7. Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC 3: Invasion

"Invasion" is the third DLC in the horrid game called Call of Duty: Ghosts. "Invasion" was released on June 3rd, 2014 for a price of $14.99 (USD) and includes four multiplayer maps: Pharaoh, Departed, Mutiny, and the remade Favela, but no additional weapon. Additionally, there is a new Extinction map, Awakening, which takes place in the alien underworld, and more specifically, the aliens catacombs - called Ball's Pyramid.

Now onto the good stuff...

Egg-stra Awakening!

Complete the Egg-Stra XP challenge and then scan an obelisk in the Invasion DLC package.

Egg-stra Awakening!
4 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeVersusCollectable

Before you go into the Extinction map, I would recommend you go into a ranked (ranked match is the key, you cannot obtain the achievement in a private match, you can only find the egg) multiplayer match to find the hives in them and set up the "Eggstra awakening" achievement. You can go into each multiplayer map in any order, but I digress:

  • Mutiny: To obtain this egg, go to the pirate ship in the middle of the map. From there, go to the ships deck and prone and look down near the cargo bay (a wooden grate is over it). You should see the egg, again, in the cargo bay.
  • Pharoah: This one is very tricky to see, let alone find; in the northeast tomb room, look out beyond the rubble and a little to the right, the Egg is slightly obstructed from the smoke coming from the many fires coming from inside of the room. I found it best to use a thermal scoped sniper rifle when going for this, as the hive emits heat. Additionally, if all else fails, be sure to carry a grenade and hope that the grenade will destroy the hive.
  • Favela: To obtain this hive, go to the barbershop, go to the top of the set of stairs that are looking straight to the outside of the map, and look straight out and slightly to the left to find the hive!
  • Departed: Near the Ghosts spawn and on a concrete block of a different assortment of vases (with and without flowers ) there is a red vase with white zig-zagged stripes. Behind it is a breachable piece of wall (there will be an option to blow the vase and wall up with X). Breach the wall, and a hole will appear. Shoot inside of the whole, and you can

Then, load up Awakening, scan an obelisk, and the achievement is yours.

Thanks to Rooster Teeth for the video:

Before starting a game, and if your intention is escape, keep the following achievement in mind:

Well Rounded

Escape Awakening with each of the four classes in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

Well Rounded
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty SpecificMultiple Playthroughs Required

In order to get this achievement, you must escape Awakening four different times, one time as an engineer, once as a tank, once as a weapons specialist, and the last as a medic. As is true in life, practice and perservence is key, so keep at it!

Additionally, before starting the game, make sure two relics are equipped for the following achievement:

Twice The Fun

Escape Awakening using two Relics in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

Twice The Fun
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I recommend being a weapons specialist and using the following relics:

1. Do less damage. The weapons specialist class basically neutralizes the effect of the relic.

2. Stand your ground. Another easy one, except for the fact that you cannot reload while sprinting, only while standing or walking.

Like A Glove

Kill 5 cryptids with the Ark attached to every compatible weapon in Awakening in Regular/Hardcore.

Like A Glove
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Thanks to LifeExpectancy for allowing me to copy his solution verbatim.

*************MUST ALL BE DONE IN ONE PLAYTHROUGH**************

First, play a solo match on regular difficulty.

At the start, run around and open regular boxes and hope you get a locker key. This isn't 100% necessary but makes it much easier at the beginning.

Now for reference sake, there are 3 weapon schematic spawns. The will NOT always have schematics, but these are the 3 locations they can be at.

Number One is to your immediate left as you exit the tunnel at the start if you hug the zone wall. Facing out from that one, #2 is straight across the ravine as you round the first bend in the trail when LEAVING #1. Number three is pretty far from the exit tunnel, but if you exit the tunnel and turn to your right instead of left and hug the zone wall, you will run into it.

Spawns 2 and 3 ALWAYS spawn a Mammoth.

Once you've opened boxes and got a key, or some incendiary or explosive ammo or what not, head back to the cave exit you first come out of and head to Schematic Spawn #1. Either scorpions or a Rhino will spawn here every time. Kill the Rhino (or scorpions) and look for the Ark attachment, or a Venom X weapon schematic, or both if you're lucky.

If you get ah Ark attachment you can ignore spawns 2 and 3 entirely. You can either restart if you don't get the Ark attachment here if you have a hard time fighting Mammoths, or if you get the Venom schematic (or are really good) and want to you can continue on. If you choose to, build your Venom or kill an obelisk or two for some funds for a good weapon, then head to spawn 2 and use it to kill the Mammoth and check for the Ark. If it isn't there head to spawn 3. It will always be in one of the 3 spawns.

Once you have the ark, if you only killed Spawn 1 you may not have enough $$ for a weapon. Whenever you have enough cash, start buying the weapons, starting with the cheaper ones and working your way up. I do advise doing the VKS first to get it out of the way since it's a sniper and they're kinda a PITA if it gets hectic with lots of enemies.

You can get all the weapons in the first area save for the USR and Bulldog. I'm putting them in the order I suggest for utility and ease of use, and the expensive ones last since you can get infinite $$ during the final phase of area 1.

1. VKS - From the entrance tunnel, take an immediate right and jump up onto the small ledge. Follow up the cliffside. You will pass the TAC 12 auto shotgun and see an Obelisk above you. Past the Obelisk is a ledge with a 'mushroom' below it. The VKS is in the small ledge area in front of this before the next zone-wall Obelisk and can be jumped up to from the ground or from this mushroom.

2. TAC 12 - See above. Just head back along the zone wall and grab it.

3. Ripper - Facing the Exit from the first area, look to your right up against the wall and you'll see it pretty near to the exit door.

4. K7 - Facing the Exit from the first area, look to your left and you will see a small ledge. Jump up onto this ledge and you'll find the K7 semi-hidden in the weeds.

5. IA2 - Standing at the exit of the tunnel at the beginning and looking straight out, you will see a ramp like rock structure that ends in a ledge. To the right of this you will see two of the big mushroom tree looking things. Not the ones growing out of cliffs, but the free-standing ones. They are at about the one-oclock and two-oclock positions when facing straight out from the exit. The IA2 is below the left one (one oclock one), the one that has an Obelisk to the left of it from this perspective.

6. Remington - Coming from schematic spawn area #2, hug the zone wall on your left to the end of the ledge as you come back out into the open area and you'll find the Chainsaw on the wall to your left. Drop down straight ahead of the SAW into an orange-tinted cave. It's in here against the wall.

7. MK14 EBR - Go to the ripper and face the wall where it is located. Now turn 180 degrees and look to your left. You will see a tall stone pillar that connects to the cliff above (there's one to your right too). The MK14 is behind this left-hand pillar down over the ledge on a lower ledge.

8. Chainsaw - see the Remington above. It's on the small ledge above the Remington's cave between it and schematic spawn point 2.

9. Ameli - Face the zone exit up against it, then turn around 180 degrees. Head down the slope until it levels off and you see a small raised piece of rock roughly diamond shaped in front of you. Now look slightly to your right up against the wall at your 1-oclock and you'll see it at the start of the 'ravine' like area in the middle of this first portion.

10. Maverick - Saved the best for last, but you can do this one earlier as it's one of the cheaper ones. Just head back to the entrance tunnel at the very beginning. It's on the right just before you exit the tunnel, hard to miss.

AREA 2 --

11. USR - It is up against the wall right opposite the predator control laptop.

12. Bulldog - When you exit the tunnel coming into area 2, turn 90 degrees to your right and head up the nearest Obelisk on the higher ground (this is the same direction you'd head to go to the predator laptop/USR). A little further ahead on a ledge overlooking this Obelisk is the Bulldog.

A couple of tips:

If there's a gargoyle out, just ignore it and hide under a ledge/mushroom/etc near the Obelisk and deal with the smaller enemies. The gargoyles, when they're high up, will likely waste your ammo and maybe even kill you or get you killed by smaller enemies. Eventually they'll come down and walk near you allowing for an easier kill. Or deal with them after an Obelisk is done and the other enemies are dead.

Also if you have a Venom weapon use it liberally if you get into trouble. You'll get plenty of ammo for it and worst case scenario you can farm ALL the kills in area 1 with ALL the weapons except the USR and Bulldog during the final part with the predator as the enemies spawn infinitely.

Lastly if you do happen to go to more than one schematic spawn area, look for sticky flares even if you don't get a Venom schematic. They can save your bacon, and if you're down to the last weapon or two at the end of area 1 or the USR/Bulldog in area 2, it would suck to fail.


Find all of the Intel in Awakening.

3 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeCollectable

To obtain this achievement, you must successfully obtain every intel item in Call of Duty Ghosts. Like the previous two maps, some are obtained via the searchable boxes, and others are obtained via finding the various laptops around the map. Note: epilogue intel item is not required to obtain this achievement.

1. Fugitive - Area 1 - There is a small cave-like room accessible on the mountain face that is located on the right of the entrance. Use the mushrooms or platforms to access the area. The laptop should be in the cave.
2. Defector - Area 2 - Again, there is another small cave to the right of the entrance to the second area. You can either jump into the area, or go around the back of it to get to the laptop.
3. Executioner - Final Room - Upon reaching the final area, jump onto any of the two side edges of the final room. Then, jump up onto the higher ledge, and go through the doorway, and the piece of intel should be right there.

Targets Acquired

Get past the first gate in Awakening in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

Targets Acquired
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

You can get past the first area of the game after you scan five obelisks. After you scan the first five obelisks, you will encounter a large stone gate. Near the gate, there should be a military-style laptop. Using this laptop will give you access to The Vanguard - a quad copter. Use the drone to first kill the Gargoyle (see achievement below) and then destory the five obelisks, and the achievement is yours.

Dog Fight

Kill a Gargoyle with the Vanguard in Awakening in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

Dog Fight
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty Specific

The Gargoyle is a new enemy type in Awakening. These Gargoyle's look like flying dragons, and can be killed at the end of the first area of the game. Do note, though: the Gargoyles respawn infinitely until you destroy the obelisks; additionally, once you get the achievement, you can either descend or ascend to lose the connection to the drone, and once another Gargoyle spawns, have a teammate kill the Gargoyle. This will work for every team member.

Thanks to Maka91Productions for the video:

A Bridge To Somewhere

Extend the bridge in Awakening in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

A Bridge To Somewhere
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

In order to get into the final area of Awakening "the ARK", you first must lower the bridge. To lower the bridge, scan three more obelisks (you do not need to destroy them with the Vanguard), and the achievement will unlock.

Escaped Awakening

Escape Awakening for the first time in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

Escaped Awakening
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain StorylineDifficulty SpecificStackable

In order to escape Awakening, you need to have a good team. I recommend:

- Predetermined loadouts. Ex: have someone on ammo, another on armor, another on Feral, and the last person on ammo and armor (in case it is needed).

1. Good communication. Now good team can survive without good communication.

2. A good leader. A good leader isn't bossy, but... leads... keeping the group on track (so people don't run off)

Awakening Completionist

Complete all Challenges and escape Awakening in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

Awakening Completionist
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty SpecificStackable

Some challenges you could face are as follows:


Kill X scout aliens with melee attacks
Self-explanatory. Push the right thumbstick down to kill enemies with your knife. During the entire first area you can save ammo and money by using only melee attacks against all the scout aliens.

Kill X enemies with pistols
Again, self-explanatory and easy to do: unsheathe, aim and shoot. .44 Magnum and MP-443 are the best choice. Equip some explosive ammo and watch out for explosive objects that could void the kill.

Keep aiming accuracy above X%
Designate one of your teammate as the shooter. The chosen one will have to shoot one single bullet against a creature, hitting it. Precision indicator will automatically increase to 100%. Use a flare to simplify the whole thing, or wait that a creature attacks the drill in order to have a clear and steady target. Now only use melee attacks to kill the remaining aliens. If a seeder, rhino or a phantom appears, you have to keep calm, use some tactic and kill them with your knife or some traps, sentries, IMS, explosives, SOFLAM, etc. (throwing a flare can be useful in these circumstances).

Don't reload your weapon for X seconds
"You will not laugh! You will not cry! You will not press the X button!" Also, you will not change weapon, pick up items or dispense any ammo. And do not shoot if your weapon has a small magazine with high rate of fire. Sentry Guns and/or Vultures can be used, so feel free to call these in when you don’t have any flares to throw.

Don't use abilities for X seconds
Don't drop any ammo, don't use team support, strike or equalizer abilities.

Kill X enemies in mid-air
Activate all the traps in the nearby and this challenge will be an easy win. Alternatively reach a high platform, equip a powerful weapon, wait for a lucky jumping alien and destroy it at middle air (or vice versa).

Kill X enemies when your health bar is full
This challenge is equivocal and pretty easy indeed. Health is auto-regenerative, so even if you get hit by an enemy the challenge isn't void, wait until the health is restored and shoot as many aliens as possible. Only the aliens killed while the health bar is at its maximum will count. Using armor is convenient; those will get damaged first instead of your health bar.

Protect a random player
The team will have to prevent that a random player enters the survival state. Drop some armour and use Venom-X (if available) against your teammate if surrounded by enemies.

Spend X amount of money
"This is a poor excuse to pick a man's pockets", someone would say. Don't be greedy, always share ammo and armor. Place turrets and activate traps. Kill as many enemies as possible to ensure a constant flow of money to be spent immediately. This challenge can be tough if tackled during the first half of area 2, the drill is faster and there are fewer enemies from which to obtain money. A teammate with fully upgraded Engineer class will be your best friend. He will earn cash from traps, to hold in a larger wallet (max $ 8.000). If you spent almost all of your money and if you are in area 3, prepare to struggle at the next hive.

Kill X aliens with turrets
Any kind of turret will be fine. If you use a basic sentry and combine it with flare, it will be useful to group your targets. Don't steal kills at the turrets, but defend them from the Cryptid’s attacks.

Kill X enemies at a certain distance
Aim away and shoot the highlighted enemies in a white outline. When enemies are too close, the outline will disappear and the killing will not be valid for the challenge. In this case, just back away. The best weapons for the challenge are the ones with a wide operational range and good damage, like the LSAT, any assault rifle or even a maxed out portable minigun turret.

Kill X enemies in Y seconds
Be fast and brutal, the amount of seconds usually is: 30 seconds! A bunch of LMG’s combined with some explosive ammo: that is the recipe for victory. Be careful, sometimes enemies will not appear until you'll go looking for them.

Kill X Seekers before they self-destruct
These are the red Seekers, not the new Yellow Seeders. Don't let them get too close, just shoot from a distance. Activating traps might be a great help as well, but beware that some Seekers mount buildings to flank you and your team.

Note: this is the glitchy one! This was my last challenge while I was going for this achievement and our team only had one Seeker spawning in.

Don't spend money for 2 minutes
Two minutes can be a lot of time if this challenge pops up during the third or fourth area. Otherwise it's a relatively simple challenge: don't use any abilities, do not activate traps and do not buy any weapon until the two minutes have passed.

Kill X aliens with Y weapon
At least two people on your team should use skill-points on the pistol unlocking the ability to bring a third weapon. This way you'll always have your favorite gun on your side while the other one can be something different in terms of category. When arriving in a new area, take a tour and mind the location of each weapon, in order to remember the location when prompted by a challenge. If you haven't equipped the right weapon for the challenge, don't steal kills to your fellow teammates, but simply protect yourself and the drill, and deploy some explosive rounds (recent purchased weapons need ammo).

Kill X bombers

This challenge is easy, but when the game does not spawn them, you can't do the challenge.

Kill a gargoyle with melee

Easy enough, shoot the gargoyle, and then knife it until it dies.

Have every player buy a new gun

Buy a cheap, but still effective gun, and you should be fine.


Don't get damaged by the Seekers
Traps like electric fence are a good ally, except for gasoline traps, they can block the view preventing the sighting of the Seekers. If you have some flares, throw them one at a time. While observing Seekers, they will become easy targets

Kill X enemies (bombers, etc) without getting any damage

Stay together, try to have a good view of the field, activate some traps, use sentries to watch your back and destroy enemies at a distance. Assault Rifles and LMG’s work wonderfully, as well as portable minigun turrets. Throwing a flare at a certain distance is convenient. Watch out for Seekers, Seeder, Rhino's and Hunters. If a Rhino appears a teammate with riot shield should keep him busy while the others will shoot him (fully upgraded portable minigun turrets works like a charm against Rhinos).

Find and kill the leper within X seconds
The leper is a coward. If you spot a hunter that runs away from the firefight, this is the leper! The leper's face also isn't so bright but almost gray. When you start a drill at a random hive when this challenge pops up, be sure you have no turrets on the battle ground. That way, the leper will come your way making this challenge easy. Do not use Feral Instincts since this will prevent the leper from coming towards you and/or your team, just keep killing the enemies as you normally would.

Kill X aliens retrieving damage from all the squad members
This can be tough if you and your teammates don't collaborate. Stay together, facing the same direction. Shoot a single bullet at every enemy that is approaching; these aliens will be marked (outlined in white) for your teammates. Now another player must hit the highlighted alien once, marking it for the next player that will do the same for the last player and so on until the alien is dead. This challenge will be easier during the second half of the game, when enemies will become stronger, withstanding more hits.

Kill X amount of Cryptids from the designated area
A circle with white edges and rotating lights will appear. Stay inside of this circle and kill the requested number of enemies. Use armor, heavy weapon and be fast because the entire squad will be an easy target during this challenge. If you have the Venom-X you can detonate some gas bullets inside the circle in order to protect the squad.

Kill the highlighted aliens first
Be careful, the highlighted aliens will come together with the other ones. Shoot wisely and with some accuracy. Get some damage from other aliens rather than failing the challenge. Sometimes not highlighted Seekers comes early; when they explode it counts as a kill and the challenge is void. Tossing a flare can be useful, then carefully shoot and cross your fingers. Lottery basically.

Kill X enemies while prone
This is an easy challenge until the third area, when it can become tough Using the Venom-X by prone will help. Keep the team together, wait for enemies to surround you, take turn and shoot at short distance using the Venom-X. Armor will be useful too.

Kill X enemies that are higher than you

While the exact range that enemies can be killed isn't set in stone, but i have killed enemies that are as close as arms lengths away, and they have counted.

That’s it for this map, if you have any questions; please feel free to spam my inbox! Have fun and good luck slaying the Cryptids!

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