8. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies (Attack of the Radioactive Thing)Update notes


Like every other Easter Egg ever the first step is to get the power on. To unlock the last few maps there won't be 4 power switches, just one that has it's handle removed.

First off, when you spawn in turn left and head to the one door.


Keep going straight and you will see your next door.


After that one, you will have some color coming in and if you follow the main path past the mystery machine you will see your next one.


Go into the building there, only one path really, past Elvira you will see the next one.


Go down those stairs and you will see another set of stairs in front, you want to go up those.


You should have a pool to your right and a door in front of you that you want to go through again.


Now straight ahead will be a sign, you want to follow that path.


Turn right and you will see the boss off in the distance. You want to go towards there and down the slope.



Cross the bridge and you should now start seeing the piece you need.



Now head back to spawn and go through the door on the right.


Follow that path up a hill to the last door.


Turn right and there is the power switch, without the switch.


Now time for questing. Head back to Elvira, she will now be willing to talk to you since you have the power on and will ask you to go grab a spellbook which is located in the Ice Cream Parlor. Head over to where the power is and it would be that building before it.


Ok, in a small room there would be the spellbook sitting in a safe, it won't open until you talk to Elvira.


While we are here we might as well make the Generator you will need later on. You can only pick up one piece at a time, so grab it then run around any zombies you have and place it on the bench right across where you picked up the spellbook.


The blueprint will be right outside if you go out where the spellbook is.


Another will be to the left on the corner of the walkway.


Another will be right next to some port-a-potty in the park close to the Ice Cream Parlor.


If you get all the pieces and the power is on it will be built for you right away. Head back to Elvira and talk with her for the next step. She will give you a vial to where you will need to use a cleaver so you could collect their souls. At the mean time, you could also get a good chunk of the pieces you need since now most of the map is open as well as get the numbers and chemical code you will need. In the next round keep track of any backpack you see falling off the zombies, one of them will have some batteries for you to use later on.

From Elvira head out the door to the left of her to the pool area, turn right to see a set of stairs.



Head into the Reception building, should be on your left if you are coming up the stairs and one number will be in the top corner above the one tape machine you will need when you get batteries.


taperecorder 1


Now you will need that crowbar for a good amount of steps and when you finally switch over to the knife you could go back and re-pick it up for later steps. Now that you have the crowbar you will go out to the streets looking for a red car. There should be bomb piece 1 under it.




Head toward to what looks like a picnic area with all the cars and tables around. Go to the men's bathroom and break the mirror that isn't broken, go up to it and press cn_X to pick it up.



On the way to that, you will see a piece you could use to repair the trap we will be using later on.


Now back a little bit until you see a fire pit. A zombie arm will be in it and you will need to jump to pick it up.



Go around the yellow truck to the other side to pick up some dials. (I picked mine up before I took a picture)


Go down the path towards the power and where you open another door there would be a box. You will need both of those for the Chemical step later on.


Keep going down that path all the way to the beach and we will use the Generator we built earlier here. Place it on top of the blood spot on the beach and wait for the Generator to pull up the arm that was holding the piece for the power at the start.




In the mean time you could also take a look under the bridge you keep running under and find the second number you need.


When the generator is done and you picked the arm up, turn around and you will now grab another bomb piece that's under a bridge.




Backtrack over to Elvira and this time go through the door right of her. The door you used to get to her there would be a disc just behind the gate.


Take a few more steps away from Elvira and the gate, turn around to look for this tree, you will need to use an explosive grenade to get a zombie leg out of it.


At any point in the game, you will need to keep track where you killed these zombies. If you kill them right (usually exploding them works most of the time) another zombie leg will appear and you will be using it shortly. That leg won't respawn in the game after some time, it will stay where ever you killed it and it came into the game. So it's a big must to keep track or keep checking the area whenever you kill them.


Head all the way over to power and go back in the Ice Cream Parlor to get the punch card for a later step.

punch card

As well as finding the second tape recorder location (there is only two tape recorders and you only need 1, but the right one).



Following the path, we will now open the last area of the map you need to open up the Meat Market.



As soon as you get in turn left and you should see a sofa with a tube on it. This will be the last piece you need for the Chemical step, besides the actual figuring out.


If you look up and into the corner, you will find your 3rd number.


Go all the way through and out on the other side of the building and grab this gray box by the Garage.



Turn around and you should see this silver car. You will need the crowbar to break off its mirror and pick it up.


Go over to this one door and you should see another number for you to keep track of. This one is a little hard to see so use your shadow or a buddies shadow if you need to.


Now head back inside the Meat Shop and put the gray box in its slot then activate the button next to the door where you would turn to get your knife. (don't grab it yet)



Quickly run out before the trap gets you and like the generator, wait for a few seconds to let it end then run back in and hit this frozen meat with the crowbar. The zombie torso will be behind it.


That will be all the pieces we could get and do at the moment so now grab the knife and work on the vial by melee killing them.


So now knife any and every zombie you see and you will need roughly 15-20 kills to fill it up. At which point this is where you need to start paying attention to backpacks falling off zombies and that last zombie leg. Assuming you had been keeping at least one zombie alive this whole time and kept running from it when you need too. Once the vial is filled up head back to Elvira and she will get up from her seat after some chatting. You will need to pick up a mirror you will see after she gets up, it might take a few seconds to register it to be picked up.


Any zombies left alive she will help kill so it'll be best to be close to the end and ready for the next round so you could just quickly kill the last zombie then lead her outside to some cars where a portal she needs to cast a spell on will be. This will be the Pack-A-Punch room, you could go in there as many times in a round but the spot will be different where the portal will be. There is four in all and like the mystery machine, all you need to do is look up after some time and you will see that's the location. Enter the room, but don't leave right away after upgrading your guns. If you could, you would want to press the buttons on the wall then go into the portal. Make sure you have the crowbar with you, if not don't worry like I said you could easily wait for the portal to open up again then look in the sky to find it.


If you did it right you will be teleported into an RV where there are three things to do in here. One, grab the Zombie head on the dashboard.


Two, grab the number on the fridge next to the head.


and Three, break open this carboard with the crowbar and grab the fuses that are inside of it.


Head back over to Spawn and put the zombie pieces on the table and the three mirror pieces around the room.





Now turn to what looks like a typewriter and put in the punch card you got earlier.



Now the little dots you see flashing across every time you press cn_X when your're up to it goes from 0-9 right to left. You will need to figure out by doing trial and error until you get 5 digits popping up for you. It'll flash green then a beam will come out and bring the zombie body parts together and make him alive-ish again. Then you will need to punch in the same code as before, but backwards for another beam to come out and make the zombie into a key. If the beam doesn't happen right away interact with the typewriter again and it should kick in.


Now head back to the Garage and you can now open the one door to get inside. There will be three things you could do right away since you grabbed all the pieces earlier. Putting the Bomb together, Putting the Chem Lab together then grab some papers to the right of the entrance.




Those papers will need to head back to Elvira and while we are back there's now time to look for the right number out of the 4 locations. Now there are really 5, but since the one over the one tape recorder is over an 'M' that one is one you will need to put in a formula. Yes, we will be doing math soon. If you want to know what the formula is, go into the Studio where Elvira is and look up into some windows.


You should see something like an eye = (a symbol 4 numbers locations has) x M

So since the one with the M in my case was an 18 when I made this walkthrough My formula would be at the moment eye = symbol x 18

So to find out what the symbol actually is you need to go up to the tv station and interact with the monitors behind the set.


Change the color once to make it red, green or blue then run around the map to those locations and look for any numbers that have that (symbol = #) if any of them has a / in the = sign then you would want to cross that number out. When you found the number that needs to be crossed out go back to the studios and change the color again and go looking again. By the 3rd time you should only have two choices and just need to find the last one to cross off and you would be left with whatever the number is. Mine was 4 during this run so my formula would now be eye = 4 x 18 do the math and it would be 74. Head to the TV next to Elvira and look to see what color you need to have the map at for the next step.


Now you would see something like 73 green. Since my answer came out to 74 I had to now run around the map in green and take screenshots of all these boards. If yours come out a different answer you will need to run around in whichever color it says for you to.

One board is located right behind the studio.


One in Spawn in the hallway.


One over by power just head up to the meat market but turn left before entering it and you should see the board.



One will be in the garage that you just open up.


One will be on the beach close to the water.


and the last one will be in the RV area close to the portal.


Make sure you get a good close up of each board so you could see the numbers in that color, you will need just the very top ones and the left ones of each item.


When that's done with we will need to grab a code before we go any farther with this part. Head over to the meat market and in the back, you should see a safe and a desk back there. Go all the way to the desk and go full prone and look under the desk to see 4 numbers.



You will need to run around the map again and hit these valves with the crowbar making each one land on a number. Mine during this time was 6678 so one valve will be 6, another one 6, one will be 7 and the last one will be on 8. If you screw up you could just hit it again and wait for the pin to go over the number again.

Ok so one valve is behind the Garage.


Another one will be where you picked up the crowbar, to begin with by the pool.


Another one will be outside of Spawn close to the door you opened up.


and the final one will be over by the power next to the tape recorder there.


When all four of them are on a number head back to the meat market and the safe should now be open with your main code to punch in at the end. I highly recommend writing this code down because when you get to the part you won't be able to open it back up to check. If you have more players in your group all of you should write it down.



Ok, so if by now you don't have your tape recorder message you will need to keep going till you get it. There are 5 tape recorders all around the map, but the two I posted their locations will be the two that will always have your chem formula that you will need. So when you picked one listen to what it says as best as you can. It should have any of these words in it so it might be best to have subtitles on if you can for this part.

3-Methyl-2, 4-Di Nitrobenzen

Octa-Hydro-2, 5-Nitro-3, 4/7-Para-Zocine



When that is finally figured out you should have something like '1/3/5-Tetra-Nitra-Phenol 4 82156' written down somewhere on a paper. Down below I will have a list of all the parts you need for each component listed above and all you will need to do is go from first, to second, to third, then fourth. If they explode at any time you have the wrong number in and will need to check your new math and if it is a delayed explosion then you have the wrong ingredients and should double check things.

So the Main Formula you need will be located at the back of the Garage and the ingredient for each component is down below.


3-Methyl-2, 4-Di Nitrobenzen

1st Chem (Methlybenzene) = Paint + Drain Opener + Detergent

2nd Chem (Dinitro) = Methlybenzene + Baking Soda + Detergent + Vinegar

Final Chem (3-methyl-2, 4-Di Nitrobenzen) = Dinitro + Racing Fuel

Octa-Hydro-2, 5-Nitro-3, 4/7-Para-Zocine

1st Chem (Formaldehyde) = Racing Fuel + Quarters

2nd Chem (Hexamine) Formaldehyde + Glass Cleaner

Final Chem (Octa-Hydro-2, 5-Nitro-3, 4/7-Para-Zocine) = Hexamine + Detergent + Vinegar + Plant Food


1st Chem (Acetaldehyde) = Vodka + Pennies

2nd Chem (Formaldehyde) = Racing Fuel + Quarters

3rd Chem (Aldehyde Sludge) = Formaldehyde + Acetaldehyde + Detergent

Final Chem (3/4-Di-Nitroxy-Methyl-Propane) = Aldehyde Sludge + Nail Polish Remover


1st Chem (Phenol) = Motor Oil + Wheel Cleaner + Insect Repellent

2nd Chem (Phenosulfonic Acid) = Drain Opener + Phenol

Final Chem (1/3/5-Tetra-Nitra-Phenol) = Phenosulfonic Acid + Detergent

It doesn't matter what order you put the ingredients in as long as you go from 1st Chem to 2nd Chem to 3rd Chem to Final Chem. Go shuffle through your screenshots and find the ingredients you need and you will be adding the numbers that are with the ingredient. An example would be Methlybenzene + Baking Soda + Detergent + Vinegar. From My screenshot, the Baking Soda and Detergent would be 8+8+8+2 with the Vinegar and Methlybenzene it will become 8+6+8+8+8+2+1+1-4=38. You will need to put the right ingredients on the table then punch in the right number above it to be able to go to the next chemical compound.

The 4 would be the Number when you were running around that it will stay having an = sign instead of having a / in it. Now keep doing that with each step of the Chemicals till you finally get the last one. I will have pictures of where each ingredient is located at the bottom of all this with small details of the locations. Each picture will have the name of the ingredient in the bottom left corner so you know which one is which.

In the Market area if you go all the way to the left right corner of the store when you enter from where Tuff Nuff is you would see an Ice container. That is where we'll get ice, you will need to use a crowbar to get it.


Then turn around and you will see Glass Cleaner on the bottom shelf.

Glass Cleaner

Around to right side of that will be Powdered Milk.

Powdered Milk

Down from that, the will be Food Coloring.

Food Coloring

Now go into the middle row and you will find Baking Soda to the right.

Baking Soda

Go into the row over to the left from the door when you come in from Tuff Nuff and you will find Wheel Cleaner.

Wheel Cleaner

Right next to the same door you will find the register you will need to hit with a crowbar on the top of it to get Pennies.


In the last row, we haven't gone down yet you will find Detergent.


Across from that will be the Vodka under the sign saying Liquor.


Head into the freezer part and on the small table to the right you will find Table Salt.

Table Salt

Go left and you will need the knife for this one, but hit the pig with it and you will get Fat.


Now go out and around to the 3rd room to find Vinegar.


Head over to Spawn to find The Insect Repellent in the hallway on a white bench.

Insect Repellent

Keep going to the next room in Spawn and on the floor you will find Bleach.


Go out that door to where you first came out and right by Quickies perk you will find Plant Food.

Plant Food

Keep going along that route 'till you come across racing stripes and you will find Paint to the left of that perk.



Head over to the pool and in the Reception office, you will find Nail Polish Remover.

Nail Polish Remover

Go by the pool to get Pool Cleaner.

Pool Cleaner

Head to the RV area and in the washroom, the first stall next to the mirrors will have the Drain Opener.

Drain Opener

Now head to the Garage and you should see Racing Fuel on the ground outside.

Racing Fuel

To the right of that will be some payphones to hit with a crowbar to get Quarters.


And finally, go inside the Garage and on the floor would be Motor Oil.

Motor Oil

Ok, when you finally got all your ingredients together put the final one into the bomb and get ready for the Boss fight. Make sure you have Full ammo, fresh cards and all the perks you want with the Pack-a-punch weapons.

The first step you will need to do here is just escorting the bomb to the ocean/monster, but he will be spitting bombs or acid at you so just keep an eye out and run away whenever you see some coming at you then run back to keep moving the bomb to the monster. If you have more than just you in the game you will have Crogs to deal with as well. So just take your time and keep running back and forth from the bomb and to a safe spot to keep it moving. When you finally get it down to the monster you will just need to get on these turrets and shoot a few shots into his chest.


When that is done you will need to go up to the front where the bomb was and you should see a holographic one where the original one was. Go up to it and press cn_X then run like hell to the back of the beach and start killing anything and everything. You will need to survive this stage so shoot every zombie you see and every spitball that comes your way. When he is done he will send out a bunch of laser to where you will need to crawl, slide and jump to get past them in about 7-8 seconds to get back up to where the bomb is and interact with it again. If all of you are alive when you get there then you will be teleported in. If you failed then you will just have to do the previous step over again. Be aware that the laser pattern will change now and again so keep an eye out for that. But once you are inside then you and everyone else that is in the game will need to punch in that code you had to write down earlier '82156' to punch in the code it will be like the zombie key part. You will have a dot go across a screen and you will need to press cn_X over the right dot to get the number up. when that is done and everyone put it in right just watch the cut scene and enjoy your achievement.

  • Soul-Less

    In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, recover the piece of the Soul Key.


If your team is able to punch in the code in one go without going back in you should also get:

Don't leave the game yet, instead go interact with the book that will give you Willard recordings. You will, however, will need to either switch characters or go in with a group of 4 and take turns training the zombie and interacting with said book. To start it off head over to the pool and look for the book on this table. When all 18 of them been said you should be getting:


  • Dear Diary

    In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, listen to all of Willard’s personal recordings.

    Dear Diary

Now that is done. Go back to the menu, get ready to go back into the film, but before you do press


and as soon as you get in you should get:

Now go through the easter egg again and you should get:

OK now for a fresh game. Run around the map to open it up and turn on the power. Now that is done go to the trash close to the power and put the piece in the power box that's open a few feet away. Don't forget to activate each trap as you do them for it to count.

trap 4

trap 3

Next will be the one in the market. Go to the gas station and grab the piece on the side of the building then go to the freezer to the empty box on the wall.

trap 1

trap 2

Now you can go to the TV station and just turn that on.

trap 6

Head to the other side of the TV station and grab the gas tank off the truck before going to the pool and putting it in the generator.

trap 8

trap 7

Go to the campground and you will grab the pipe off one bench and put it on the tank a few feet away.


trap 5

When the last one is active you should pop:

Now for the skull game. First step you will need to do is find 5 skulls and 10 locations. You will also need to double check the locations since it seems there is only 1 skull on the map at a time. Also, some locations will be better with a sniper.

The first spot is in the window tucked behind some chairs next to the power switch.

skull 20

Go up the steps below near the power switch and it will be tucked behind the garbage.

skull 18

skull 19

Behind the snack shack, there will be a garage where you could see it in the doorway.

skull 24

Head to the TV station and look inside this window.

skull 15

skull 14

Go out to the beach and look for the mountain (you might have to run to a different location in order to see it)

skull 13

Go up the stairs from the beach to the market and there will be a spot to the left tucked between a post and bin.

skull 22

Tucked behind the blue sign.

skull 17

Go into the market and prone all the way down to see the skull on the 3rd shelf.

skull 21

Head out to the bridge and go to the bus to find another one by the tire.

skull 2

skull 1

Keep heading that way to a path to the right where you should see a bunch of buildings to the left.

skull 16

When you find the 5 you need, the next step will be to go to the gas station and pick up the yellow item to bring it to the radioactive pond. (recommend having Tuff Nuff to handle the damage, revive if you're solo).

skull 12

skull 11

You will need to grab it quickly after 4 mins when it's making a fast beep type noise. Head over to the pool and have exactly 16 zombies no less and more go into the pool where you will drop the item and activate the trap there. When the trap and item kills all 16 zombies you will have a word up on the wall at the ice cream shop and look for your world before heading over to the swings where 4 red icons should be floating.

Just like the easter egg in Shaolin, you will need to make the word on the wall with those symbols.

skull 9

skull 10

skull 8

You can use this table to help you as much as it can, but still might be trail and error.

Roof Top Code

Now head to the camp park and look for the paper on a table, punch it before going around and looking for the pictures of Willard.

skull 7

You will need to interact with the picture turning it to a skull. Go to a spot close by that will have some space cause now you will need to shoot this black little blop speeding around before going to the next one.

A picture is behind the gas station.

skull 5

Another is by the pool.

skull 6

Another in the market office.

skull 4

and the final spot will be in the ice cream store.

skull 3

When you hear a ding each time till you get the skull the next and final one you will need to make the wonder weapon. Grab the crowbar up in the shack by the pool and get the body of it from the wheel so it may take some time if you haven't been trying to get it beforehand. When you do run around and grab the 3 pieces from the power-boxes.

One location is by the TV station.

skull 27

Another is in the camp park

skull 28

The final one is behind the gas station.

skull 26

When you got all the pieces you should get:

  • MAD Proto

    In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, assemble the M.A.D. (Modular Atomic Disintegrator).

    MAD Proto

Now head to the arcade machine in the ice cream shop.

skull 23

Hold the trigger and shoot it for the final skull and allow you guys with the chance to play the game.

To play this one you will need to jump on the right colour platform which will be decided from two beams in the back of the room you are facing. If you think the colour is about to change don't shot the box so you don't get the red skull. You will have 3 waves to get through and it will speed up each time so more people the better for this one. When that's all done you should get:

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