Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC Achievements

Call of Duty: Black Ops II has 90 achievements worth 2,000 gamerscore.

The base game contains 50 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore, and there are 4 DLC packs containing 40 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore.

    Add-on: Revolution


    4.0761,5277,911 (13%)5-6 h
    • High Maintenance

      In Die Rise, be the architect of their instruction.

      14 guides
    • Vertigoner

      In Die Rise, fling 10 zombies in one game.

      4 guides
    • Mad Without Power

      In Die Rise, reach round 10 before turning on the power.

      5 guides
    • Shafted

      In Die Rise, use Pack-a-Punch and all perk machines in one game.

      5 guides
    • Slippery When Undead

      In Die Rise, kill 5 zombies with a single shot from the Sliquifier.

      6 guides
    • Facing the Dragon

      In Die Rise, face the dragon head-on before reaching round 2.

      9 guides
    • I'm My Own Best Friend

      In Die Rise, revive yourself.

      6 guides
    • Polyarmory

      In Diner Turned, get a kill with each primary weapon in a Public Match.

      2 guides
    • Monkey See, Monkey Doom

      In Diner Turned, retrieve a chained Cymbal Monkey in a Public Match.

      2 guides
    • I See Live People

      In Diner Turned, kill the human while its decoy is in play in a Public Match.

      2 guides
    Add-on: Uprising


    4.1472,30910,308 (14%)5-6 h
    • No One Escapes Alive

      In Mob of the Dead, execute the escape plan.

      4 guides
    • Feed the Beast

      In Mob of the Dead, obtain Hell's Retriever.

      8 guides
    • Making the Rounds

      In Mob of the Dead, complete the cycle 3 times.

      1 guide
    • Acid Drip

      In Mob of the Dead, convert a weapon using a kit.

      3 guides
    • Full Lockdown

      In Mob of the Dead, Brutus completes his patrol.

      4 guides
    • A Burst of Flavor

      In Mob of the Dead, kill 10 zombies at once with a new beverage.

      4 guides
    • Paranormal Progress

      In Mob of the Dead, open a door without spending points.

      5 guides
    • GG Bridge

      In Mob of the Dead, survive an entire round on the bridge on round 15 or higher.

      2 guides
    • Trapped in Time

      In Mob of the Dead, use and upgrade all traps before round 10.

      4 guides
    • Pop Goes the Weasel

      In Mob of the Dead, break the cycle.

      4 guides
    Add-on: Vengeance


    4.1765,5478,074 (12%)6-8 h
    Add-on: Apocalypse


    4.1252,0465,782 (11%)8-10 h
    • Little Lost Girl

      In Origins, release Samantha.

      3 guides
    • Not a Gold Digger

      In Origins, share a weapon you dug up.

      3 guides
    • All Your Base

      In Origins, activate all generators without allowing one to stop.

      4 guides
    • Kung Fu Grip

      In Origins, free yourself and another from the Panzer Soldat’s claw in one game.

      5 guides
    • Playing with Power

      In Origins, build all elemental staffs in one game.

      2 guides
    • I’m on a Tank!

      In Origins, ride the tank around the map without getting off.

      5 guides
    • Saving the Day...All Day

      In Origins, revive another player four different ways in one game.

      3 guides
    • Master of Disguise

      In Origins, use Zombie Blood to revive three players and activate a generator in one game.

      7 guides
    • Overachiever

      In Origins, complete all 4 Challenges in one game.

      3 guides
    • Master Wizard

      In Origins, wield all of the ultimate staffs in one game.

      1 guide