4. Call of Duty: Black Ops II MultiplayerUpdate notes


Treyarch has changed up Multiplayer in this Call of Duty installment, but don't fear, the Call of Duty feel is still there. Below are a list of new features and changes that you will run into.

Gametypes: TDM, FFA, Domination, Ground War, Demolition, Kill Confirmed, Headquarters, S&D, and CTF all make a return to the game. Multi-Team and Hard point are two new gametypes. Multi-Team is a gametype were 3 teams of 3 players battle in a mosh pit of the most popular gamemodes. Hardpoint is sort of their take on King of the Hill. There will be a hardpoint located at certain areas of each map where players need to control (i.e. have only members of their team in the zone, while keeping enemies out of it) that zone to win. The hardpoint stays in one location for 60 seconds and then moves to another area of the map.

Scorestreaks: In previous Call of Duty titles you would earn 'Kill Streaks' by racking up as many kills as you could without dying. In Black Ops 2, they are now 'Scorestreaks' where you will be able to earn support elements for you and your team based on the score you obtain without dying. There are 22 Scorestreaks to choose from. Some will be familiar and some are brand new.

League Play: In an effort to promote e-Sports, Treyarch has designed a League ranking system into its own multiplayer section in the form of League Play. If you have played Starcraft for PC, then the league system is somewhat similar to that. Players will play 5 placement matches and then will be placed into a league based on their performance, which is mainly based on wins. There is a Champions Series which is 4v4 and uses settings/restriction that the competitive Call of Duty community uses for tournaments. There is also a 6v6 Team Deathmatch Series that uses regular MP settings/restrictions. Try to stay away from League Play until you reach level 10 and unlock the 'Welcome to the Club' achievement, however, to avoid a glitch.

'Trained Up' requires you to play in the Combat Training playlist. You will need to win 10 MP matches in this area. While playing in this playlist, you earn half of the XP and half of the weapon rank of normal MP matches. The teams of this playlist also includes up to half human players and half AI.

Trained Up

Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Combat Training playlists.

Trained Up
2 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusCumulative +Players Required

'Welcome to the Club' requires you to reach level 10 in your multiplayer career. This achievement is a little buggy and may not unlock once you reach level 10. One cause may be if a player plays in League matches before fully reaching level 10.

Welcome to the Club

Reach Sergeant (Level 10) in multiplayer Public Match.

Welcome to the Club
2 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusLevelPlayers Required

'Party Animal' requires you to play in the Party Games playlist and win 10 MP matches. The gamemodes for this are Gun Game, Sharpshooter, Sticks and Stones, and One in the Chamber. These are all free for all game types.

Party Animal

Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Party Games playlists.

Party Animal
4 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusCumulative +Players Required

As mentioned before, Treyarch added in a League Play area to multiplayer. 'Big Leagues' requires you to play 5 placement matches in either team, or solo, and either in the Champion Series or Team Deathmatch Series. After you are placed in a league for one of those Series, you must win 5 matches after being placed in a league.

Big Leagues

Win 5 multiplayer League Play games after being placed in a division.

Big Leagues
1 guideDiscontinued

Like every other Call of Duty MP, you have your prestige. 'Welcome to the Penthouse' requires you to reach Prestige level one. You will need to earn XP for 55 levels and then enough to enter the prestige mode. Prestiging does not reset progress made towards challenges for calling cards, stickers, or weapon camos. It only resets you to level 1, so you'll have to level up again to unlock scorestreaks, weapons, perks. On the plus side, you have the option to pick something to permanently unlock, whether it be a weapon, scorestreak or perk.

Welcome to the Penthouse

Prestige once in multiplayer Public Match.

Welcome to the Penthouse
4 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusLevelPlayers Required

That's it for the Multiplayer achievements! Now onto Zombies!

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