7. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies (Shaolin Shuffle)

Pest Control

Ok, to start off you will need to turn on the power first. You can do so in spawn on a pillar next to the crashed train.


Now go up the stairs and through the newly open door. Then turn left to go through another door. On the left of the Black Cat Dogo, you will need to talk to Pam Grier to actually start the Easter Egg. She will tell you to open up the rest of the place and activate the power as well. Your next task will be to go through the rest of the power spots.

Go up the ramp outside of the Black Cat and cross the bridge to get to the other rooftop.


Follow the path to another taped off doorway that will let you cross the bridges.

tape off bridge

Keep going until you see this doorway to go into:


Now turn left and go through the gate that is also taped off.


Go down the stairs and do a 180-degree turn to find the next power switch.

Image 1

Head back to the Black Cat Dogo and go through another entry that has a car to one side of it


Follow the street around to a taped off staircase.


Follow this staircase to get into the disco room. In there, turn right and go through the doorway to the left. Before going through the 2nd doorway, turn 180 degrees around to see another set of stairs to go up on.


Walk up this staircase to find your 3rd power switch.


This is just one more power switch now to turn on so head back down to the 2nd floor (where you turned 180 to find the stairs) head out of the hallway through the 2nd doorway now and turn left to find your next set of stairs to go down.


Go out the door across from them.


Then turn left right away to see the last door you need to buy.


Now follow those stairs down and turn left. Take the left stairs to get to your last power switch. The one on the right will take you to BangBang perk.


Now head back to the Black Cat and talk with Pam again. You should now see four glowing chi bottles. Grab one and start working on upgrading those until you get the shuriken which unlocks about 7-10 melee kills after activating your chi.


Go talk to Pam again to notice rat cages to have appeared on the map. Go up the ramp outside of the Black Cat and break the cage with your shuriken. Follow the rat that appears to another cage break that with your shuriken. Follow the rat again to another cage and break that one again, etc. The last one will lead you to one where you break it and a yellow circle will appear on the ground.


Now, you will need to kill some zombies in this circle (it's best to keep working on those chi abilities in here, but if it gets too difficult then use whatever). After a while, you will have ninjas show up. Finish these ninja's to make the circle disappear. You will then see a key to pick up. If not, head back to Pam. Talk with her and then head back to where the circle was. This time with the key.

Head over to where BangBang is and go upstairs in the subway. You should see a locker with some Chinese writing on it. You will be able to interact with it.


Now you will have some symbols around the map to shoot in order (best with a single-shot gun). The first symbol is by Black Cat Dogo


When you hear a 'kong' sound, you know you did it right, which means that you can head over to the 2nd symbol located in the disco's bathroom. There are 4 symbols there but you want to shoot the 2nd one to the left.


Next, there will be some symbols next to the lion statue close to the 2nd power switch. Shoot the one on the far left


The 4th one will be right next to it.


When all four have been hit, you will need to go back to the Black Cat to find this symbol on the ground right in front of it.

RatKing Symbol

Before interacting with it, make sure you have perks, decent guns and maxed ammo before going after the rat-king here. This isn't the final boss fight but he isn't that easy to defeat either. On the side, he will have a health bar depending on how many players are in the game. So with 4 players, his health would be x4 from a solo run. So be ready for a real fight and it would help if one person trains the last zombie away from him so you don't have to deal with more of them. When he does finally die, he will drop an eye. Everyone will need to pick it up. Head back to the Black Cat and talk with Pam. She will tell you to shoot 6 rat king symbols that are randomly placed around the map. Only one eye shows up at a time. You can also only see them while using the Rat King's eye by pressing cn_LB.

One spot will be right above the Black Cat doorway on the inside.


The next one, turn right 90 degrees and it will be right through that window to the back.



Now across the street in Beebie Geebie, go behind the speakers on the stage and that will be another spot.




One location is in spawn up high behind the train and next to some phones.


Another one is up the ramp in front of Black Cat. It will be the first window you see.


Across the bridge and through the white door turn left and then left again and look for this building

Image 1

Keep following that path and when you get to where the power switch is close to the lion statue with the Chinese symbols, head right past that and into a dead-end. Then turn 180 degrees and look up for another location.


Keep following that one down the stairs and to a door to get into the disco building. There will be a room on the bottom floor near the entrance that leads to the subway. You might need to jump to see this location.



Now right outside the doors where you will be if you're going to the Subway area, turn and look up for another location


Go down the subway stairs and go right in the direction to get to the Bangbang perk. Instead, turn around and it will be in the back behind the fence. This one, you might need to jump to get as well.



Another one will be on a police car when you go up the stairs in the back ally, next to the Bombstoppers perk.


The last two will be up on the Disco building roof. On the way to power, turn around to see a water tower. Another location is on the same roof and easier to see at this angle.


The last one will be the little skyline right behind a door. You will need to use one of the chi abilities to get through. It doesn't need to be high at all. Just have it active and melee through it.


When you shot all 6 symbols, you will start hearing payphones ringing in the subway near BangBang (if you already picked them up you may not get ringing. If so, go pick them up again). You just need to answer the one that's not red. Listen to the code it gives you. It will be morse code, so a combination of short and long beeps. Unfortunately, the code you get will be different every game. Grab a pencil and paper an to write down the beeps you hear. Every 5 dots/dashes will be a number. There are only 6 codes it can be, considering the next part there are only 6 options to choose from. I'll also put down the number and codes right below to help out.

1 . - - - -

2 . . - - -

3 . . . - -

4 . . . . -

5 . . . . .

6 - . . . .

7 - - . . .

8 - - - . .

9 - - - - .

0 - - - - -

When you figure out the three numbers you need and the order they go in, you will need to run around the map to look for some posters. In each poster will be a three-digit code and one of them would be the one you need. This time there is only 6 locations and you just need one poster. If you screw up you will need to go around the map and collect the 6 symbols again and listen to another code to look for that poster. the code will be different on each poster each game but the locations should all be the same.


Now one spot is right behind the power switch at spawn.


Another one is right next to the Black Cat when you first come up to street level.


One is up the ramp close to Black Cat and around the corner on the roof


Another one is right by the Bombstoppers perk machine in the ally.


One is on the roof of the disco building close to the power switch


The last spot will be down in the subways, on the left side where you go to turn the power switch on. It will be behind the stairs


Once you have the poster, head over to the light on the roof of the Disco building. It'll be right by the stairs you come up on


Place the poster on it and you should see a great big X on it. buildings across from it, you will need to blow it up with either an explosive gun or grenades. When that happen and the window is busted open there would be a wave of more ninjas coming and to where you will need to clear them all out to do the next step. Keep in mind you have about 5 attempts to get your word and if you failed it each time you will need to go to the next round to try again. Down below will be the locations of each symbol as well as the code needed to figure out the letters you will need and the list of the known words as of today April 15, 2018.

Roof Top Code

Actor Afterlife Ancestor Arcade Arthur Audition Basement Beverlyhills BlackCat Boat Breeder Broadway Brute Bumpercars Charms Comicbooks Crane Cryptid Dance Davidarcher Death Director Disco Dragon Drcross Fairies Forgefreeze Geyser Ghetto Harpoon Hives Inferno Katana Kevinsmith Kraken Kungfu Losangeles Mcintosh Memories Mephistopheles Newyork Nightfall Nunchucks Obelisk Octonian Pamgrier Pinkcat Punks Ratking Realitytv Redwoods Rollercoaster Rollerskates Samantha Shaolin Shield Shuffle Slasher Slide Snake Spaceland Staff Subway Tiger Trees Werewolfpoets Winonawyler Yetieyes Zapper

Your word will always be displayed on the wall where the staircase comes up to. To help you figure out where to start, you will have one already up there when all the ninjas are gone.


There are six spots on the same roof where the symbols will be. Every time you shoot one, it will be replaced with another one. Therefore, you will need to keep running around and looking at everyone till you hear a kong sound singling, meaning the word is done.

Go around the roof to the left of the word location. While looking at it, there is one right next to the word you are spelling out.


One is around the corner of the building, more or less in the middle.


One is under the scuffling, next to mystery machine.


One is in the window, about halfway across a building at the back of the rooftop.


Around another corner of a building, in the middle.


Finally, there is one on the table close to the spotlight. This one might be hard to see, so use your shadow to help you figure out what symbol is.


Head over to the 2nd rooftop close to the Black Cat (on your way to one power switch) there would be another RatKing's icon on the ground here.


Make sure you have full ammo again cause you will need to fight here hear once more to get him to drop his brain. This time only one person needs to pick it up since you won't be needing to use it for anything like you did with the eye. But you will need to go back to Pam in the Black Cat to keep going with the Easter Egg.

After talking with her you will now need to go 2-3 rounds before you get transported in a lock-down area where you will need to kill 6-10 zombies to be able to get out.

If you want you could use those rounds to upgrade another chi ability or just get ready for that fight. Also, stay away from the fire/lava that is blocking the exits till you could leave. When you are able to leave though look around the area and you should see a small glowing piece of metal you will need to pick that up and head downstairs to spawn and attach it to the one that is missing one.


you will also get

Message Received

The end of the longest journey is a single step.

Message Received
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Now head over to the Bombstoppers once again and you will now need to climb the ladder there and follow the path to the end, turn around and you will see a window that will have a Rat King symbol in it you will just need to shot it causing the shutters to shut.




When that shutter slams shut there would be yellow circles all over the map to where you will need to kill zombies in them till they disappear, run and find the next one and do the same for that circle about 6 times. When the 6th one is done you will hear another kong sound to where you will now need to head over to the Disco and go up to the 2nd floor by the stairs that heads up to the rooftop there would be a D.J booth. Interact with it to bring up a disco ball in the middle of the room.


Now all you need to do for this step is have one guy train zombies in there on the disco floor and make sure every time a zombie is dancing to make sure another zombie is on the dance floor before you kill it to transfer the dance fever over to it. It's best not to have everyone in this room otherwise you will trip over each other and die. You gotta make each zombie dance till you hear a kong sound telling you it's done. If you happen to kill a zombie and no one was on the dance floor your progress will be reset here and you will need to head back up to the DJ booth and do it all over again.

When you hear that Kong sound head over to Black Cat and make sure you're ready because you will see another Rat King symbol on the ground and will now need to kill him a 3rd time to get his heart. Talk to Pam again to get ready for the final step. Make sure you have all your perks, ammo full, cards fresh and all that fun bits before heading down to the rat lair to start your final boss fight. won't be able to leave but you could get to revive arcade section and all that to get back in the fight if you need to. There are also boxes around the area if you need some more perks. If you are with 4 players and each of you max out a chia at this point you should also get

Shaolin Skills

In Shaolin Shuffle, max all Chi abilities in a single game.

Shaolin Skills
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeCollectable

Now the Boss fight has three tiers in it luckily you will be able to choose with one to go for. Every time the boss retreats when you do so much damage to him you will see his eye, heart and brain around the area. talk with your team to pick which one you want to go for first.

The Heart you will have a bunch of acid pools around the edge of the area and they will cause damage to you after time so make sure you keep hopping in and out of them when you need more health. The point of this though is to kill a zombie in each small pool of acid to clean it up in a time limit. Every time you hear a laugh there would be more pool of acid to deal with. So, communicate with your group and use your chi abilities to help out as well. When you see a max ammo you know you had it completed and you will have to damage the boss again.

The Eye you will need to activate it with cn_LB to send out a pulse and the whole thing is for you to shot all the symbols faster then they are getting out back up. when the last one is shot you will have another max ammo and another damage phase on the boss.

The Brain Is very easy all there is are blue eye zombies will be coming in and you will need to let them go to the brain and stand around it for some time and while that happens you just need to keep the Rat King and the other zombies on you is by killing the normal zombies. Another max ammo will spawn in and you will just have to deal damage to the boss one final time. When he finally dies just head over and grab the soul key as well as your new Kanata to play with.

Pest Control

In Shaolin Shuffle, recover one piece of the Soul Key.

Pest Control
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and if you don't skip a step during all this you will also get another achievement since you will be building and collecting everything for the Easter that you will also need to collect for this map sticker collection.

Soul Brother

In Shaolin Shuffle, collect all the newspaper clippings.

Soul Brother
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeCollectable

Now do that all a 2nd time using the special character by bunching in cn_upcn_upcn_rightcn_leftcn_downcn_left when the Rat King dies a 2nd time with the special character you should get.


In Shaolin Shuffle, defeat the final boss with the special guest.

2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeCollectable

Now get 10k points in either the same game or a new one grab the sword in the Black Cat open Pack-a-punch and upgrade that to get

Sliced and Diced

In Shaolin Shuffle, Pack-A-Punch the final Weapon.

Sliced and Diced
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeCollectableShop

You can start a new game for this achievement All you need to do is find 4 sets of puzzles to get and build traps. They are spread out around the map and annoying to find since they are small so I took pictures to give you guys ideas on where they are located and belong to which table.

Robot Trap

When you first get in the game it will be on the landing right before you get to the streets



The table will be located straight across when you get up above

PP1 home

the bus between the entrance and the table



a box next tuff-nuff





Right next to its table



On a pallet on the way to the 2nd table


Inside Beebie Geebie


Up the stairs, you will need to buy next to the table it will be on the table


Behind a pillar with a breakaway door



Boom Box

PP3 home

as soon as you go up the ramp to the roof turn right for some cider blocks


Next one will be on an industrial spoil right when you get to the roof


Go through the doorway next to the table and it will be on the landing at the top


get to the 2nd set of roofs, turn right to find paint cans


Lava Lamp

Right across the ally from the power switch


On the other side of a wall net to Deadeye Dewdrops


With some rags on the last landing before the disco building.


With some newspapers on the left path from the table.


On the table right in front of the disco building.


Sentry Turret

PP5 home

Next to a pile by a van close to the table.


By a pile just before going down to the subway


Go back into the disco building and turn left to a table at the end of the hall way


Go to the 2nd floor in the disco building and it will be net to a pillar next to some stairs going down


To a mystery wheel left of the disco building


I have also seen a location on the counter in the disco room

PP5-6 (optional)

Doing all that and picking them up should pop

Some Assembly Required

In Shaolin Shuffle, build all the craftable items in a game.

Some Assembly Required
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeCollectable

Now if you don't already open the map or starting a new game do so with the shortcuts mostly with doors and barriers shown below. Use your chia to be able to open them so figure out each area how to maximise each use.



Next, get the racing strips perk to make your life a bit easier doing this one. But you will need to punch a clock then punch certain items around the area within the few seconds you have in 3 different locations, go back and punch all three clocks. To which you will have to choose 1 of the 4 TVs to stop and listen to them and you will need to be able to hear it for it to count. Before going back and repeating the process for the others.

On top of the roofs is the first clock to which you will need to punch 2 books, 1 is on to of the roof as well and the 2nd is in the disco 2nd floor.

Clock 1

A book is to the left facing the clock

book 1

Jump down the skylight in the roof to see the next book

book 2

Next area will be in the disco room where you will need to punch 2 trophies

clock 2

Trophy 1 is on a pile of skids in the back corner

trophie 1

The next you will need to go through a door and it will be on some skids on the roof near trailblazers

trophie 2

The last one will be in the subway where you will need to punch 2 pieces of papers 1 will be hard to see right away so either bring your brightness up or look for it beforehand.

clock 3

You will have to go through that door in the same pic above to get to the one paper Bombstoppers

paper 2

The last one will be by the perk across the tracks from the clock

paper 1

Next hit all three clocks in the few seconds it will allow you when you punch the first one then head to one of these four tv locations. There will be ninja zombies spawning into you will need to kill. Once done repeat the final step and go to another tv till you have gone to them all.

One is in Geebies at the start


On the roof close to the 2nd power switch


Above the subway


On the train in spawn room


When the final one has been done with, you'll get to play with nun-chucks and bookworm achievement

Book Worm

In Shaolin Shuffle, find and collect all bios for AJ, Andre, Poindexter and Sally.

Book Worm
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeCollectable

You can either be in a fresh game or not but the net one will be for the radios around the map. My friend darkvirgil89 did help me keep the zombies as I searched for them but we also had found out unlike the other music achievements for the other maps this one is per person. In other words, I grabbed all the radios and even though it popped for me it didn't for him. There are about 17 locations these guys could spawn in too but you only need to turn on about 7 of them.

So first off when you head up look for the trash and there may be a radio there for you



Now look for the skid before you go up the ramp to the first roof


Go inside Geebies and look for the red box there should maybe one in there


Go back into the main room and go to the back of it to some speakers are and it should be tucked behind one of them


Head up the ramp to the first roof and when you see the tire net to a window


Go across and look for a pile of skids off to the side there is another location right behind them and a little hard to see


Go up the stairs and turn right to see a barrier you don't need to destroy it for THIS one


Now destroy that barrier and jump down and look up


Go back to where the barrier was and keep going along the path and another location will be above a locker


Head down and to a trash bin near the fountain it'll be tucked behind it or inside


Go down another path to the far side you came from and it'll be tucked behind another trash bin


Keep going down to the lowest landing and there another location on the lower shelf of the white table

radio 17

Go the roof above the disco and on some cider blocks


Go around to an AC unit it'll be tucked behind it


Now go down and to the front desk it'll be in that bin


Down down the hole to the right when you come out of the disco and there is another location right behind the support beam

radio 14a

radio 14b

Along that path you will see a pipe busted open, a location will be inside of it and hard to see

radio 16

Between spawn and the Tuff Nuff perk will be a location between some lockers and a trash bin.

radio 15


When you finally got the 7th radioactive you will get

Beat of the Drum

In Shaolin Shuffle, find the hidden song.

Beat of the Drum
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeCollectable

Now this will be the dealing with the skulls arcade game. You could get it during the easter egg since it will give you 9 perks. Also could keep note that you can do all (if you have a decent single burst gun and don't mess up on any of the steps) or as many as you can if you are struggling in a round. I will also recommend having someone training the zombie each time to help you with the windows part.

For the first step, you will need to turn all the power on because you won't be able to pick anything up till then. After that you can now look for the rag and window washer, each of them has 3 spawn locations. The arcade game is located on the 2nd floor in the disco building, you can always go and check which skull you're on or double check that the skull worked.

arcade game

The window washer could be by the pile of newspaper in the 2nd train station near some lockers

Bottle 3

In Geebies my to the stage (sometimes it does spawn on the stage so look around in that area)

Bottle 1

On a shelf on the 2nd floor in the disco

Bottle 2

The rag locations are on the plank of wood you cross when you climb the ladder located in the ally net to Geebies

rag 1

On some skids on the roof above the disco

rag 3

On some pizza boxes in the rat king lair

rag 2

The 2nd skull you will need to play a game of Mahjong and if you're like me and don't have a clue how to play it there is a website you can go to


When that window is open scroll down till you see a bunch of different chips with designs on them. The only ones you need to worry about is the row with all the circles on them. Assuming you are using the website head upstairs to the roof above the disco and you should see some on a ledge. (this will be one of the parts that will help with a 2nd person). Put in every chip you see there first then run to the locations and click on those chips. If you put them all in and they don't show you an answer lower on the website then take out a few you had found around the map and and put in some others you haven't found or click in yet.

On the red box in Geebies

Mah 8

In the corner of the bar in Geebies

Mah 7

On a car near the dojo

Mah 6

On the first set of roofs, there will be a red box

Mah 11

On a table to the far left when you come down the stairs before you go into the disco building

Mah 5

It'll be on a shelf that wraps around the one pillar on the 2nd floor of the disco

Mah 3

On the bar counter on the 2nd floor of the disco

Mah 10

On a table in the small room behind the arcade game

Mah 4

Head to the roof there will be a table to the left of the roof

Mah 2

Head down to the outside where you can go down to that train-station but go to the skids in the corner instead of going down

Mah 12

Head down to the station and you could have one on a bench before you go down the lower level

Mah 1

Go to Tuff Nuff and it'll be in a corner with some trash

Mah 9

When you got the right order you should see some fireworks and now it's to run around to shoot some windows to make 1972. Before you do this get a gun that has either a bolt action to it (not a shotgun) or one with a good amount of stability so you don't have too much recoil. Because if you hit even a small edge of the wrong window you would have failed it and won't be able to go after the other windows and be forced to go a round each time. I prefer using the Kbar-32 for this part since you can buy it off the map instead of hopping to get it through the wheel.

So first one will be right outside of the disco towards the train station and you will want to make a 1 here

window 4

Next one will be along the first set of roofs it'll be off to the side and you will need to wedge yourself in the corner to be able to shot it properly. This will be 9

window 1

The 3rd window will be downstairs in the hallway of the disco. you will want to be very careful since you won't be using the full window and where I put the lines is where you want to shoot.

window 6

window 2

The final one will be at the dojo and you will want to make a 2 there

window 5

window 3

Next will be another hard one where you will need to jump from these small white spots in the air starting from the ledge below and as you can see you will need to destroy the barrier. This one too if you fail it you will need to go to the net round. But when you finally get to the end you will see the green skull in the air you can jump to.

skull 4

Now the rest is easy. Make sure you have self-revive if you're soloing this. If you have a buddy, you don't have to worry about this. but just jump in front of the train and it'll be in front of it.

skull 5

The final one is found by going to the payphone and enter 5550152 and listen to it.

skull 6

Now the game is fairly easy even with things coming at you. Just grab the right colour items and throw them in the right colour '?'. There are 3 waves to get through but you basically have a bunch of skulls with colours glowing around them and you will need to grab a box floating around and throw it into the question mark to make the skulls connect and disappear before they touch the ground. When you get back out winning it all you'll have your nine perks and


In Shaolin Shuffle, complete Skullbuster.

1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeCollectable

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