2. Call of Duty: WWII General hints and tipsUpdate notes

The most important feature in this game that hasn't been around anymore since Call of Duty 2 is that in the campaign, you don't regenerate health automatically. Instead, you will need to use First Aid kits. These can be found randomly throughout the missions, but are primarily received through one of your squad mates, Zussman. You're able to request First Aid Kits once you have earned enough kills to obtain one from him.

Along with first aid kits, the four other abilities your other squad mates have are: Ammunition, Grenades, Mortar strikes, and Spotting enemies. To know when an ability is ready, look on the right side of your screen next to all of your squad mates icons in that particular mission, and there will be a meter next to all of them. Once you've gained enough kills, the meter will fill up and become bright yellow, and you can go up to that squad member and press cn_up to use that squad mates ability, while aiming at that specific squad mate. Keep in mind that not all 5 squad mates are accompanying you in every mission!

The lack of health regeneration means that your Veteran difficulty playthrough will require you to play very conservatively and safely. Stay a good distance away from enemies, pick them off steadily, and use cover at all times when it's available.

The five squad abilities all have an achievement related to them, and it's important to stay focused on knowing when the squad abilities are ready to be used. Whenever an ability is available, use it right away. You should naturally obtain these through your playthrough(s):

If you're still short on any of these achievements after you finish your campaign playthrough(s), you can farm these by restarting checkpoint/dying after using the ability.

When you use Pierson's ability to spot enemies for you, you will also gain the ability to use "Focus", which slows down time to allow for easier kills. Focus is activated by pressing cn_LS while you are aiming down sight and will last a few seconds before regenerating. There are some missions where you will be providing sniper overwatch, which also allows you to use focus. Use focus as much as you can to make it easier to take down enemies and to unlock:

Stiles' squad ability is to equip you with more grenades, and cn_LB will be your smoke grenades. Use these often on groups of enemies and you will eventually unlock the chain smoker achievement. Keep in mind that you only need to stun the enemies, not kill them.

The collectibles and heroic actions should be completed on your recruit game as they are much more difficult to obtain on Veteran without dying. Also, as you go through the missions, look ahead to see what mission-specific achievement there will be so that you can prepare for it.

Let's begin with the single-player Campaign!

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