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map havoc

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Exo Zombies is very similar to regular zombies, as in Call of Duty: World at War, and Black Ops 1 and 2. Though perks have been both replaced by new perks, and some perks received a new name. Besides, the Exo suit can now be equipped. You need to pick the suit up on the map in order to use it. The Exo suit lets you double jump, it increases melee damage and it is also needed to buy perks. Besides, once you go down, you won’t always lose your perks. If you stay down for +-5 seconds or more, you lose the last perk you bought, for the next 5 more seconds, you lose a second perk, and so on. This makes it attractive to buy all 5 perks. Start by buying the ones you need most (Exo Health, Exo Reload), and buy Exo Slam as last, since you don’t really need it. Also, when a teammate goes down, revive him as soon as possible, so he won’t lose many/any of his perks. There is some other adjustments/new features, which I will discuss below.

Juggernaut = Exo Health (2500 points, it takes 5 instead of 2 hits to go down.)
Speed cola = Exo Reload (2000 points, reloading takes fewer time.)
Quick revive = Exo Medic (1500 points (500 in solo), when playing co-op, faster reload, when playing solo, it revives you. Though in solo it can only be bought for 3 times max.)
PHD-Flopper = Exo Slam (2000 points, Instead of dolphin-diving for an explosion, you need to double-jump and dash forward (A,A, B).)
New perk = Exo Soldier (1750 points, reload while sprinting.)

Note: Every area has a power station. You need to activate this power station, in order to buy perks. You get 100 credits from activating the power station.

Mystery box/3d-printer
The mystery box has been renamed the 3d-printer, and it also changes locations. It will not show a teddy bear, but the power will drain and the 3d-printer will show up somewhere else on the map. It costs 1000 points to buy a weapon.

Distraction drone: New special grenade, which can be received from the 3d-printer. Similar to the monkey bombs. Once you shoot the drone, all zombies will run towards the drone, and after 5-7 seconds, the drone will explode.

Nano Swarm: New special grenade, which can be received from the 3d-printer. Once shot, a large blue ball of light will appear, at the place where you’ve shot it. Zombies will be hit and stunned, when walking through. The zombies will only be able to walk slowly through the ball. It disappears after +- 10 seconds.

Note: you will receive both 1 grenade and 1 special grenade at the end of a round, to a maximum of 4 grenades and 2 special grenades.

CEL-3 Cauterizer: New weapon, which can be received from the 3d-printer. It is a very powerful shotgun, and actually a replacement of the Ray gun in my opinion. By far, my favorite gun from this map.

EM1: New weapon, which can be received from the 3d-printer. It is a laser gun, and you need it for the Easter egg. It is not very powerful, but good to earn credits.

Pack-A-Punch/Weapon upgrade machine
There is no pack-a-punch machine in Exo Zombies anymore. Though, now there is an upgrade machine. It costs 2500 credits to upgrade a weapon to the next level. After upgrading a weapon once, it will have its level displayed(mk 2 in this case), after its name. For example, an EM1 will become EM1 Mk2. You can upgrade every weapon to level 20(Mk 20). Each time you upgrade it, you receive maximum ammunition for the gun, and it will become a little more powerful. After completing the Easter egg, a new upgrade machine will appear, in which you can upgrade a level 20 weapon once, to level 25.

Also the power ups have been renamed, and there’s some new ones. For those of you that don’t know what power ups are, it’s the green things that some zombies drop.

Max ammo = Full reload (it will give maximum ammunition (bullets, grenades, special grenades) to all teammates and yourself, except for the persons that are either downed or dead)
Nuke = DNA bomb (It will kill all zombies that have spawned and it will reward all players that are not downed or dead with 400 points)
Insta kill = Hyper damage (Every hit, no matter whether a knife, bullet or grenade, is a guaranteed kill)
Power Sale = Power Surge (buying a weapon from the 3d-printer costs 10 credits instead of 1000.
Security (All around the map traps will be activated. Those traps will kill zombies. For example: lasers, will show up in some areas and some doors will kill zombies.
Double Points = Multiplier
Explosive touch: A new power up, when zombies touch you, they die.
”Retain your gun”: After you’ve died, you can pick up a power up gun for one of your guns. It appears on the place that you’ve died. You can pick it up, the next round, after you’ve spawned.

NEW Zombies
Also new zombies have been added to Exo Zombies. There’s still the regular zombies. Besides, there’s some regular zombies with some extra armor, and there’s some regular zombies with an Exo suit. The two new zombies are the EMP-zombies and the “green-explosion zombies”. The EMP-zombies will disable your Exo-suit for about 5 seconds, once they hit you. If you try to double-jump away from them, they will also hit you. The green-explosion zombies will explode once they are near you. They’re in fact not as dangerous as they may sound.

Note: You’re not able to rebuild barriers anymore. Instead, you can collect 100 credits from green lights around the map. Every once in a while, some of the red lights will turn green.

NEW Types of rounds
Then there’s also the dog rounds as we know them from zombies in Black Ops. Every few rounds only dogs will spawn. The last dog will give you a max-ammo when it is killed. A new type of round is also added to Exo Zombies, namely the infection round. This is a round with mostly infected zombies. Once they hit you, you’re infected and you have to decontaminate yourself. A timer will start from one minute, and will countdown towards 0. If you don’t decontaminate yourself before the timer has reached zero seconds, you’re dead(not downed, but dead, meaning all perks and 1 weapon is gone). Besides, when these zombies hit you again, 5 seconds will be subtracted from the timer. Decontaminating yourself will cost 250 points, and will reward you with a few seconds of camouflage. You can decontaminate yourself and a few teammates at the same time for only 250 points in total. Though note, that the machine that decontaminates you can not be used for about 30 seconds, after using it.

Orbital drops
You will receive one or more orbital drops every now and then. These are the drops that you can get:
Camouflage: much like zombie blood, zombies won’t attack you for a while.
Sentry gun: Self-explanatory, a gun that will shoot at zombies.
Credits: Self-explanatory, the amount of credits differs per time (between 100 and 1000)
Assault Drone: A drone, which will zombies for you.

Trash chutes:
Another new feature are trash chutes. You can enter a trash cute for 100 credits, and it will teleport you to a random location across the map. The second time you enter a trash cute (in the same round) , it will cost 500 credits, and from the third time on 2000 credits. The next round it will start from 100 credits again.

Survival tips
-Always have Exo Health and an Exo Suit (+Exo Medic in solo)
- The best area to survive is in my opinion the spawn area. It is the largest open area, thus giving you much space to move around.
- Try to kill the EMP zombies as soon as possible.
- Try to plan ahead. E.g. Can I last another round with these guns and the current amount of ammo they have? If not upgrade them, or buy a new gun(s).
- Try to buy new weapons, perks and upgrade guns at the and of a round with just 1 or 2 zombies left.
- Crawlers or zombies that are hit will bleed out. Therefore, try not to hit the one or two zombie(s) that you will be keeping alive, to give you some time to buy guns, etc.
- You get a new special grenade every round, therefore also use one every round. They might be handy when you’re trapped.
- Always pick up camouflage and other orbital drops.
- Try not to open the door between the spawn area and the decontamination area(the door next to Exo Medic). When an infection round appears, you can easily camp in the decontamination area. The zombies will only come from one side.
- Good guns in my opinion are CEL-3 Cauterizer, Pytaek and the Ameli.
-Keep distraction drones and Camouflage pick-ups, for occasions when you are about to get down.


For the Cheapskate achievement, you need to retain your Exo Suit, without spending any money. I personally got this in a multiplayer match with randoms. After a few rounds, your teammates will probably start opening doors, since the Exo Suit is essential to survival. You can of course also do this with friends, and let them open the doors for you, or with a second controller(just play with the second controller, let your main account die, and once you’ve opened all required doors, start a new round and walk with your main account to the Exo Suit).


Acquire the Exo suit without spending any money in Outbreak.

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The second achievement requires you slam 10 zombies at once, with the Exo Slam perk. Start off a game by yourself or in co-op, gain some points and buy Exo Health and Exo Slam, along with a decent gun(doesn’t have to be a very good gun, any assault rifle, light machine gun or submachine gun from the wall or box will do. You might also want to buy Exo Medic if you’re playing by yourself, for in case you go down. Play until round 8-10 or so, and then gather up a large train of zombies. If the current round happens to be a dog round or an infection round, try for the achievement the next round. When you do have a “regular”round, do not kill any zombies, and gather up all zombies in a train (basically keep running circles, and all zombies will follow you). Best location to do so, is the area in which you spawned. It is OK to kill EMP-zombies. When you’ve got at least 15-20 zombies following you, double jump towards the train and then dash forward with cn_B. If done correctly, you should explode, when hitting the first zombie. The achievement should pop a few seconds later.
Come On And ...

Slam 10 zombies at once in Outbreak.

Come On And ...
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For "Do you even Exo?" you need to slam 10 zombies in 30 seconds. This is very easy if you have an Exo suit and a hyper damage power up. This will be hard on rounds 1-5, since not enough zombies will spawn in fast enough (unless you happen to have a train of zombies). In round 6 and after, you should have enough zombies spawning in to get the achievement. Simply wait until you see at least 5-7 zombies, before picking up the hyper damage. Once you pick it up, just knife away. Kill a few extra, to be sure you’ve killed at least 10 zombies in 30 seconds. You can easily kill 10 zombies in 15-20 seconds.

Do You Even Exo?

Exo Melee kill 10 zombies in 30 seconds in Outbreak.

Do You Even Exo?
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The hardest part for the "burgle burgle burgle" Achievement, is to get the distraction drones. You can get those from the 3d-printer. You need to get this in co-op, or with a second controller. If you do this co-op, let your friend(s) keep buying weapons from the 3d-printer until they’ve got the distraction drone. If you do this with a second controller, don’t worry about your main account, just let him die. Keep running the 3d-printer with your second controller, until you get the distraction drone.

Then run a train until you’ve got at least 10-15 zombies, and let your friend shoot the distraction drone. Then throw a couple of grenades at the group of zombies and shoot at their heads. If the achievement doesn’t pop, let him throw the second drone, and kill a few more. You don’t need 10 kills from one distraction drone, it can be a few kills from multiple drones.

If you’re doing this solo with a second controller, wait for a new round, once you’ve got the distraction drones. Buy quick revive with your second controller, if you still have 1500 credits left. Then run a train at the spawn area. Your main account will obviously go down. Wait until you’ve got a decent train, or until your main account is almost dead. Then throw your first drone. Hurry to revive your main account, quickly switch controllers and throw 2 grenades at the group of zombies(if the drone hasn’t exploded yet). Then wait a couple of seconds and throw the second drone out with your second controller, and throw your last 2 grenades with your main account.
Burgle Burgle Burgle

Steal 10 kills from a teammate in Outbreak..

Burgle Burgle Burgle
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I would advise to combine the "Moneybags" with the "PC load letter"Achievement. You need to have 15,000 credits available to spend at a single time, and you need to buy 15 weapons from the 3d-printer. You can do this solo or with friends. Do not try to save up 15,000 from the start. First open doors towards the 3d-printer, and get one or two decent guns. Then get your Exo Suit and Exo Health (+ Exo Medic if playing solo). After that keep running trains at the spawn, and save up some cash. When you have just a few rounds of ammunition left, simply buy a new gun from the 3d-printer. Also, when a Power Surge power up is dropped, use it if you can manage not to get down, when using the 3d-printer. When you reach 15,000 cash (probably around round 10-12), finish the round you’re on, and keep one or two zombies alive. Then keep spending your cash on the 3d-printer until the achievement for spending 15 grant on the 3d-printer pops.


Have 15000 credits in the bank in Outbreak.

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PC Load Letter

Use the 3D Printer 15 times in a single match in Outbreak.

PC Load Letter
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You have probably reached round 10 at least once already:
I'm Alive!

Survive until round 10 in Outbreak.

I'm Alive!
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If you go for the 20/20 achievement, you will definitely reach round 25, before you have enough cash to upgrade 2 guns to level 20.


Survive until round 25 in Outbreak.

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I did the 20/20 achievement in solo, though you can also get it in co-op. Start a new game as you normally would (Get Exo Health, Exo Suit, etc.). Instead of getting proper guns, you want to get really good guns. It is possible to upgrade for example an EM1 or an ASM1 to level 20, though you need to survive unto +- round 30. Therefore, I prefer to get really good guns. If you have to waste too much money on the 3d-printer in order to get good guns, simply restart. Once you do get good guns, keep running trains, and only upgrade them once you need more ammo for the next round. Keep in mind, that you will need more ammo to kill all zombies in the higher rounds, and that 20 upgrades is the max. It is better to upgrade once every round, then a couple of times in a certain round, and then not having enough cash to upgrade it next round. Also upgrade both weapons more or less at the same pace. First upgrading one gun to level 20, and then the other is not a wise idea, since you will then have one gun that cannot be upgraded anymore(and then can run out of ammo) and one gun not upgraded at all (and therefore less powerful). Once you can get both guns to level 19, do so. Then the next round you can decide to do the last 2 upgrades not at the end of a round, but during the round. I got to 2 upgraded guns at level 31 or 32, if I recall correctly. Do keep in mind that you need to have both upgraded guns at the same time. Upgrading one, replacing it and then upgrading the other will not work.


Upgrade 2 weapons to level 20 in Outbreak.

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Last achievement which you need to get done, is the Easter egg. I found this one not that difficult and it only took me an hour or so. I will discuss the steps on how to complete the Easter Egg below. I found it much easier to do the Easter Egg solo, therefore I will discuss the steps as if you play it solo as well (Some steps will be harder on coop).

map havoc

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Step 1:
In the spawn area, collect the black box by pressing X, while aiming at it. (Location A) It is located on the left hand side of the downed helicopter. Then go to the morgue. On your right hand side, in the back of the morgue (near the power station), there are a few PC’s. Hold cn_X on one of those PC’s and the black box will be injected in this PC (Location B). Once the Black box symbol is not longer on your screen you’ve successfully injected the Black Box.

Step 2:
You need to collect 4 ID Badges. You can do these in any order.

Badge A:
Requirement: Infection round
Go to the administration area (where the decontamination area is) . There are 4 keypads (Locations C) in this area, which you will need to activate, while infected. Press cn_X while aiming at them, to activate a keypad. After you’ve activated all keypads, a badge will show up under the large glass, next to Exo Medic.
Note: You might have kept the door which is located next to this glass locked until now, though now you need to open it.
Also keep an eye on the infection timer. You don’t want to get killed!
You now should have a 1 next to your security badge by now.

Badge B:
Requirement: Exo Slam
There are a few glass cubes in the holding room (location D). One of them has a metal pipe underneath it. Shoot this pipe, until it falls down(you can’t see it anymore). Then Exo dash onto the glass cube, where you’ve just removed the metal pipe (cn_A, cn_A, cn_B). If done correctly, one glass cube will go down, and the other one will go up. Quickly collect the badge, before the cubes move back into their original position.
You now should have a 2 next to your security badge.

Badge C:
Requirement: EM1 gun.
Get the EM1 from the 3D printer. Then activate the printer again, and immediately start shooting on the 3d-printer. Instead of a weapon, a security badge should appear. Pick it up.
You now should have a 3 next to your security badge.

Badge D:
Requirement: At least 600 credits, and a gun with a lot of ammo (like the EM1, light machine guns or an assault rifle)
Go to one of the trash chutes, around the map. Press cn_X to open it once (costs 100 credits), and immediately jump/walk backwards, to prevent yourself from falling in. Then activate the trash cute again (500 credits), but this time do not walk/jump backwards. A security badge is buried somewhere in the room you’ll enter. Only downside is, you will need to shoot the ground next to the badge, before you can pick it up. Therefore, start spraying across the ground. After you’ve shot a certain piece of ground, press X while walking over this piece of ground. Do this, because, if the security badge was in the area that you shot, you now should have it in your inventory. Try to clear as many space of the ground as quickly as possible, because a machine will start moving from one side of the room to the other. It will kill you if stay in the room for too long. Once you have the badge(security badge symbol should have +1), or when you are almost trapped, exit the room. Every trash cute you use this round will costs 2000 (so 2X2000 to enter the room again). Therefore, if you did not pick up the security badge, try again next round.
You now should have a 4 next to your security badge.

Step 3:
After you’ve collected all 4 ID badges, zombies will drop badges, once you kill them. If you walk over the zombie corpses, you will collect a badge. Your own badge should start with number 4 next to it (If you collected all 4 badges). Though picking up zombie badges should increase this number. Keep picking up badges until you’ve reached number 49.

Step 4:
Go back to the place where you’ve injected the black box, and press cn_X on the monitor of the PC.

Step 5:
You will now need to head to your character’s station. Look at your own security badge, to see which character you are.
There's (from left to right) Kahn, Lilith, Oz and Decker.

Their specific character's station can be found at the following locations Kahn (Location K), Lilith (Location L), Oz (Location O) and Decker (Location E).
Simply press cn_X at your character's station.

Step 6:
You might not need to do this step, but do so just to be sure. Simply press X on one of the Exo Suits (where you picked up your suit).

Step 7:
This is the final step. You should hear a chopper. Get to the spawn area and wait for the chopper to attempt to land. You should now unlock the achievement in a couple of seconds.

Game Over, Man!

Call in a rescue in Outbreak.

Game Over, Man!
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