3. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Mission #1 - Rising Threat

Loadout - NV4 Custom, FHR-40 Custom

After the first cut scene where you jump out of a plane to fly through some clouds. There will be some turbulence and I found it easy to gently move my stick keeping at least one guy fully in your view. Now when you land whatever you do DO NOT double jump (cn_A x2) or wall run for two minutes and you will get the Boots on the Ground, after that do whatever you want to get the mission done.

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When you reach the ice hole where you have an enemy at the bottom and worry about double jumping just walk right off the edge and remember to hold cn_A when it tells you too. Any weapons it says you can pick up from this point none of them will count for the scan collectibles so don't worry too much about them until later on. In the mean time just follow Sipes and Tee till they take cover. You will have four guys walking along a building roof and about four more at the bottom to the left. Wait for the two guys that are by themselves on top of the building get closer to quickly kill each of them before backing up behind Sipes and Tee for cover. Then it's just a matter of peeking out and taking out the last few guys.

Back to following your team as they jump across a gab. There is a point close to the wall on the left (about 3-4 steps from the wall) where you can jump across without needing to use double jump. Just make sure you have a good running start and hold cn_A to max the height of your jump. When you get up to where Sipes is looking down the set of stairs, the game will introduce you to seeker-bots. Shortly after that, you'll have to open a door where you see the anti-gravs grenades in action.

Up ahead you will hear them saying 'eyes on research lab'. Take cover behind the C12 hanging in the middle of the room while you kill everyone. Then go up to a small cabinet close to where the two scientists were talking and you'll have some anti-gravs grenades for yourself. You could try and go for Gravity Kills here but it will be too suicidal and painful, in my opinion The reason being that there will be too many guys shooting at you. The next room is where you can do it however as there are two guys in a nice red room to the left find a spot where you can recover some health and they can't shoot you while you throw/wait for it to active (I hid behind the table to the right so I will have a clear view of both of them when I went up), then just aim, shoot and kill.

If you can't get it there don't worry there will be another chance in the next room where you will need to 'Escape with the F-SPAR Torch energy weapon prototype'. A wave of enemies will be coming at you across from the computer you hacked and you could easily do it here as well. Run up to the wall next to a sliding door complete opposite side of the room you just hack the terminal. You will be using this as cover since all the enemies will be coming around that area. This is also where you will have your first real meeting with the C12. By the way you will have two minutes to do all this so use any grenades and seekers to make your life that much easier here if you need more F-Star ammo there will be some in a small room to the left with in the area where all the enemies are and to the left corner behind some crates when you first enter. When you see them all start running away run into where the one F-star is and start shooting the one arm till it explodes off then the other one. This will be 1/3 ways to destroy it and you can't really jump on this one at all. That is also the fastest way to kill a C12 since you need at least 20 seconds for the F-SPAR to move forward so you can activate it on the next group that comes in and get a cut scene and Rising Threat achievement.

Mission #2a - Black Sky: Parade

After the cut scene, just follow Salter through the hallways and crowds of people for another one. There really isn't much but a bunch of sightseeing, that is until you crashed.

Mission #2b - Black Sky: Under Attack

Loadout - karma-45 reflex, Volt Trogan, KBAR-32 (pick ups)

Here on out, there will be gun scans to get there will be 22 scans and some of them are random and will be noted where I had found them. Any that will be new to you will be yellow/orange lining around them.

After crashing you will have a slow-motion shooting to kill an enemy pick up his weapon 'karma-45' 1/22 to unlock your first scan.

Turn around and pick up his buddy's gun 'Volk' 2/22. Now move quickly to the far right up against the wall and take out the enemies carefully they will be moving up now and again so pay attention to each side of the room. Now if you can make one crawl, you should get him to bring out the 'EMC' 3/22. When the first group seem to slow down move behind cover and see if you can have a good aiming towards the stairs on the left. There will be enemies there as well so it's best to either back up behind an object or go full prone when you need some health. When everyone has run around, grab any guns you need scans for. Besides, grab a good stable gun to have little kickback. Go up the stairs you were shooting some enemies on and then through the hallway.

Keep going till you get to a door where Salters will give you some grenades. Jump down and you'll see the 'KBAR-32' 4/22 right in front of you. Kill some more enemies down below you with a grenade and pick off the few shooting at you from across the street before picking up 'ERAD' 5/22 from the group you thew the grenade earlier. It is random if it will drop but there will be more later on so if you don't get it here just keep an eye out for it as you go through the missions.

Stay right and grab any ammo you need your team will move up when you do but there will be about two enemies when you get to where the group that was shooting at you across the street was. Throw a grenade where you see them shooting or move up to the car that trigger of them to run back, they will try and shoot at you though but they will also be out in the open. Around that corner, just trigger the ship to start shooting but stay behind a building. You don't want to be near a car because they will blow up on you. When it finally leaves your team will move up, stay to the right again and this time behind a car for a short time while you take out two enemies. They will be right behind each other so if you need to go right of the car and kill them from that angle. The building up to the right will have seeker-bots for you so you will have more then frag grenades to toss out. Now use this building to take out a sniper on the second floor to the left building by popping out of the doorway, to the left of the stairs and using the doorway on the stairs with a good place grenade pop out and toss it at the four guys behind a metal guard right in front of you, when your team moves up you know everyone is dead.

Going down a street on your second right and after a ship comes in, there will be two guys on a broken balcony ahead. Go up some stairs and wait for your team to take care of the few around the doorway before running and sliding if need to to take cover behind the wall in front and to the right. Use that as cover while you take out everyone in this area, you might need to kneel down to take out the two snipers in the building. Stay right as you move up so you won't get enemies on both sides of you. Go through the building that the two snipers were in, there will be a guy in there but you should have a good shot at him from the right side of the building while he aims at your team.

Now keep moving forward till you start hearing crashing noises, one will crash right in front of you and you will need to melee and shoot the other one while you back up for cover. Keep moving up and you'll come across 'R.A.W.' 6/22 use that to kill the robots faster and be careful for when they start to detonate. You'll hear a beeping noise as they ran up to you, ran back or kill them fast. Move all the way to the right either crawl or crouch so you won't get shot and killed that way, you'll be able to take them out easier one by one with the stone railing for cover. There will be another ship shooting at you so stay right and you should be in good cover. Peek out from the gab just ahead to tale out most of the guys on the ground and the building to the left of the streets. When you feel it's safe enough jump down and run to the left building you shot a guy in earlier, take cover and go prone if you need health before running all the way if you need to regain health.

After making out of that area you'll come across your first door for Peekaboo. Now since there will be others you could choose to keep restarting the checkpoint to get the achievement or choose one of the three ways (kicking open, slowly pushing forward or grenade) and use the other two for later doors. 1/3 peeks

  • Peek-a-boo!

    Kick open a door, peek open a door, and throw a grenade while peeking a door.


There will be two guys right behind the door and two more down the stairs ahead, use the railing as cover if you need to or just let Ethan go commando on them. Moving forward the doorway will be covered and Ethan will block the window before he gives you a device that will allow you to hack. You only have a few seconds to kill as many robots on the other side and self-detonating before the signal is gone. After a short walk, you will group will come across some allies hidden in a cellar where you can get more seekers, grenades and ammo. When you get out, rush the hill and be careful about debris coming down on you. Stay either right or left and take cover to regain some health if need be. Here you will start to use a teammate's Jackal target system to target groups of enemies to be attacked. When you get high enough another ship will come in and Ethan will tell you to use the hacking model use that on the ship, it will take a little while before the hack fully works, shoot as many robots if you want before self-detonating. Keep moving up and using the jackal targeting whenever it's ready to wipe out the enemies without worrying about getting killed till Raines orders Ethan to hack the next room. You will have another slow-motion shoot out where you will want a fast assault rifle gun to help kill the three guys on the right before going to the laptop to turn it off and getting a cut scene.

Mission #2c - Black Sky: Take to the Sky

Load out - Gamp .018 Microlite, Gamp .385 Anvil, Hull upgrade

From the last cut scene you will just go to your Jackal and have a small tutorial on how the ship mechanics work in this game. The little red diamond when you aim though is where you want to aim at in order to shoot at the ship you locked on. Keep an eye on when you need to use your flares and take out each striker before going after the destroyer. If you are having problems with the destroyers go above them and hover there shooting at their guns since only the rockets can reach you. Once defeated follow the blue arrows to know where Retribution is floating at and stay within the blue circles to be able to land before you will need to defend again. Use and switch between your cannons and machine guns to take out all of the super carriers' guns causing it to jump. Re-land your ship in order to finish with the mission and getting the Black Sky achievement.

Mission #3 - Retribution: Aftermath

Loadout - Unarmed

After the cut scene, follow Salter to an elevator. Then take a left to where you will need to move what looks like a file cabinet before a talk. When the talking is finally done head back to the door but instead of going through it head to the computer to the left behind a door for Captain's Log.

You can either listen and look through all the logs or just leave and keep going with the story. Head to the terminal in the middle of the room to jump your ship and have a short cut scene before following Salter to the elevator again. Go to a gear terminal to pick out your gear, add a different sight and anything else to a gun you like to use to get Make it Personal.

Now to follow Salter to the elevator to get your boost gear before going to a truck to head out.

Mission #4a - Operation: Port Armour: Civilian Terminal

Loadout - KBAR-32 (high-impact rounds, foregrip, trojan), HVR (Extended mag, rifled barrel, trojan), Seeker-bot, shock grenade, retractable shield and ATAD

Enjoy the ride till another truck crash into you, shoot at the guy that pops out to keep going with the ride and crash through the building. Follow your team to another doo. You can do another peek on 2/3 peek of opening that door any way you want there will not be anyone on the other side to attack, then run over to the section across the room on the second floor there is a gab along the railing to jump up through. Go up the stairway where a group of enemies waiting around the corner. You can attack them or just stay hidden around the corner till the window behind them get blown and sucked them all out. When the window closes off, follow your team again till you have a doorway where you need to crawl under it. Take cover before starting the fight with the enemies on the other side. Go right and duck behind a plant box on the ground left of the hallway you just enter. Your team will keep breaking the windows to suck enemies out so you will want to stay away from them till they get re-close. Slowly move your way up every time the enemies keeps falling back and at a point, you will have robots coming out one of them hopefully one of them will have some new weapons for you here, they will end up dropping another scan 'Banshee' 7/22. Though here is where I got the 'Reaver' 9/22.

First, stay behind the sign to the left when you firsts enter the room so you will be a wedge between the said sign and a pillar to take out people there before they retreat into the next room. Stay above and go right you will have one robot to kill fast and maybe another guy if he jumps up fast enough on your team. However, run all the way to the back and duck behind a panel that sticks partly out to take care of some enemies you can see across from you and behind from where you are hiding. Stay tight to the right side to land in a room on the lower right and take cover forcing your team to move up as well and killing any enemies in the far left that you couldn't get.

Stay right again and when the window gets broken again there will be a shield robot landed, (second/Veteran play through pull out your drone, shock grenades and/or seekers to keep it paralyze so you can shoot it with your energy gun). (First playthrough) the best I found it was run into the room across from where you came in, throw 2-3 frag grenades and do headshots when it's injured. when it's dead you'll wanna grab the shield to help you out the rest of the time. when you're ready go and help Salter open a door and you will have to do the same thing as before throwing some grenades at the robot and do some potshots at its head to finally kill him. Get a fresh shield from him by just walking over and you will also want to pick up his weapon to scan 'F-SPAR Torch' 8/22.

Walk past the injured to do a short fight before being flung into space where you will need to move fast with your team to a door to get back inside. Now head to the armory to get 'Reaver' 9/22 (if you haven't already got it) and 'Mauler' 10/22. You will also want to turn around and go up to the computer next to the door you just came through to get your first Equipment upgrade 1/12. which also unlocks Gear-up.

The next room you will have to use your shock grenades right below you, stay right and high up till you have to wall run across to the left. There will be one guy below you and able to hit you when you using the wall to run across so use that same wall as cover to take him and another guy sniping at people above in a window before taking out the two snipers in the far back of the room, you can just see their heads before getting rid of the few on the upper room around the corner and to the right before wall running over there. Go as far into the room as you can and use shock grenades on the group running back and forth on the walkway ahead to take them out fast. When you feel safe enough wall run across then go where the two snipers were before in the far back, I did find a 'Spartan' 20/22 here unlocking Serious gun collector but if you can't the next scan you will unlock it.

Now there will be three boxes of shocks next to an open window so just keep throwing them in at different angles around the room to take out all or most of the enemy before jumping in and have a small chat before going on an elevator and getting on a ship.

Mission #4b - Operation: Port Armour: Shipping Storage

Loadout - GAMP .018 Microlite, GAMP .385 Anvil, Hull Upgrade

You will just have to fly around shooting at everything and remember if you need to you can just hover while you shoot. When you take out enough strikers you will be needing to let the drone know where you are to be able to give you some missiles to use and refill you afterwards. After some more strikers falling from the skies, you will have gunner ships come into where you will need to take them. Once everything is clear just go to the marker and follow the steps to go into outer space.

Mission #4c - Operation: Port Armour: Boarding Party

Loadout - GAMP .018 Microlite, GAMP .385 Anvil, Hull Upgrade

This is where you could start using the G grappling hook and get some or all of your 15 kills from it depends if you want to reload from a checkpoint or keep going. I was able to get a good 8 kills if you just go slow and don't rush too much forward and look for your next victim while you're killing the guy you just snagged.

If you decided to keep going and not reload the last checkpoint there will be other times to get kills with the grappling hook mostly in Ship Assaults then in the story.

After breaking the window and making a bunch of them suck out you will get your first aces/captain kill. Go up to the guy on the table to get his tags he will be Cpt. Bradley Fillion 1/32. Now head down the elevator shaft and follow your team to a room of enemies clear them out before starting the hack. Here you will have three minutes to get out but also to grab some more collectables. Keep an eye out for a crawling enemy to get a chance of getting the 'Oni' 11/22 when you go running down the hallway. Just don't worry too much as there will be other guys crawling and lockers to get it from as well.

Turn right and take out the three guys before two more come around the corner. Turn right before you keep going to go through an armory door to get another Equipment upgrade 2/12. If you haven't gotten the 'Oni' 11/22 by now check the lockers next to the computer and there will be a chance of it being in one of those as well. I also found the 'Type-2' 18/22 in here as well.

Now head out and there will be your third door to get your last peek 3/3 for peeking if you haven't already. Clear the room and grab a shield right next to the door to the next room. Kill the one guy right in front of you when you open the door, then the one up on some stairs before pulling your shield out and rushing to the control room, melee anyone there is in front then go prone behind a table as soon as you go in the room. Activating the control panel giving you another Equipment upgrade 3/12. Also if you're fast enough you can get 2 more grappling kills before leaving and getting back on your ship. On docking, you will get Operation Port as well as Ante-up.

Mission #5 - Retribution: Back in the Fight

Loadout: Unarmed

After the cut scene, go to the elevator and instead of following Salters to the left keep going straight to unlock Reality TV.

Once you got that go to the main room for another cut scene and learn about Ship Assaults missions to where you can do this at any time through the main story mission to a point. Also keep note of which are the Main mission, Ship assault and Jackal strike in the bottom right corner. We will go through all the side missions we can here as a few more will become open later on, you also don't need to go take the side missions as I did since each will give you a perk that will benefit you in a different way, so if you need/want to scroll down to that mission to see how to do it.

So now go over to Neptune Cluster to the right and zoom in to the ship start off with Taken Dagger.

Ship Assault #1 - Operation: Taken Dagger

Loadout- R3k (Scout Hybrid, Particle Amp, Ram servo), HVR (Trojan, suppressor, Rifled Barrel), ATAD, Shield, shock grenades and seeker-bots

After the take-off scene, you will need to fly to the destroyer where you will encounter more guys to kill with your grappling hook. You should end up getting another 8-10 kills so more then enough to get the rest of your kills if you haven't already. After the area is cleared you breach to where you should find 'DMC-8' 12/22 and 'R3K' 13/22.

Once you got those guns head over and hack the computer before making your way to the next room, you will have two guys down the hallway to kill they won't spot you right away so take cover if need to and shoot them with the suppressor gun. Enter the room then instantly go prone so the one guard doesn't see you, go back out and when he ran past kill him. Go back in and now crawl through the vents till Ethan lets you see the security cameras, this area I recommend staying silent, be very careful if you decided to kill anyone (use melee kills). Melee the guy knelled down next to some corpses then quickly go into the vents to the right when you look to the left from the corpses. Melee the guy right in front, it'll be dark so you will just see his silhouette, and turn off the security bots on the bottom floor to make it easier. Go back where you kill the second guy and go up those stairs quickly all the way up to the door you need to get through.

Start off by going after the two on the catwalk, door to the left when you enter the cargo bay. Watch the one guard and when he turns around stalk up to him for a melee kill to which you will move slowly down the catwalk seeing the second guy at a point wait for him to have his back on you before you strike. Now from the far left corner of the catwalk from where you entered, go down those stairs and you should see one guy in a room and one walking up to it, wait for the one walking up. Turn around before going over to the other one kill him then turn off the security robots across from him. Slowly move up to the door and peek out with the lean option you have every now and again to see when he will turn around to kill him. Go up the stairs and there should be a guy halfway up to melee, move back across the catwalk to where you should see another guy along the stairs where you went down the first time if you haven't got him before. Make your way back and to where you went up, stay close to the wall and go through the room to get to the other side. There will be a guy walking along there so watch out and when you can go around the boxes on the right before he spots you to take him out when he passes them. Now quickly back up and hide again behind those boxes to take out a guy that had heard the body drop, when it's clear strike him and do the same for the next one. Go down the side your on staying on the first floor to turn off those robots, Through the room and there should be a guy coming up the stairs to take out fast. Move to the middle and kill Cpt. Lt. Radoslav Barkov 2/32 to where you will need to get rid of about 4 guys with your team.

Follow Salters to take out some guys in the next room, should be easy enough when you shut off the other robots, just hug the door entryway to use as cover while you take out the enemy and same for the next room. Slowly make your way up and press cn_up to scan in here to see where everyone is. You also will see there is a shield robot waiting for you so take out as much as the smaller guys as you can before facing him. Stay right and you should be able to handle it just keep an eye for the two snipers up top in the back when you move forward.

The door you go through you will see a computer you need to use to get your next Equipment upgrade 4/12 and Equipment upgrade 5/12 from the same computer, as well as also unlocking the 'P-Law' 14/22. Don't forget to check the lockers for any guns you might have missed or haven't spawned in for you before continuing with the mission. Use the P-law to take out groups of enemies and the shield bots quickly when they come into the room. When cleared go right and you will have two more guys coming through a door take them out quickly and run through it to be able to move up closer to the group shooting at Salters in the hallway, another shield robot is there so two shocks should take him out if you can't get an angel or chance to shoot it. Now go through the doors on the left to get to your Jackal and leaving getting you Operation Taken Dagger.

Once you're back on Retribution you can choose to watch the next news report and look at the most wanted board in your room before going to Phoenix located in the Uranus Cluster.

Ship Assault #2 - Operation: Phoenix

Loadout - EBR-800 (Suppressed), FHR-40 (Custom), Grappling Hook and T.A.R.

When you finally get to float around again you will come across two scouts. Only worry about one since Salter will take out the other one. It is highly recommended that if one of the scouts don't drop the 'HVR' 15/22 restart the mission till one does.

Stay close and follow Salter through the asteroids to avoid any spotlights till four guys come out, using the sniper to take out the two guys alone working on the ship then the security guys floating around before being able to get to the point to drop the EMP at. Back away now and you will need to take it slow since there will be small waves of enemies coming so stay low and make sure your next area will have some good cover.

Once make your way in you will have two people floating across your screen quickly kill them since one of them will be Jr. Lt. Cesar Magana 3/32. Get into the Jackal they were passing to do some flight, shooting and kill Cpt. Taras Emin 4/32, Col. Young Kim 5/32 and Maj. Nicolas Rado 6/32 in the ships flying around, You can tell who is the ace/captains in strikers since they will have a yellow diamond above them. Shortly after that, the destroyer will be ready to shoot so run back to the Retribution and leave getting you Fangs Out and Operation Phoenix.

Head back over to the main room and go over to Venus Cluster to select D-Con

Ship Assault #3 - Operation: D-Con

Loadout - Titan (TRojan, Ram Servo, Foregrip), Banshee (Trojan, Speaker Amp, Fusion Mag), ATAD, Retractable Shield, Seekers-bot and Shock Grenades

Once you get in the area you will be going into an air fight almost right away and will be able to go after and kill Lt. Rulon Raymond 7/32 and Lt. Serozh Sarkisyan 8/32. When the last plane gets shot out of the sky you will be needing to chase the destroyer you will need to keep using your boost and if need be go low so the guns won't be able to shoot at you when you get close to board. Clear the next area before you will be able to get out of your ship here you can also try shooting off both arms of the C12 to get it self destruct if you haven't done so before. But you will need to destroy everything there in order to get out of your Jackal.

Go through the door then turn right for another gunfight. Turn right again up the first set of stairs then a left for a 2nd set of stairs. Where there will be another armory to your right for another Equipment upgrade 6/12 and some new scans the 'Ballista EM3' 16/22, 'Type-2' 17/22 and 'RPR' 18/22. If you can't find the last two in the armory just keep an eye out for any enemy that will be carrying them as well.

Now head back out and follow the path to another room where you'll need to clear out the small group of enemies before hacking. More enemies will be coming out of a door straight across from you so if you have a good machine or assault on you have it out and just lay it into them. Also this room I had found tons of 'Banshee' 7/22 if you haven't gotten them from earlier like me.

Follow your team to the next group where another small group are the second the door opens up. Go to the back of the room where the objective/armory is and get ready for a good fight. Use Shocks and a machine gun right away to clear the groups coming through the door as much as possible before using seeker-bots to get some of the odd ones hiding. Now it's just opening up the door and getting your Equipment upgrade 7/12.

You will have to plant some explosives once you got the sample before moving on to the hanger where there will be a small group with a shield bot so any grenades you have to toss it to take them out otherwise use some seekers while in prone. Run to your ship and nothing more than to sit back and watch the explosion while that kills Vice Admiral Vlad Derhachov 9/32 and you getting Operation D-con.

Once you're ready, head to the main room and head over to Pluto Cluster to where you'll select Deep Execute.

Ship Assault #4 - Operation: Deep Execute

Load out - Volk (Trojan, Ram Servo, Particle Amp), HVR (Scout Hybrid, Rifled, Suppressor), Retractable Shield, ATAD, Shock Grenades and Seeker-bots.

When this loads up you will be floating over to Salter to be able to hack into the ship. This one is more of a stealth mission so slow, stead and double check corners before going through anything. The first door I did almost got detected but backing up quickly quite a ways I was able to make him forget about me so I was able to stealth kill him.

After killing the first guy you can climb up the ladder to get to the next area where there is another guy to stealth kill right by the door then quietly kill the guy on the bench before moving over to the 3rd guy then grabbing a uniform. Now just walk casually by everyone turning off any security bots you see in each area. Make sure not to bump into them too much or they will be alerted.

When you get into the next room much like the last section of D-con go to your right to go into another armory and getting 'Eraser' 19/22, Equipment upgrade 8/12 and Equipment upgrade 9/12.

Go to the objective now and take out the guy walking close to the tech first without the 2nd one walking up there noticing. After that, you can sneak kill a few more up in the area or just grab the item and leave. Keep following the objective and turning off any security bots along the way. Don't worry about much of anything but when you turned off life support you will get kills for Vice Admiral Caleb Thies 10/32, Cpt. Oren Emin 11/32 and Cpt. Khosi Siyada 12/32. You can now kill everyone in this room but don't shoot the next one, and follow the solider till you see Salter then just shoot them all in the back killing Jr. Lt. Andrew Hawryuk 13/32 in the process.

Follow Salter making your way through small groups through each room and hallways out of the mother ship to where you will have a small fight before going to your own ship. Start going after the other ships and you can kill Lt. Matthew Tovar 14/32 and Sr. Lt. Omar Gatica 15/32. once you see the last name you need for your most wanted list land on the Retribution to end the mission and getting Targets of Opportunity and Operation Deep Execute.

Now that the Ships assaults are all done we'll do what we can with the Jackal strikes starting with safe harbor located near Earth Cluster.

Jackal Strike #1 - Operation: Safe Harbor

Load out - Gamp .018 Microlite, Gamp .385 Anvil, Hull upgrade

This one just requires you to just fly around and shooting down other ships and two destroyers one of them will have Sr. Lt. Attila Zalanyi 16/32 and the other will be Lt. Karl Drowns 17/32. Only thing I can say is to use your flares, thrusts and spins to keep yourself alive through all this. Once that's done head back to the Retribution and you'll unlock both if you have been following this walk-through Aces High and Operation Safe Harbor.

Now head back to the main room and we'll head over to Pure threat located near Jupiter Cluster.

Jackal Strike #2 - Operation: Pure Threat

Load out - Gamp .018 Microlite, Gamp .385 Anvil, Hull upgrade

Another flyer fight where you will get ambushed at an asteroid zone. To trigger it you will have to find a destroyer in the middle of the zone and there will be a first wave coming in. Focus on the strikers flying around before going after one destroy cause as soon as you take that destroy out more strikers will come in and you will have to take care of them again before getting rid of the next one. You will also be able to get Cap. Hari Khalsa 18/32 when he's flying around. When the second group is cleared and you were able to blow up the 2nd destroyer you have to get a 3rd one that's now flying around. Shoot at his engines to give the most damage but you will need to blow up some of the guns to finish it off. Now it's just a matter of cleaning up then heading back to the Retribution to end this one and getting Operation Pure Threat.

Now head over to the only Jackal strike we can do at the moment before continuing with the mission.

Jackal Strike #3 - Operation: Grave Robber

Load out - Gamp .018 Microlite, Gamp .385 Anvil, Hull upgrade

You'll be coming in and right away going after the strikers, when they are cleared you will have the go after the destroyer where you will get the kill on LT. Sang Yup Kim 19/32 . Need to blow up two more destroyers before finding WC dr. Ivan Perez 20/32 trying to escape, just go and kill him. Now head back to the Retribution and getting Operation Grave Robber and Jackal Ace.

Mission #7a - Operation: Burn Water: Refinery

Loadout - EBR-800 (Tracking Chip, Suppressor, Ballistic CPU), EMC (Trojan, Ram Servo, Particle Amp), ATAD, Retractable Shield, Shock Grenades and Seeker-bot.

Now that we have done all the side missions that we can do back to the main missions and the collectibles. From the main room after the jump, head down the elevator to have a cut scene. Follow Omar to a ship where you will need to get a seat to be able to land and another cut scene.

Follow your team through the land till you guys go through a broken gate and drop down. Instead of continuing to following them turn left and you will see another armory building with a door you can go through to get your next Equipment upgrade 10/12. This is also where I found the 'KBS Longbow' 21/22.

Now go back to your team to find some information then turn right to find a way to your next objective. Here you will have to stay in the shadows to not trigger a fight. If you are having troubles follow Omar's path through this part he will be doing most of the work for you. When you two go into a building stay close to him and wait till he takes out the one guard that's coming in, he'll then go to the door and you will just have to wait till the group outside moves before Omar will run across. When you met up with Ethan you will now have to shoot one of the three guards at the next corner. Follow your team again till one of them says 'two targets' you will have to aim at one of them as your team takes out the 2nd guy. The next group wait to let them go by and when they are safely far away shoot the one guy at the door across from you before moving on. When you guys drop down and move closer Omar will throw an anti grenade and you will need to take out all 4 guys before moving on. When you have a small talk as your team talk about an ambush through a sneaker or two and hang back to snipe in the shadows. there will be an explosive barrel in this area to take out some guards in front of the building and a little to the right. Once the area is cleared talk to Omar to trigger your team to land.

Follow your C12 as it rips through a door to a point where everyone is on top of a hill this is where you will be using the C12 targeting system so once you do that just a matter of cleaning up any that it misses by sniping them. Now just follow the C12 and hanging back sniping if you want or stay in cover and slowly move up, stay right to force your team to move up faster and killing more guys. Watch out for the group on a catwalk on the other side of a railing when you come to a 3 story building. Take cover and toss out seeker-bots or grenades to get rid of them.

In the next yard, you will be getting the 'Spartan' 20/22 if you haven't already it should be on the second floor of some of the platforms. This is also where you will meet another C12 and do another 1 of 3 ways to kill it. Since you can jump on it I suggest taking out one of its arms. The next area you will have strikers attacking you and you will need to run to Ethan to open up a door for everyone to get in.

Mission #7b - Operation: Burn Water: Fight or Flight

Load out - Gamp .018 Microlite, Gamp .385 Anvil, Hull upgrade

After some talking and Ethan hacking you'll be going up to the roof to be able to get into your Jackal to take everyone out. About halfway through taking down strikers you will get a destroyer coming in so take it out as fast as you can. Afterwards, you can go back to destroying the strikers that are still flying or wait till it tells you to land. Wait for your team to fire what they can with the Jackal so you will want to take cover before going left and kill a small group of enemies down the side there. Go down where they are to go up some stairs to a door to take out more of them. When it's safe enough go up the stairs in there to take out the rest on the other side of the room, go prone if you need to regain some health up here and use the height as cover. Once you open the turbine head back to your ship and follow the pipes where you will take out the tower and get a cut scene.

Mission #8 - Retribution: Rescued

Loadout: Unarmed

When you come to you will have to follow Salter to where you will have to talk to the Admiral after which you can explore your ship a little bit before starting up the next mission Sudden Death located near the Saturn Cluster.

Jackal Strike #4 - Operation: Sudden Death

Load out - Gamp .018 Microlite, Gamp .385 Anvil, Hull upgrade

You will now have 5 destroyers to take care of but as soon as you destroy one there will be strikers coming in. Take care of them first and try and stay away from the other destroyers till it's clear to go back to blowing them up. Once the last one gets explored more strikers will come in and that is when you'll get Lt. Col. Damien Nichols 21/32 and Lt. Sergio Gil 22/32 before heading back to Retribution and getting Sudden Death.

After you are ready go to your terminal and start up the next story mission.

Mission #9 - Operation: Dark Quarry

Loadout - R3K (Trojan, Particle Amp, Ram Servo), Erad (Scout, Particle Amp, Ram Servo), Retractable Shield, ATAD, Seeker-bots and Shock Grenades.

After following Salters, watch a cut scene then put your boost pack on you before you run through the area with your team when you hear them shout "run". You will need to keep up with your team through this part and if need to double jump to stay away from the flames till you get through a door and seeing everyone bring their helmets up. The door they will want you to open will be another one you can do 1/3 peeks to if you haven't already.

When you start hearing the creepy music in the background and your guy says to split up. In many horror movies, this will be the part where you will turn around and say 'you're out' but you can't so if you go left then right then turn left you'll see another armory. There are no equipment upgrades in this one but you will get 'F_spar torch' 8/22 from Kashima and a small cut scene with him plus it never hurts to check around for any guns you haven't gotten from random drops yet. I've only able to find Reavers and DCM in this area though.

Now go back out go straight across and take your first left you will come across a door you will need to open up to continue. If you want to skip that cut scene just instead at the start go right then take your first left another left then your first right. You will know you are in the right spot when all of your team runs up into the hallway.

When you get through the door you will have a scene and pull a knife out of a robot before continuing through another door. Go down the hallway and see a corpse on some boxes to where the robot behind Salter will try and attack and you will need to kill it, just be careful with your bullets they seem to bounce back to you no matter which angel so take light shots at it and heal up when you need to. Now help Salters open up another door up ahead and some robots will be coming straight for you on the other side, any you see through the windows you won't be able to shoot them through it, so just ignore them for now. Walk halfway up and you will have a group of them now and you will want to use some shocks grenades to take them out fast. There won't be any weapons on them so don't worry about guns scans.

Follow your team through a door where you will have a few more robots to take out before going across the area. Left of the next door (right when you are facing it) you will need to get through there for another 'F-Star torch' 8/22. Now before going to the door make sure you are ready to be able to defend the area there while you are hacking. But thankfully there is lots of weapons scattered around and a box of drones and supplies if you need extra.

Once you're ready, start it up but be careful about shocks here you'll either keep killing your teammates or the base broadcast to which you will need to restart. I found the F-Star to be helpful to keep any large groups back enough so you can through shocks to take out groups coming at you from where you came from and use the gun you decide to use as a back up to take out any 2-3 robots that happen to get past the shocks. Once the hacking is done and you can open up that will stop the robots coming at you and you can run back out to either refill or switch weapons around.

Now follow your team down the hallway and to the next room where Salters will head back and you will see some people needing to be saved. Make your way through and when you come down the stairs hang a bit back and to the left cause there will be about 3-4 robots on the catwalk in front of you and a bunch of them will be charging at you while they will be snipping with the one in the window right in front. So stay in cover and peek out take care of the ones charging till you have a small break to take out the one in the window before more comes. When those are done slowly come out and take care of the snipers, back up if you need to regain some health.

You will still have robots coming at you till you move up to where you will have a group of them again. Go up the stairs on the left take your time if you feel like rushing up will be too hard. Wait for some robots to finish jumping across a broken stairway on the top of those same stairs before you jump across the same one at which the robots should stop spawning in and it's just a matter of jumping across the catwalk to open another door and finding the group of people.

Refill if you need before opening up the hanger where you will need to defend again. If you have any shocks left over will help tons in this area as well as your drone. Just make sure you don't run or jump out in the open area where all the robots started in otherwise you will die if you don't get back in fast enough. You won't be able to just stay in hiding in this area so well, so if you need a few seconds to refill or regain health jump over the robots to get to an open area. either turn around and open fire or throw a grenade of some kind at them. Once the ship comes down to run over to it to trigger the final cut scene for this one and the Operation Dark Quarry.

Mission #10 - Retribution: Cost of Victory

Once you are able to move around follow Ethan and Salters to the terminal room but go to you will need to watch the video on your computer to have a cut scene. Now we will have access to the last Jackal Strike mission and will need to clean all those side missions up before continuing. Click on the icon close to the sun for Trace Kill.

Jackal Strike #5 - Operation: Trace Kill

Load out - Gamp .018 Microlite, Gamp .385 Anvil, Hull upgrade

You will have about 8 minutes (4 minutes on Veteran) to clear the area before your Jackal gets destroy so go after all the ones on your hit list in their ships as fast as you can. Jr. Lt. David Schorn 23/32, Lt. Tom Szakolczay 24/3, Sr. Lt. Suresh Malakar 25/32, Sr. Lt. Taylor Kurosaki 26/32, and Cpt. Yenal Kal 27/32. Other then the Aces you will have about 5-8 other strikers to get rid of before they will let you get back. Since the rest of the Ace/Captains are in the story and you won't miss them you should be getting Top Gun with Operation Trace Kill.

Now when you are ready head to the terminal and choose Black Flag in the Earth Cluster.


Mission #11a - Operation: Black Flag: Prisoner Escort

Loadout - KBS Longbow (Thermal, Ballistic CPU, Stasis), Banshee (Trojan, Speaker Amp, C6 Stun), Retractable Shield, ATAD, Seeker-bot and Shock Grenades.

Before you go out and during your prep, I will recommend using a sniper with thermal on since this area is going to be very dark so some enemies might be hard to see plus they know you're going after them so a suppressor not really needed since it lowers the damage you can do.

After all the prep and a cut scene, you will need to jump off the ship with Ethan and follow him up to a door. Once you two talk to the guard that is in there you will be on your own so take it slow and use your sniper to take out as many enemies before you get too close. Following the path, you will slide down the muddy slope before jumping back up on the streets, quickly move to your right to have some cover before taking out a guy at the entry point ahead of you. Jump down and quickly move to your left activating the grenade they set out for you and taking out the two guards waiting. You should be able to see and shoot the one on the bottom before you can with the top if you slowly move over.

Slowly go around the corner and you will have two guys on the balcony pass the bridge that one enemy was on earlier. They are fairly space out so if you use the bridge with it's the middle column you can just focus on one guard at a time. Moving up slowly you will see the target jumping up to a different balcony and you will have a more heavy-duty guard that may need to take two head-shots to bring down.

Follow the path the target took and you will have two guys waiting for you at the bottom of a hole in the next building use the floorboards to give you some cover as you take them out. Head out but don't run too far ahead there will be an ambush and you can take out two guys you can see through the thermal and you can kill early to make your life a little easier just look around for the heat signature before moving up. When you do move stay close to the right to trigger a group of them running to a building to the left. Take them out one at a time and be careful of the anti grenades they have around the area you are in now.

Now that they are cleared do not follow the target quite yet but go all the way to the back to get your goodies. The armory will be on the second floor if you want to call it that from all the damage. And once you get to the terminal to get Equipment upgrade 11/12 and Equipment upgrade 12/12 getting you Fully Equipped.

If you also look around there should be a 'KBS Longbow' 21/22 around the room, it didn't spawn in for me on my first run but there will be enemies that will have some throughout this mission if you haven't been able to get it yet.

Now continue on and as soon as you open the door you will need to shoot the guard that gets pushed in your way as fast as you can before opening the door fully. Careful with going upstairs since another guard will be up there waiting for you. If you need to throw out a drone and a seeker to help out on some of the enemies. Don't go out of the building quite yet but go as far to your left where you can use the doorway as cover while you take all the enemies down one at a time. If you need more ammo there is a box in the back of the room to refill and I do suggest doing that when the area gets cleared. Now if you need to I did find a Longbow in this area if you go out then all the way to your right and behind an untouched fruit stand, you will see a box of anti grenades for you and the longbow was leaning up right behind it. Now move forward a bit to trigger the next group of enemies and run back to the original building you just came out of to take them all down one at a time. Don't worry if you didn't kill the robots with one shot. The distance is too far for them to be able to run all the way to you before exploding.

Now if you stay to the left and go into the second building the next group of enemies will start up to where you will have another robot with his shields right to the right (you should be able to see him through the window, you nor him can shoot through) use seekers/shocks and your drone to help you take him out. Careful though you will have a guy high on the building center right that can take you out. So if you feel better to attack him from the front of the building instead of the back or shoot the guys up top first but keep an eye on the robot in case he decided to move up on you.

When they are all dead go straight and up a set of stairs there might be a few stragglers at this point since the next group won' t get trigger till you get to the same rooftop the one guy was hitting you from a few seconds ago. If you need any drones there will be a box next to the ammo crate at the bottom. Take cover behind the convenient panel from the building place across where they will be shooting you from and use your drone to help take out robots while you take them out first.

Now jump over staying left to go through that same building and watch out for the guard that will pop out at the top of the stairs again on the same left, just back out and snipe his head or let your drone take care of him.

The next area you will need to kill a few guys here so be careful when you step out. Either go prone and crawl/wait for them to move or run back in the room and take out the guy across first before the ones to the right and below. Go right to get across where you will need to wall run then jump down to trigger a small group. You can use any grenades to take as many out then clean it up with your sniper or shotgun or just stay behind the vehicle and take one at a time. Move up and stay to the left there will be two guys to the far back right you can take out carefully from a distance.

Jump up to the platform on the right of the doorway before jumping on the doorway to get into the building but be careful not to jump fully in since you can through a grenade at the two guys at the bottom and shoot the heavy guy. Now jump right in front of the ammo box to use as cover while you lean over and shoot the guy that just came in. The next little bit you will be doing tons of leaning so remember in order to lean you will be needing to stay close to the object you are hiding behind, to get a yellow arrow where your cross-hairs will be, then aim. Keep on moving to go through the door the guy just came from but don't rush around the corner there will be two guys waiting for you so lean over and shoot them both. Go down the cor-door to some stairs where you guess it another guy standing at the top waiting for you.

The next room you will have another one waiting at the top where he kept throwing grenades down whenever you get close so use either your drone or seeker to kill him. As soon as you come up jump into the small room to the left to have some cover when a robot comes jumping in. You might need to take a few steps to the door in order to trigger it but when you start hearing talking go to the room. Now through that door will be two more guys so peek around and take them out one at a time. The next set of stairs will actually have a guy waiting to shoot a rocket and use a seeker on you. You will have a few seconds to be able to kill the guy quickly with your sniper before running down a few steps to be able to turn around and shoot the seeker with your shotgun.

Run back up the stairs and you will have a plank fall over, take out the one guy that waiting for you right there before jumping up and running to take cover behind a box to the left. Three guys will be also running in at this time too so you will have those few seconds to get in a good cover spot where you can take them out with leaning/shooting or using your items. There will be another one on top of the stairs behind that group but he won't be able to aim at you till you get where the stairs so move up slowly and shoot him when you have a good view. Go up the stairs and there will be another guy to the left you can take out using the floor and stairs as cover. There will also be another guy right above you, if you move right you should be able to take him out without worrying about him shooting back. If not you can use the bell as cover but he will be able to shoot at your feet. Now time to go up the wooden stairs and ladder to get through the door and deal with a cut scene, there will be a part in it where you will be asked to crawl forward to continue the scene. When Sr. Opr. Akeel Min Riah Re 28/32 dead you will watch an event before your Jackal will come in jump on it and follow the steps to be able to get to the next part.

Mission #11b - Operation: Black Flag: Trap is Sprung

Loadout - KBS Longbow (Thermal, Ballistic CPU, Stasis), Titan (pick-up), Retractable Shield, ATAD, Seeker-bot and Shock Grenades.

Now as soon as you have control, you should see a weapon to the left that will be your 'Titan' 22/22 getting you Gun Nut.

Now go find a spartan they are all over the place and make sure you keep the titan we will finish the C12 achievement here. Take out a fair bit of guys so it's not too annoying as you try and do this. Near the back, there will be your C12 to do your last 1 of 3 ways to kill it. When it explodes and if you have been following this guild you should get C12.

  • C12

    Kill 3 C12s all 3 ways in one playthrough (right rodeo, left rodeo, and self destruct)


If not you could just reload your last checkpoint or restart the mission to do any different ways you might have missed.

When you are ready, go to the next area it will be where your team waiting. After the screen, talk you will have a small cut scene and press cn_A when it tells you to before following your team to the next area. Watch out for pillars falling since they can kill you so if you need to wait for one to finish falling or low enough so you can jump over it do so. Later you will have enemies the second you get in so start shooting when you enter. Go around the area with your team to kill everyone and watch out for the seekers coming after you.

When the room is cleared you will need to set a charge to keep going followed by a slow-motion where you will need to kill 4 seekers jumping at you fast. They will start coming at you from right to left so if you have some auto shooting gun it'll help in this area. Your team will take out the guards in the room before you will need to hack. If you don't have that item on you don't worry there will be a box full of them for you to the right and left. You won't be needing to go to anything to actually hack just have them equip and activate one. One you hack one of the worker robots just go straight for Adm. Salen Kotch 29/32 don't worry about the small army in the room. Now, this is where you will get another achievement for killing him before he finishes his speech. Go over to him in his chair and as soon as you can hit your melee to shove your knife into him do it.

Press cn_X when it tells you to finish the mission and getting Operation Black Flag.

Mission #12a - Operation: Blood Storm: Trojan Horse

Loadout - KBS Longbow (Thermal, Ballistic CPU, Stasis), Titan (pick-up), Retractable Shield, ATAD, Seeker-bot and Shock Grenades. (whatever you had before the last mission really)

After the cut scene you will be needing to press and hold both cn_LT and cn_RT to charge the guns, move your crosshairs over a supercarrier to highlight it yellow then release to destroy them. You will only be able to take a few out before you get kicked out of the HUD for those weapons. Follow Salters down the elevator and ammo up for a fight. You will start at the top shooting enemies as they come in and take cover on you so if you need to use the drone to help take some out before pushing forward. Stay to the right since the door they will be coming through will be on the left.

When the area is now clear follow Salters to a door where when you get through you will be floating so either shoot from a safe distance or float behind cover and shoot the odd one that goes in your view. When all of them are gone you will be getting into your Jackal for another fight and getting some more aces. Jr. Lt. Moudy Hamo 30/32, Sr. Lt. Khoa Le 31/32 and Cpt. Rion Jones 32/32. You will have a time spawn to get them so listen to the dialogue to know roughly how much you have left because when Salter gets in too much danger her and you will start to fall out space. At which during that time you will have Royal Flush popping.

Mission #12b - Operation: Blood Storm: Crash Landing

Loadout: Unarmed

When it will let you take control you will need to get out of your Jackal to see the Retribution going down. Go to it but you won't be able to jump or run during this part, when you met up with your team you will need to help take a piece of metal off Brooks, then hold pressure. After a short time, you will have a cut scene.

Mission #12c - Operation: Blood Storm: Regroup

Loadout - R.A.W. (Custom), F-SpAr Torch, Hacking Devices, Retractable Shield, Frag Grenades and Seeker Grenades.

When you have control again follow the blue icon to get some weapons. When your ready follow the marker to the ship where you will give a speech to your crew and a mission report.

Mission #12d - Operation: Blood Storm: All or Nothing

Loadout - Titan (Trojan, Ram Servo, Foregrip), Ballista EM3, ATAD, Retractable Shield, Seeker-bots and Shock Grenades.

Once your team lands take cover fast and start shooting at the enemies slowly move up when you feel it's safe but keep an eye on all the ones across the area they will shoot at you. At a point you will be able to activate a targeting system to get rid of the SDF, use cn_LS to move over one then press cn_RT to get it targeted then scroll over the other one and do the same anything between the two points will get killed. Then it's just a matter of waiting for it to go off and move on.

The next area will have a robot with its shield, throw down a seeker and start shooting it with the titan to kill it fast. If you need to run back and get some more ammo before following Salters and Ethan up the stairs to the left. Then just take cover and wait for the targeting system to go back online to get rid of most of the men on the open ground area. Push up afterwards but stay in cover and on the catwalk it'll get your team to push up and deal with the robot with the shields. If you need to grab some ammo when the area is cleared before opening the door to deal with the next group of enemies with the targeting system before jumping across the gap and moving on.

When you get back outside stay to the right and deal with the few enemies on that side before the three shield robots that will come out when you jump back down from the walkway if you timed it right you could use the targeting system to take care of them. When they are down the next area will have a C12 but don't go running up to this one. Instead, there should be a spartan behind a rock with some of your team with it and use that to take it down by shooting out its arms. At the same time, you will have air support coming by from ten seconds after you enter the area to shoot at some of the area as well and open up the next section and a cut scene.

Mission #12e - Operation: Blood Storm: Assault the Shipyard

Loadout - Titan (Trojan, Ram Servo, Foregrip), Ballista EM3, ATAD, Retractable Shield, Seeker-bots and Shock Grenades.

Make your way through the hallways you will have two heavy guys run in on you, the Titan was able to shred them fast enough. Take care of the small group coming towards you down the hallway then the three guys in the room before the next part to deal with the drop pods then move on. You will have the surprise on some enemies in the next room so throw down some grenades and clear them out quickly there will be boxes on the top to refill if you need to. When you're ready, jump down and pull the lever for a cut scene.

You will first have two guys around a corner before two more will come up kill them quickly before coming around the next corner and use a grenade to take out the small group at the end. Slowly go around the corners and there will start being hallways that will not have any cover down them. Ethan will let some panels slide out of the walls for you to use as cover and just make your way to the hallways but be aware of another shield robot will come up. Throw a shock grenade or seeker then use a shield to run up to it before bashing it with the shield using the melee stick.

Grab some ammo if you need to before going up the ladder on the left side of the room. Go full prone to be able to crawl through it and when you fall through the vents Ethan will quickly save you. Now for the next group of enemies if you're fast enough you can throw a grenade when they come down the elevator to the far corner of the room. Go up the elevator that group just came out and deal with all the guys in this room, using drones and seekers seem to help the most in this area and you can get resupply in this room as well, watch out for the robots that will get activated to the right of the door you enter. When everyone is killed go to the middle of the room to hack a terminal and Ethan. Go downstairs and follow the room to open up a panel in the floor to fall through. Now to just open up the other panel by tapping cn_X before you will have no choice but to self destruct to where you will have another cut scene to watch at which point you will unlock Operation Blood Storm and if you are on Veteran you will also get The Longest Day.

Mission Success: Credits

Once the credits have started rolling, you will see 8 pictures with the corresponding button prompts, go through every button prompts. It doesn't matter which order you go for. Before the credits finish rolling to unlock Peace To The Fallen.

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