Candleman Walkthrough

11. Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The beacon of light stretched majestic and high

  • 8 candles to find

Begin by moving upwards, you will see a number of cogs whirling in front of you. When it's safe walk into the 1st and find candle 1 here. Move up to the next cog and then aim for the right cog, which you have to jump up on to find candle 2.

Drop back to the 2nd cog, head left and jump up to the 3rd cog and then jump up to the 4th cog to find candle 3. Jump upwards to the solid platform and walk upwards to the next set of cogs.

Jump to the outer part of the cog and make your way to the centre to find candle 4. From here head diagonally up and right and jump up to the 2nd cog. Walk up and left and jump up to the 3rd cog to find candle 5.

Aim diagonally up and right and jump to the 4th cog, in the centre of this is candle 6. Directly right from candle 6 is your next platform, once on this platform walk right to you come to a rotating cog.

Once the cog teeth are positioned flat to your right, walk onto and let it take you clockwise to the next platform with the checkpoint. Walk right to another, larger cog. Wait till the teeth are just under the edge of the platform you are on and jump right. As the cog takes you to the top, start walking down and when you can see the platform jump to it to find candle 7.

Walk upwards over the 3 large cogs, remembering to jump the teeth to prevent being knocked off. Once on the solid platform, walk up to find a number of cogs turning. Aim for the right side and jump onto one of the teeth as they become level with the platform.

The cog will take you anti clockwise and as you reach the next cog, time your jump to land safely onto the teeth. Repeat this action to get to the 3rd cog, but as you land walk up the cog so you can easily make the jump to the 4th cog.

Once the 4th cog moves you around, jump left off onto the solid platform. Continue walking left to find another large cog, in the centre of this is candle 8. Head to the top right of the cog to find the next platform, walk right to find the last cog which will take you to the platforms leading to the end.

Dashing so fast towards the shimmering light

  • 7 candles to find

From the outset walk forward and after climbing the ramp you will find candle 1. In front of you are cogs, time you jump to land on the teeth of the 1st cog. This will carry you around to the 2nd cog, time your jump to land on the teeth. As you are taken to the top, move right and you will see a platform holding candle 2. Simply jump over the cog in your way to light it.

Now get back over to the 2nd cog, you will see a number of cogs above you, some going upwards and some downwards. You want to jump on one going upwards, preferably closer to the left. As you get to the top of the cog you will see candle 3 to the left on a platform, jump over to it.

Head back to the cog you just jumped off and above you are several cogs, jump over to them. In the middle of these cogs is a solid platform, aim for this to find candle 4. From this candle it doesn't matter if you head left or right, ultimately you are just jumping between cogs heading upwards to a larger cog. When you get here, move to the centre to find the checkpoint.

Move to the top of this cog to find a large cog spinning slowly, jump into an opening and the camera will change to give a view like walking through a tunnel. Head to the end and wait fir the cog to turn to allow you to jump on the platform where candle 5 is situated.

Again move forward, through another tunnel type cog and wait for this to move around allowing you to jump onto another cog. In the centre of this cog is candle 6. Aim for the upper left and jump onto the left most cog when a tooth becomes level. As this cogs pushes against the cog to your right, jump on a tooth and then as that cogs pushes against the next cog on you left jump across. Repeat this until you are at the top.

At the top above you is an extremely long line of cogs, simply make your way upwards either jumping the teeth or the gaps. As you get to the end you will find candle 7 in the middle of the platform. Now walk up the ramp above you to find the end of the level.

Facing the tower, he casts off restraint

  • 13 candles to find

Do not worry if you have to use a lot of your lives, this level is easily the hardest in the game. Prepare to be scared, a terrifying lighthouse is chasing you and there is no time to spare! Head down the path until you drop down onto a platform to find candle 1. Run left, drop down 3 platforms and jump left across the gap.

Head down and get onto the 1st cog, move to the bottom left to get to the 2nd cog. Continue down and drop onto a 3rd larger cog, in the centre is candle 2. Head down from here along the cog and drop down onto a platform. Running downwards you will drop onto another platform where the 1st checkpoint is.

Keep going down, where eventually light bolts will drop from the sky cracking the floor and making a hole. From where this starts to happen in the middle of this platform is candle 3. From this candle you will drop down a platform, and the light bolts will pretty much dictate which path you have to take. About halfway along this platform on the right hand side is candle 4.

Moving down from candle 4, drop down a platform and continue downwards dodging the light bolts. You will get to a part where you will see candle 5, to get across this gap keep to the centre and then either jump to the outside right or left block. Follow the pathway down and to the candle.

Drop down onto the platform below, walk down and onto a cog which leads onto a 2nd and 3rd cog. Essentially you just want to keep aiming down and when you get to the platform you will have a small cutscene. The lighthouse now has a new power, which is a light ray, this will destroy any blocks or cogs it hits.

Walk to the left and light the 2nd checkpoint, it is very useful using the cogs as a shield from the ray as this will melt you. Keep heading left and after dropping down there is candle 6 and further to the left but up next to the large cog is candle 7. Continuing left is candle 8 next to a smaller cog.

From here drop down two platforms and you will see a candle on top of a seemingly impossible area to reach, it isn't. Let the ray from the lighthouse destroy the right hand side blocks and as soon as they are down jump up to light candle 9. From here continue left and hide behind the cog, let the ray destroy the centre so you can walk through.

Jump up the platform and again let the ray destroy parts of the cog to make a pathway, to the right of this cog is candle 10. Get back into the large cog and to the left is the 3rd checkpoint, just before getting here is another cutscene.

Now continue left, the lighthouse will shoot out huge balls of light at you destroying everything in its path, just keep running! Eventually you will get to loads of cogs, as you jump onto the 2nd cog you will have a choice of two cogs to jump to. Take the bottom one as it has candle 11 in the middle.

Jump up to the cog above you, and aim for the large cog at the top. In the middle of the larger cog is candle 12. After lighting this head left, to find two large spinning cogs. This will spin you to the top, head upwards on top of the cogs to see a platform with candle 13 on it. Now jump back to the cog and go left to the platform.

Move left and then up on this platform to the next set of cogs, move upwards and traverse them. Once over the cogs you will see 5 platforms going up and to the right, jump up them. As you are on the last platform run upwards and don't stop until you hit the end of the level.

Completing chapters 7 - 9 will unlock:

Pay the Price in Candleman
Pay the Price131 (100)
Complete Chapters 7, 8 and 9.
  • Unlocked by 2,609 tracked gamers (58% - TA Ratio = 1.31) 4,484

If you successfully found all the candles in chapters 7 - 9 you will unlock:

Lighthouse Keeper in Candleman
Light all candles in Chapters 7, 8 and 9.
  • Unlocked by 2,481 tracked gamers (55% - TA Ratio = 1.34) 4,484

So that's it folks, all 1000 gamerscore achieved and you now probably hate lighthouses! Hope the walkthrough was of use to you and any improvements don't hesitate to mention them in the forum. Thanks!

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