6. Call of Duty: Black Ops III Personal Decorator

This has been copied, pasted and modified from left 4 zaneage 's solution.

Okay, before we get into what is required for this stupid achievement, there are a couple-of-ground rules and info; FAQ's and un-realistic/realistic expectations if you will:

1. If you cannot finish the training simulator on Realistic first, then don't even bother going for this achievement.

2. The list is in order of appearance, not in-order of how you're going to get the decorations, however, I will give an idea of how you'll unlock them as you progress.

3. Be prepared to join some gaming sessions - if you don't like playing with other people this achievement probably isn't for you.

4. This achievement will probably take you (depending on skill and luck) somewhere between 40-80 hours to complete.

5. Go and finish at least one run of the campaign before reading this page. I've kept it spoiler free, but you'll understand it better after the game is over.

6. Annoyingly, this achievement can be glitchy.

You will earn (well, at least should be earning) these decorations in-order as follows ("1." being the first decoration, and "12." being the last):

1. Chronicler
2. Legendary Service
3. Heroic Service
4. Tried and True
5. Dedicated to Excellence
6. Armament Superiority
7. Grim Reaper
8. Immortal Fame
9. Above and Beyond
10. Master of Arms
11. Duty Calls
12. Full Honors

Anyway, lets begin:

Okay, so this achievement is a big one, and is going to take you a while -- so, prepare for tediousness. To start off, this achievement is very similar to Black ops 2's 'Giant Accomplishment' achievement, in which you were required to do challenges throughout the campaign, Black ops 3 however has upped the ante.

Here are the requirements for this achievement (P.S. if you want to check the status of the achievement, go to your room in the mission briefing area (the area where you can edit your weapons, play training, upgrade Cyber Cores, etc), go into your room and you'll see an empty cabinet (unless you unlocked one of the medals already) and click cn_X, you will see these requirements):

If at any point you want to check how many kills/collectibles/mission scores/accolades without having to go into a campaign game press cn_start from the main menu of multiplayer/campaign/zombies, then cn_RB twice so that you get to Barracks, press campaign, press weapons/collectibles/mission scores/accolades for any information on what you've missed or what you need to get done throughout the campaign.


Master of Arms: Earn all Campaign Weapons, Attachments, and Camos.

Earn is the key word here. Unlock all the weapons and unlock all the attachments/camos associated with that weapon. So for example on the Kuda you'll need to get to the max rank to get all attachments and 650 kills for all camos. For the rest of the weapons you'll need to rank up throughout the campaign. The last weapon you unlock is at level 20. In total you'll need a whopping 17,750+ kills for all the camos on all the weapons. Secondary weapons count as well! However, primary weapons need more kills (650) than most secondary weapons (150 for pistols and 300 for rocket launchers). The weapon level will come to you naturally as you go for the camos.
For getting all attachments for one single weapon, you will get:

Lock, Stock, And Then Some

In Campaign, unlock all attachments for any weapon.

Lock, Stock, And Then Some
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Below I will list 3 places where farming kills is most effective:

"3." is without-a-doubt the fastest method on the internet: you can get 3 guns finished in an hour. Please use this method over all the others -- the other methods are there in-case you get bored. Also try to go through as many guns as possible while doing other challenges. Obviously save the worst guns for farming, and use the guns you like best to do other challenges.

1. In the mission 'Rise and Fall', You'll come to a section in the mission where you are required to stop the advancing enemies (when you get the Spike launcher). As soon as you are able to control your character run through the left door and into the grounds ahead, once you reach the container in the middle of the area, turn right and head towards the enemies' spawn (it's a large open door in the background of the area (there's two doors, make sure you go to the door on the far right), you'll see enemies pouring out, it's very hard to miss), head to the right of the door where you'll see some concrete blockades, hide here when you're damaged, when you're not damaged, shoot all the enemies coming out. It should net you roughly 200+ kills every 5-10 minutes (depends on weapon). If you need ammo there's an ammo cache right next to the door you walked out of at the start of this section in the mission.

2. In the final mission, 'Life' you'll come to a section where there's a lot of enemies, after dropping down from a crashed airplane head left (make sure to avoid all enemies until you get to a room with an ammo box), the room is located in the middle of the area on the left, walk in through the door and there will be another door in front of you. Now enemies will be dropping down from above, so just slightly peak out and shoot them as they drop. This should net you a fair amount of kills while still being safe. If you need to change classes at any point run back to the area where you dropped down from and change classes there.

3. In the same area as previously mentioned kill the big mech thingy (forgot what it's called) at the start of the area (from where you dropped down earlier). As soon as it dies you'll get a checkpoint, from there run all the way to the left (as far as you can go), and you'll reach a little room with two entrances, the robots will be coming out of the two spawn stations in front of you. This method is extremely fast, however it is very risky. Do it at your own risk, beware of the talons that fly in from time-to-time.

-The Annihilator Pistol and the War Machine are required for the decoration. If you're unsure about how many kills you have -- go to the 'Barracks ' .
- At level 20 you will unlock the Overkill wildcard, which allows you to equip 2 primary weapons. Useful for working on multiple primary weapons at the same time. To select it go to Armory select which of the five set ups you want to change, move down past the tactical and lethal grenades and select the wildcard.
- If you die you will lose all progress since the last checkpoint! Save and quit every now and then to prevent yourself from losing progress when you die. Saving and quitting saves progress. If you die, you can even press start quickly and save and quit to save any progress, though don't fall back on this glitch as it can fail. Only use it as a last chance of saving your progress.
- In case you have met the requirements but don't have the accolade: Start up a combat immersion and get a kill with the Annihilator and then kill yourself. Then restart your console and then load the game back up. Once loaded enter a safe house and it should unlock.
- I highly recommend doing 'Duty Calls' (complete all campaign challenges) and 'Master of Arms' simultaneously.


Dedicated to Excellence: Fully upgrade all Cyber Cores.

For this you'll need to upgrade each Cyber Core twice at the Cyber Core table. You'll need a total of 42 fabrication points, which can be earned by playing through the campaign, unlocking accolades and unlocking camos. The three classes you'll need to max out are: Control, Martial, and Chaos with 14 points in each. You'll know they've been fully upgraded when there's two yellow arrows pointing up on each of the Cyber Core's.

For fully upgrading one cybercore, you will unlock:

Unlocked Potential

Fully upgrade a Cybernetics Core.

Unlocked Potential
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Armament Superiority: Unlock and purchase all weapons, lethals, tacticals, and CyberCombat Abilities.

Do the same thing you did in Dedicated to Excellence for this one. You will need 38 fabrication points to unlock everything. The last weapon you unlock will be the ' Gorgan ' at level 20 (Max level).

Unlock all the weapons first, then lethals and tacticals', and then finally the CyberCombat Abilities.


Heroic Service: Complete the Campaign on the Veteran difficulty setting.

Just finish the game on Veteran, simple. Recommend doing this with a group of 4 people to make it easier. However, it is stackable with Legendary Service and Immortal Fame, so don't go for this one specifically .

Read "Legendary Service" and "Immortal Fame" for some tips and tricks.


Legendary Service: Complete the Campaign on the Realistic difficulty setting.

Take it slow, very slow; make sure you kill all the enemies in the area before advancing throughout the whole game -- this doesn't work in some areas, however.

Everyone should equip 'Emergency Reserve' .

Have a player at the back reviving players, don't run off, always stick together, equip 'Emergency Reserve' in the create-a-class menu, it is possible to do this solo but I strongly encourage you to team up with 3 other players.

There will be sections of the game where it seems impossible, e.g. the end of 'Hypocenter ' where bombs will be falling from above while you attempt to swim upwards and ' Rise and Fall ' where you'll be required to stop the advancing enemies (Spike Launcher section).

Also make a good use of your abilities. In contrast to previous COD games where you would make most kills with weapons, in this COD you will get a fair chunk of your kills with (or iwith the help of) your abilities.

Upon completing the game on realistic, you will unlock:

No One Will Believe You

Complete the Campaign on Realistic.

No One Will Believe You
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Immortal Fame Complete every mission in the game at least once on Veteran difficulty without restarting from a checkpoint.

I've included two methods to tackling this decoration: one being a solo method and the other being a co-op method, obviously I recommend co-op, but the solo one is there if you need it.

Solo Method:

Recommend following the tips in ' Legendary Service ' to make things a little easier.

If you save and quit the moment you die, you can resume game from the main menu and it still counts as never using a checkpoint. Now of course this only works if you're playing on your main playthroughs and getting the "progress has been saved" at the top of the screen when you hit a checkpoint. And also the emergency reserve thing works wonders too, as you get a new one every time you reach a "select Loadout" box during the mission.

Co-op Method:

Do it with 4 players and in the event that you all die, restart the mission. Recommend following the tips in ' Legendary Service ' to make things a little easier.

Be prepared for un-expecting glitches that randomly pop-up and stop you from continuing through the level, or evening finishing.

Its been reported by users in the comments that this decoration hasn't unlocked for them. The general consensus has come to the conclusion that:

1. The host got the achievement, and the other 3 players in the party have not got it (some users have reported 2 out of 4 players getting it). If you were one of the people that did not receive the achievement, replay the first mission and/or replay any mission you think might not have counted.

2. If you lag/disconnect from a game at any point during your run-through this decoration then restart the mission from the main menu.

3. If you all die during a mission it's best to restart from the main menu.

If none of these are helpful unfortunately you'll have to wait until the latest patch for a fix.

Also be prepared for some events that might happen which causes the mission to restart from a checkpoint, regardless of how many players are alive (e.g friendly fire will not be tolerated, failing to meet one of the mission requirements, jumping off a cliff)


Chronicler: Locate all the Collectibles in the Campaign.

Here's 2 video guides which might be helpful, although all collectibles are discussed in the story walkthrough of this walkthrough. As suggested on the story walkthrough page, pick up preferably all of the collectibles on your first playthrough. However, you will be replaying the missions a lot to get every accolade done so don't worry if you miss one.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Above and Beyond: Complete all Accolades for all Missions.

At your home base/mission debriefing place, go to the 'Mission Record Vault' (always located right next to the door before a mission) and press cn_RB so that you go to 'Accolades'. Here you'll see all the upcoming accolades for the upcoming mission. I suggest you do most of these on the easiest difficulty. For the points, difficulty doesn't matter, just aim for the head often and play on solo and you should get it every mission. Again, all the accolades are discussed in the story walkthrough of this walkthrough. Here are some guides for anyone wanting additional help.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

- If you miss any accolades, don't worry, this can be done on as many playthrough's as you like.

- This decoration is one of the longest ones -- I suggest mixing up with 'Master of Arms' (read above).


Duty Calls: Complete all Campaign Challenges.

From the multiplayer/campaign/zombies main menu's press cn_start, than cn_RB once, then click on campaign to see three different categories: Missions, Tools of the Trade and Career.


Very simple, just finish every mission in the game on either Hardened, Veteran or Realistic. This will come either naturally or when you're going for "Immortal Fame"

Tools of the Trade:

All credit goes to KillerZ x Ace who has made an extensive guide on this section of the challenge:
Solution for Personal Decorator in Call of Duty: Black Ops III

My only recommendation is to do some of these challenges while doing 'Master of Arms'


Control Core Mastery III - Use Control CyberCore abilities against 500 enemies.
Simply use any of the abilities to kill or damage 500 enemies. You should get this naturally when going for other stuff although a good one to farm it is the Terminal Breakdown if needed. .

Commandeered III - Kill 100 enemies using Remotely Hijacked robots.
This is a Control Core ability. It allows you to hack robots like a Cerberus, turrets and A.S.P's. While controlling the robot, try to get as many kills and these will rack up towards this challenge. Not that difficult.

Juiced III - Debilitate 125 enemies with an electrostatic discharge.
You'll have to use Homing Surge and/or Ravage Core, which are Control Core abilities. Obiously use this on a group of robots as you'll get more kills at once. Can be stacked with Laws Compliant III.

Martial Core Mastery III - Use Martial CyberCore abilities against 500 enemies.
Simply use any of the abilities to kill or damage 500 enemies. You should get this naturally when going for other stuff although a good one to farm it is the Mass Weapon Lockout if needed.

Fast as Lightning III - Kill 100 enemies with a follow up Rapid Strike melee attack.
This is a Martial Core ability. It allows you to quickly melee an enemy after you've knifed one before that. Only use this ability on a group of enemies as the first kill in the sequence does not count.

Shockwave III - Knock down or kill 100 enemies using Concussive Wave.
This is a Martial Core ability. Simply get kills with it, nothing special.

Pulverized III - Pulverise 100 enemies using Overwhelming Force.
This is a Martial Core ability. (Called unstoppable force when upgraded). You can use this to charge through enemies. Best used on groups of enemies as you will get multiple kills at once.

3 Laws Compliant III - Using Ravage Core, debilitate or kill 100 enemies with a volatile power core.
This is a Control Core ability. Press cn_RB while near a robot. You will rip out its core, which you can throw as a grenade. Enemies killed or stripped of their limbs as a result of the explosion will count for this.


Chaos Core Mastery III - Use Chaos Core CyberCore abilities against 500 enemies.
Simply use any of the abilities to kill or damage 500 enemies. You should get this naturally when going for other stuff although a good one to farm it is the Mass Overload if needed.

Swarmed III - Kill 125 enemies while they are blinded by Fireflies.
This is a Chaos Core ability. Upon using it, nearby enemies will be attacked by fireflies, allowing you to kill them.

Inferno III - Kill 100 enemies in the explosions from Immolated enemies.
This is a Chaos Core ability. (Called Adaptive immolation when upgraded) It will set robots on fire causing them to explode. Best used on groups obviously, as only the enemies killed in the explosion will count for this. The upgraded version also works on humans.


Demolition Expert III - Earn 150 kills with explosives.
Self explanatory. You will definitely get this upon farming all the weapons camos, as there are a few launchers among them.


Basically the section where you are required to complete an X amount of things in order for completion: accolades, decorations, fabrication kits, etc.

Don't worry! One of the challenges requires you to get an X amount of decorations in order for it to unlock, it skips one when (whatever your second or third last decoration is) unlocked and just unlocks all of them at once.

Training simulator:

There's a lot of ways of tackling this challenge, but this should be the first thing you get out-of the way:

Primary: Gorgon with 6 attachments - Reflex, Grip, Quickdraw, Stock, Extended Mag, FMJ
Secondary: War Machine
Lethal: Semtex
Tactical: Shock Charge
Tac-Rig: Traversal Enchancement & Repulsor Armor

"Combat Simulator on Realistic (Invincible method) - You need a friend, or a second controller, I'll speak from a second controller POV, but just sub a friend in instead if it applies.
Go into the campaign menu (not in a safehouse) and load in your second controller for co-op play. Choose to "Select Mission' and select 'In Darkness', you should now be in the "reply mission" menu, just hit to begin. You'll go through the cutscene and end up in the safehouse for that story-arc. Now, bring both controllers over to the combat simulator and set it to Realistic difficulty, YOU sit first, on whatever chair and have your dummy sit, (AFTER YOU'RE SEATED AND IN THE MENU TO CUSTOMIZE LOADOUT/BEGIN) on the same chair. You'll see a weird animation glitch (not super noticeable) where you'll see the inside of their head/eyebrows. Now, click start on both controllers at THE SAME TIME, if done correctly you'll get a white-screen for several seconds and when the game loads the person who sat first will now be invincible. How do you tell? If you can't see your ammo/open your core powers. You'll still be able to activate the rounds, so just go through killing your way to the achievement, remember to pick up a rocket from the ammo-crates if you forgot to bring your own. Now, what about your dummy? Personally, I had some problems with the challenge unlocking with the dummy there, so, I jumped the dummy off the cliff at the beginning and just had him sit in the 'you failed' screen without exiting the combat simulator till I finished. I don't know if they can actually fully leave or not, but, why risk it.

Note: Sometimes for whatever reason I was unable to start the first wave with the invincible controller, so keep your dummy alive to start the first wave, and then you're fine.

Note: Another plus to kill your friend/dummy is that, it's not MEANT to have two people in there, so the game puts TWO objective spheres, and both CAN be activated for double the wave, it gets frustrating/confusing, so it's easier to just kill the dummy off to let you focus and guarantee you're waves finishing and not theirs."

If you successfully performed the glitch, your next goal is to finish the training simulator with as many points as possible. Score headshots, double kills, keep your accuracy up and finish the rounds ASAP. This should be easy while invincible. If done decent enough you will also get the challenge mentioned below for scoring 35,000 points.

Tried and True: Earn a score of 35,000 in the Training Simulator.

You should be able to get this on your realistic playthrough, assuming you are using the invincibility glitch.

Again, all credit goes to PowerPyx for this guide:


Grim Reaper: Neutralize 2000 hostiles.

This will come naturally if you're going for the achievement, however if you wanna farm kills read the 'Master of Arms' section above. You will need to reach 17,000+ kills for unlocking all of the camos, so this one is not one you will need to focus on specifically.


Full Honors: Earn all Campaign Decorations.

After you've earned all of the above decorations you'll receive your well deserved achievement, congratulations, I applaud you for getting this ridiculous achievement.

Personal Decorator

Earn all Decorations.

Personal Decorator
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