5. Call of the Sea Chapter 2

Head forward along the path and you'll come into an opening with a bunch of huts, interact with Tiki #1 in front of the hut on the right. Then interact with the Coat-Of-Arms #1 on the roof of the hut as well. Interact with Tiki #2 in front of the hut just to the left, then enter the hut and on the table in the box is a picture you can interact and turn around with for Forbidden Ritual. Head out of the hut and go to the hut across the path to interact with Tiki #3 in front of the hut and Coat-Of-Arms #2 on the roof before entering the hut, on the table is Diary Entry July 14, 1934. Exit the hut and go down the path right beside the hut and interact with the tombstone to find Tombstone of Roy Granger along with Tiki #4 to the right of the nearby hut. Enter the hut on the right and go to the back, looking to the left to find Coat-Of-Arms #3 on the back of the tombstone.

Head back to the main path and take the path that leads behind one of the huts straight ahead that goes uphill. Enter the room and interact with #Coat-Of-Arms #4 on the table to the right, before heading across the planks to the second hut and interacting with the telescope in the background to see the Lady Shannon Shipwreck. Return to the first hut room and on the table next to the coat of arms we just got is a Tiki Symbol Order, click on the spoiler below for a picture of what it's supposed to look like.

Turn to the pillar inside this hut and using your journal, match the totem to the finished product, or you can look at the screenshot below:

Interact with the secret compartment to go into the secret room. Turn to the left and go as close to the statue as you can and behind it you can see a photo on the ground, interact with it to unlock:

Weekend at Walakea's

Weekend at Walakea's

Weekend at Walakea's
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Grab the stone plate off the altar to your right and head back down the hill, and to the stone wall near where we first came into the area to put the plate into the hole. Hit the grey diamond button in front of you to take the elevator up, and head into the tent to the right. Open the box and look at the papers to read Diary Entry July 14, 1934 and Diary Entry July 15, 1934. On the next table, examine the two pictures in the middle for photo of hand in your log as well before exiting the tent, then use the ladder to go down into the pit in the centre of the area. Interact with all the black eyes on the wall until you have three cutscenes happen, then walk through the tunnel area interacting with the murals and Old Ritual from the papers on the left, and you should unlock:


Find 25% of the story logs.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Keep going through and hit the lever to lower the bridge, go across and up the ladder to the huts at the top of the hill once again. Go down the hill and back to the elevator where you should see RAW FURY painted on now. Interact with it to unlock:

Fawning Developers

Fawning Developers

Fawning Developers
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Head back up the hill, go into the second hut and interact with the box on the table to open the lens puzzle. Hit the lever on the left side to open it up. The numbers on left control the X axis of the puzzle and the right numbers control the Y axis. Hit + or - to make circles bigger or smaller. The solution is as follows:

  • 3-3 + two times
  • 3-5 + one time
  • 3-1 + three times
  • 5-3 + three times
  • 1-2 + two times
  • 1-4 + one time

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Grab the lens and put it on top of the telescope behind the table, look at the Connected Stars Puzzle Solution in the telescope. Return to the pit to do the final puzzle of the chapter, the pressure plate puzzle. Interact with the gold star, then go to the middle and hit the star connected to the golden one. Head to the middle on the right side, take the right path to the outside, then left to the next outside star which should be the short path. Go outside again to the outside star on the long path, then back to the inside star, then immediately back to the outside star.

Interact with the pillar that pops up to end the chapter.

The Everhart Expedition

Complete Chapter 2.

The Everhart Expedition
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

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