Candleman Walkthrough

13. Lost Light Chapter 11

The sound of hope is heard at last

  • 3 candles to find

You begin the level in pitch black, if you light your candle it will cause a light in the distance to illuminate for a short period. Walk forward till you climb a small ramp and drop down and keep going until you hit a broken column, jump over this and then walk through a gap. Just up and to the right of this gap is a column at a jaunty angle, behind this is candle 1.

Walk straight up from this candle and as you flash your candle you will see a broken column, jump on this and then jump to the left onto the other larger part of this column. As you get halfway along this column move upwards to get to the next area.

Flash your candle to see the gap between two cogs, walk between them. As you walk through the 1st gap, hang a left and in the opening is candle 2. Head upwards and through the gaps to eventually find the checkpoint. From the checkpoint head upwards and sporadically flashing your candle navigate to the top of the pathway till you have to complete a series of jumps over various platforms.

As you get to the last platform there will be a pillar to cross and then near the end of this a right jump to get to the adjacent platform. Walk right and as you flash your candle you will see another pillar to walk upwards along. As you get to the end of the pillar, jump left to the 1st platform and then jump upwards to make it to the 2nd platform. From here jump right into another pillar and at the end you will find candle 3.

Make your way back to the end of the pillar and now jump diagonally up and left to land on the upper platform, keep walking upwards into the darkness to watch a cutscene and following the cutscene you will unlock:

The Candle That Guides the Way in Candleman
Little Candle discovered although his flame is weak, it can still guide the way in darkness.
  • Unlocked by 1,999 tracked gamers (100% - TA Ratio = 1.22) 2,001

Flames defrost the icy snow

  • 8 candles to find

Begin by heading diagonally down and right to navigate a pillar, be careful as it's easy to fall off. At the bottom head down to find candle 1. You will notice that the candle light melts the ice surrounding the cog. Move up along the cog and onto the ice, you will slip slide along this but head upwards and right to another cog avoiding the spiky plant. If you stay too long on the ice it will crack and you will drown.

At the top of this cog is candle 2, after lighting it wait for the ice to melt and jump into the flower. Using the flower head right and look for the gap above you, in this gap is candle 3. Jump back into the flower and float down and to the right to the right most platform, now jump on it. Walk to the right to see 3 flowers frozen in ice, the 1st one has candle 4 inside.

Drop into the flower and light candle 4 which will cause the ice to melt and help you navigate upwards to the next area, get there safely by jumping upwards.

You will see another flower, jump into and flash your candle to see a small ice area blocking candle 5 which is above you. Float the flower just slightly up from the starting point where two narrow bits of ice meet and flash your candle until these melt. Now push the flower to candle 5.

Jump back into the flower and head upwards and left helping you navigate around the ice. Once you start getting past the ice your aim is to head diagonally up and right from candle 5 to find a platform to jump on which houses the checkpoint.

After lighting the checkpoint this will melt ice holding a flower, jump into it. This area of water has stream currents running through it and they are easily spotted by the white streaks in the water. If you get caught in this you cannot move out of it and have to go where it is telling you. Start by moving right around the first bit of ice. Then go diagonally up and left and follow the obvious path around until you hit a large amount of ice. Above this block of ice is another frozen flower and it contains candle 6, light it to free the flower and ride upwards.

Allow the flower to ride it's natural course along the stream and try to free as many flowers in the ice in case you get stranded after going for the next two candles. You will get to a point when you will see a flower frozen on the left and the streams will split, ensure that you go to the left and as you reach the left bend you will see a flower frozen and this contains candle 7, jump to it to light it.

When this flower is free, try to navigate it downwards into the wall because when you break through the ice you can see candle 8 hidden on a platform below you that you have to jump to. If you are quick you can light this and jump back to the flower, if not wait for one of the other flowers you have freed and jump to them. Now when you follow the current, take the right side this time and you will float gently to the end of the level.

On river lights without despair

  • 5 candles to find

We begin on the flower, allow it to break the ice and you will see you are heading to a gauntlet of spiky plants. Look for the column in the centre just in front if the large spiky plant for candle 1. After jumping up and lighting it, drop back to the flower and pick either left or right and start floating down the gauntlet avoiding the spiky plants and eventually you will slow down allowing you to jump onto a platform with the checkpoint.

From the checkpoint, walk right onto the cog and then jump right to find candle 2 and the top. After lighting this the ice will melt and diagonally down and left from the candle is a flower, jump in it and navigate it diagonally left to the next cog to find candle 3. You will likely have to jump across as not all the ice will melt, but quickly jump back to the flower to prevent any drowning accidents.

Safely back in the flower, guide yourself to the left of candle 3 and around the spiky plant. Keep away from the spiky plants and as you get past the 1st set of currents, head upwards till you come to a stop. Jump up onto the platform to find candle 4.

Drop back to the flower and navigate around to the right and onto the 2nd set of currents. Once you get past these currents that sweep eventually to the left, you will have to jump out of the flower and into ice. Walk quickly to the left avoiding the spiky plants and occasionally flash your candle to help navigate and finally you will come to a frozen flower which contains candle 5.

After lighting this just follow the logical path to the left and into the 3rd and final current stream, again avoiding the spiky plants and this will lead you to the final area which the ice will melt away allowing you to end the level and chapter 11. After watching the cutscene you will unlock:

The Candle That Brings Warmth in Candleman
Little Candle discovered his flame can bring warmth.
  • Unlocked by 1,982 tracked gamers (99% - TA Ratio = 1.23) 2,001

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