4. Call of Duty: WWII MultiplayerUpdate notes

The Call of Duty multiplayer is bigger than it ever has been in WWII, and feels like the classic boots-on-the-ground online gameplay. Whether you consider yourself great or awful at Call of Duty multiplayer, the achievements are very easy but will take a decent amount of time to complete. You'll start off by quickly obtaining:

The newest addition to the Call of Duty multiplayer is the introduction of Headquarters. Headquarters is where you do just about everything, from shooting at the firing range, to obtaining challenges and orders, to prestiging your player, and much more. You'll be given a full tutorial and walkthrough of Headquarters when you first enter multiplayer. Something to keep in mind is that there is an achievement to complete 21 daily challenges. Challenges are obtained through Major Howard who is in the center of the Headquarters. There are 6 daily challenges that will change every 24 hours, and you can only have 3 challenges active at a time. You activate a challenge by going to the one you want and holding cn_A to accept the challenge. Once it's complete (they're mostly relatively easy, some are much harder than others), press cn_start, navigate to "Orders" in the menu and go over to the completed challenge to accept your reward. You can accept the challenges in the 24 hour period, although you can take as long as you want to complete them. After doing this 21 times (this will take a few days, at the least) you will unlock:

The multiplayer also introduces a new way to create your classes through "divisions". You choose a division, and as you progress through gaining kills and score with that division, you unlock more perks from that division.

The five divisions are:

Infantry: Good for assault rifles. Perks you'll gain are: A rifle bayonet, 1 additional primary attachment, Extra magazines, Move faster while ADS

Airborne: Good for submachine guns. Perks you'll gain are: SMG suppressor, Sprint longer, Climb obstacles faster, Increased sprint speed

Armored: Good for LMG's. Perks you'll gain are: LMG bipod, immune to shell shock/tactical equipment, Less fire damage, Less explosive damage

Mountain: Good for snipers. Perks you'll gain are: Sniper sharpshooter, Invisible to recon aircraft, Hidden to player-controlled streaks, Silent movement

Expeditionary: Good for shotguns. Perks you'll gain are: Shotgun incendiary shells, Tactical & Lethal equipment, Throw grenades faster and farther, Resupply equipment from enemies

Experiment around with these and figure out what works best for you, and keep an eye on the progression of your division level - it will show you your level progress when you're in the Division select screen. Once you've fully leveled up a division to level 5, behind the mail will be a soldier at a station that says "Division Prestige." Interact with him, go to your division that you're eligible to prestige, and you will unlock:

The highest level you reach to be eligible to prestige is 55, and this will take some time - especially if you're not the greatest Call of Duty player. Expect to put in at least 15 hours to the multiplayer before you'll reach level 55. The new game type "War" gives quite a bit of xp compared to the other standard game modes, and it's pretty fun too. In War, you and the enemy team have multiple objectives - with one team being the attacker and the other being the defender of said objectives. The second round will have the teams switch who's defending and attacking, and you'll want to play the objectives and use teamwork to win matches and gain a lot of xp. One victory, whether you are defending or attacking, counts as a match win. Obtain 5 match wins to unlock:

Once you're level 55 (you have to gain all of the xp for level 55, too) go behind the division prestige to find the General. This is where you can prestige, earning you the final multiplayer achievement:

Extra notes: Double XP events are held every now and then. Make a good use of those when they are around. Besides, you can purchase contracts at the Quartermaster to earn additional rewards, which will also assist you in leveling up. Open supply drops whenever you have them, as they can give you a percentage of bonus XP for a set amount of time.

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