Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reviews

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    01 Jun 2018
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    I'd give Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered 5 stars if it wasn't bundled with COD Infinite Warfare (and I didn't have to pay through the roof for cost of 'two' games).

    COD MW was brilliant when it was first released and this remastered version feels just as fresh as the original. It's really interesting that, compared to the newer games and indeed Infinite Warfare, COD MW doesn't have all the fancy perks, kill streaks or huge variety of weapons and add-ons but it... well, it just works. It's simple but extremely addictive. I played through single player again and playing multi-player every other night.

    The only issue is that I (like so many) have paid top dollar for this remastered version so I expect the trend to continue in the years to come as the publisher sees another money-spinner. I don't want to be buying the new games bundled with remastered versions unless the price is adjusted (it's not really two games, one has already been created and coded, just needs touching up!) or I'm able to buy separately. It'll be interesting to see if COD MW Remastered gets released as stand alone later down the line, in which case I'll hold off in future and buy the game I really want at the price I also want!

    As for Infinite Warfare..... I'd have given that 2 stars. It's just too complicated. Too many variations of set up, too many new 'cool' features... ultimately too many better players than me!

    Maybe I'm just getting on in life but give me more basic shooters like the good ol' days.
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    WinterVisionShit review. Do everyone a favor and don't review anything else.
    Posted by WinterVision on 30 May 20 at 07:24