Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Reviews

    23 Aug 2018
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    As a Call of Duty fan for many years, I have been most interested in the game series due to its realism and feel of how it compared to real life war. Obviously, this game focuses more on individual sections of the fictitious war, but captures the gamer of what is happening throughout the story.

    If you have played the original COD MW on the Xbox 360, you will be able to jump back in the remastered version without any issues. Everything about the game is kept the same except the graphics have been improved. All the hidden spots on the maps, ledges you can walk on to get to impossible areas to snipe, and other glitches that were in the original MW is in the remastered as well.

    Single Player: While the COD series focused on a hard core, realistic, shoot-em up campaign, the story itself is played through one character. All the campaign levels are the same but with an uplift of graphics, this includes 60 frames per second. With the major touch-ups of each level, the additional 30 frames gives the game more smooth and lag free session compared to some of the levels in the old MW.

    Multiplayer: If you are an avid COD player, you will easily recognize the play style that comes with all other COD games. The fast pace run and gun style game play returns with MW Remastered. Just like the campaign, the graphics have been redone and includes 60 FPS. Beyond that, all of the multiplayer is the same. One thing to make note is that while the game includes all the multiplayer maps, expect to pay for the DLC maps again. Activision recently released the "MWR Variety Map Pack" that currently cost $14.99, for 4 remastered maps and 10 rare supply drops. So do not expect to get all the DLC maps included free with this game. While Activision tries to amuse there community in MWR, they offer special bonuses and will have a "Winter/Christmas" theme on the level Crash during the winter season.

    Back in the day when I played a ton of COD MW, I enjoyed the experience and level progression through the multiplayer. Teaming up with my friends and playing a ton of Team Deathmatch or Domination, the feel of the game was amazing during that time. Now that we get to relive the COD MW days with the remastered version, its a relief that Activision was able to upgrade the game without any issues like other titles have had. Overall, I would recommend this game for anyone that played the original on the Xbox 360.
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    31 May 2018
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    That's it. This game is just simply amazing. Guaranteed to get your heart pounding and make you feel like you are right there on the battlefield. The graphics, the sound, the experience, everything just comes together just right to make this game perfect.

    Graphics- Breathtaking. One of the best looking games out there to date. Grenades exploding everywhere, guys running around everywhere, incoming air strikes, and bullets flying everywhere look so real, you will be fearing for your own life.

    Sound - My surround sound speakers cranked way up made my heart racing out of my chest, need I say more?

    Gameplay - Some of the best in any game out there. The story has you hooked all the way through. The variety of weapons is enough to satisfy anyone. Lots of intensity while you and your squad are raiding the locations. I was on the edge of my seat most of the time.

    Multiplayer - One of the greatest systems for ranking/scoring on any Xbox Live game. Ranking up unlocks new guns, game modes, and challenges for you to do rather than just shooting other people.

    Overall - Just take this game off your list and go out and buy it. You should already be playing it fool! You will not regret it.