8. Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC 4: Nemesis

"Nemesis" is the fourth DLC in the horrid game called Call of Duty: Ghosts. "Nemesis" was released on August 5th, 2014 for a price of $14.99 (USD) and includes four multiplayer maps: "Goldrush", "Subzero", "Dynasty" and a remade version of the fan-favorite map from Modern Warfare entitled "Shipment." Additionally, there is a new Extinction map, dubbed "Exodus." All of the base games weapons and gear are present in this DLC pack with the exception of the Honey Badger, which is absent from the new Extinction map.

Eggstra Nemesis!

Complete the Egg-Stra XP challenge and then activate a generator in the Nemesis DLC package.

Eggstra Nemesis!
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Like previous DLC's, you must find and shoot an alien hive in each of the 4 new maps in a public multiplayer match. After you have found them, load up Exodus and activate a generator (there aren't any hives in Exodus like there were in previous maps).

Goldrush: Head south. You should be inside of a cave. The hive is located near the "Danger, explosives above" sign. Progress slightly further past the sign. Once you reach the first support beam, go to the edge and look down a corridor. If you look straight ahead, you should see a portion of the hive sticking out. Shoot it, and you should have three of the four hives done.

Dynasty: Head southwest on the map. Go to the edge of the map; you should see a boat with a red sail in the distance. On that boat should also be an egg. If you can't seem to locate it on the boat, I advise that you spray all over the boat. After you shoot the egg, a message along the lines of "1/4 eggs found" will appear.

Subzero: This hive is nestled in the northeast of the map inside of a missile silo. When you are near the missile silo, crouch near what appears to be a ladder and look down. Look around until you find the hive.

Showtime: Of the four hives, the hive in Showtime is the hardest to shoot. First off, you must head west on the map. If you see rigging/a podium and quite a few black boxes which appear to be housing cargo, then you are in the right place. Go to the stack of the black boxes, climb them, and jump to the platform on the right. Jump up and you should see the egg, which is right behind the partially broken glass window.

Here's a visual guide of the multiplayer alien hive locations, provided by Rooster Teeth / Achievement Hunter:

The Final Chapter

Find all 7 story related intel files in Exodus.

The Final Chapter
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Again, with "Exodus," you must collect all of the intelligence in the map. In total, there are three encrypted intelligence laptops and four additional classified intelligence items. Classified intelligence items can be randomly acquired by searching ammunition boxes around the map, and you'll unlock the classified intelligence in order. Also, something else of note: the intelligence item that you unlock upon escaping the map is not required for the completion of this achievement.

  1. Entitled "The Final Option," you must turn right from the first spawn area and into the hut where you will find the laptop on the bed.
  2. Dubbed "Caller ID: Unknown," you must go through the middle gate from the first spawn area. Then, turn left and use the blue crate to get on top of the truck to find the laptop which doubles as intelligence.
  3. "More Than Human." When inside the parking garage, use the door with "EXIT" plastered atop it which is near to and to the right of the first generator. Once you go through the door, follow the hall. Once outside, you will find the laptop on the ground near a sign.

Here is a visual guide of the three encrypted intelligence laptops, provided by Maka91:


Complete any outpost by activating all of the generators in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

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This achievement is best done at the gas station as it is the easiest to defend. In order to get to the gas station, open the gate on the far left. The gas station has both upper and lower generators (you must do both generators in any given area).

Before starting the generators, accumulate some skill points so that you can upgrade yourself and thus stand much better of a chance in defending the generator. As well as that, make sure that you have reasonable guns - the pistol will not work, but the new NX-1, which kills Rhino's in approximately four shots and disables ancestors (the new boss) shields, will most assuredly suffice; this is especially true because it has an infinite amount of ammunition. After you hold out for the two generators, you will pop the achievement!

In order to make the NX-1, you must find the following parts:

  • Cortex Substrate
  • Cortex Housing
  • Liquid Battery

These items can be found from toolboxes scattered around the second area of the map and beyond. After all of the parts are found, craft the item. The NX-1 acts as a third weapon, so there is no need to worry about sacrificing one of your great weapons!

Hat Trick

Kill 3 aliens with a single shot from the NX-1 Disruptor in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

Hat Trick
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After you have acquired the NX-1 Disruptor, you must use it to kill three aliens with one round of ammunition.

Gather three of the smaller aliens and group them up. This can be done by letting them hit you, but you can also train them. After you have three enemies bunched together, charge up the gun by holding cn_LT and plant an energy bolt in the middle of all three aliens. In doing so, you will earn yourself an achievement and kill all three of the enemies.

You Wish

Hit an Ancestor with a Hypno Knife in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

You Wish
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Ancestors, this "boss enemies" of this map, spawn when certain generators are activated. In order to be able to hit an ancestor with a Hypno Knife (which can be obtained through searching in the searchable ammunition boxes that are scattered around the map) you must fire an overcharged shot of the aforementioned NX-1 at the ancestors. Once the ancestor's shields are down, throw the Hypno Knife nife at the ancestor using cn_LB, thus unlocking another achievement!

Mass Exodus

Complete the final Ancestor encounter in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

Mass Exodus
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"Mass Exodus" can be unlocked by finishing Exodus. In order to progress relatively farther, I recommend practicing the following strategies:

1. Good communication: No good team can survive without good communication.

2. A good leader: A good leader isn't bossy, but leads while keeping the group on track (so people don't run off and do their own thing).

3. Predetermined loadouts: Make sure that you have predetermined loadouts; this will ensure that all of your bases are covered

Once you've powered up all 6 generators, you will reach the final battle of the map, which is back at the original spawn, where you'll find Dr. Cross next to the Medusa. Once you interact with the Medusa, the final battle will begin. Note that you will never have to worry about aliens attacking the Medusa, as it will never be destroyed.

During this final battle, there will be a flood of all alien forms attacking you, your teammates, and the Medusa. Furthermore, there will be a total of 3 Ancestors that will spawn in at different phases of the battle. Your goal is to simply stay alive while the Cortex charges, which increases by you killing aliens, especially Rhinos and the 3 Ancestors.

Once the Cortex is fully charged, have everyone on the team interact with it, which will activate the Medusa and complete the game.

Timing is Everything

Kill the final 3 Ancestors within 10 seconds of killing the first Ancestor in Regular\Hardcore.

Timing is Everything
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In order to unlock "Timing is Everything", during the final boss battle, DO NOT kill any ancestors until the Cortex is fully loaded. Instead, you'll have to slowly charge the Cortex up by running around (avoiding the Ancestor's attacks) and focusing on all other aliens, especially the rhinos. Once the Cortex is fully loaded, gather everyone near it and hold cn_X. In doing so, you will immediately kill all three ancestors on the map and unlock another achievement. This process is instantaneous and doesn't take 10 seconds like the description says.


Complete the final Ancestor with at least 1 relic in Regular or Hardcore difficulty.

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"Unstoppable" can be unlocked by beating Exodus while carrying a relic.

I would recommend you pick the Weapon Specialist class, as well as the Do Less Damage relic. The reason for this is when you max out the Weapon Specialist tree; you do 50% more damage as well as faster reloading (which allows you to pick something else instead of the Team Booster (Armor or Feral Instincts always come in handy). If you are playing this in co-op, another strategy isn’t needed either since every player in your team can be a Weapon Specialist (although a Medic or an Engineer can be a big help as well). Another good combination might be the Smaller Waller relic while playing as an Engineer since you will be able to carry $6,000 after maxing out that particular class.

After defeating the last battle and activating the cortex, you will unlock the achievement.

Always Hard

Kill the final Ancestor with a relic active in Hardcore difficulty.

Always Hard
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With the aforementioned tips in mind, set your difficulty to Hardcore. Additionally, make sure that you have a relic active (again, refer to the aforementioned tips regarding which relic(s) to use). While playing on Hardcore difficulty, make sure you craft the NX-1 as quick as possible, as it is very effective on killing rhinos and ancestors, which is extremely useful for the final battle.

Here is the best route to take on Hardcore difficulty:

1) The wide gate straight ahead of spawn.
2) The gate to the right of your spawn.
3) The bottom generator on the right-hand side of the map (Through the right gate).
4) The top generator on the right-hand side of the map (Probably the most difficult one).

The following four generators are conveniently covered by a Tesla coil air trap. There is one in the parking garage (directly adjacent the first generator) and two at the gas station (one directly right of the generator on the roof and one down the ramp from the roof and to the right)

5) The first generator you encounter in the parking structure (Middle area).
6) The second generator you encounter in the parking structure.
7) The gate to the left of your spawn point.
8) The generator on the bottom of the gas station.
9) The generator on the roof of the gas station.

For the final boss battle, make sure you prioritize killing phantoms, rhinos, and ancestors, as they will be dealing the most damage to you. Furthermore, make sure you're constantly using your equipment whenever you can afford it.

After you have completed the mission on hardcore with a relic active, you will unlock the achievement. Congratulations!

Nemesis Completionist

Complete every challenge and the final Ancestor encounter in Regular/Hardcore difficulty.

Nemesis Completionist
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A note: You DO NOT have to do the challenges for every door of the mission. That means you DO NOT have to open the optional doors leading to an area that is absent a generator.

However, you have to do the three final challenge during the final battle. These new challenges are as follows.

  • Do not take damage from an Ancestor for 120 seconds
  • Kill an Ancestor in 180 seconds or less
  • Deal 20,000 damage to Ancestors by hitting their weak points (i.e., shoot the ancestor in the head after their shield is down)


Kill X scout aliens with melee attacks
Self-explanatory. Push the right thumbstick down to kill enemies with your knife. During the entire first area you can save ammo and money by using only melee attacks against all the scout aliens.

Kill X enemies with pistols
Again, self-explanatory and easy to do: unsheathe, aim and shoot. .44 Magnum and MP-443 are the best choice. Equip some explosive ammo and watch out for explosive objects that could void the kill.

Keep aiming accuracy above X%
Designate one of your teammate as the shooter. The chosen one will have to shoot one single bullet against a creature, hitting it. Precision indicator will automatically increase to 100%. Use a flare to simplify the whole thing, or wait that a creature attacks the drill in order to have a clear and steady target. Now only use melee attacks to kill the remaining aliens. If a seeder, rhino or a phantom appears, you have to keep calm, use some tactic and kill them with your knife or some traps, sentries, IMS, explosives, SOFLAM, etc. (throwing a flare can be useful in these circumstances).

Don't reload your weapon for X seconds
"You will not laugh! You will not cry! You will not press the X button!" Also, you will not change weapon, pick up items or dispense any ammo. And do not shoot if your weapon has a small magazine with high rate of fire. Sentry Guns and/or Vultures can be used, so feel free to call these in when you don’t have any flares to throw.

Don't use abilities for X seconds
Don't drop any ammo, don't use team support, strike or equalizer abilities.


Don't get damaged by the Seekers
Traps like electric fence are a good ally, except for gasoline traps, they can block the view preventing the sighting of the Seekers. If you have some flares, throw them one at a time. While observing Seekers, they will become easy targets

Kill X enemies (bombers, etc) without taking any damage

Stay together, try to have a good view of the field, activate some traps, use sentries to watch your back and destroy enemies at a distance. Assault Rifles and LMG’s work wonderfully, as well as portable minigun turrets. Throwing a flare at a certain distance is convenient. Watch out for Seekers, Seeder, Rhino's and Hunters. If a Rhino appears a teammate with riot shield should keep him busy while the others will shoot him (fully upgraded portable minigun turrets works like a charm against Rhinos).

Find and kill the leper within X seconds
The leper is a coward. If you spot a hunter that runs away from the firefight, this is the leper! The leper's face also isn't so bright but almost gray. When you start a drill at a random hive when this challenge pops up, be sure you have no turrets on the battle ground. That way, the leper will come your way making this challenge easy. Do not use Feral Instincts since this will prevent the leper from coming towards you and/or your team, just keep killing the enemies as you normally would.

Kill X aliens retrieving damage from all the squad members
This can be tough if you and your teammates don't collaborate. Stay together, facing the same direction. Shoot a single bullet at every enemy that is approaching; these aliens will be marked (outlined in white) for your teammates. Now another player must hit the highlighted alien once, marking it for the next player that will do the same for the last player and so on until the alien is dead. This challenge will be easier during the second half of the game, when enemies will become stronger, withstanding more hits.

Kill X amount of Cryptids from the designated area
A circle with white edges and rotating lights will appear. Stay inside of this circle and kill the requested number of enemies. Use armor, heavy weapon and be fast because the entire squad will be an easy target during this challenge. If you have the Venom-X you can detonate some gas bullets inside the circle in order to protect the squad.

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