3. Call of the Sea Prologue

You start the game swimming, just keep heading forward and up the stairs until you wake up in the cabin. Turn to the right and next to the bed on a green book is the SS Monterey Ticket to interact with, then turn around and walk towards the desk. Interact with the gloves, the Post Office Receipt Department Receipt to the right of the gloves, and the Orange Journal to the left of the gloves to pick up your journal. On the right side of the desk is a trunk you can interact with, use the dial and enter 506, then click on the square next to the numbers to open the trunk. In here, grab the Island Dream Drawing on the right, the middle is a strange artifact and on the left is a picture you need to turn around to find a Brass Key.

Exit out of the trunk and turn around, interact with the door to exit out and be done with the prologue, unlocking:

A Family Heirloom

Complete the Prologue.

A Family Heirloom
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