5. Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies: Prologue/The Final ReichUpdate notes

I won't sugarcoat it, some of these achievements are tough, even if you're a veteran zombies player.

You'll begin what's called "The Prologue," which is kind of like a tutorial to show you what you're in for. You'll be introduced to things like perks, armor, and your equipped special ability. Eventually your task will be to gain enough points to open up the door. Once you do that, go outside, to finish the prologue and you can start playing the main zombies map, "The Final Reich." However, you're eventually going to want to go back to the prologue to earn an achievement to reach wave 20. The difficult part about this is once you open the door and go outside, the game ends. So, you have to survive 19 waves in a small house with a lot of zombies, and it's tougher than you'd think.

To unlock the mystery box, you'll need to shoot ten lanteres: 2 outside, 4 downstairs, 4 upstairs, and shooting all 10 will unlock a room upstairs which has the mystery box. Here's some things you'll need to know when going for this achievement:

  • There are no power ups such as max ammo, instant kill, nuke, double points, etc. (There is a single feature which allows you to fire for 20 seconds without reloading. Once it's ready, press cn_LB + cn_RB)
  • You do not have the ability to pack-a-punch any weapons.
  • You can buy the self-revive only three times. After your third death, your next death will be game over.
  • Aim for the head. You kill zombies incredibly quicker and it conserves your ammo for when you have powerful weapons.
  • You'll notice the MP-40 becomes nothing but a bullet sponge after about wave 12, so stick to the mystery box for weapons after that. The MP40 is however useful midwave, as you can quickly purchase ammo.
  • Try to get the new monkeybombs (Jack in the Box) from the mystery box. You will have 3 "time outs" if you manage to get them. Useful for repurchasing quick revive midwave or saving yourself when you are red screened. Keep in mind that it takes a while to throw these.
  • Keep purchasing the Armor. It kinda replaces juggernog, but it is a must for this achievement.
  • The general strategy you'll want to use is to start off upstairs by the ledge to the stairs where you can jump down. Kill as many zombies as you can before jumping down, but fire your weapon while you're in the air in case there is a zombie below you when you land. If you're already shooting, you'll most likely earn a quick headshot. If not, you're most likely going to get trapped and go down. Once you jump down, run in a tight circle around the house, thereby training the zombies. Camping in a single spot is NOT going to work.


Now onto the Final Reich. We'll start off with the Easter egg, which will earn you (at least) one achievement during the process. All other miscellaneous achievements for this map will be at the bottom of the page. This map actually has an "easy" and "hard" Easter egg, both of which have achievements for completing them, but doing the "hard" Easter egg gets you both achievements, so that's what we'll be doing.

Before starting this Easter egg, make sure you're properly equipped. If you're playing solo (difficult to accomplish), I'd recommend the Frontline specialist with the following mods: Determination, Vicious, Specialist training. If you're playing co-op (recommended) you can choose whatever you're comfortable with, but I'd recommend the Shellshock specialist with the following mods: Sustain zone, Exploit weakness, Lucky crit . Also, everyone in your game should have the M1911 pistol as their weapon and hang on to it throughout the entire game, because pack-a-punching it turns it into the Bacon and Eggs and is a very good weapon for everyone to have in this easter egg.

I'll write this walkthrough so that the easter egg is quick and efficient to complete. The steps I've listed don't necessarily have to be done in this order but it is what I believe to be the most efficient way to complete this Easter egg. I will also assume you are somewhat familiar with the map (knowing the name and location of all the areas and perk locations) so read carefully and let's begin!

When doing this Easter egg, it is important to know you will be completing a ton of objectives and will want to try to do many of them early on before getting to a very high and difficult wave. Your main focus should be getting all of the Tesla gun upgrades (STEP 4) done as quick as possible.

NOTE: You can't complete the tesla gun upgrades until you finish the step to defend both of the lightning rods at the tower in the easter egg (Step 3). However, you can (and should) do all of the upgrade steps up until the point where you have to obtain the upgrade batteries and charge them up. You won't be able to put the charged batteries in their respective machines until you have completed Step 3 of the Easter egg, but you will have a huge head start on the upgrades!


In village square, follow the three wires on the ground that go from a generator to valves. Turn on all three valves, then activate the green light that is in the center of village square. Drop down to the tunnel, then follow the path upwards until you see a generator which allows you to turn on the power. Make your way to the command room, where you will see a pyramid-like structure that has a crank on it. Turn the crank until it opens up. You now have to activate the two power switches:

  • In the Morgue in a small room to the right
  • In the back of the Laboratory.

You'll have to activate the second switch quickly after activating the first, otherwise you will have to restart this step. Now, open the salt mine door in the command room and be careful taking out the bomber zombie(s) as you descend into the Emperor's Chamber. Activate the hilt that is in the back of the room and you will see a red circle on the floor. You'll need to kill zombies while they are inside the red circle which will power up the hilt. Once fully powered, go back to the command room and go up the stairs to find a red button that will start the escort process of the transfer device. The device is up on the ceiling connected to a railing and will slowly move as you charge it by killing zombies within the red circle below the device. It will start off moving towards either the morgue or the laboratory, and will end at a large machine where you can pick up a Tesla gun part. Once you've picked up the first part, the device will very slowly move back to the command room. Activate it again, and repeat the same process of killing zombies in the red circle until it reaches the other machine where you can pick up the second part of the Tesla gun.

While the device slowly returns, make your way back to the command room to the table in front of the button you pressed earlier. Once the device finally returns, the table will allow you to build the Tesla gun. Once it assembles, everyone in your game should pick it up, and you will earn:


Find the orange, green, and red spin tops that are found around the map and shoot them, then collect them off the ground by pressing cn_X. Here are the locations:

  • Window above the toy store
  • Directly behind the toy store on the snowy roof
  • Up on the right window next to a flag above the arch that connects Village Square to Riverside
  • On top of the roof in the Courtyard
  • By the first lightpost that you shoot for the bloodthirst upgrade, on the rooftop to your left
  • On the left window in front of the Pub behind a flag
  • The window to the left right next to the last one
  • In a window on top of the backside of the Pub
  • On a window to the right, right next to the last one
  • In a window just to the right of quick revive
  • Right above the last one

Once you've collected all three, bring them to the toy store which is found in village square right by the bunker door and press cn_X to hang them up on the wall. After placing the spin tops, look around the entire map inside all of the windows to eventually find 2 enigma machines. The enigma machines will have a colored ribbon (orange, green or red) and a number on the machine. Once youve found one, look at the numbers (1 through 12) on the machines that represent a time (analog clock) for that specific color. For example, if you find a red ribbon and the number "09", then you have to rotate the red spin top at the toy store display to the 9 o'clock position (pointing to the left) by pressing cn_X on the spin top, which will rotate it clockwise. You'll have to find both enigma machines to correctly rotate two of the spin tops, and then you can simply keep rotating the final spin top until the drawer at the bottom of the toy store display will open up and you can grab the disc inside.


Go to the emperor's chamber and examine the right hand of god (left-most machine from where you enter). Then, go to the command room and behind the table where you assembled the Tesla gun is a power grid that has labels of 1-2-3-4 on it. When you activate it, each numbers will have a corresponding color to them: Red, Green, or Blue. What you need to do is is quickly find the 4 consoles on the map and change them to their correct color. Here are the locations:

  • Number 1 is directly to the right of the power grid.
  • Number 2 is in the sewers, right before reaching the room with pack-a-punch.
  • Number 3 is found on your right as you're leaving the pack-a-punch to the docks.
  • Number 4 is found by the pub, right before the bridge to the tower.

After that, go to the tall tower by the pub and activate the machine to start the lightning rod lift process. You'll just have to defend it from the incoming zombies. Once it's done, there are 2 more machines to the left and right of the tower, and you'll again activate and defend those. Once the defense is completed, go back to the right hand of god and activate it. This will spawn in a huge zepellin in the sky, but we'll deal with this in step 5 because you're now going to want to put all your focus in to completing the tesla gun upgrades.


Now that you've finished the lightning rod lift process, you can complete all of the tesla gun upgrades. Here's all of the steps for each upgrade, which hopefully you've completed several of by this point:


  • At the riverside area, shoot the flickering street lamp with your Tesla gun. Then at the next lightpost you will notice a green spark, shoot it (not with the Tesla gun) and you will see that it travels to the next lightpost. Continue doing this, and it will bring you around to the spawn, to village square, down to the command room, and end in the morgue. Once you shoot the final light, the Bloodthirst battery will fall in the middle of the room. If you mess up at all, you can restart it as many times as you'd like with no penalties.
  • Pick up the battery and place it in its container in the morgue, a few steps away from where you picked it up. To power it, you'll need to use the morgue floor-spike trap kill 2 large groups of pest zombies that spawn every fifth wave. You'll know you have enough zombies near the trap if the container is flashing green. You can train zombies and then run into the trap as it will deal little damage to you and kill all the pest zombies right away.
  • Once you have enough kills to interact with the battery, pick it up and bring it to the machine in the morgue that you previously grabbed the Tesla gun part from. Activate the machine and you will have to defend the battery from zombies for a minute or so.
  • Once you've defended the battery, pick up the part from the machine and bring it to the Tesla gun table in the command room. You will be given an option to upgrade your Tesla gun, completing the first upgrade.


  • In the laboratory there is a locker that's on the stairs near the electric cherry blitz. You'll need to get a bomber zombie close to the locker then shoot its bomb to explode and open up the locker, where you can grab the Hurricane battery.
  • Pick up the battery and place it in its container in the laboratory which is found in the middle of the electric trap. You'll need to bring 2 Wüstling zombies through the trap, activate the trap, and make sure they die at the same time. Then, do this one more time. Once you've killed 2 Wüstlings simultaneously two times, the battery will be charged.
  • Once you have enough kills to interact with the battery, pick it up and bring it to the machine in the laboratory that you previously grabbed the Tesla gun part from. Activate the machine and you will have to defend the battery from zombies for a minute or so.
  • Once you've defended the battery, pick up the part from the machine and bring it to the Tesla gun table in the command room. You will be given an option to upgrade your Tesla gun, completing the second upgrade.


  • After killing a brenner and picking up its head, go to the statue in the courtyard and hold cn_LT while aiming at it to destroy the statue to reveal the Midnight battery, but you won't be able to reach it. Shoot the battery with your Tesla gun, and it will drop down to the ground where you can pick it up.
  • Pick up the battery and place it in its container which is a few steps away from where you picked it up, by the gun that you can buy off the wall. To power it, you'll have to kill a group of normal zombies using the mine trap in the courtyard. You'll know you have enough zombies near the trap if the container is flashing green. Simply gather a group of zombies, activate the trap, and watch them die. You'll have to do this a couple times.
  • Once you have enough kills to interact with the battery, pick it up and bring it to the machine in the laboratory that you previously grabbed the Tesla gun part from. Activate the machine and you will have to defend the battery from zombies for a minute or so.
  • Once you've defended the battery, pick up the part from the machine and bring it to the Tesla gun table in the command room. You will be given an option to upgrade your Tesla gun, completing the third upgrade.


  • In the pack-a-punch room is a locker, and you'll need to bring a Wüstling down here. Coordinate it so that you're standing right in front of the locker and the Wüstling is straight in front, walking towards you. Shoot him which will anger it and sprint towards you. As long as you have armor, just take the hit and it won't kill you but will put you at critical health, so be careful. If you were standing close enough to the locker when the Wüstling hit you, the locker will have opened up revealing the Reaper battery.
  • Pick up the battery and place it in its container which is directly by the locker. To power it, you'll be doing the same thing you did for the Hurricane, but with bombers instead. The difficult thing here is that getting too close to bombers will have them blow up and it can get frustrating. To make this much easier, shoot the second head that is on the bomber and it will cause them to drop their bomb, but they are still considered a bomber zombie. Bring two of them down to the pack a punch room and time it so that they are near the battery when you activate the saw trap. As long as they die somewhat simultaneously, it will charge the battery, but you'll need to do this twice.
  • Once you have enough kills to interact with the battery, pick it up and bring it to the machine in the morgue that you previously grabbed the Tesla gun part from. Activate the machine and you will have to defend the battery from zombies for a minute or so.
  • Once you've defended the battery, pick up the part from the machine and bring it to the Tesla gun table in the command room. You will be given an option to upgrade your Tesla gun, completing the final upgrade.

Once you've made all four Tesla Gun variants, you'll earn:


With all 4 upgrades completed (or you're hopefully very close to completing them), the focus is now on the big zeppelin in the sky. Every few seconds, the zeppelin will make a loud noise and one of its four yellow lights will turn red, and you'll need to pepper it with bullets. Eventually, it will drop an Überschnalle somewhere on the map, and you'll have to find it and kill zombies near it to power it up. Once it's powered, pick it up (you will run very slowly with it) and bring it all the way down to the left hand of god (the right machine when you enter the chamber). You will need to do this 2 more times. The third time the Überschnalle begins to fall it will ascend back up to the zeppelin, and you'll have to obtain another one by doing the same thing. After you delivered the 3 Überschnalle's, you can activate the left hand of god.


For the middle hand of god, which is called the "Voice of God," you'll notice there are 4 sides on it where you can change the notes (numbers) and there is a specific type of raven on each side. What you need to do is kill a Brenner (the big armored zombie who has a flamethrower) and grab the head that it drops. If you know you've killed one earlier, holding down cn_back to bring up your notepad will also outline Brenner heads on the ground in white. Grab the Brenner head and you will now have to find the 4 portraits on the map and scan them with the Brenner head using cn_LT.

When you scan the portrait, you will see a number and a type of raven, and you'll want to write down the number and the type of raven that appears for each portrait. Here are the locations, and pressing cn_back will highlight the portraits for you:

  • Moonraven: When you first enter the morgue from the sewers, it will be on your left
  • Stormraven: Inside the pub, second floor
  • Deathraven: In the pack-a-punch room
  • Bloodraven: Just outside the church, just before descending the tunnel to the laboratory

Put the corresponding numbers into the correct raven at the Voice of God, then activate it. The hilt in the room will glow orange but DON'T SHOOT IT YET!


Activate the power switches in the morgue and the laboratory that you already turned on early in your game. Once you've done that, a third power switch will appear in the command room to the right of the salt mine door. Activate it, and you'll see a panel open up right next to it revealing two coils. Have a brenner head ready, and shoot the coils with a Tesla gun and the lights will turn off and your screen will get pretty dark.

Immediately to your left when entering the laboratory from the command room will be a safe. Hold cn_LT with the brenner head on the safe, and you will see a dial pad where you will be able to change the 5 numbers by pressing cn_X on each number. Change each number on the dial pad by holding cn_X until each number turns purple, which will open up the safe and you can hold cn_X to retrieve half of a coin from the safe. Finish your current wave and repeat this step for the second safe which is found immediately to your left when entering the morgue from the command room. Once you've grabbed both half-coins from the safes, go to the emperors chamber and behind the hilt you'll see a raven on a small circle that when you press cn_X will place both coin halves and will reveal the sword. Have everybody pick up the sword which replaces your shovel as a melee weapon.


Over by the pub will be a weather vane on the wall outside, and holding cn_X will spin it and it will point in a direction. Look/walk to wherever it's pointing to find a very small yellow light. Shoot the small light and you'll notice the wheel by the river will start to rotate. Eventually it will stop, revealing two coils which you'll need to shoot with any upgraded Tesla gun to power up the pub. In the pub will be a gramophone and walking up to it will give you the option to place the disc in it. Using your sword, stay inside the pub near the gramophone and get melee kills to power it up. Once it's powered (you'll know it's powered when you stop seeing the red sparks and lightning from killing zombies), you will hear the gramophone making some sounds.

The gramphone will make 1-5 quick sounds, then a pause, and then repeat three more times. You need to memorize/write down how many sounds it makes the first, second, third and fourth time and then input these into the voice of god (middle one in the emperor's chamber). For example, if you hear 3 sounds, pause, 2 sounds, pause, 2 sounds, pause, 1 sound, then your code is: 3, 2, 2, 1. Besides the sounds the gramophone makes, there is also a light on the left hand side of the gramophone which turns green at the same time a sound is made. Go to the voice of god and input your code starting with the code on the left when you're facing it which has the Bloodthirst Raven on it, the 2nd number corresponds with the Midnight, after that is the Reaper, and then finally the Hurricane Raven. So, start with the Bloodthirst Raven and then put in the numbers correctly by moving clockwise. Once you've inputted the numbers, activate the machine and if it is incorrect you will get a "Machine Resetting" notification.


Once you've correctly inputted the code, your characters will say something and you will then want to shoot the chandelier on the ceiling with all four Tesla guns and the orange orb around the hilt will turn blue. Stock up on ammo, armor, and perks and be ready for the boss fight. When everyone's ready, shoot the hilt with your Tesla guns at the same time, and you'll get a cutscene.

You'll spawn outside and notice that several paths have been blocked off and you can not go down to the sewers and the vault door has been locked. For the boss fight, you'll see the zeppelin is back in the sky, and you'll need to do what you did in Step 5, retrieving the Überschnalle's by shooting the red lights of the zeppelin when they appear. While doing this, you'll be defending yourself from zombies and the boss, the Panzermörder, who you don't want to worry about just yet other than avoiding getting hit by him. Once an Überschnalle falls, get kills near it to charge it up until you're able to pick it up. Before you pick it up, get the Panzermörder close to the Überschnalle, then pepper him with bullets until it is stunned. Once it's stunned (you'll receive a notification when it is) you'll need to quickly pick up the Überschnalle and attach it to him by pressing cn_X (Note that this has to be done very quickly, as he doesn't stay stunned for very long). Repeat this three times, and after putting the Überschnalle in him for the third time you'll get a cutscene, completing the "hard" Easter egg unlocking:


That's all for the Final Reich Easter egg and its related achievements, so now onto the miscellaneous ones.


You're now going to try and get as many of the following achievements as possible within one game, but they don't all have to be done in one. Choose the camoflauge specialist for your loadout, along with whatever mods/weapon/grenades you'd like. An insta-kill consumable would help but isn't required.

You're going to want to make sure during this game that you don't get hit by a single pest zombie during the pest waves that start at wave 5 and repeat every fifth wave. Using your camoflauge when necessary, survive three pest waves (doesn't have to be consecutive) in one game without getting hit to unlock:

Play the game as you normally would until you end up in the command room. Get the power ready but don't open the Salt mine doors yet. Kill zombies around here and wait for an insta-kill to appear (or spawn one in if you have a consumable). Once insta-kill is active, open the Salt mine doors and activate camoflauge, then melee one of the several bombers inside to unlock:

While you're playing, be on the lookout for Dr. Straub, who will appear in a window where zombies usually emerge from. The waves he appears along with his locations are random, although he is commonly found in windows in the Morgue, along with the Laboratory and usually appears around waves 6-7. It might take a few games if you're specifically trying to find him, but he'll likely catch you by surprise when you're not expecting it. When you do see him, shoot him to unlock a secret achievement:

As your waves progress and more bomber zombies spawn in, try not to shoot the bombs on their backs which will explode. Instead, kill the bomber with headshots which will cause its bomb to drop to the ground and stay intact. When a group of at least 10 zombies are in a close proximity to the bombs blast radius, shoot the bomb so it explodes, killing the group of (at least) 10 zombies, unlocking:

  • Red Mist

    In The Final Reich, get 10 kills from a single Bomber’s explosion.

    Red Mist

Once you're at a high enough wave where Wustlings spawn in, get another group of at least 10 zombies, and try to coordinate it so they are all in a line with a Wustling in the back of the line. Now, get the line as straight as you can (training in Village square is the easiest), then shoot the Wustling that's all the way at the back of the line. The Wustling will run towards you, running over all of the zombies in its way. If it successfully knocked over 10 zombies, you'll earn:

  • Strike!

    In The Final Reich, knock over 10 zombies with a Wüstling charge.


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