Candleman Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

The controls in this game are fairly simple and user friendly.

cn_LS to move the candle
cn_A or cn_B to jump
cn_X, cn_Y or cn_RT to light your candle
cn_start for the menu

To get the maximum height for your jump you need to hold the jump button as simply tapping it will only do a hop or half jump.

In each level there is a blue candle which acts as the checkpoint, it has to be noted that whatever size your candle is when you activate the checkpoint you will always restart after a death at the checkpoint that size, I.e. If you used 6 seconds of light when you hit the checkpoint you will always only have 4 seconds of light every time you restart at that checkpoint. (Unless you completely restart the level)

Once you get used to levels you can almost navigate them without having to light your precious candle so fear not the more you play the easier each level will get. You also have 10 lives to play with on each level which should be more than enough.

That said let's start playing.

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