7. Call of Duty: WWII DLC 2: The Shadowed ThroneUpdate notes

We’ll start with the Easter egg again, unlocking several achievements during the process. However, most of this Easter egg revolves around melee weapons, so many of the achievements do as well. Some of these achievements are quite difficult and will require some deviation from the Easter egg to unlock them. Because of this, don't try and tackle those miscellaneous achievements during the Easter egg. It will make the process much longer and way more difficult. Instead, we'll do the miscellaneous achievements after the Easter egg.

Before starting this Easter Egg, make sure you're properly equipped. If you're playing solo (very difficult to accomplish), I'd recommend the Frontline specialist with the following mods: Determination, Vicious, Pack mule. The reason I recommend pack mule for this is because the special weapon on this map counts as a weapon slot, and you'll burn through ammo on your other primary weapon during the boss fight. So, with pack mule, you'll get the special weapon and two other pack-a-punched weapons to bring into the boss fight.

If you're playing co-op (recommended) you can choose whatever you're comfortable with, but I'd recommend the Shellshock specialist with the Sustain Zone, Specialist training, and Pack mule or Lucky crit mods. Also, the M1911 pistols are not necessary on this map, as there isn't much use for the Bacon and Eggs in this Easter egg. Instead, I'd recommend bringing in the M1A1 Carbine or 9mm SAP. Both weapons are great at early waves and are powerful pack-a-punched guns to bring into the boss fight. You'll also want the N 74 ST grenades (sticky grenades) to blow up the panels so you can unlock pack-a-punch.

I'll write this walkthrough so that the easter egg is quick and efficient to complete. The steps I've listed don't necessarily have to be done in this order but it is what I believe to be the most efficient way to complete this Easter egg. I will also assume you are somewhat familiar with the map (knowing the name and location of all the areas and perk locations) so read carefully and let's begin!


Go into the main street, up the stairs to the courtyard and in the corner is a radio. Look on top of the radio to find a letter-number combination. The two letters are called the Series number, and the single digit is called the Model number. Remember this combination then head to the church, where you'll see 2 charts and a map on the wall. The map on the right will have a red pin in a certain location. Now, find that same location on one of the charts to the left. In that location's section of the chart, write down the number in the "Band" column that's in the same row as your Series number, along with the number in the "Freq." column that's in the same row as your Model number. Go back to the courtyard and interact with the radio. Rotate cn_LS and cn_RS to input those values to the radio (Band with cn_LS, Freq with cn_RS) as precisely as you can. Once you've done it, the light on the radio will turn green and you will start talking with a Russian. Make sure you grab the pickaxe that's in the Museum, in a display case to the right of the staircase. It's a one-hit kill on zombies until around wave 15.


Around the map will be 6 possible spawns for another frequency to input into the radio, scratched into one of these locations:

Image 1

Input the two values into the radio, and you'll hear it making some noises. The noises it's making is actually morse code. If you don't know how morse code works, there are "dots" and "dashes". Dots are the shorter sound, and dashes are the longer sound. What the morse code is giving you are actually X and Y coordinates which we'll later enter on the map at the church. The X coordinate may be 1 or 2 values (1 through 25), along with the Y coordinate (1 through 25).

A small pause means the the code is about to give you a second digit for a coordinate. The long pause means the code is about to switch from the X coordinate numbers to the Y coordinate numbers, and vice versa. The code goes quickly but it will keep cycling so you don't have to worry about messing up.

Image 1

Once you've figured out the code, then head to the Cabaret (theatre). Go up the stairs and to the left of the Tommy gun wall-buy is a bench with a small magnifying glass on it. Pick it up and head to the church. Interact with the map, and you'll see a small magnifying glass icon that you can move with cn_LS (click cn_RSc to back out for when a zombie is getting close). Move the magnifying glass to the correct X and Y coordinates you figured out from the morse code. Once you've done that, the cabinet to the right will open up and you can grab the small golden bowl that's inside. Go to the top floor of the museum, and you can place the bowl on one of the scales at the table to the left of the combat shotgun wall-buy.


Image 1

Collect the battery to the Wunderbuss, found at one the three locations shown above. Then, go to the flare that is right outside at one of the museum entrances. Right next to this flare is a box, and meleeing it will open it. Melee it again to shoot off a flare which will cause some dialogue and spawn a giant zeppelin in the sky. Now that the zeppelin is in the game, it will turn zombies into sizzlers every 30 seconds or so.

(NOTE: A pest zombie can not turn into a sizzler, which is helpful for keeping a zombie left at the end of the wave because sizzlers are fast, powerful, and annoying)

Wait for the zeppelin to transform one of your zombies into a sizzler, and we're now going to complete two objectives at once. Bring the sizzler in front of an armor station (Main street is easiest) and kill it with melee while it's directly in front of it. Doing this will get you the Wunderbuss part from meleeing the sizzler, and it also puts the sizzlers head in the armor station. Interact with the armor station to grab the sizzler head, then place it at the golden bowl you placed earlier in the museum to balance the scale.

The bunny to the right of the scale will now collect zombie souls, so kill around 10 here. You should be able to defend yourself pretty easily with the pickaxe you picked up earlier. Once completed, a drawer below the scale will open up and reveal the nazi axe. Pick it up then make your way to the church. On the right side of the church is a big red door, and on the wall in front of it are 3 placeholders for melee weapons. Interact with the one all the way on the right to insert the axe (you'll still get to hang on to the axe as a melee weapon).


Go back into the apartments towards spawn, down the stairs and to the right is a gated off area where you can build the Wunderbuss. To do so:

  • Insert the battery into the small console to open the gates
  • Go inside and grab the battery from the other side of the small console which will close the gates
  • Craft the Wunderbuss at the table
  • Shoot the small console with the Wunderbuss to raise the gates again

Before you leave this room, behind where you built the Wunderbuss up above on a filing cabinet is a cash register. Shoot it with the Wunderbuss and a slot will pop out with a picture on the bottom. Remember the set of numbers that appear on the bottom of the picture.


Spawning in the zeppelin caused 3 tether pods to land on the map (there's actually 4, but we can't get the 4th one until later). Using your Wunderbuss, shoot the glowing red part of all 3 tether pods until they turn a yellow/green color. Here are their locations:

Image 1

This will take a lot of Wunderbuss ammo to complete (around 130 Wunderbuss ammo per tether), so a good strategy is to constantly fire your siphon shots into zombies (cn_LT) to keep recharging your Wunderbuss, and then melee the sizzlers when they charge at you.


Go the apartments, and on the wall next to the bed with the dead bodies is a painting of a woman with a red dress. Interact with it to pick it up, then head to the cabaret. Go to the back where you'll see a projector, and above it is a film reel to shoot down and collect:

Image 1

Interact with the projector to place the painting and the film reel, then shoot it once with the Wunderbuss to power it. It will light up the projector red, and you'll see a blinking green dot on it. The green dot represents one of the small dolls you may have seen already on the map. What you'll need to do is go to the location of the doll where the green dot is marking, and get kills near it. However, you need to count the exact amount of kills it takes to fully power up the doll (1 through 9 kills). Once you finished the first doll, remembering the exact amount of kills it took, go back to the theatre and there will be a new green dot location. Repeat this process until you have filled up all 4 dolls, remembering the exact amount of kills each one took to fill it up. If you lost count or forgot, the map at the theatre will continue to cycle all 4 green dots so you can keep trying. Here's a guide to the map:

Image 1

Once you have your 4 numbers, go to the apartments, and right by where you picked up the painting earlier is a small room with a safe hanging out. The 4 numbers you figured out is actually the combination to open the safe. Here's how you open it:

  • Reset the dial by spinning it clockwise a couple of times
  • Keep going clockwise and land on your first number
  • Now go counter clockwise to your second number
  • Now go clockwise to your third number
  • Then counter clockwise to your fourth number

This will open the safe and you can collect the dagger. Now go to the church wall and interact with the middle placeholder to insert the axe.


Input into the radio the set of numbers you found on the picture at the Wunderbuss room. The light will turn green and you'll contact the smuggler. Go outside the back entrance of the cabaret and on the ground in front of the BAR wall-buy is a small gas panel:

Image 1

Shoot or melee it to open and you'll hear the smuggler talking. Go back to the Wunderbuss room and on the corner of the table where you crafted the Wunderbuss is a pile of ammo. The ammo type corresponds to the type of wall-buy weapon you need to buy and drop down to the smuggler:

  • Small bullets = Pistol/SMG
  • Medium bullets = Assault rifle/LMG/Sniper rifle
  • Shells = Shotugn

Buy a wall-buy gun with the correct ammo type then bring it to the gas panel and interact with it to lower your weapon. The smuggler will tell you if it is correct or not, and if it is incorrect then continue trying different weapons until you get the right one. Once you get the correct weapon, finish the wave. You'll now need to fully complete two more waves then interact with another gas panel, which is on the ground at Main street in front of the stairs to the theatre. Once he's done talking, you need to drop 1500 total points onto the panel (drop the points by pressing cn_left) until he starts talking again.

Go back to the Wunderbuss room and melee the closed door 3 times (you may have to wait a minute before you can actually hear a knocking sound on the door when you melee) until it opens, revealing a Wustling. Kill the wustling then go into the room it was in to collect the smugglers bat on the ground. Now go to the church and interact with the left placeholder to insert the bat.


If you haven't already, now is a good time to unlock pack-a-punch to upgrade your weapons. To do so, go to the "Destroyed buildings" part of the map, which is in-between Main street and spawn. The pack-a-punch is locked behind the gate that has the bright yellow light above it. To unlock it, throw your sticky grenades at the two panels located nearby:

Image 1

Once they open up, revealing fuses inside, shoot both of them with your Wunderbuss for a couple of seconds to charge them up and you will get the notification that you unlocked the pack-a-punch, unlocking:

Das ist gut

In The Shadowed Throne, find the Ubersprengen.

Das ist gut
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Now that you have all three weapons inserted into the placeholders, they will act as soul boxes. You'll need to get kills in front of the weapon placeholders to charge them all up, and it works in three stages:

  • Stage 1: Normal zombie kills
  • Stage 2: Sizzler kills
  • Stage 3: Pest kills

Your strategy for this will be running around the church area, starting off with the normal zombie kills, which will take about 10 to 20. For the sizzlers, just keep running around with your large horde of zombies, being patient enough to wait for the zeppelin to spawn in a sizzler, then kill it by the placeholders. This will take a while to complete, because you need 10 sizzlers. For the final part, pest zombies, the easiest way to get this is obviously on a pest wave. However, you'll still have a couple pests per wave anyways.

Also, you're probably now at waves that will spawn in each type of zombie:

  • Regular zombie
  • Pest
  • Sizzler
  • Bomber
  • Wustling

While you're running your horde around, use cn_LT with your Wunderbuss to try and siphon ammo from each type of zombie. This shouldn't be very difficult to accomplish, although the sizzlers might be a bit tricky just because of how fast it is. Once you've siphoned ammo for the Wunderbuss (called "geistkraft") from each of the five types of zombies, you'll unlock:

Equal Opportunity Destroyer

In The Shadowed Throne, collect geistkraft from each zombie type in a single match.

Equal Opportunity Destroyer
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Once you've gotten the last pest kill, the red door will open up and you can go inside.


This new area has a statue in the middle surrounded by four walls, each with some statues in them. When you enter, look up and use your Wunderbuss to charge the final tether which will close the big red door to this room, along with lowering a drop pod into Main street. When you're in this room, you need to shoot specific statues a certain amount of times on each wall to reveal a total of 4 birds. Here is a website with an easy-to-use calculator to complete this step:

Javano's Puzzle Solver

(When using this calculator, Wall 1 is the wall to the right when looking at the face of the statue, then the walls go in a counter-clockwise order)

Once you complete a wall, a raven will spawn in at one of the statues of that wall. Once you've completed all 4, pick up the ravens in the order and positions shown here:

Image 1

If you accidentally placed one in an incorrect location, the birds will turn red and will scatter in the grass for you to pick up and place again. Once completed, the birds will turn green and the statue will reveal the blade of barbarossa for you to pick up. Go back to the red door and on the left side is the placeholder for the sword, which will open up the door.


I highly recommend doing this step so you can earn jack-in-the-boxes, max ammo, and a full power meter for free.

To do this Easter egg, go to Main street and look up above the entrance to the theatre. What you can do is play hangman, and successfully getting the word will reward with you with whatever is associated to that word. The words in the game are:

  • THEJACKBOX (Jack-in-the-Box)
  • FAMISHED (Max ammo)
  • GEISTKRAFT (Full power meter)
  • REAPER (Insta-Kill Power-Up Reward)
  • WONDER (Tesla Gun)
  • DAMNATION (Nuke)
  • GLUTTONY (Double Jolts)

Image 1

The order of all the words are random in each game. Also, you don't have to actually get every word right and get every reward. For example, if you figured out that the word is going to be "Damnation" (nuke), and you don't want it, you can accept letters that aren't in the word "Damnation" to fill the hangman noose. Once it's filled and you fail, the noose and board will reset for the next word. Continue doing this until you've completed: THEJACKBOX, FAMISHED, and GEISTKRAFT.


Once you're all set, everybody in the game must then enter the drop pod in the Main street and use a full Wunderbuss to shoot the red piece that's up above. You'll teleport to the zeppelin, which will contain a few consoles that look like this:

Image 1

Interact with a console and use cn_LS to move the blue light as far as you can until it kicks you off the console, then move on to the next one. Do this on every console to bring the blue light throughout the entire zeppelin. Once you get to the end, there will be a scene with Straub and one it's completed you'll get the notification "Defeated Straub" and the boss will spawn in shortly after.


The boss is called the Stadtjager, and it will have three different phases. While you're attacking the boss, there will still be zombies of all types, including Wustlings. So, work out the right timing to use jack-in-the-boxes along with special abilities.

  • Phase 1: When the boss is walking around, it will be invulnerable to your bullets. Once it begins charging at you, the area near its neck and shoulder will glow yellow, and that's where you need to damage it.
  • Phase 2: You'll know you completed phase 1 once the boss starts turning zombies into sizzlers. Again, while it's walking around, it will be invulnerable to your bullets. Continue doing what you did in phase 1, although this time you can also deal damage during the couple of seconds it takes for the boss to create a sizzler.
  • Phase 3: For the final phase, the only weapon that will work is the Wunderbuss. Along with that, the only time you can damage the boss is when it creates a cloudy electrical field. While it's doing this is when you need to unload into it with your Wunderbuss. You'll know for sure that you're dealing damage to the boss by receiving hitmarkers.

After all three phases are complete, the boss will be defeated. Head back on to the drop pod you entered in to return back to the Main street, and after a few seconds a cutscene will play and you'll unlock:

Stadtjäger Down

In The Shadowed Throne, defeat the Stadtjäger.

Stadtjäger Down
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You should be around or above wave 20 at this point. Keep a zombie alive at the end of wave 20 and head to the church. Once you're inside the church, kill the last zombie. You and everybody else in your game now has to stay here until the completion of wave 22 without leaving the church. This really isn't too difficult to complete, assuming everyone in your game has jack-in-the-boxes, Pack-a-punched weapon(s), Wunderbuss, Special abilities, and perks (you'll have all the perks if you completed the Easter egg). As long as nobody left the church during the full two waves, you'll unlock:

Not a Prayer

In The Shadowed Throne, after round 20, survive at least 2 rounds without anyone leaving the church.

Not a Prayer
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative


Now, you're going to do steps 1 through 10 of the Easter egg again, but this time you're going to do it without anybody in the game shooting a bullet. This may sound daunting, but I assure you that once you've successfully completed the Easter egg, it's not as difficult to complete a second time. Also, this is much easier to complete with at least one other co-op partner. You can still use cn_RT with the Wunderbuss, since it's required to actually obtain the blade, but you can't use the cn_LT function with it.

You can complete all of the steps using melee, including rotating the statues at the end, although it takes about 10-15 hits before the statue will rotate once. Once you have obtained the blade without firing a bullet, you'll unlock:

Ammo Conservation

In The Shadowed Throne, obtain the Blade without firing a gunshot.

Ammo Conservation
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Once you've obtained the blade, you're going to work on a couple of achievements at once. One is to be inside of the museum and get 250 total kills with the blade. The other is to kill Wustlings with all 4 weapons you've unlocked through the Easter egg. Make sure you have the extra melee damage perk which is located at the top of the museum.

Start out by equipping the blade and heading to the museum, getting melee kills while you're inside of here. Only cn_RT attacks count, not the cn_LT special attack. While you're doing this and see a Wustling, try to stay away from it and kill all the zombies which will end the wave even though the Wustling is still alive. You'll now have 20 seconds before the next wave starts to kill the Wustling with the blade. After that, continue getting blade kills in the museum until there's another Wustling. Again, stay away from it and continue your blade kills in the museum until there's one zombie and the Wustling left. Then, go and pick up either the Nazi axe, Smuggler's bat, or Dancer's dagger. Once you picked a weapon, kill the final zombie to end the wave and you'll have 20 seconds to kill the Wustling. Once it's dead, quickly go back and pick up the blade then continue getting melee kills in the museum. Continue this process until you have killed Wustlings with all 4 special weapons, unlocking:


In The Shadowed Throne, kill a Wustling using each melee weapon in a single match.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeBuggy +Buggy -

Finish off your 250 blade kills in the museum, unlocking:

This Belongs in a Museum

In The Shadowed Throne, while inside the museum, kill 250 zombies with the Blade in a single match.

This Belongs in a Museum
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In another game, have shellshock as your specialist ability. Complete Step 1 of the Easter egg and fire the flares so sizzlers can spawn, and also build the Wunderbuss. Once the final zombie of the wave has become a sizzler, bring it to the Cabaret. While you're here, you need to keep the sizzler alive on the stage for one minute straight. The best way to do this is run in a circle on the stage as long as you can, and if you're about to go down then use your shellshock which will keep the sizzler in place for a short while for you to to get your health and stamina back. Continue running it around the stage and after a minute, you'll unlock:

Putting on a Show

In The Shadowed Throne, keep a Gekocht alive on the stage for 1 minute.

Putting on a Show
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Kill the sizzler with your Wunderbuss then be prepared for patience and self-restraint; This is because you're not going to be killing any zombies. Instead, keep running the horde around until one becomes a sizzler, then kill it with your Wunderbuss. You'll continue doing this until you've killed 50 sizzlers with your Wunderbuss. It's a bit of a grind, but once it's done you'll unlock:

Something Wunderful

In The Shadowed Throne, kill 50 Gekocht with the special weapon in one match.

Something Wunderful
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At this point, you should be comfortable enough with using melee in the map to go for the achievement to reach wave 15 using only melee weapons. You'll have to get this in another run since you can't build or use the Wunderbuss, and I recommend doing this solo. Some guidelines for this achievement:

  • Use Frontline as your specialist ability with Determination and Vicious mods so you can replenish armor, and take Wustlings out quicker
  • Right when you spawn in, press cn_right to take out your shovel and don't take out your pistol for the rest of the game
  • At around wave 4 you'll have enough points to open the museum and grab the ice pick in the display case
  • For perks: Quick revive, stamin-up, extra melee damage. The extra melee damage makes the ice pick a one-hit-kill through round 15
  • You can take Nuke power ups
  • Bombers exploding and killing zombies will not void the achievement, it actually helps you out

Ballistics Be Damned

In The Shadowed Throne, reach wave 15 using only melee weapons.

Ballistics Be Damned
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

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