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Posted on 08 November 14 at 12:11, Edited on 14 January 15 at 19:00
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Like every year, we awaited another season of Call of Duty. This time Sledgehammer was the developer of this game instead of the usual Treyarch and people (just like myself) were sceptical after the poor release of Infinity Ward called "Ghosts" and the previously released game where both IW and Sledgehammer worked on: "Modern Warfare 3". Is this the game that will put some change into the series or is it just another casual release that disappoints as a AAA game?

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The Single Player Content - 4.5/5
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare kicks off in the future. 2055 to be very specific. You play as a Jack Mitchell, a private that just joined the U.S. Marines that just finished his training with his best friend Will Irons. His first real mission is to fight Korean troops in Seoul and that's where the new game-play elements and the story come to live.

The first big change in your load-out is the Exo-suit. This has 2 different "Classes": Specialist and Assault. Obviously the Assault class wants you to fight straight to the point whilst the Specialist class is usually assigned for special missions where stealth is the basis of the mission. Michael Condrey, Vice President and CEO, said that "This toolbox that the Exoskeleton brings to you as the player, redefines how you're going to play Call of Duty" and I believe this is very true. You have so much more possibilities to play your missions then it was the case in all the older entries in the franchise. The missions can be played with a lot more possibilities which can allow for more replayability.

Another big change in your load-out are the tactical and lethal grenades. In all the other entries you started with a standard load-out of Frag grenades and the usual Flashbangs. This game on the other hand lets you choose what grenades you want to use during your campaign which allows the person behind the controller to have a lot more fun whilst completing their objectives. With a single press of the action button, there's a much wider assortment in how to successfully complete your tasks.

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I'm not going to reveal how the story plays out, but I can say that this is exactly what gamers should expect from an AAA-game such as Call of Duty and they seems to have found a second breath with this entry. Whilst the Treyarch games were always great in terms of the story line, Sledgehammer picks up where Infinity Ward left off with Modern Warfare 2.

Graphics and Sound - 5/5
I can only judge from the Xbox One version so far, but the graphics look absolutely stunning. From rendered cut-scenes to the world in which you step foot during your adventure, you will enjoy everything this game has to offer. It isn't as dark as Modern Warfare 3, and it looks quite realistic and vivid compared to the aforementioned game. The locations feel real that once again allows the player behind the controller to enjoy their environment.

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The sound is similar to the graphics; the guns sound a lot more realistic. We all know the difference between the previously released entries and the Battlefield games, and this game can easily follow the greatness of Dice's game. Due to how the graphics, sound and the story-line come out, this can easily be one of the favourite shooters in any gamers collection, even those who have been avoiding the COD-series ever since Black Ops or any game that came before that.

Multiplayer and Extra Content - 4/5
I'm going to be honest here, since reviews are mostly based on a persons' opinion. I've been avoiding the Ghosts multiplayer ever since release day. It felt unbalanced, the system of Squad Points was unfair and everything about it was just bad. It wasn't like Black Ops II and this game picks up where Treyarch left off: classes that need to be customised based on your performance (read: your experience) and score streaks that actually reward you for what you've done in-game. As an added bonus, you can customise those score streaks as well to add something more to them. If you want to add a faster scan to your UAV, feel free! All the added features in the Single Player such as the Boost Jump and the Hover ability are added in as well which enables a more dynamic play to every map. There's still a "Classic" Playlist which disables all these abilities, but sadly there's no Hardcore option in this one. A small thing Sledgehammer missed were my personal favourites: the so-called Party Games. No Gun Game or One In The Chamber is something that was looked over but can hopefully be re-added with an update.

Note to the devs: Don't make the same mistake as IW to add game-modes in with paid DLC just like in Ghosts. It smells like money grabbing for those people who supported your work.

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As extra content, we receive Survival based on what they've done in Modern Warfare 3. Again, I'm going to be honest; it's not one of my top add-ons a game could bring. I loved Zombies and Extinction was received well among the COD-community but sitting in a room waiting for the AI enemy to come over? No thanks. The extra objectives during your play mix the gameplay up a bit but there's no real reward or punishment when these are not fulfilled. I hope to see other content with DLC, since this survival is the opposite of what the Single Player and Multiplayer brings us.

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Achievements 4/5
On a site like this one, this has to be part of the review. First: there are no achievements attached to the multiplayer. No Clan Wars, no prestiges, no League Play; absolutely nothing. Whilst this is okay for achievement hunters who don't love multiplayer, this is a missed opportunity for having full servers or to attract new people. We don't need an achievement for prestige 10 or 15 (which is now the maximum prestige level), but an achievement for prestige 1 wouldn't hurt since there's only 50 levels to complete before hitting that.

For Exo Survival there are only 5 achievements. All of these achievements are a bit time consuming but still easily unlockable when you are playing in a great team (read: no randoms). Due to the amount of achievements are what this game mode really brings you, I'm not seeing this being popular in the next 2 or 3 months.

Since there are 50 achievements to obtain in this title (not considering DLC that will be released at some point), the maths are easily done for the Single Player achievements. 45 achievements can be obtained quite easily. There are 2 achievements for collecting all 3 Intel in each mission, 2 achievements are based on the difficulty you are playing on. 15 achievements are story related for completing the missions which leaves another 26 achievements for completing miscellaneous things such as using your grenades in a certain way or doing some mission specific things like not taking damage whilst on a vehicle.

All in all, this achievement list can be counted as one of the easiest ones featured on a COD-game but this still requires some time and effort to be able to add this game to your trophy case.

As said before, this game can easily compete with other successful entries in the series or with other franchises. The single player is great and the multiplayer finally feels dynamic again. All new features work great and are fun to use although the Exo Survival could get boring quite fast. If you are one of these people who love to play a game with a decent story and not too difficult on the hardest setting then this will be your game to play on the cold December-nights.

My overal rating is 17.5/20 and can be rated 4.5 stars out of 5.

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