why Call Of Duty 4:Modern Warfare is a kick a$$ game!!!! Infinity Ward has put down the MP40 and sold that M1 on eBay to develop a game about something you see on the 10 o'clock news all the time.Iraq,Middle east.It is set in the present with 20 year old guys you play not 80 years old.This is what makes Call of Duty 4 a one of kind game,they should make another genre for games called Modern War and this will be the only (good) game in the genre (well at least untill MW2 comes out).


    In the story you play S.A.S. soilder Sgt "Soap" MacTarvish and U.S. Marine Sgt Paul Jackson.Jackson has had experince on the battlefeild but Soap has just been recruited to the 22nd S.A.S Regiment.The first mission (Crew Expendable) is an S.A.S. mission where you infiltrate a Russian Ship in the Bering Straight.This is an easy but thilling mission giving you a taste of an actual ship infiltration by the S.A.S..As the story goes on Sgt Paul Jackson dies in an Nuclear Explosion set of by Op For leader Al-Asad.In a later mission (playing as Soap duh!!) you hunt Al-Asad down and Captain Price (ur captain) shoots him with a pistol after Al-Asad's Mobile Phone rings.The caller turns out to be Imrahn Zecheave,a Russian extreamist.Cpt Price thought he was dead so he tells the story of him as Lt Price under the command of Cpt McMillan as they sneek through Chernobly past guards,dogs and irradiated zones.


    The Xbox LIVE play is amazing.There is about 15 maps + 4 maps if you download the DLC called Map Pack 1 from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 800 MS Points or if you bought the Game Of The Year Version,you can download it for free.Online you can play Ranks 1 thought 55 then you have the option to Pestige.When you Pristige you start from rank 1 again,ALL guns exept the defalt classes will be removed.You will be rewarded with a special badge to show that you have Prestiged.There are 10 levels of pristige and going up each level you recive a new badge to show how far you've come.The guns you will be able to use online are... M16 M4 AK-47 G3 G36c M14 MP44 MP5 SCORPIAN MINI-UZI AK-74u P90 M40A3 M21 DRAGNOV-SVD R700 BARRET-50cal M249-SAW RPD M60E4 W1200 M1014 M9 USP.45 M1911.45 DESERT-EAGLE GOLD-DESERT-EAGLE.

    This is an amazing game but don't buy this game if you are looking for alien si-fi type shit.
  • BIG E WALL517BIG E WALL51726,525
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    Call of Duty 4 Game of the Year !!!!!! That pretty much said it all but here is some more details. The graphics are great every thing is crisp and fresh a nice change compared to the overused plain WWII. The weapons and perk systems on multiplayer are great because you have to earn every thing. Plus the lobby is setup up for fast finds much better than the hour long wait in Halo or Gears of War 2 so you can find a fair match. The story is very deep the two sided campaign is nice. The final mission is a stunner. This game easily deserves it rating and will be a classic must own for a long time to come toast
  • halodeathbringahalodeathbringa74,737
    12 Jun 2009
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    Good game, but flawed too much.

    I barely play this anymore, I bought this game hoping for a compelling story, wonderful multiplayer, and awsome graphics. And the game only delivered one of the threee angry, great graphics, the other 2 are somewhat lost during the infinite respawns of enemys in story mode, or the people who yell out "YOU SUCK!!!" so much in multiplayer that you just want to bash your head into the wall. Both the story mode, and multiplayer are fun, but only in very short bursts for hte multiplayer, and story is only good when you replay the levels 4-5 times over, so you can actually understand whats going on and once that happens, you won't want to play it anymore because you'll resent the game for taking so damn long to get into it.
    The story mode is just kinda bad, You play as a Marine who is raiding an middle eastern village, and S.A.S member Soap, whos out in russia killing Ultra-Nationalists. Now, what is an Ultra-Nationalist? The story never says, it just says, kill them, and hope you live through the process pretty much. The marine side has slightly more detail, your chasing after a terrorist who just overthrew the goverment and likely has a WMD. Both of them inter-tie, but at first you won't understand why your even playing soap until a few levels in the game, and even then, you'll still wonder why your playing him until the last mission of the Marine, which is when the story actually sets off.
    The multiplayer, is pretty generic, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, pretty much the same as every other FPS, and just like any other FPS, it has a level system, but the slight differnce is that you can unlock things for your character to be an even better badass! You start at level 1 only being able to pick a class, but as you level up to level 55 you'll able to create your class, and customize him anyway you want to the weapons he has on, to the perks you'll get (things that help your character, like Martydom drops a live grenade down to the ground when you die to kill the person who just killed you if he's close) pretty standard stuff, only thing new is the classes. Once you reach level 55 you can prestige, making you level 1 and you lose everything, Camo for weapons, perks, weapons, everything, just so you can "enjoy" leveling up your guy again, which isn't alot of fun once yu get into the 30s. The multiplayer is decent, but you can't get into any Cage Matches hardly without something asking for your help farming headshots for Camo that their going to lose when they prestige (if they chose too), which is pretty annoying unless you actually want to too.
    Also, the multiplayer has no lag that I have ran into as of yet, which is a good thing.
    The Graphics are really the redeeming quality of the game, they are just plain badass, enough said. Overall, this is a good game, but it just has way to many flaws.
    ~Awsome Graphics
    ~Story is good, but you have too play through the game a few times to actually get it
    ~Sound is excellent
    ~Multiplay is lag free
    ~Classes are fun to make.
    >Multiplayer makes you want to kill yourself after awhile
    >Once you beat the story and actually "get" it you won't want to replay it
    >Game never explains why exactly soap was killing Russias anyways, yes they were gonna kill alot of people, but that doesn't happen until you have interfered.
    >Respawing guys in story mode just ruin the game, you can stay in one spot and kill 100+ guys, but then realize thatif you just ran into their hidey hole and killed the two guys, you would have already been out of there 15 minutes ago.

    This is a good game, but theres really no replay value after you get to a certain points, after that its just dull and boring.
  • ultimag17ultimag1766,679
    10 Apr 2009
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    Review time!!! This game was so great I don't know where to start! O.K. Let's start with the pros. The story was really good.I felt the way Infinity Ward made you feel for each characters deaths. I don't know about you guys, But Gaz's and Jackson's death really hit home. Plus, the way they made you go through Jackson's death was a really smart move. Moving on, the graphics were superbe. The guns looked great and the terrorists looked awsome but the problem was they were generic. The cheats you get for finding the enemy intel were fun to use. I personally like ragtime warfare the best. Multiplayer was amazing too. Onto the cons. I know they didn't want to say the terrorists were from Iraq, but I felt "Middle East" terrorists was a little to vauge. They could have even made up a name. I wouldn't care. But it was to vauge. So, in a nutshell, theis game is practically perfect. Can't whait for Modern Warfare 2!
  • xJamie92xJamie92353,266
    05 Jun 2009
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    i absolutly loved this game i felt i was apart of the s.a.s team it was so down earth and made me cry when everyone died veteran was difficult but still was alot of fun and online play was great and loved the fact you could customize your guns which is different and althogh the level u get when u finish the game was so hard its impossible to get 'Mile High Club' achievement but still fun to try over and over again for hours i have nothing left to say except loved it and 10 out of 10 for campaign and also 10 out of 10 for multiplayer cheers for reading plaese comment, stfublud OUT!