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    Let me start off by stating that I am a huge Call of Duty fan since COD4. COD4 was incredible and even though MW2 has some aggravating flaws and a poorly told single player it’s still worthwhile game overall. So when I heard about Black Ops, I couldn’t wait for it to come out. I pre-ordered it and then counted down the days until November 9, 2010. The whole time waiting I thought to myself: “Treyarch will have learned from MW2’s mistakes and will make a game that brings back COD4’s greatness with some of the good aspects from MW2. Treyarch will succeed and it will be awesome!!!” November 9 came and all that hype I had built up for Black Ops turned into disappointment and hate. It took a couple months to clear my mind of that anger and see what Black Ops has to offer us. The game has many good aspects, as one would expect from a Call of Duty game, but it is also has a lot of setbacks from those previously mentioned Call of Dutys, that makes it disappointing. Just a warning, I believe it is necessary to compare this game heavily to its predecessors.

    Graphics/ Sound

    It seems Treyarch tried to make Black Ops more colorful than the previous Call of Dutys. At times the colors and textures look spectacular and at other times they look plain and uninviting. Animations are good for the most part. Overall the graphics are decent, but definitely a step backwards from MW2.

    The sound in Black Ops is good. Even though the music jumps around quite a bit, I think it fits and is well done. Gary Oldman, Sam Worthington, and Ed Harris do great jobs with their respective parts in single player.

    Single Player

    The storyline takes place in the 1960’s and is told through the eyes of one U.S. soldier, Alex Mason. He’s being interrogated and every question he’s asked leads him to a flashback. Each flashback turns into a mission played with him. There are all kinds of twists and turns in the story and for the most part it’s a lot of non-stop action. The story isn’t particularly long (a common theme with shooters these days, unfortunately) and is definitely beatable in a day. Just like previous Call of Duty’s, there are many scripted events and sequences. Many of them are great, but some lack the intensity, look, and overall feel of the one’s in MW2. Also, just like previous Call of Duty’s the enemy AI is beyond stupid, although at times I found it pretty entertaining to watch. There are also some noticeable flaws in the level design that can become aggravating, but for the most part they shouldn’t cause too many problems. Overall, I think most people will enjoy this experience.


    I believe most people spend $60 on Call of Duty games to play multiplayer and here is where Black Ops really disappoints for me. I feel as though the changes to Black Ops from its predecessors only take away from what makes their multiplayer’s so great and addictive. In other instances I feel as though Treyarch is just stuck in Infinity Ward’s shadow and can’t find their way out. Here is my rundown:

    The Good:

    It’s no surprise that Treyarch decided to bring back “Zombies” mode and people seem to find it just as fun as it was in WAW. Treyarch added a Theater mode, where one can film and watch matches, as well as his/her friend’s matches. They also added a mode called “Combat Training,” where one can set up matches just like multiplayer, but with enemy and ally AI. There are also some small yet cool changes such as an interactive main menu, a global map showing where people are playing around the world, and an addition to every players profile called the “COD Playercard” which shows all kinds of stats about the player. All of these are welcome additions and can be a lot of fun.

    The Whatever’s:

    This time around Treyarch decided to introduce a currency system to the Call of Duty multiplayer (sort of similar to the one they used in Quantum of Solace). The new system uses “COD points” to buy weapons, camos, gun attachments, killstreaks, emblems, titles, etc. This is separate from the traditional Call of Duty multiplayer “XP,” which is used to level up. I feel as though the currency system makes no improvement on the multiplayer and takes away from the fun of leveling up. I love how in MW2 there are challenges to complete to get the coolest emblems and titles, headshots to rack up to get the best looking camos, and certain types of kills to accumulate in order to unlock gun attachments. Now with Black Ops a player can play for a while, accumulate some COD points, and buy the items he/she wants sooner. This leaves little extra incentive to play. I believe Treyarch added a contract system and wager matches in order to add that extra incentive, by betting COD points. They’re fun for a while but ultimately the setup is not as rewarding as the previous Call of Duty multiplayer’s.

    A major complaint from people who have played MW2’s multiplayer was the lack of perk balance. Certain perks could be combined together and be abused, which at times made MW2 a frustrating experience. Treyarch set out to solve this problem with Black Ops by getting rid of some perks, such as commando, danger close, martyrdom and stopping power. This was great at first, but the more I played the more I realized some perks had been made worse. People abused perks such as Ghost (UAV jammer in COD4 and cold-blooded in MW2) and Second chance (Last stand in COD4 and MW2) to the point of frustration. This being said I do think the perk balance is much better than MW2 and generally not as frustrating, but it’s not perfect.

    The Bad:

    Of course the previous things I mentioned would not matter that much if the game had great maps, guns, and was just plain fun to play. RIGHT??? Unfortunately this is where Black Ops really disappoints.

    The maps (for lack of a better word) SUCK!!! I remember playing computer games and building my own maps with a map-maker tool. Put a mountain here, a bridge there, and a couple trees over here. I feel as though this is what Treyarch did; they were just having fun making maps. When I play COD4 I feel like the maps have purpose to them and are all well balanced. One can use all the different gun classes effectively on almost every map. In Black Ops the maps seem to be only geared towards using assault rifles and little else. This leads me to the actual guns themselves. In an attempt to get rid of “quick scoping, ” Treyarch decided to give snipers a hitch when scoping in. This makes it very difficult to be an effective sniper. Shotguns and submachine guns are underpowered and even in close combat are not as effective as assault rifles. Combine this gun un-balance with the large assault rifle made maps, one is pretty much forced to use assault rifles to be effective against good players. I loved the days of COD4 where I could use a variety weapons on multiple maps and it just drives me insane being forced to only use assault rifles map in and map out in order to be an effective player.


    In the end, I personally feel disappointed with Black Ops and I can definitely see how people hate the game. But at the same time, I have friends who love the game and play it to death and there okay with some of those things I hate and can’t stand. If your okay with some of the things I mentioned and you have a bunch of friends playing Black Ops, then it will probably be a great game for you and you will think I am an idiot. But if your like me and some of those things might bother you, then I would suggest you play COD4 and MW2 first, if you haven’t done so already, and also other series on the market such as Battlefield or even Halo, or maybe rent or borrow a friend’s Black Ops.

    This is my first review so any suggestions on how I can improve would be much appreciated. Feel free to comment too and thanks for reading!!!
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    JoeyCartoonzYou are right. Black Ops is much more balanced than MW2. I re-wrote a couple sections of my review to hopefully reflect that fact. Much less noob-tubing, quick-scoping, and overall aggravation.

    I guess your points on shotguns and snipers have to do with how I define “effective.” To me COD4 is the standard. I could go ten straight maps and used five different classes of weapons and be among the top 3 each time. To me, that’s effective. Shotguns and subs are good in close quarters, snipers at range, and assaults are balanced. I’ve never seen anyone do well consistently while sniping or shotgunning in Black Ops. Is it possible, sure I guess with a truly great player, but probable, no. The maps are just to open to allow them to be effective. Add in that assaults are naturally much better than the other weapons. Take the Famas, in close quarters a sub should win most of the time, but countless times, they don’t. Same with the AK-47 and the Commando, their more effective at close range than subs and shotguns and more effective at long range than snipers.

    And I didn’t say all I wanted to do was snipe. I just like sniping periodically (not quick-scoping, I can’t do that, plus it’s cheap and I hate it), and I want to be effective when I do it, like in COD4. I don’t know that’s just how I feel and those are my thoughts.
    Posted by JoeyCartoonz on 15 Jun 11 at 05:33
    iksolokosYou shouldn't ever compare a game to its predecessor. Each game stands on its own. Exceptions happen, i.e. if you are reviewing Assassin's Creed II and you reference some of Assassin's Creed's story. Your love for COD4 should not reflect you love of any other game with "Call of Duty" in the title.
    Posted by iksolokos on 17 Jun 11 at 13:19
    JoeyCartoonzI think I can see where your coming from, but I think the I think it’s necessary to compare games to one another as a measuring stick. I think the ultimate point of a review is for the reader to get a better understanding of whether or not the game is worth his/her money.

    Even game review sites such as IGN and Gamespot mention the same facts in their reviewing philosophies. The assumption is that someone has a limited amount of money and time. Someone should want to play a game that worth his/her time and money. So In my opinion the reader would get more enjoyment (for less money I add) out of playing COD4, the Halo series, and the Battlefield Series.

    Activision pops out a new Call of Duty every year and a lot of people, myself included, feel that over the years the games aren’t getting any better, even though they seem to be selling more and more. Each game costs $60 and all the downloadable contents now are $15 each. In my opinion, there are more games out their worth your time and money.
    Posted by JoeyCartoonz on 17 Jun 11 at 16:47
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    I didn't want to play this game.

    When my brother first begged my parents to pre-order yet another game in which you play a soldier, fight Nazis, and all-in-all be Captain America minus the tights, I was unimpressed. When he popped the game in, I wasn't thrilled, and when I heard him yelling "Get away from my window!" I became bitterly cynical.

    How did I end up playing a game I obviously had a bias towards? The story is that I needed one last achievement in one of my all-time favorite games, Left 4 Dead 2. My brother decided to help me, but under the condition that if I ended up getting the achievement, I would have to play Black Ops. I even added that I would not only play Black Ops for five minutes, I would play through the entire game and unlock every single achievement.

    Logical deduction points to the obvious - he helped me get the achievement, and I was forced to keep my word due to a silly sense of honor.

    Again, I entered into this game with a huge bias. Right off the bat I hated it. You have to understand, this is the only thing my brother talked about for weeks. It saturated my brain and I wasn't even playing it.

    With this in mind, let's continue on with my review…


    Meet Mason. He's a soldier. He fights the bad guys, sacrifices himself for his team mates, follows orders, and is basically a gun-toting Captain America, except for the fact that he curses like a sailor.

    But who blames him? When you first start the game, Mason is strapped to a chair, bloody and bruised. A guy who obviously is using some sort of voice distorter keeps asking him funny questions about numbers and electrocuting him. Apparently his goodie two shoes act didn't get him into a good situation.

    The story mode consists of 15 missions, which are relieved by Mason through flashbacks while he is in the chair. His captors consistently tell him that he is a liar and that they know what really happened, yet persistently beg for details. I became quickly irritated at this anonymous figure. (Without spoiling, I will tell you that the identity of this person is eventually revealed.)

    Most of the levels you play as Mason, but occasionally you play as Hudson, Mason's CIA handler, or Resnov, a Russian whom COD fans will recognize from previous games. This is a poor decision as far as the story goes,; it's jarring to suddenly realize you aren't playing as the same character.

    The villains are poorly developed and are considered evil simply because they are Nazis. (Or Russians who have defected and sided with Nazis) The reasons they want to destroy America and the "holy virtues" we Americans stand for is not explained. Furthermore, there is little reason to sympathize with Mason's plight. He's not lovable or cool. The missions are for the most part disjointed and nonsensical.

    In sum, playing the game I felt like, well, a soldier. I go to the checkpoints, I kill the people you want me to, I don't ask questions.


    Multiplayer in Black Ops is a multifaceted diamond, or a bed of snakes on a medusa's head, depending on who you ask. I personally can't decide. The point is that there are many upsides and downsides to multiplayer in Black Ops.

    The first upside is the huge amount of customization you can put into your character. You get to decide what guns you carry, what type of grenades, and what perks you would like to use. You also get to create an emblem for yourself that you can emblazon on your gun. This emblem appears on your victim's screen when you kill another player, and likewise when you are killed the emblem of your murderer appears on your screen.

    And that leads me to our first downside - the disgusting emblems. Look, I get it. You're a lonely 16 year old virgin. But I really don't want to look at a pair of breasts and legs spread wide open every time you kill me. This really isn't the game's fault, but instead the community that plays the game. Still, I had to put it into the review.

    Also, second downside. While there is a large amount of customization that can be done, only higher leveled players can access higher leveled perks and guns. This can leave some gamers in a "Pit of Noob," struggling for any bit of cash they can get while veterans repeatedly rape them and gain all the benefits. There is a mode called Combat Training in which beginning players can train without the threat of experienced players owning them, but all experience and cash gained in this mode cannot be redeemed in multiplayer.

    But back to the upsides - Black Ops has introduced a new feature into their multiplayer which allows players to record some of their most epic moments and show them to their friends. These clips can be edited down to short pieces, the camera angle can be adjusted, and overall the freedom you are given is astounding.

    And finally one of the biggest upside is Zombies mode. Up to four players enter a map, fight off the zombie horde, repair windows, buy guns, and overall kick ass. This mode is not brand new (it was first featured in World at War) but there's a reason it has remained - it's pretty cool. I'm a huge zombie fan, liking Left 4 Dead, the Walking Dead, and Zombie Apocalypse. Zombies mode in Black Ops is a nice addition to my growing zombie fandom, featuring a unique points system and plenty of strategies to fight of the horde.

    Zombies mode It does have it's flaws though. First of all, if you have poor team mates (The kind who yell at you to stay away from their window and refuse to buy doors for their team) the fun factor decreases exponentially. Also, connecting with other players in the first place can be a huge hassle. Trying to play Zombies online is almost as bad as attempting to find a match on Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood, and that's saying something.


    Black Ops is happily diving into the Uncanny Valley. The graphics compete with giants such as Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption and Assassin's creed. Sure, the lip synching isn't great, the wrinkles in clothing can look sort of blocky, and hair can look a little odd sometimes, but all in all these are just tiny imperfections my mind is seeing, as for the most part the game is stunningly pretty. I remember specifically as scene in which you view Resnov, who is either sweaty or drenched, and the way his skin shines in the dim overhead lighting. It's stunning, and it works.

    While I haven't had the chance to take the advantage of this or see how it works, Black Ops is compatible for 3D television sets.

    The sound on the other hand is fairly average. None of the voice actors perform badly, per se, but none of them really grab me. Guns sound like guns, people sound like people, and occasionally background music can sound a little overdramatic. (The mission in which you play Resnov and opera music starts to play comes to mind.) Still, the sounds rarely get annoying or grating, except for the voice of your captor. I've already expressed my irritation towards him.

    One of the songs played during a particular sequence grabbed my attention and was rather good, this song was called Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones. It was an excellent choice of music and fit the mood of the mission perfectly. Thumbs up on that front.


    For a game that is toted for it's amazing multiplayer, one must question why almost all of the achievements in Black Ops are centered around it's single player. The obvious answer seems to be that Treyarch was afraid everyone would buy their game, play the multiplayer, and only a rare few would go through the campaign. And to be honest, that's probably what I would do if I were given the chance.

    If you were to play through the campaign on Recruit, you would probably unlock a large amount of achievements, but then you would have to replay through the entire campaign again on Veteran. I personally opted to play through once on Veteran, unlocking all of the harder achievements, and then sweeping back to get any easy ones I missed. The campaign on Veteran is intensely annoying, but I've spoken to many COD fans and they say it is one of the easier campaigns compared to other titles by Treyarch.

    The very little multiplayer and Zombie achievements are for the most part easy, except for Sacrificial Lamb and See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me. These two require a large amount of luck to be on your side.

    Even with these difficulties, the achievements are not entirely unreasonable if you patiently grind your way through the campaign on Veteran. I would say that the achievements are overall moderately difficult, with a few of them being harder.


    So as I draw this review to a close I have to ask myself, how many stars do I give the title? Would I recommend it to other players?

    Well, it certainly doesn't get one star, that is reserved for much truly horrid games like Darksiders. Two still seems a little harsh, and in the end I give it three stars.

    The experience I had with Black Ops was not horrible, however the game needs to be improved, especially it's storyline. Areas of the game are frustratingly stupid, enemies spawn endlessly and your AI team mates are retarded. The level in which you control a tank was particularly dumb as well, at that point I literally cried in frustration. These are some of the things that keep Black Ops from getting four or five stars.

    It should be noted that I originally planned to give this game one star, as again I was very biased against this game, however I warmed up to the large amount of customization (unlocking a purple star reticule was one of the high moments of the game!) and the zombie mode. These features prevented me from giving the game a pathetic score.

    Would I recommend this game? Well, if you were already a COD fan, of course. But to the rest of the gamer populous, I'd have to tell you that this game is overrated in my opinion. I would suggest buying it after the hype has gone and the price as fallen.
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    On the heels of Electronic Arts' challenge to the Call of Duty throne, the revamped Medal of Honor, comes one of the most anticipated titles of the year, Call of Duty: Black Ops. After Activision's multimillion-dollar falling out with Modern Warfare developer Infiinity Ward, they turned to Treyarch to keep their children in gold braces and diamond cufflinks. Based on the incredible early sales, no Activision children will starve this Christmas, but what will all the kids think who get the latest first-person military killfest under their tree? Let's find out.

    In this edition of Call of Duty, Treyarch aimed to bridge the gap between their traditional, less-modern shooters with the technology and gadgets of the late twentieth century. To accomplish this without creating a messy hodgepodge, they enlisted "Dark Knight" scribe David Goyer to write the story, and while the result might be hard for some gamers to follow, the result is a cinematic experience with a satisfying conclusion. Set in the Cold War era, Black Ops follows a member of the S.O.G. (Special Operations Group) and his allies from the end of World War II through the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War.

    One of these allies is Reznov, a Russian patriot voiced by Gary Oldman, who returns after appearing in Treyarch's mega-succesful CoD: World at War. Reznov gives a strong voice to the communist side of the Cold War conflict, without lending any creedence to the Vietnamese or Cuban political viewpoints. It's an interesting tightrope to walk, but the game succeeds in making Reznov a hero, while keeping the bad guys unquestionably bad. A Cuban dictator uses his paramour as a human shield, while Vietnamese guards re-enact the most famous scene from "The Deer Hunter" in dramatic fashion. These elements add to the storytelling, though they add to the controversial nature of the game (more on that later).

    The single-player campaign is great fun, with typical CoD mission types, as you'll break out of multiple prisons, rescue downed allies from armies, assasinate evildoers, sneak behind enemy lines, and rain thunder from the skies with mortar strikes and attack choppers. Highlights include another sneaky arctic mission (this time with a Special Ops crossbow) and an overwatch-style mission where you man an SR-71 Blackbird miles over the earth. The downside to all this non-stop cinematic gaming? Well, it's non-stop. The game moves so quickly you can't really stop and enjoy the scenery, the story, or even the terrific weapons and their many modifications. No matter the difficulty level, you'll be shooting, ducking, and running, and the whole thing might feel like a blur by the time it's over. Perhaps the amped-up pace is an attempt to recreate the CoD multiplayer mayhem, but with the campaign timing out at around six hours, it's a lot to ingest in such a short time. Great fun for the Michael Bay generation, but a few pauses in the action would be welcome.

    The multiplayer game will draw in many gamers, and while all of the previous features are included (and even a few new tweaks, like the Wager system), I couldn't bring myself to enjoy playing online. After enjoying Halo: Reach's far superior matching system and wide range of game types, getting drawn-and-quartered by level 45 Prestiged players just lost some of its charm. The support perks, a cool addition in past games, create an unending stream of exploding R/C cars and choppers buzzing overhead. At one point in the first afternoon of play, I suffered three straight spawn kills by an enemy chopper gunner... without taking a single step. Not fun, Treyarch, not even a little. Sure, the graphics are amazing, the perks and modifications fun to tinker with, but how many gamers will give up after playing a few hours against gamerclans with enhanced armor and heavy hitting bullets? It's bad enough that gamers start with a minimal number of barely useful weapons, but limiting those gamers to a few gametypes is just painful.

    On the other hand, Treyarch may have seen this coming, as they've included a "bots only" version of the multiplayer game, with selectable difficulty, so beginners can get the feel of the maps and perks without dying 60 times in a match to a clan of expert gamers. This mode is fun for awhile, and they've included a Ready for Deployment achievement/trophy to those who stick it out till level 10 (this should take less than an hour). Other modes snuck in are the wildly popular Zombies mode, the text-based "Zork" game, complete with the Eaten by a Grue achievement/trophy, and the Smash-TV clone "Dead Ops Arcade", which grants a few achievements in a glossy 360 degree top-down shooting package. For someone who's been gaming as long as I have, these easter eggs provide as much fun as the much-ballyhooed multiplayer online mode.

    CoD: Black Ops is a mixed bag. At its best, the game is a cinematic masterpiece, at its worst, a frustrating game that feels more like a job. A quick example - the John Woo-styled level "Numbers", complete with double-wielded pistols and fluttering, slow-motion birds in front of massive explosions, which results in the Double Trouble achievement if you're willing to commit to double-wielded weapons throughout the level. Exciting and action-packed at lower levels, it becomes a chore of epic proportions if played on "Veteran", with seemingly endless enemies and allies who bump you off ledges and long jumps. You might want to play it on the harder level, but after hours of frustration (here and elsewhere), why bother? Treyarch's CoD: World at War was legendarily difficult on Veteran difficulty, Black Ops not quite as much, but still plenty frustrating. Nobody wants cracked LCD TVs from thrown control pads, so some gamers might want to rest after beating the lower difficulty levels.

    If you love military shooters, you're going to play CoD: Black Ops. There's absolutely no reason not to. It's lots of fun, all your friends will play it, and event titles like this are a big part of why we own next-gen systems to begin with. However, those gamers who became frustrated or annoyed with prior CoD multiplayer gaming might want to simply rent this game, enjoy it for a few days, then swap it out for one of the other excellent holiday offerings. Bear in mind, though, that CoD games hold their value very well, so grabbing this on Black Friday for $40 is a great plan, since you'll probably get great value back in a few months.

    One final note regarding controversial war games... on the heels of controversy in Modern Warfare 2, World at War, and Medal of Honor, Cubans are angry with the depiction of their embattled leader in CoD: Black Ops. War is hell, and there will always be disagreements about who the good guys and bad guys are. Winners may tell tales, but in this game, we have a strong Russian character and no similar Cuban or Vietnamese representatives. Many believe the United States failed in aggression in both Cuba and Vietnam, and both countries have faced severe handicaps following their respective conflicts. It's not enough that Cuba has faced immense economic hardship, or that Vietnamese farmers can no longer use land polluted by Agent Orange, now Americans will make millions off painting them as simple villains against American heroes?

    Greater minds than ours have attempted to reconcile these issues. I'd advise any offended gamer to simply play something else, and anyone who wonders what the sides were really fighting for should read one of Robert McNamara's excellent books. McNamara, who appears in both the single-player and Zombie modes of CoD: Black Ops, was a key figure in both Cuban and Vietnamese conflicts, and his reflections are terrific reading, regardless of the readers' political views or personal opinions about America's role in the Cold War.

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    Single Player:

    Call of Duty: Black Ops put you behind a character named mason, who is a soldier in an elite special ops group, and for the first time in a CoD game your character is not a mute. The story starts off with your character being strapped down in a chair with a few unkown people interrigating you. Their mission is to get some answers out of you about a mysterious broadcast that is being sent out by the Russians. The story is told by a series of flashbacks that your character has according to the questons you are asked by your interigators. As you progress through the story Mason slowly remembers the numbers meaning and who his interigators really are. The last few missons of the Black Ops campain is played in Mason's present time of 1969.

    Rating: 3 out of 5
    Reasons: Althought the actual story was great the length was a tad bit shorter then some of the other CoD's and there are a few minor glitches having to do with enemy spawns, getting ou of the map , and friendly AI responses to the enemy AI.


    XP and Currency:
    The XP system is still the same you gain xp from completing games, getting kills and completing challenges and getting awards like the "First strike" award in Modern Warfare 2. The big change is the new currency system that has been put in. The currency is called COD points. With COD points you can buy weapons, attachments, Perks, Gernades, Equiptment (Claymore,motin sensor, Jammer...), camos, and even facepaint. COD points do not help you level up and are not to be confussed with XP. There are 3 ways to obtain COD points.1) Wager Matches- a new free-for-all type game mode that requires you to gamble different amounts of your money. The top 3 players are considered in money and recieve more COD points while the others lose the money they put on the line. 2) Leveling up- each time you level up you get some COD points the exact amout given is determined by which level you are. the higher the level the more Points. 3)Contracts- theses are new to CoD. These are basically like challenges with time limits. Contracts have to be bought with COD points and each one has different difficulities and prices. Some have to be done in 1 hour while other have to be done in 30 minutes.All contracts award money once they are completed and some even add in som bonus XP. Contact Examples- Get 15 kills with the M16, % headshots in one life, 5 killstreak with a sniper, ect. New contacts are added every 24 hours.

    Many changes were made with the killstreaks in Black Ops. First off in order to get killstreaks in Black Ops the player has to be the one to actually get the kill. By this i mean you have to either kill a person with a gun,grenade, or knife for the kill to count. Say your killstreaks are UAV, Helicopter and dogs. Any kills that are gotten by your heli will not count towards your dogs this goes for all the other killstreaks.
    New Additions-
    1)RC XD- Remote controlled RC car that can explode and kill anyone near.
    2)SAM turrent- Deployable rocket turrent that only targets enemy airbourne killsteaks.
    3)Naplam Strike- An air stike that brings down a blanket of firey napalm that burns anyone in its path.
    4)Grim Reaper (Only achieveable throught the care package)- Basically just an ordinary rocket launcher.
    5)Death Machine (Only achieveable throught the care package)- Powerful Gatling gun.

    Rating: 4 out of 5
    Reasons: The multiplayer portion of this game would get a 5 for me if it werent for the slow speeds of finding matches and all the glitching.

    Basic Rules:
    With the huge success of Zombies in World at War Treyach has brang the huge sucsess back with Black OpS Zombies. Zombies is a 4 player Co-op game mode where players fight endless rounds of bloodthirsty zombies. As the waves progress the zombies become harder to kill but their stength stays the same.
    For players who bought the regular edition you will be able to battle endless waves of zombies on two maps one which is available right when you insert your disk and another which will unlock when you complete the campain or when you activate a cheat.When you buy the Hardened edition or prestige edition of Black Ops youget the two from the regular edition plus all the zombie maps frome World at War.
    Perks Machines:
    Quick revive- Allows the consumer to revive allies a lot quicker then usuall.
    Juggernog- Gives you more health and makes you tougher to take down.
    Speed Cola- Allows the consumer to reload faster
    Double Tap Root Beer- Weaopons shoot bullets 2x faster
    Pack a Punch Machine:
    This Machine can be used to upgrade any weaopn that you come across. With this machine the simplest of guns can become some of the srongest guns out there.
    The big addition to zombies is a boss like character called the Pentagon thief. This zombie only comes out on the unlockable map "Five". The pentagon thief replaces the dogs. This guy is faster then all other zombies and runs a lot faster too. If he catches you he steals your weapon you are holding at the time and runs. If you kill him you get you gun back and if you dont say goodbye to your precious ray gun.

    Rating:5 out of 5
    Reasons: Zombies is a fun Coop mode that can be enjoyed with friend and never gets old.
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    14 Nov 2010
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    First of all, I must admit to being biased. I am a big lover of all things COD. Despite that, this is my favourite game to date.

    The singleplayer campaign finds you in an interrogation room as Mason. Your captors are trying to get information regarding broadcast numbers which they state you alone can solve.

    Each mission is played as you retell your story as a member of an assassination squad.

    The story is quite indepth, as it focuses on one character alone (although you play a brief stint as his CIA handler) it allows you to connect with him more. Thankfully every level does not end with you being half blown up and saved by your team.
    The levels vary from sandy deserts trying to disarm a rocket to snowblown mountains. Gameplay wise not much has changed thankfully. There is more interaction in the cutscenes which although an improvement, is still quite limited: you pull back to lift the plane, you can move the steering wheel on the car as it ploughs through the streets but the car still follows a set path etc. Reznov from World at War makes a comeback which is a welcome addition.

    Multiplayer the game excels, the old match types return with some new wager additions. You now not only earn xp to level up which unlocks weapons/perks/killstreaks etc, there is also a currency you earn from matches and also there are contracts which you can take to buy your selected setup.

    There is a great level of customisation, from facepaints and your playercard to lens reticle (both style and colour) and there are now features to upload videos directly to community. You can now play splitscreen with either a guest or a 2nd xbla online, although personally I have had trouble connecting but this is when I was in a party with friends and trying to bring a guest in. There are spawning issues on a few levels, especially smaller ones like nuketown where in game modes like HQ you will find enemies spawning on your side of the map right across from you which is obviously abused for easy kills.

    It is evident that rather than just releasing a game they know will sell on the name alone, a lot of effort has been put into showing why they are the leading game for FPS online play. Personally it's the little things which show this sort've effort that I appreciate the most. There are 2 new zombie maps, one is unlocked once the campaign is completed and a 3rd zombie arcade game which is surprisingly fun and addictive. This is unlocked through an interaction with a computer which is seperate from any game type. Online while waiting for games you have a map showing you the distribution of players globally, and also lots of interesting statistics coming up. Like the current number of kills as a percentage of the world population.
  • ostermann1992ostermann199233,130
    10 Apr 2011
    25 15 9
    Again a german review. And yes I know many of you don't like reading germand Words or think on there should be only english reviews. But i don't care!

    Ja es scheint schon fast zu einem festen Naturgesetz geworden zu sei. Alle Jahre wieder kommt ein neues Call of Duty und alle Jahre wieder bricht es den Verkaufsrekort seines Vorgängers. So auch der neuste Titel der Reihe „Call of Duty Black Ops“. Dies ist der 7 Teil der „Call of Duty“ - Reihe und verweist mit 5,6 Millionen Exemplaren in den ersten 24 Stunden seinen Vorgänger „Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2“, welcher sich am ersten Tag 4,7 Millionen Mal verkaufte, auf den zweiten Platz. Doch verdient der neue „Call of Duty“ Teil diese Zahlen überhaupt? Gleich vorweg JA!!!
    „Call of Duty Black Ops“ wurde von Treyarch entwickelt, welche schon unter dem, meiner Meinung nach, weniger gut gelungenen „Call of Duty World at War“ ihre Unterschrift setzten. Mit den von Infinity ward entwickelten „Modern Warfare“ Teilen hatte Treyarch nichts zu tun. Dennoch haben sie aus den Fehlern gelernt. Hierzu ein kleiner Geschichtsexkurs:

    2003: Der erste „Call of Duty“ Teil erscheint. Unter den Entwicklern viele frühere„Medal of Honor“ Mitarbeiter. Diesem macht „Call of Duty“ den Thron der „Weltkriegs-Shooter“ streitig. (Entwickler: Infinity Ward)

    2005: „Call of Duty 2“ erscheint und begeistert vor allem mit einem gelungenen Multiplayermodus. Die Verkaufszahlen von CoD steigen und von „Medal of Honor“ sinken. (Entwickler: Infinity Ward)

    2006: „Call of Duty 3“ wird nur für Konsole veröffentlicht. In den Kritiken schneidet es nicht so gut ab wie CoD 2. Es ist der erste, komplette CoD Teil der von Treyarch entwickelt wurde.

    2007: „Call of Duty Modern Warfare“ schlägt ein wie einer Bombe! Das Setting wird in die heutige Zeit versetzt. Aktuelle Konflikte dienen als Vorlage. Dafür hagelt es Kritik. (Entwickler: Infinity Ward)

    2008: „Call of Duty World at War“ erscheint und versetzt den Spieler wieder in den 2.Weltkrieg. Dies wurde von vielen Spielern als Rückschritt empfunden.(Entwickler: Treyarch)

    2009: „Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2“ wird veröffentlicht und wird mit 4,7 Millionen Exemplaren am ersten Tag zum bestverkauften Videospiel aller Zeiten. Die „Flughafenszene“ geht durch die Medien und wird von den meisten Spielern als unnötig und übertrieben bezeichnet. (Entwickler: Infinity Ward)

    2010: EA versucht mit einem neuen, an „Modern Warfare 2“ angelegten „Medal of Honor“ erneut den Thron zu übernehmen, versagen jedoch kläglich – „Call of Duty Black Ops“ erscheint

    Soweit die Geschichte hinter Call of Duty. Es ist klar zu erkennen, dass normalerweise die von Infinity Ward entwickelten Teile der „Call of Duty“-Reihe klar besser waren. Doch dies gilt nicht für „Black Ops“.

    Zuerst zur Handlung des Singelplayermodus:

    Ihr erwacht gefesselt in einem Stuhl und werdet mit Stromschlägen gefoltert. Vor Euch Bildschirme mit Gesichtern, Orten und irgendwelchen roten Zahlen. Plötzlich ertönt eine Stimme aus den Lautsprechern. Sie Fragt euch verwirrende Dinge über Kuba, Russland, und die Zahlen. Eure Spielfigur „Agent Mason“ beginnt sich zu erinnern. Weißer Bildschirm. Dann geht es los eure erste Mission: Kuba – töten Sie Castro! Ihr habt gerade rein gar nichts verstanden? Ja dann geht es euch so wir mir in den ersten paar Minuten von „Call of Duty Black Ops“. Ich hatte mich vorher rein gar nicht über die Handlung des spiel informiert und wusste nur ganz grob, dass es irgendetwas mit dem Kalten Krieg zu tun hat. Ich habe die übliche, flache aber beeindruckend inszenierte CoD Story erwartet. Doch die Geschichte von „Black Ops“ hat mich überrascht. Sie war… gut… spannend… Sie hatte all das was den vorherigen Teilen fehlte. Und dass war vor allem ein glaubwürdiger Hauptcharakter der spricht! Das mag zwar banal klingen doch dadurch, dass Mason spricht und ein Gesicht hat ist er für den Spieler viel greifbarer und glaubwürdiger. Der Charakter wirkt nicht mehr wie eine seelenlose Puppe, die der Spieler steuert, sondern er zeigt Gefühle und es werden Emotionen vermittelt. Natürlich sind diese Emotionen nicht mit denen zu vergleichen, welche in „Heavy Rain“, Mass Effect oder „Shadow oft he Colossus“ vermittelt werden. Aber sie sind auf jedenfall ein Fortschritt! Nebenbei ist die Action im Spiel natürlich wiedermal unglaublich inszeniert und wird von nichts bisher Dagewesenen übertroffen.


    Ja was soll man dazu sagen. Es ist CoD! Ihr seid maximal bewaffnet und schießt euch den Weg durch linearen Level. Dabei agieren die Massen an Gegnern mehr als Schießbudenfiguren als, als sich klug und taktisch verhaltende Soldaten. Auf den niedrigen Schwierigkeitsgraden pustet ihr sie problemlos weg und auf den höheren machen sie euch allein durch ihre Zahlmäßigkeit Probleme. Dennoch muss gesagt werden, dass „Black Ops“ wirklich abwechslungsreich ist! Es gibt Stealth-Missionen, „Fahrzeug Moorhuhn“ Missionen, in denen ihr lediglich das Geschütz eines Vehikels bedienen könnt in einer Mission befindet ihr euch sogar wieder im 2. Weltkrieg. Aber in „Black Ops“ dürft ihr auch selbst Hand ans Lenkrad legen. Ihr steuert Boote, Motorräder und sogar einen Helikopter! Dies funktioniert sogar überraschend gut.


    Nun zum vielleicht wichtigsten Teil von „Call of Duty Black Ops“, dem Multiplayer! Hier gibt es extrem viele Neuerungen, welch vielleicht auf den ersten Blick als nicht sehr gravierend angesehen werden, sich jedoch stark auf das Spiel auswirken. Zuerst das wichtigste: Die oft sehr nervigen Abschusserien von CoD MW 2 wurden entschlackt und sind nun viel erträglicher. Desweitern sind Granatwerfer bei weitem nicht mehr so mächtig. Ein großer Unterschied zu allen vorher dagewesenen CoD Teilen ist, dass ihr euch Waffen, Extras und Ausrüstung nun durch s.g. CoD-Dollars kaufen könnt. Früher war das so: Ihr erreicht ein bestimmtes Level und bekommt eine neue Waffe. Um nun Aufsätze und Tarnungen für diese Waffe zu erhalten musstet ihr mit ihr spielen und eine bestimmt Anzahl von Abschüssen erreichen. Das gleiche galt für Ausrüstung und Perks. Im neuen Cod läuft das folgendermaßen: Ihr erreicht ein bestimmtes Level und einen Waffe wird zum Kauf freigeschalten. Ihr habt nun die Möglichkeit diese Waffe von euren zuvor verdienenden CoD-Dollars zu kaufen. Tut ihr dies könnt ihr im Klasseneditor für diese Waffen von Anfang an Aufsätze und Tarnungen kaufen und montieren. Ausrüstung und Extras werden nicht durch Levelausstieg freigeschalten sondern sind ab Beginn für alle verfügbar. Die Extras können lediglich durch bestimmt Aufgaben verbessert werden. Diese Neuerung hat sowohl positive als auch negative Auswirkungen. Einerseits wird das Spiel dadurch um einiges fairer vor allem für Neueinstieger mit niedrigerem Level. Diese können nun von Anfang an dieselbe Ausrüstung und Extras kaufen wie Spieler mit höherem Level. Andererseits geht dadurch auch etwas die Motivation fürs weiterspielen verloren. Denn wer benutzte in CoD MW2 nicht die billigste Mistwaffe stundenlang um auch für diese alle Aufsätze frei zu schalten?

    Neu im Multiplayer sind auch die s.g. „Wettspiele“ hierbei setzt ihr euer verdientes Geld auf euren Sieg in 4 interessanten neuen FFA-Modi.
    „Eine im Lauf“: Ihr habt nur eine Pistole mit einer einzigen Kugel und euer Messer. Jeder Treffer ist tödlich. Für Abschüsse mit der Pistole gibt es mehr Punkte. Pro Kill bekommt ihr eine zusätzliche Kugel.
    „Stock und Stein“: Ihr seid nur mit der neuen Sprengstoff Armbrust, dem neuen, Klingen verschießendem Ballistik-Messer und eurem normalen Messer bewaffnet. Der Rest läuft nach üblichen FFA-Regeln.
    „Waffenspiel“: Ihr startet mit einem Revolver und für jeden Kill bekommt ihr eine andere Waffe. Der Spieler, der zuerst mit jeder Waffe einen Kill erzielt hat gewinnt.
    „Scharfschütze“: Alle Spieler haben immer die gleiche Waffe. Die Waffen wechseln nach einer bestimmten Zeit. Für Kills bekommt ihr zusätzlich Perks. Der Rest verläuft nach standart FFA-Regeln

    Und dann ist da noch eine Sache für die ich „Treyarch“ danke! Es gibt wieder den Zombie Modus. Für alle die diesen nicht kennen: Ihr seid mit bis zu 3 Mitspielern in einem Haus gefangen und habt euch verbarrikadiert. Nazi-Zombies versuchen eure Gehirne zu fressen. Durch das Töten dieser Zombies erhaltet ihr Punkte und diese könnt ihr in den Zutritt für neue Areale oder Waffen investieren. Ich persönlich finde diesen Spielmodus genial! Es ist das Beste bei „Cod World at War“ und ist auch in „Black Ops“ wieder hervorragend gelungen.


    Ich denke mal ihr habt es beim Lesen schon gemerkt. Ich finde “Call of Duty Black Ops” einfach genial. Es ist der beste CoD Teil seid “Modern Warfare 1”. Kauf ihn euch, zockt ihn Online. Ihr werdet eine Menge Spaß haben.
    Leider muss ich aber auch sagen, dass bei mir langsam Ermüdungserscheinungen auftreten. Die Militaryschooter von heute fesseln mich leider nicht mehr so… Ich hätte mal wieder Lust auf etwas Neues, etwas Innovatives…

    Diese und andere Reviews und Kritiken zu Spielen, Filmen und Serien findet ihr auf meinen Blog:
    27 Jun 2011
    18 10 2
    Single Player:

    The single player of Call of Duty: Black Ops is by far the best of the last few CoDs that have been released. The story is a little more believable and they did a good job with making sure it was interesting the entire way through. It took me around 4 1/2 hours to beat the campaign on regular which is pretty short but has become the norm in today's shooters as the focus is more on multiplayer. I liked the variety of guns found in the game with different attachments so it didn't get boring using the same few guns. I did encounter some problems with certain guns not getting ammo from the same gun with an attachment on it like somehow the bullets changed to fit the scope or double mag. The AI in Black Ops is by far the worst i've experienced in a long time. I had so many problems with the AI i almost cried at times. For example: An enemy soldier standing right next to an ally shooting at me and my ally is completely oblivious to the enemy. I've had groups of enemies run by my allies and kill me because the AI is too stupid to recognize the enemies as a target. If you plan on playing on Veteran be prepared to break a controller or the disc itself. The levels were all vastly different and provided a nice change up instead of the same setting all the time. One little complaint i have is Castro's voice. The voice actor who did him needs to be fired and a real Cuban needs to be hired. It sounds like they pulled a white guy off the street and got his best impression of a Cuban then put it straight into the game. The graphics in Black Ops seem to be about 3 or so years old and could have been much much better.

    Grade: 3 out of 5 stars


    Before i review this i would like everyone to know that i am a Battlefield fan. But i am also an honest reviewer who takes an unbiased side when reviewing.

    The multiplayer in CoD isn't for everyone. It's fast paced and made so that experienced players and new players can play together and have fun. There are 3 types of multiplayer: Core, Barebones, and Hardcore. Core consists of 11 game modes including Team Deathmatch, Demolition, Headquarters, and Capture the flag. Barebones is the type I'd recommend new players try out first. It has 3 modes: Pure (No perks, killstreak rewards, Attachments, Equipment, or Contracts), Classic (Team Deathmatch with Killstreaks at 3, 5, and 7), and Team Tactical (Objective based modes with no Perks, Killstreaks, Attachments, Equipment or Contracts). The last mode is Hardcore which is Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and Free for all with no radar and extra powerful weapons.
    One thing i hated about the multiplayer was kill streak rewards. I found they made matches unfun and unfair for other players. In Team Deathmatch the moment someone would put up a helicopter the match was completely one sided the rest of the way. Another thing i found annoying was no dedicated servers. It gets real annoying when your in a match and it migrates hosts 10 times until everyone loses connection and has to restart the match. The multiplayer i found was best on Bare bones Pure mode where there are no perks or killstreak awards. Some of the larger maps in multiplayer seemed to be out of place as i always found CoD to be a small,medium map kind of game since its more run and gun than anything.
    If the versus stuff isn't what your into then there is CoD Zombies. This is a fun mode where you take control of president Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro, or another character who i can't remember the name. You basically try to survive as many rounds as possible alone or with friends against hordes of the undead. You get points from killing the zombies which you can use to buy weapons off of special points on the walls or open new areas. You also get points by barricading windows and doorways.

    Grade: 3 out of 5 Stars

    A quick good/bad list to sum up my review:

    Single Player
    -Moderately fun campaign with a story slightly more believable than the modern warfare's.
    -Large variety of weapons with different attachments.
    -Every level is a change in scenery and keeps things fresh.
    -Ice Cube
    -Terrible AI
    -Dated Graphics
    -Short campaign clocking in at around 4 to 4 1/2 hours.
    -Areas where enemies spawn continuously until you reach a certain point.

    -Large variety in game modes
    -You don't have to be a skilled player to have fun and compete with others
    -Wager matches are a nice change up from the normal multiplayer games
    -Terrific customization of your character and weapons.
    -Zombie mode is very fun whether your playing alone or with friends
    -Killstreak awards can prove to be very unfair, often making the match unwinnable if the other team gets a helicopter up
    -No dedicated servers leads to a lot of host migrating and losing connection to matches while in the middle of them.
    -Larger open area maps don't seem to work well with the run and gun game style.

    Final verdict: 6 out of 10
  • Ole Man LoganOle Man Logan573,499
    20 Apr 2011
    13 7 0
    Another year means another Call of Duty. And to present this title is developer Treyarch who developed World at War. First off the story. While the campaign is somewhat short it is exciting clocking in around 7 hours you will reach the games conclusion. Your Mason starting off in an interrogation chair being questioned by a strange voice. You play out Masons memories of things that happen in the past, full of stealth ,vehicle, and run n gun combat you will be placed in Vietnam through the Cold War. This is the first call of duty that you actually care about your character and want to know what will happen next. Now on to the Combat. Combat is smooth if you played any other COD you should feel right at home. Graphics and Sound are relatively good (Although I still think MW2 looked better) There is nothing really all that breathe taking, or new added to the series. Multiplayer is bascially the same with new maps and guns and new perks. Treyarch did a very good job getting rid of some of the things that were so frustrating in MW2. No more Commando lunge, No infinte N00B Tubes/ RPG's. All your normal game modes are in TDM, CTF, Domination so on and so on. Treyarch also brought back there lovely Zombie game mode back and it is once again a blast with you and up to 3 other people the replay value on this game alone is awesome!. Call of duty doesn't raise the bar for the shooter genre, but still works well. The only problem is with the online lag, No matter how good of a connection you have lag will forever be a downfall. I give this game an 8.5/10
  • dannyleek547dannyleek54760,586
    11 Apr 2013 11 Apr 2013
    5 3 2
    There's a lot of lengthy reviews for this game, but if like me you want to know what the game is like with a quick read, then here you go, just read the headings that are of interest to you...

    Storyline of the game
    *Spoiler Alert*

    You play as Mason, strapped into a chair in a darkened interrogation room with TV monitors all around you flashing up numbers. Between jolting you with electricity, you're asked what the numbers mean. Like Mason, you have no idea. And thus, Black Ops leads you on a series of flashbacks that bring you to the point where you're strapped into the chair while explaining why.

    Storyline scores 4/5 headspin - Although the narrative jumps into the shoes of different characters it is not disjointed, there are twists and turns. The revelation of what the numbers mean is big, just wait and see...everything will fall into place.

    Campaign gameplay

    Classic COD gameplay.
    Progress into new areas.
    Clear out threats.
    Push forwards.
    Follow the marked leader.
    Reach the checkpoint.

    With the odd new gimmick such as making sure your Hazmat suit stays in tact and swimming into the base of a submarine.

    You get to drive a bike, a helicopter and other vehicles, all with easy to master controls.

    4/5 headspin


    As always there are a vast range of weapons, from pistols to explosive tipped crossbows.

    5/5 headspin


    This is a brilliant mode to play by yourself, with friends or other random people who want to kill the, undead.

    The weapons, perks and helping hands available in this game are great. The strategy needed is brilliant, do you move on to the next room, or camp in this one throwing grenades down the corridor?

    x2 multipliers pop up, as well as nukes, mystery boxes, inst-kill and all sorts more.

    The maps are fun, well made and challenging to master.


    Online multiplayer

    Many, many online game modes. As well as the traditional COD modes, other gameplay such as One In the Chamber are a welcome break, where you start with 1 bullet in a pistol and if you kill someone, you get another bullet, if not, it's knifing time.



    The achievements range accross all modes, from online multiplayer to zombies. Like previous COD games a large chunk of the achievements are to collect Intel on Campaign and to complete chapters on Veteran difficulty. The Zombie mode achievements are very difficult and very time consuming, but it makes the game last longer and it's a very fun mode to be playing.



    There are four add-on downloadable content packs, all for the Zombies mode. They are;
    Rezurrection (1200 Microsoft points - 7 achievements for 250G)
    Annihilation (1200 Microsoft points - 7 achievements for 150G)
    Escalation (1200 Microsoft points - 7 achievements for 150G)
    First Strike (1200 Microsoft points - 7 achievements for 150G)

    2/5 for cost, 4/5 for gameplay, 3/5 total
  • ryanlegend95ryanlegend95190,060
    29 Nov 2012 30 Nov 2012
    7 7 7
    COD is the biggest blockbuster game in the world and perhaps in history. The main problem with COD games is that all of the sequels are pretty much the same game but with newer guns and a different time period.

    Is this COD game the same thing or is it something that is truly new and amazing. Find out in this review!

    External image

    To be honest. I'm NOT a big fan of COD at all. As a game it's good but as a series it's nothing but a cash cow as one wise person once said to me. Sure that the newer titles are improved but that's all it is. An improvement. None of the sequels never feel like a true sequel. All titles are pretty much the same thing over and over again which comes to question, why is it even a massive blockbuster? Like COD Black Ops is good, it just doesn't bring anything new to the table. All it has is a few more unused game modes, a new campaign and a few more guns and perks.

    Despite its similarity to the older titles this is probably the best one out of the series simply because the campaign is actually pretty good with a compelling storyline and better use of cinematics.

    This game is set in the 60s which is when the Vietnam war began along with the cold war. You play as Alex Mason who is a soldier that is captured by an unknown organisation. You see him strapped into a bloody chair with a room filled with televisions that display strange numbers. Alex Mason is forced to remember what happened in the war that he fought in until the unknown person gets his answers.

    External image

    As all COD games go. Black Ops has the best written storyline. It has a lot of mystery and very memorable characters like Viktor Reznov who is Alex's friend. I wouldn't say that it is the best storyline that I have heard but it is pretty good however I wouldn't say that it deserves the best ending award because quite frankly I thought that the ending was rushed and not very excitable.

    Usually by now I would of said that the graphics are amazing but prepare to be surprised. While the character models look great with very good use of motion capture, the rest of game looks pretty old and sometimes even terrible. The game has bland textures and suffers from a few visual glitches like a hand clipping through a gun. The draw distance is actually quite poor too and it is very noticeable. While all doom and gloom at the moment the graphics does have great explosions and fires with surprisingly good water effects. It could be me being too picky but they are the facts.

    External image

    Sound on the other hand is actually outstanding. The gun sounds are very realistic and the explosions can't sound any louder. Trust me. The sound track in the game is also pretty good and does spice up the battle. Even though they sound good, it doesn't deserve all of the credit though. In fact the credit has to go to the voice acting. The voice acting is extremely well done especially when it comes to the shouting. There is even a surprise voice actor and no I'm not talking about Nolan North although he probably is in the game somewhere. Sam Worthington is the voice actor for Alex Mason. For those who don't know who is. He is the main character out of Avatar which is truly a great film.

    Speaking of films. This game pretty much plays like a film. Which is great because the campaign is full of action. It's non stop. You are always doing something which is because of the short load times. Seriously. You either shooting at somebody or driving a vehicle. This game has better use of the vehicles but I wished that they were used in the multiplayer like in Battlefield Bad Company. The campaign is a lot of fun but it does get tedious sometimes and the campaign itself is still pretty short. Round about 6-8 hours to be precise.

    If your just in it for the multiplayer then you won't be disappointed. Nothing has actually changed but it still has a pretty good gaming experience. There are however a few new modes but they aren't all that exciting and no one actually plays on them but at least it has some new content. There is also the return of the much loved zombies mode. Again the zombies mode hasn't changed much but it is still a pretty good gaming experience. Saying that there is actually one or two characters in the game this time. Some for better or worse but that depends on you I suppose. Frankly I hate the crawlers because they don't really do anything and doesn't bring much challenge in the battlefield but that is just me cause I am awesome. The only thing that destroys the multilayer is the level design. The levels aren't really that exciting to play on and the map size is too small. It's fine when there is only 8 of you but if there was 16 players then the map is just too small for that big of a group. I also think that the level design is too linear and it goes the same to the campaign but most campaigns in any game have linear level designs anyway. I'd also like to mention that some of the pro players do spoil the fun for some players especially the damn 360 no scopers. No offense.

    External image

    The game however isn't all that well made in terms of performance. The game has many glitches and there is actually a lot of frame rate problems. It's not so much of a big thing in the multiplayer but the campaign suffers the worst though. The game will stutter quite a lot and some of the AI's don't function properly e.g. An enemy/ team member will stand still.

    For achievements, they are relatively easy. You can easily get up to 600 points in no time but the last 400 points may require a bit of skill e.g. kill the pentagon thief without it taking your weapons.

    Call of Duty: Black OpsHands Off the MerchandiseThe Hands Off the Merchandise achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops worth 49 pointsKill the Pentagon thief before it can steal your load-out.

    Other than that this game would be pretty good for you achievement hunters out there.


    + Great campaign with a decent storyline.
    + Still the same old multiplayer.
    + Sam Worthington's voice work.

    - Still feels identical to the older titles.
    - A considerable amount of bugs.
    - How did it get best ending award?

    Score summary:

    Graphics: 7/10
    Sound: 9/10
    Gameplay: 8/10
    Singleplayer: 8/10
    Multiplayer: 8/10
    Storyline: 7/10

    Overall: 8/10

    Is it your cup of tea?

    If you like the older titles then this will be your favourite.
    If you want a decent storyline then this is recommended.
    If you want something new then perhaps not.

    Games you may like and why.

    Battlefield Bad Company 2:

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 is like a twin brother of COD. They are both similar games but the difference is, is that Bad Company 2 is a little more slow paced and requires you to use tactics instead of heading aimlessly into a battlefield. Personally this is better than COD because the multiplayer goes into a little more depth with its level designs and multiplayer modes and it is a little more realistic with the bullet dropping feature. If you'd wished that COD was a little more slower paced. Then this will be up your ally.

    Far Cry 2:

    This game again is a little more slower paced than COD but the multiplayer mode has a endless supply of maps because you can create your own levels. It gives you a chance to get really creative and the single player isn't half bad but it does get boring due to traveling a lot. If you'd wished that COD wasn't so linear. Then this is for you. For more information check out my Far Cry 2 review.

    Halo 3:

    If you are not into the whole historic setting then you might want to go for a bit of sci-fi. Halo is basically COD's competitor and at the moment Halo seems to be doing a lot more better than COD because it doe's feel a little more different than its older titles. The single player is fun and the multiplayer is funner due to the creative level designs and guns. If you are not into COD then you may like this.

    Overall I think that this is a great game but as a series I still think that it's a bit silly on how popular this game is. If you like this new reviewing technique of mine then please let me know.
  • sudsywolfsudsywolf237,965 237,965 GamerScore
    13 Jan 2011
    38 39 21
    This is a personal account of my experiences and thoughts on Black Ops... not an official reflection on the game… so, you know, calm down!

    The History
    No doubt from the rating, you already know what to expect from this review, but I want all the fans to resist thumbing or posting sacrilegious comments, and I want the haters to restrain from getting too exited. All who read this try to understand where I'm coming from and the relation to the final outcome; as a long-time fan of the series, I played the original Call of Duty on the PC, along with its sequel, Call Of Duty 2, which still to this day, I claim to be one of the best FPS's experiences out there. When Call Of Duty 3 came around, the solid ground the series had made was starting to show cracks... then came Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
    Some claim the fourth iteration to be the pinnacle of the series, with it's bold transition into the modern state of warfare and the gritty realism in its portrayal of the battlefront, including two fantastic levels involving the dilapidated city of Chernobyl. Along with a semi-decent campaign, came what some might call the 'messiah' of multiplayer, which would forever change how people looked at the series, and how future titles would be made.
    By the time Modern Warfare 2 came along, gone was the focus on campaign... the people wanted multiplayer, and by god, they were gonna get it.
    But for some of us, albeit the minority, this marked the death of the series. The lack of focus from the developers on the campaign was obvious... the series had gone into the territory of Michael Bay, trading it's gritty realism, with outright phantasm, complete with by-the-minute explosions, and a horrendously messy narrative.
    Which brings us to Call Of Duty: Black Ops. I will admit, after hearing that the series was going to take a sweet detour away from it's modern setting and into the Cold War, I was very exited; Apocalypse Now is playable form, sign me up! Boy was I disappointed in what I got.

    The Singleplayer Flip-Off –
    The singleplayer story follows the very disillusioned plot of Mason, an emotionally unstable soldier who is, for yet unknown reasons, being held by faceless tormentors and forced to relive memories and flashbacks of his time during the aforementioned war. What follows is a series of levels set in and around the battle of Vietnam, where Mason has to locate, and terminate key figures in a plot to... you guessed it, take over the world! Or at least gain or prevent some kind of stupid hackneyed military advantage. Thrown in for extra good 'messiness' is the side-plot involving key characters from Call Of Duty: World At War.
    The story, and the way the narrative folds out is very unstable, with the whole flashback idea serving only as a way to help the developers tell their story in a way that jumps from location to location, and environment to environment. The singleplayer experiences as a whole just feels a little too schizophrenic, almost as if the development team working on the campaign was comprised of ten, ADD suffering, Tom Clancy fans. I mean c'mon! End-of-the-world/military doomsday plot, shady governmental conspiracy involving America, Cuba and Russia, a tough but emotionally unstable protagonist, complete with a final showdown with the games antagonist in some spectacular cinematic Bond'esqu location. The story does try to surprise us with a highly predictable twist near the end that can easily be ascertained if one paid even a modicum of attention to the narrative. Another issue with this game is the very apparent lazy level design... with many of the levels simply rehashed versions of levels from other games in te series... I suppose you want examples? Well here goes... The Vietnam portions of this game are very similar to the Pacific locations of World At War; the level which pits Mason and Woods infiltrating a launch site gives déjà vu of Call Of Duty 4's 'No Fighting In The War Room'; 1940's Battle Of Stalingrad makes it's return in Reznov's flashback of fighting through a Nazi camp situated in the Arctic Circle; even the battle of Berlin shows up during Mason and Reznov's escape from a prison compound. This all gives the impression that the developers just didn’t care about the campaign; it was just a catalyst for the multiplayer.
    Lastly on the negative side is the gratuitous use of violence in some cut scenes, clearly the act of Treyarch trying to upstage MW2’s ‘No Russian’ level.
    To give credit where it is due, the voice acting is rather good, with the likes of Sam Worthington, Gary Oldman and Ed Harris all lending their talents to the project, but it's unfortunately too little too late for this game.
    But okay, maybe I'm approaching this from the wrong angle. Maybe I should be looking at what makes this game so popular... what makes it sell millions of copies; Multiplayer.

    Multiplayer: The Monolith Of Meh’ness –
    I will admit, I had never played a Call Of Duty game online before... so I popped my cherry to Black Ops. I was reluctant to playing the multiplayer portion of this game... as would anyone facing a monolith of all multiplayer games for the first time. But after being suddenly ambushed and betrayed by a close mate, I found myself lampooned into a game of Team Deathmatch... it didn't go well, but I managed a few kills (which I attribute to having squeezed the trigger a few milliseconds sooner than my opponent). I did this for a few rounds, and then I decided to give the wager matches a go. I found myself in the intense battlefield of 'One Shot In The Chamber’, and while it was fun, I found the whole thing a little too easy, having being ‘in the money’ on seven out of ten matches as a noob (not meaning to toot my own horn or anything, but, you know). Overall, the multiplayer was fun for the first twenty matches I played... but after that I couldn’t be bothered... I wanted to go back to my Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. For those able to dedicate every minute of their gaming time to playing this game online, I won't hold it against you... but unfortunately for this reviewer, the multiplayer just didn’t prove its worth.
    ... Then I played Zombies... and it was awesome! Making its debut in World at War, Zombie Mode makes its triumphant return to the franchise in Black Ops, and it doesn't disappoint. If you can manage to find a great group of four or so friends, you can have an addictive amount of fun in this mode, and for this reason alone, I would say this is a game worth a rental. But that’s all.

    The Knuckle-Cracker
    The lacklustre multiplayer and the ridiculously bad singleplayer campaign do not warrant this game the full price tag. To make a sweeping generalist remark here, it seems as if those who are still playing this game (to death or not) are simply playing it because their friends and everyone else is, not because it’s a good game. To this reviewer, the previous statement is not reason enough to give this game any high remark. Which is why I give it the grade below.

    The Sign Off…
  • lawryclawryc82,105
    02 May 2011 02 May 2011
    3 8 3
    Keep in mind that when you get CoD: BO, you are getting about 4 games in one: Campaign, Multiplayer, Zombies, one arcade game, and Zork. The last two are hidden.

    Campaign Mode: The graphics are gorgeous and the sound accompanies it strongly. The story itself could do with some work; it's very choppy and reminds me of the cutscenes and arcs from Black. The mechanics, I think, are great. Most shooters have a few flaws as far as control scheme goes but I cannot think of any for this title.

    Multiplayer: The multiplayer will gaurantee you hours upon hours of enjoyment. However, I was very disappointed to learn that their Prestige Mode is basically just a redo of all your hard work to reach Prestige. It really needs to be remodeled. That being said, after my first Prestige I got very bored with Multiplayer knowing there was nothing left to realy work toward. I should add that Multiplayer NEEDS vehicle access. They tease you with things like the Gunship and Attack Chopper; but how sweet would it be to be able to call in a tank to drive or actually pilot some choppers, boats, humvees, etc. like some other titles out there.

    Zombies: Alot of people enjoy this game but I think it's a total piece of crap. It's boring, nonsensical, and repetitive as all hell. Sorry.

    Hidden Arcade games: I spent no time on these other than simply unlocking them.
  • RoboShatnerRoboShatner198,918
    28 Dec 2010 31 Dec 2010
    4 10 3
    It's the early hours of the morning and the Call of Duty party is well and truly dying down. The only people left are those unconscious or too drunk to move. But never fear, because Treyarch are here and in a last desperate attempt to live things up they have brought, er, gore, swearing and not much else.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops is hands down one of the dullest gaming experiences I have ever had, which may surprise Treyarch employees as they have done everything in their power to keep even the most afflicted of ADHD sufferers attentions' held. Slow scenes of you walking down peaceful corridors will no longer bore you with their attempted “immersion” and “mood setting”, they will now contain flash-forwarding, quick-cut images that will constantly have your on the edge of your ticking time-bomb.

    The main cause of this overwhelming apathy with Black Ops is that we've played this game over and over by now, not just in the Call of Duty series but in every other first person shooter that tries desperately to rip it off in the hope that some scrapings of Call of Duty's monolith of pure gold also fall their way. How many times do I need to run around a corner only “surprised” by an enemy soldier, knocked on my behind and have to wrestle/punch/stab/attach a grenade to him? Or run towards my allies only to be shot in the back/shell-shocked from an explosion and then have to crawl V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y to them? Blacks Ops doesn't have an original idea in its head. It is a barren wasteland of no creativity, imagination or wit. For the next game they might as well just create a template and use a random number generator to create levels because your bound to get more surprising elements than the humans who worked on this game could muster.

    The story is for lack of a better word, crap. Like the rest of the Call of Duty series it is a bunch of action set-pieces stolen from movies strung together by a loose and incoherent plot stolen from other movies and starring characters you don't give a damn about stolen from yet more movies. The movies the writers and directors watched this time around are The Manchurian Candidate (plot), Platoon (characters), 13 Days (plot and characters) and Rambo (turning enemies into spaghetti with .50 cal machine guns every five minutes). At the end of the game I didn't know what the hell had gone on, how any of these characters were and why I could care about them or indeed what the hell I was supposed to achieve. This turned the game into nothing more than a monotonous shooting gallery. Infinity Ward and Treyarch really need to look at how Valve tell a story and create characters in a first person shooter because their stories are a hell of a lot more involving and Gordon Freeman a hell of a lot more interesting and sympathetic character despite never talking than any of these characters.

    If Call of Duty was a film series it would be the James Bond series and Black Ops would be the Diamonds are Forever or A View to a Kill of the series. A bored game made by bored people for the sole purpose of making money. Unfortunately it made a titanic load of money and as sure as the inevitable outcome of a car and train heading towards one and another on a track we will get another equally bland, creatively devoid Call of Duty game next year.
  • SeeWaffleRunSeeWaffleRun682,133
    06 Dec 2010 06 Dec 2010
    2 8 8
    I have spent the last few weeks trying to decide how I would truly rate this game. Rather than get on here and rage about the flaws I found almost immediately after I unwrapped Activision and Treyarch's latest creation. I thought to myself this isn't worth the plastic it was programmed on. I did not want to react emotionally to being shot and killed by my own AI teammate on Veteran difficulty. So, I decided to hold out to the end. I wanted to play through the entire game and all of it's different game modes so I could accurately review this game.

    Let's start by taking a look at Call of Duty: Black Ops' single player campaign. Perhaps playing my first play through on Veteran difficulty somehow influenced this review. However, as mentioned above, being shot and killed countless times by my own friendly AI is nerve racking to say the least. I understand that if you run in front of someone on an actual battlefield and they are shooting this would be a likely real life situation, and I respect that aspect of realism in the game. However, the AI is atrocious. They run out into the middle of nowhere, they run into walls, they get in your way, they "spray and pray" and they rarely hit their target, enemy AI runs right through or around your friendly AI unscathed and in some areas of the game they endlessly spawn. For me this was just a nuisance. Aside from the AI, the game stuck to the usual successful CoD format, but the story fell short. The story was uninteresting and confusing. Each mission lacked purpose until it was all tied together at the end. On a positive note Activision and Treyarch did very well with an all star cast to do their voice work. Sam Worthington (Avatar) did the voice work for the main character, Mason. Other actors include, Ed Harris, Ice Cube and Gary Oldman. Having quality voice work mixed with CoD's amazing ability to capture the hectic atmosphere of war are about the only saving grace for an otherwise disappointing campaign.

    Next I would like to take a look at Call of Duty's Multiplayer. Specifically I would like to address the Zombies Mode. Perhaps I am fairly biased here as well. I for one have never been interested in zombies and all though the majority of the internet will disagree with me, I just do not find them entertaining. That being said I am still capable of enjoying a decent zombie massacre in other games and other genres but I just was not able to find myself getting immersed into this portion of the game. The atmosphere is drab and boring and the achievements are frustrating. It takes the right team and communication to make it any length of time in this mode. With any type of multiplayer this simply isn't a quality you find in randomly paired teams. So if you are going to attempt to slay zombies, do so with friends.

    Lastly Call of Duty: Black Ops' remaining multiplayer. This is the one part of this new installment I can truly say I enjoyed every bit of. Let's face it, this is also the primary reason most of us purchased this game, myself included. Because this makes up the majority of why I purchased this game and possibly the majority of what this game hopes to accomplish I feel I have generously given this game 3 out of 5 stars. Some of the new game modes are a lot of fun. The new credit system adds an interesting twist. You can use credits to unlock the specific upgrades you want or you can bet them in wager games. Although the multiplayer in Call of Duty: Black Ops is very similar to that of Modern Warfare, Treyarch added enough new changes to keep it interesting but not enough to change the great multiplayer formula from Call of Duty: Black Ops' predecessors.

    In the end although the multiplayer is satisfying, I still feel overall Treyarch's version of Call of Duty is disappointing. I also feel Infinity Ward did a much better job. It will be interesting to see where this franchise heads in future games.