1. Call of the Sea Walkthrough overview

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Welcome to the Call of the Sea walkthrough. This game is a first-person puzzle game that is driven by the story. You play as Norah, who has to solve puzzle and unlocks secrets to discover what happened to her husband's expedition. This walkthrough will focus on playing through the game while going for the achievements, so if you wish to explore and immerse yourself in the game a bit more, feel free to deviate from the walkthrough a bit. The game itself is quite beautiful to explore.

Looking at the achievements themselves, they are not too difficult. However there are numerous collectibles to be obtained, and they need to be done in a certain order. If you are going to deviate from the walkthrough, please make sure you grab all the logs and notes first as the game can lock you out of grabbing certain collectibles. With that note out of the way, let's jump in!

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