3. Call of Duty: WWII CampaignUpdate notes

This campaign is very linear as with all Call of Duty campaigns. If at any time you are lost or forget what you're supposed to be doing, press cn_back and it will show you what your objective is and where it is located.

Start off the game on recruit. You can do veteran to save yourself an extra playthrough, but it will be stressful.

In the game, there are 33 mementos (collectibles), and a total of 23 heroic actions (10 struggles, 9 drags, 4 surrenders). For the 10 struggles, you have to make sure that your ally survives when you kill the enemy, or it will not count. The ally will be killed if you take too long to save him. For the drags, you will have to drag the soldier to safety before he's bled out. The surrenders will fail if you either kill all the guys in the specific sections, or when you don't aim your gun at one of the surrendering guys in time. The mementos and heroic actions are saved instantly, so if you miss any you can simply replay the mission, grab the memento/perform the heroic action and then quit immediately and it will be saved. Restarting the checkpoint also works if you fail to perform the heroic action in time. Here's a visual guide to all mementos and heroic actions, although I will also be telling you when you're coming up on one:

Mission 1: D-Day

In the beginning of the mission you will be running across a beach while taking fire from enemy MG's. You'll want to get to the seawall quickly (under 2 minutes) without taking ANY damage from the MG, otherwise restart the checkpoint and try again. Let Turner or Pierson run first to let the MG's draw the fire to them, then follow them quickly afterwards. Whenever you advance to your next cover, wait about 3 seconds to go to the next one, because the enemy MG's will "forget" about you and shoot at your allies. Technically, you don't really get 2 minutes, since a lot of it is "wasted" by watching the unskippable cutscene at the beginning where Turner pulls you out of the water, and at the end when you're actually breaching the seawall. Successfully breaching the wall in under 2 minutes without taking any damage will unlock:

When your objective is to ascend the bluffs, you will make your way through the trenches and get to a set of stairs. Before taking the stairs, continue to the right to go to a small bunker where you will see Memento 1/33

Right when you clear the first bunker, you'll make a right and then a left turn through the trenches. You'll see an icon appear above an enemy who is trying to kill one of your allies. Kill the enemy for Struggle 1/10

Clear out bunker number 3, but don't enter the fourth one just yet. Right before the entrance, take a left and run forward to find a small building which contains Memento 2/33

After that, enter the fourth bunker and on your first right you will immediately see your ally being pinned against the wall by an enemy. Kill the enemy to save your ally for Struggle 2/10

Later on, you'll be tasked to destroy an artillery. Destroy it, then enter the barn that's in front of it behind some hay stacks, and on the right side will be Memento 3/33

Completing the mission earns you:

Mission 2: Operation Cobra

At the very start of the mission, don't get on the tank, but take an immediate right towards a chair with some letters on it in front of a tree. Just above the chair on a barrel is Memento 4/33

You'll start out with an objective to reach an AA gun, and before you get there you will have to clear enemies out of a beaten-up barn. Once you've cleared the barn, go up to the second level but don't jump down just yet. Below you will be enemies and a lot of hay stacks. Wait near the edge while you're around your allies, and eventually an enemy grenade will land right by all of you. Simply go the grenade and an indicator will pop up for you to press cn_RB to throw it back. If at least 5 of your allies are around you in the barn when you throw it back, you'll earn:

Jump down and start taking out enemies around the hay stacks until they begin to retreat into the woods. Follow them as they retreat, and there will be an enemy on the right side behind a fallen tree. Keep aiming your gun at him but don't shoot him, and as your allies advance he will set his gun down and put up his hands. Keep aiming your gun at him to complete the heroic action for Surrender 1/4

Right after this, advance forward where you'll jump down, then run left to the small shack which contains Memento 5/33

Once you reach the AA gun, you'll now have to shoot down all the planes that are coming towards you. You will have to pay close attention here because if you miss a plane and gain a checkpoint, you will have to restart the mission. Otherwise, if you miss one simply restart the checkpoint to start again. There are a total of 20 planes, and they will always spawn in the same pattern: 3 Right - 3 Middle - 2 Left - 2 Left - 3 Middle - 2 Right - 2 Left - 2 Left - 1 Middle. You know you're done once you exit the AA gun. If the achievement doesn't unlock for you right away, it may unlock for you at the end of the mission (like it did for me) so don't panic if you're certain you shot down all the planes but didn't get the achievement right away:

  • Ack Ack

    Protect your tanks by shooting down all planes in Operation Cobra.

    Ack Ack

A little bit after this, you will have the objective to push forward with your tanks where you will take out enemies from trenches and bunkers. All the way on the right is a small bunker that has some fire surrounding it. Enter it and in the right corner will be a dead soldier with Memento 6/33. Immediately turn to your left and kill the enemy that has your ally pinned against the wall for Struggle 3/10

Shortly after this, you will destroy 3 artillery guns and then continue to push forward with your tanks. Once you've reached the trenches, do not kill all of the enemies, as the ones in the right side of the first trench will eventually drop their weapons for Surrender 2/4

Completing the mission earns you:

Mission 3: Stronghold

At the very start of the mission, clear the house of enemies and head up the stairs. When you reach the top of the stairs, turn left, and when it looks like you can't go any further, look left and you'll see a sink and you can carefully walk on the ledge and on the mirror above the sink is Memento 7/33

Jump down to join your allies in taking out some enemies, and after a few seconds a half-track will burst through which will wound one of your allies in the road and you can drag him to safety for Drag 1/9

When clearing the church, go a few steps in front of the ammo cache and take a right, then look to your right and in the rubble will be a small hole with Memento 8/33

After this will come a section where you need to climb a ladder to the top of a tower and provide sniper support for your allies. Use Pierson's scout and focus ability to help you take out the enemies, and do not miss any shots. If you do, restart the checkpoint right away. If you're unsure if you missed, restart it anyway. You should get hitmarkers on recruit difficulty, which will assist you with deciding whether a shot is a miss or a hit. Be very aware with this section that it's possible for one of your allies to take take out an enemy right before your shot hits, which will count as a miss. When the sniping section ends, you will unlock:

  • Marksman

    Cover Zussman from the church without missing a shot in Stronghold.


After this, you'll be defending the area with Pierson, Stiles, and a few allies. On the righthand side, go down a few stairs to see a fuel canister which is Memento 9/33

Completing the mission earns you:

Mission 4: S.O.E

In the beginning of the mission you will stealthily take out a few enemies and go through a house. When you exit the house you will see Vivian, and you'll want to go left where there are some more guards and inside the flower vase is Memento 10/33

After this you will take out some enemies and come to a house with a large fire in front of it. Enter the door to the left and go into the small room straight ahead, and immediately to your left is Memento 11/33. Exit the house to regroup with your squad and you will see an ally who needs help in the middle of the road during the firefight. Drag him to safety for Drag 2/9

Next will be a section where you will need to chase a train by driving a vehicle. You will need to complete the driving section without hitting any obstacles, such as trees, rocks, fences, etc. This can be a bit of a pain because you will earn checkpoints along the way, so if you hit an obstacle or are unsure, restart the checkpoint immediately. Here's a video to show you what path to take:

Once you switch positions to take control of the MG in the back, you will unlock:

When you're going through the wreckage, you will crouch to get through some wreckage and take out some enemies. Before going up the hill to regroup with your squad, go to the right side and on top of a crate will be Memento 12/33

Completing the mission earns you:

Mission 5: Liberation

Once you're inside the building, go straight down the hall and take a right, and the first door on your right will be the bathroom (Sign says "Toilettes") and in the second stall on the ground is Memento 13/33

Make your way through the mission until you meet up with Crowley and are given a silenced pistol and tasked with planting explosives. You're going to have to be very stealthy and plant both explosives without being detected. Take the ledge to your right and take out the guard on the balcony, then continue taking out enemies through the house until you arrive at the first gate. After you plant the explosives, on your right will be a door that you can lockpick and enter. When you enter, on your right will be a staircase and you'll want to go up to the second floor and enter the room that has the open door in front of you. Upon entering the room, look to your right for Memento 14/33. Make your way to the Southern gate without being detected, and after planting the explosives you'll unlock:

After this you'll be back in control of Daniels and you'll make your way through the streets taking out enemies. You'll eventually come to a bridge on your left that is filled with boxes and barbed wire roadblocks. Eventually, on your left side, an ally will go down and you'll have to save him for Drag 3/9. Clear the bridge and advance forward to come to a little area that has a box with a tarp over it with some bottles, letters, and Memento 15/33

After this you'll come to a section where you're given a shotgun and will breach a door to take out enemies in a smoke-filled room. Clear the room and go up the stairs, where Zussman will kick a door in. Take out the three enemies that are shooting at you and look on your right to see three other enemies put their weapons down and hands up for Surrender 3/4

Completing the mission earns you:

Mission 6: Collateral Damage

A couple minutes into the mission, you'll be controlling a tank that shows the health in the bottom left corner. You will need to complete this section by keeping your tank health above 80%. Sadly, it does not show an actual percentage of what your health is at, so you'll have to avoid as much damage as possible and guess what 80% health would be. You can always reload checkpoints if you're taking too much damage. Just take it slow, stay back, and prioritize the enemies with rockets, along with the tanks. The tanks are the most difficult part, because you will need to have them lose sight of you so you can flank them and take them out quickly by shooting them in the back or the side. Shooting the front of the enemy tanks will not do much damage and will most likely result in them firing back, taking out a great deal of your tanks health. A little tip when the 2nd tank shows up: go to your left immediately, which allows you to outflank the 3rd tank right away. Keep pressing cn_back to highlight the tank's position(s). After this you come to the rescue. There are a lot of rocket launchers in the building in the back. Keep shooting and taking cover in the street you came from, to reload your main gun. Complete the tank section with your health above 80% to unlock:

  • Gasoline Cowboy

    Rescue your allies with the Sherman while keeping your armor above 80% in Collateral Damage.

    Gasoline Cowboy

When you're back in control of Daniels, go towards your objective which will be in a narrow street surrounded by buildings. When you're in the street and take your first left, look on your left to see a piano and on top of it is Memento 16/33. Just after this, you and your squad will take heavy fire from an enemy MG which will hit one of your allies when he's in the middle of the street. Drag him to safety to complete Drag 4/9

Later on, you'll squeeze through a door that's blocked from the other side. When you get through it, immediately in front of you will be an enemy that has your ally pinned on the ground for Struggle 4/10. Take the right hole in the wall that's in front of you and you'll have to take our several enemies. Before advancing with your squad, go right where you can climb up some rubble to the second floor. Turn around and you'll see a couch and a fireplace which you'll have to get to by jumping to a ledge. Once you've made it across, on the fireplace will be Memento 17/33

After pushing the truck with Zussman, you'll blow open another wall. When you enter, immediately run all the way forward on the right side through the open door in the back and when you look left you will see Struggle 5/10. Backtrack to where you first entered, and right by the blown-in wall is a door. Go through it and to your left underneath the desk is Memento 18/33

Completing the mission earns you:

Mission 7: Death Factory

Early on, you'll be defending the bridge from waves of enemies. After the first wave, they will be concealed with smoke and you and your squad will fall back. While falling back, at the end of the bridge (the end that you're falling back to) an ally will go down in the middle of the bridge and you'll drag him to safety for Drag 5/9

After defending the bridge, you'll be with Turner and a few others and will be tasked to eliminate the mortar team. Clear the area, which will have two trucks and a lot of crates. Go behind the truck on the right side, and on top of the crates will be a gun which is Memento 19/33

After this, some unfortunate events will occur and you will be alone with just a pistol. You will end up in a foggy forest and must advance forward without being detected by enemies. In the beginning, there will be a dog that is scripted to always come after you, and you can kill it. Just after killing it, look to your left and in the seat of the crashed plane is Memento 20/33. Advance forward by hugging the right side throughout the whole section. When you see the enemy with a flamethrower, jump down and keep to the right to sneak up on a couple enemies and take them out with melee. Stay crouched, do not shoot your pistol (melee when you need to) and keep an eye on the detection bars that are above enemy heads. Do not let it get fully red otherwise you will be spotted and will need to restart the checkpoint. Once you've met up with Turner and advance through the door, you will unlock:

When you're with Turner, you'll end up being targeted by a sniper. Stay crouched and behind cover while advancing forward, and you'll come across an ally who is wounded on the ground. Make sure you have full health, because you'll still be shot by the sniper while dragging him. Bring him to safety to complete Drag 6/9. A few smoke grenades is useful here! Clear the building and go upstairs to eliminate the sniper. After he's down go to the stairs and you can jump up to the rusty support beam, and on your left is a chair with Memento 21/33

Continue on until you regroup with some allies in a firefight at a mill. Immediately enter the big building on your left, and on the left side down a few stairs you can save an ally for Struggle 6/10

Completing the mission earns you:

Mission 8: Hill 493

At the start of the mission you'll have to ascend the hill to take out 3 enemy MG's. When ascending the hill, keep on the left side the entire time, and eventually you'll see a downed ally that you'll bring to safety for Drag 7/9

After clearing the MG's, you will be tasked to send Pvt. Parker to the top of the hill to destroy an MG nest. You can advance him by going near him and pressing cn_X when the game prompts you to. He will take cover as you and your allies will take heavy fire from an MG. You need to shoot at the MG to provide enough suppressive fire to where you can send Pvt. Parker up the hill some more. After a couple of times, enemies will come in towards the top by the MG nest. When this happens you'll be about halfway up the hill, and in the middle laying next to a dead soldier on a tree stump is Memento 22/33. Only let Parker advance after you've shot a few rounds at the MG and one of your allies says something like " The MG is suppressed". Also, make good use of your frag and smoke grenades to ensure Parker makes it to the top of the hill. If he dies, simply restart the checkpoint. Once he makes it to the top and detonates the charges, you will unlock:

In the next area you will have to destroy an enemy artillery, and to the right of the artillery is Memento 23/33

After this, you'll open a door and be in some trenches while tasked to clear the area. Immediately run all the way to the left and go up a little bit to see a destroyed bunker. You can't actually enter the bunker, but laying in the window is Memento 24/33

After grabbing the previous memento and clearing the area, a tank will spawn and you'll have to place thermite on it twice to destroy it while also taking out enemies. After placing thermite on it for the first time, immediately run all the way over to the right bunker where the enemies are spawning from and inside the bunker is Struggle 7/10

Completing the mission earns you:

Mission 9: Battle of the Bulge

At the start of the mission you will be given an ammo box, and immediately to your right are 3 soldiers. To the left of the soldiers on a rock is Memento 25/33. Once you've delivered the ammo, immediately to your right is Memento 26/33

Next, you'll be piloting a plane and will have to shoot down enemy planes. This can be rather difficult at first but you'll eventually get the hang of it. A tip for players who have played games with aerial combat before: aim at the plane itself when shooting at enemy planes, instead of a bit in front of it (which is often the case in aerial combat games). The first section will have 8 planes, and you should personally try to shoot down 5 yourself. There is a counter in the top right of the screen that shows you how many planes have been taken out, so pay close attention to how many your allies have taken out, and how many you've personally taken out. The second section will have 12 planes, and you need to take out at least 7 yourself, a total of you (not your allies) taking out 12 planes. If you feel like you're going too slow, or your allies are taking out planes too fast, be safe and restart checkpoint. When you take out your 12th plane, you will unlock:

  • Flyboy

    Protect the bombers by personally shooting down 12 enemy planes in Battle of the Bulge.


When you're back in control of Daniels, you will retreat back to the line and will defend your position. Your tanks will come in, and you'll have to take out 4 enemies with launchers. Once they're taken out, one of your allies will go down and you'll bring him to safety for Drag 8/9

While defending your position, make your way to the right side, where in front of you is the little building that you earlier called for air support. If you're looking at this building, turn around and go up a little bit to see a bunker with a green tarp and inside a cardboard box is Memento 27/33

Defend the line and you will be given some red smoke grenades to target three tanks for air support. After destroying the third tank, an enemy will make his way to your defense near the middle and will pin an ally down. Eliminate the enemy for Struggle 8/10

Completing the mission earns you:

Mission 10: Ambush

At the very start of the mission you will ambush German transport. When the ambush occurs, the German truck closest to you will be attacked by one of your allies with a flamethrower. After a few seconds, this ally will go down and you'll drag him to safety for Drag 9/9, unlocking:

Next, you will have a silenced pistol and be given the objective of infiltrating the air base, and you need to do this without being detected. Similar to the mission in the foggy forest, keep an eye on enemy detection meters and stay to the right side. This time you can headshot enemies with the silenced pistol as long as there aren't other enemies nearby. Make your way through, taking out enemies when you need to. Eventually you will be given the option to take out the base commander (no specific need to do so. Just let him leave and take the remaining guys out, which will be easier), and in this room are a couple other enemies and on top of the table with the lantern is Memento 28/33. When you reach the building, wait for the group of enemies to split up, then climb the stairs over to a ladder where you will climb to the roof. Once you're on the roof, you will unlock

After providing sniper support on the roof, jump down with Zussman and push forward to the red building in front of you. Enter the building and eventually an ally will follow you in, but will be held at gunpoint by an enemy. Save your ally for Struggle 9/10. (You may need to reload the checkpoint a few times, rush into the building and move all the way to the back of it. Then wait for the allies to progress into this building as well) In the same red building, on the right side on top of a desk is a flask, which is Memento 29/33

Push forward to the tower will you will provide overwatch for Pierson. When you enter the tower, immediately to your right is Memento 30/33

Completing the mission earns you:

Mission 11: The Rhine

In the beginning of the mission you'll clear the bridge and enter the tower. Go up the first flight of stairs where you'll take out a few enemies, and then ascend another flight of stairs where next to a dying soldier in a pool of blood is Memento 31/33. Go up the next flight of stairs where there are enemies on MG's. Kill two of them, and the other two will surrender for Surrender 4/4, unlocking:

A while later, when you get to the second tower, ascend the first set of stairs and next to a first aid kit on a table is Memento 32/33. Continue to ascend the tower and once you've cleared the top, on top of a crate in the middle of the room is the final collectible, Memento 33/33, unlocking:

After this, you'll make your way towards an AA gun. You'll be doing exactly the same thing that you did in mission 2 for the "Ack Ack" achievement, and you'll need to destroy all of the planes. This time, there are more (25) planes, and they will always spawn in the same pattern: 3 Middle - 5 Left (3 low, 2 high) 4 Right (Immediately after these 4 planes there is a checkpoint) 4 Middle - 4 Middle - 3 Middle - 2 Left. Just like from the second mission, if you miss a plane, restart the checkpoint immediately as you will be gaining an inconvenient checkpoint in this section. The hardest part is the first bit, especially the 4 planes right before the checkpoint. Keep in mind to shoot a bit in front of the planes as the AA shells need to travel towards the planes which takes a split second. After you get past the checkpoint, you are basically set as the last 13 planes are relatively easy to shoot down, plus you can restart checkpoint if you miss any of these. You will get to a point where the AA gun won't shoot anymore, and allied fighters take down the last 3 planes. After the last plane is destroyed, you'll unlock:

  • Defender

    Protect the convoy by shooting down all the planes in The Rhine.


Immediately after exiting the AA gun, quickly run through the trenches and you will come across an enemy holding your ally hostage. Shoot him in the side so you don't kill your ally for Struggle 10/10, unlocking:

Completing this mission and watching a couple cutscenes will end the single-player campaign, and you will earn:

Completing it on Veteran difficulty will earn you:

Some tips regarding the veteran playthrough (although this is an easy veteran campaign in comparison to other COD's):

- Use cover, a lot.
- In sections where you need to go on an MG, it is often better to just lay prone in cover and wait for your teammates to kill the enemies.
- Keep an eye on your health. Whenever your health is less than 50%, use a med kit if you have it. Also scavenge the floors for med kits.
- Use the abilities from your teammates efficiently, and a lot. They replenish pretty quickly.
- Smoke grenades are a life saver when you need to run from cover to cover.
- Use the weapons suited for the area which you're in. If you don't like the guns you have, scavenge the dead enemies for better weapons.
- Stay back as much as possible, as you are less likely to get hit. Besides, your teammates clear out a lot of the enemies.

For the people that really have some issues with some mission(s), here is a bypass glitch, which allows you to play the missions on recruit, but you get credited for playing it on veteran.

And that's all for the campaign!

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