Candleman Walkthrough

14. Lost Light Chapter 12

The cavern entrance lies ahead

  • 8 candles to find

We begin by heading upwards and lighting the flower directly in front of you which sends off 3 sparks illuminating the area. Jump up to the platform in front of you to find 3 rockets. Pick either the central or right one and look for the wick, light it and jump on to fly you to the next level.

After jumping off the rocket you will see another one. Light this and jump onto it, now stay on it till it reaches the maximum height. Once at the maximum height, jump to the left to find candle 1. Jump back down to the platform and light that candle again, wait till it reaches mid height and jump right into the gap.

Move right and light the flower, thus illuminating the area. You will see 4 rockets waiting here and by lighting the flower a chain reaction will start, don't worry about that. Head to the right most rocket and light this, causing candle 2 to light. Head back to the 3 other rockets and light the 1st one, once, jump to the 2nd and then 3rd till you reach the maximum height and jump off to the left. Once on this platform you will see a lit brazier, move slightly to the left of this and walk down to find candle 3. Return to the 3 rockets and repeat what you did previously to return to the brazier.

From the brazier walk left till you find the checkpoint. Halfway between the brazier and the checkpoint are a series of wooden ramps, walk left up one and drop down a small platform to find candle 4. Move up from this candle and right up another wooden ramp, at the top is candle 5.

Walk right from candle 5 and drop down to find another rocket, light this and then quickly run back up the wooden ramps, if you are quick enough you can use the rocket as a makeshift platform to help you bridge the gap to your right and make it to the other side. There will be two rockets, light the small one and jump on board. Now it's a case of logically jumping from rocket to rocket, during this process you will automatically locate candle 6 and candle 7.

Once you get to the platform, light the flower and quickly move left as this lights the 4 rockets. Jump left onto each rocket that will eventually lead you to the final platform, but before you go into the end light make sure you stick to the right and head down to find candle 8. Now walk into the light to finish the level.

Fire crackers on which the candle flies

  • 6 candles to find

Begin by lighting the flower which will allow two rockets to shoot across to you. Once he spark dies down, roll either rocket into the centre and light it then jump on board to traverse the gap. Once on the platform in the distance jump off. On the platform, move right and light the flower. Head upwards to find candle 1 to the left of the rocket.

Now roll the rocket to the right in line with the broken wooden board that is broken, light it and jump on to clear the gap. Once you are safely across jump off and follow the board right to find candle 2. Diagonally up and right from the candle is another rocket, jump over it and push it left so it is in line with the candle. Light the wick, jump on board and clear the gap to the next platform which you will have to jump up to.

Find the rocket on the platform, light it and jump onto it. Once at the top jump right and you will find the checkpoint. Jump left over the gap from the checkpoint, move upwards and up the ramp to find another flower that needs lighting. Once this is lit look to the rocket on the floor, roll it to the right until you hit the column where candle 3 is found. Jump on the rocket and then onto the column to light the candle. Drop down and push the rocket to the left till it is line with the wooden column at the top most point of the platform. Light the rocket and wait for it to go out, then push it all the way to the right of the platform. Light the rocket again, jump on it to allow you to get across the gap just make sure to jump off to the plank before the rocket runs out.

Walk up the wooden ramps till you find a flower to light, this in turn will cause rockets to light and fire across landing to your right. Use this rockets as platforms and jump across them to find candle 4.

Head up to find two rockets, one on the floor and one above and to the left. Light the one on the floor and jump on it, once it reaches its maximum height jump to the left to the 2nd rocket which will automatically light. This will send you across the gap and towards another 4 rockets. Once you get alongside these they will automatically light, jump to the far one and then up to the final platform to finish the level. This action will automatically get you candle 5 and candle 6.

Salutes of fire clear the way

  • 8 candles to find

Start off by walking right and lighting the flower, now head right across the wooden plank found on the bottom right corner. After crossing, go to the bottom left corner of this platform and walk left across a plank until you come across candle 1, jump up and light it.

Return to the previous platform to see a carp rocket, this can be moved left to right and will stop on certain points to keep it in place, you will hear a creaking noise when it hits a locking point. Start by lighting the rocket to clear the spiky plant, then move the rocket right one click to aim it towards the far spiky plant. If you hit this plant you will get candle 2. Now push it 4 clicks to the left and light the rocket to hit the spiky plant and get candle 3.

You will see an obvious pathway that has opened up thanks to removing the plants, carefully walk this pathway until you go up a wooden ramp and find another carp rocket. Light this and it will hit candle 4. Quickly move towards the sparkles created by the explosion and jump into it to give you a massive boost helping you to the top platform above candle 4.

Cross the wooden plank to the bottom right onto the next platform and light the flower to illuminate the area. Move to the carp rocket and light it, this will destroy the spiky plant. Run towards the sparkles and jump twice into this to boost you enough to reach candle 5. Return to the carp rocket and push it left twice, now fire it to remove the spiky plant. Push the rocket once more to the left and light it to get candle 6.

So the next part, push the carp rocket 9 times to the right to aim it at the rocket on top of a small platform. Once you light the carp, run to the right and wait for the sparkles to jump up onto the other rocket. If you look for your shadow on top of the other rocket to help with co-ordination. Once this rocket has reached its peak, jump off and find the checkpoint.

Move to the top right corner of the platform from the checkpoint and carefully walk up the plank, jump up to another plank and walk right till you drop down. Another platform awaits with another carp rocket, push this left 9 times and hit the spiky plant to find candle 7. Push the carp so that it faces the spiky plants diagonally up and to the right and clear them, again use the sparkles to allow you to jump across safely.

Onto the next platform and yet another carp rocket awaits. Shoot this one without moving it, head to the sparkles and double jump up to allow you to reach candle 8. Now return to the carp and periodically turn it to the right and shoot it to clear the lower spiky plants. Once the 3rd plant is clear, wait till you can light it again push it once to the left and then light it. Now push the carp once more to the right, light it again and quickly run into the 1st set of sparkles. Move across to the 2nd set of sparkles and double jump up to the upper platform allowing you to reach the end of the level.

Flowers of fire lead him up to the heights

  • 8 candles to find

Begin by lighting the flower to illuminate the area, now walk left to find a carp rocket stood up on end. You can push this left to right to aim at the spiky plants above you. Start by pushing the carp to the left 4 times and shoot to unveil candle 1.

Now push the carp 7 times to the right and shoot, this will clear the plants and also drop another rocket. Run across and jump onto the new rocket, then once this shoots you up use the sparkles to double jump to the upper platform. Now move right along the bottom plank until you reach a plank heading down and walk down this.

This leads to a platform with two carp rockets, move to the left one and push it right 3 times to hit candle 2. Now move to the right carp rocket, this one tilts up and down. Push the tail back 3 times and then left the left one, quickly by the right one and use the sparkles to double jump up to the platform above you to the right, leading to the checkpoint.

From the checkpoint walk down onto the next platform and to the carp rocket. Push the rocket right 3 times and light it, once the spiky plants are destroyed push the rocket to the right twice more. Light it and the push the carp twice left and light it again, now use the sparkles to double jump up.

Once up on the plank you will find candle 3. Walk below the candle and onto the platform where you will find a carp rocket, push it right twice and fire which will set off a chain reaction which will get you candle 4. Walk up to the top of the platform and use the sparkles to double jump from sparkle to sparkle allowing you onto the next plank where candle 5 is found.

From candle 5 walk diagonally down and right to find a ramp, walk up this to find another carp rocket. Push this once to the left and fire to let off yet another chain reaction, this automatically unlocks candle 6, candle 7 and candle 8. Eventually a sparkle will appear on you, double jump in this to the right and finish the level.

This will lead to a cutscene and following this you will unlock:

The Candle That Ignites Others in Candleman
Little Candle discovered his flame can ignite others.
  • Unlocked by 1,971 tracked gamers (99% - TA Ratio = 1.23) 2,001

A wonder unveils as the lantern drifts past

  • 11 candles to find

All of the candles are found in Chinese lanterns in this level.

Start off by walking directly forward and light the flower. Now look to the left to see a Chinese lantern, approach it and light candle 1. Return to the platform and head right to see another Chinese lantern, this time walk into it and light it allowing you to ride it like a hot air balloon.

Once in the air, push to the left and once you reach the maximum height you should see a platform with candle 2. Return to the hot air balloon and push right to get to the nearby platform to find candle 3. From this candle walk right and go into another hot air balloon. Float upwards and you should get to a platform between some spiky plants, to the right you will see a number of Chinese lanterns with candles in them. Jump onto the platform and go to the bottom of the platform, where candle 4 is situated.

Navigate it upwards and past the spiky plant and jump right. Once on the platform head to candle 5. Move right and down around the spiky plant to find candle 6. Return to the hot air balloon and move down and to the left around the platform with the spiky plants. Keep navigating left until you see a standalone platform, on this is another Chinese lantern with candle 7. Jump back on the hot air balloon and move right to the adjacent platform to find the checkpoint.

Move directly up from the checkpoint to find the next hot air balloon, ride it up and avoid the spiky plants by sticking left 1st then once past the 1st move central. At the top head left then jump off to the platform to find candle 8 hidden behind a pillar on the left. Return to the balloon, push right and before getting into the next hot air balloon walk past it and find candle 9 behind the pillar on the right. Now head into the next balloon.

As the balloon rises, push left and balance yourself out in the centre then as you past the plants on your right, push right to safely navigate through the gauntlet. At the top push left and jump to the left onto the platform. Now look at the bottom of the platform and head to the centre, walk downwards and find candle 10 to the right. From this candle carefully walk down the plank and light the flower.

From the flower move right up the ramp and light the 1st of 4 Chinese lantern's. Move upwards and cross either of the wooden planks leading to the checkpoint. Move right from the checkpoint to find 3 rockets in ascending height. Light the 1st one and jump on it, then move to the 2nd and so on until you are next to the 2nd Chinese lantern. After lighting this drop down and head left of the checkpoint where you will find another rocket, light this and jump on it and once at the top jump left.

Once on the platform move all the way to the left and jump down. You will find a carp rocket, turn this to face the spiky plant to your right and fire to find candle 11. Push the carp rocket so it faces left towards the wooden pillar on the left side. If you have positioned it correctly the flare will hit the pillar causing the sparkles to form below the 3rd Chinese lantern. Once you light the carp rocket, use the platform above to cross over to the left and double jump in the sparkle to light it.

Return to the carp rocket and turn it to face diagonal down and left to destroy the spiky plants, once they are clear shoot it again to light up the 4th Chinese lantern. All that is left is to get back to the top, so look to the right of the carp rocket and you will see a wooden plank to drop down to. Jump over the wooden ends and then make your way back up to the middle platform.

Once in the giant air balloon, position yourself centrally and jump up and light it. This will lead to end of the game and a cutscene. Providing you got every candle you will unlock the following:

Explorer in Candleman
Explorer188 (150)
Light all candles in Chapters 10, 11 and 12.
  • Unlocked by 1,914 tracked gamers (96% - TA Ratio = 1.25) 2,001

For completing the DLC you will unlock:

Why Does the Candle Burn in Candleman
Complete Chapters 10, 11 and 12.
  • Unlocked by 1,964 tracked gamers (98% - TA Ratio = 1.23) 2,001

Another easy 500 gamerscore, I hope this has been of use to you. Any questions feel free to raise them in the forum.

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