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    29 Oct 2013
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    Attention!, this is my first Review so if you leave a negative rating please leave a comment why you did, thanks! smile

    Call of Duty originally was released on October 29, 2003. It was first game of the well-known "Call of Duty" series and was developed by the Infinity Ward and published by Activision. Later on September 14, 2004, an Expansion Pack to the original game called "Call of Duty: United Offense" was released on the PC. Then on November 2nd, 2009, "Call of Duty: Classic" was released on the Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points but that's not what we're here to talk about. We're here to talk about the first and the original Call of Duty that was truly the 1st step of what is now: a first-person shooter Billion Dollar Franchise and one of the most popular video game series of all time.

    The game is split up into 3 campaigns: American, British, and Soviet, it consisted a total of 24 missions. I won't cover the storyline of the game because you can just look it up on wikipedia but I will give my opinions and rating of the overall Story Mode. I think it had very fun and exiting missions if you were to play the game on a lower difficulty. Otherwise, beating the game on veteran difficulty like I did would just stress the HELL out of you because of various things but most imortantly the Fuckin RIDICULOUS non-regenerating health bar.(try to play a mission on veteran and you'll see what I mean) This health bar on on veteran made it so that if you were hit by any form of bullet, explosion, or fall damage you would lose a DAMN good amount of health. For example on Veteran, if you were hit by Kar98 you would lose 60% of your health bar and there was absolutely NO WAY to replenish it unless you killed yourself and reverted to your last checkpoint if you had 100% health at the time. Why cant this game have self-health regeneration like all the other Call of Duty games? I will never try to beat this campaign on veteran again or so help me God. Good luck to you guys!

    I would rate the campaign mode 2/5 stars mainly for the reason I stated above but to look on the bright side of things, the storyline with all the different missions and characters was awesome especially for a game made back in 2003.

    This was were all the craziness The Call of Duty series is known for originated. Although it wasn't as complicated in 2003, it still has many of the same aspects as current Call of Duty games consist of. When the game was re-released for the Xbox live arcade, the game was upscaled to HD performance, the Multiplayer supports up to 8 players(although it supported 32 in the original PC version)in online matchmaking, and online leaderboards were added otherwise everything is still the same as it was in the original game in 2003. There are 16 multiplayer maps, 6 game modes,17 weapons, and 4 types of grenades the player can use. I think Activision could of done a better job when they choose the amount of players for multiplayer matchmaking but I like how they brought back the killcam.

    My rating for multiplayer is 3/5 stars because there are many good things to be had as well as things that could have been thought over and improved upon from the original multiplayer.

    Overall, I think Infinity Ward and Activision could have improved on almost everything from a game made back in 2003 unfortunately this wasn't the case this time. I really think it could of been a more enjoyable game if the creators just took their time to find out what was wrong with the original Call of Duty and fix it so console players could experience a Classic game in it's entirety.

    My Scores-

    Graphics- 3/5 stars
    Sound- 4/5 stars
    Gameplay- 2.5/5 stars
    Single-Player- 2/5 stars
    Multi-player- 3/5 stars
    Replayability- 2/5 stars
    Achievement Difficulty- 4/5 stars
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    pacnick11Thanks man! I actually made ithe review back in October of 2013 haha. I was just looking at my completed games and I saw that there was only one review on cod classic, mine. As it says, it's the HARDEST and MOST FRUSTRATING COD up to date, if anyone disagrees then they have not played it on veteran :) So make sure your totally ready before trying! Good Luck Mate! Cheers.
    Posted by pacnick11 on 12 Apr 15 at 02:44